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Requested by a TOP-whipped anon (I know who you are but I’m letting you out yourself)… Hi B! Can I request a TOP smut + daddy kink? Light bdsm is okay if you want, but no collars, whips, etc please. Thank youuu 😘

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Word Count: 1127
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Do not read if you’re underage, please. Come back on your 18th birthday and we can have cake with your smut.

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Laveau | Part III | We’re Coming

The boys encounter an enemy they believed their father put to rest many years ago. With the help of an old family friend and her deep roots in the occult can they succeed together where their forebears failed? 

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“Dean!” Sam called out as your eyes glazed over and your legs buckled. He swept you into his arms as you collapsed into a boneless heap, convulsing wildly, “DEAN!”

The older Winchester was already Hell bent on destroying the markings etched into the floorboards when he heard the plea. “Get her out of here! Go, Sam!” He waved his arm and Sam raced down the hall cradling your limp form.

Dean halted abruptly at the sound of heavy footfalls coming up the winding stairwell. He drew his gun with no hesitation and found the barrel pointed squarely at the white collar of Father LeRoy.

“Jesus, Father.” Dean tucked his pistol back in his belt and bent back to task with his hunting knife - tearing at the floorboards until the markings were indiscernible. It was when Dean saw the priest’s face pale to match his collar that he started to really worry, “What? What is it?”

Father Leroy bent to one knee and eyed Dean intently, questioning whether or not it was in his best interest to answer the hunter. “These markings are intended for ill will. It’s a hex - more of a curse actually.” He straightened his shoulders and mustered the resolve to ask, “Where is she?”

Laying you down gently on the bed, Sam immediately set to checking your vitals. 

You had stopped convulsing for the moment and lay motionless on the bedcovers. As he tilted your head to check the dilation of your pupils he recoiled in horror. 

The Y/E/C of your eyes was being rapidly consumed by blackness.

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Page (Tamora Pierce)

Seriously, did no not-English-speaking country publish this book? You’re missing out, Denmark. Seriously. Meh, whatever. fytortall, tamorapierce - we have to re-popularize this book, clearly.


This one actually reminds me a lot of the Scholastic Immortals Book 1 cover, at least where colors’ concerned - a lot of brown, gray, tan and yellow. The publishers seem to think it suggests a certain earthiness, a certain one-with-the-animalia. 

Jump is illustrated perfectly here. What a farting ugly dog.

Complaints: I hate this color palette. The banner is awkwardly placed. 


A very similar cover, but I like it better. The colors, for one, are vastly improved in this edition. Jump looks a little wolfy, but I’ll take him. The curve of the spear frames Kel’s head nicely.

Complaints: She looks like she’s wearing lipstick. Why is that happening?


Again, it’s not quite as horrible as the Daine version. But maybe I just have a thing for 70s-era wide collars and square-necked jumpers.

Complaints: Not butch enough! And before you yell at me, readers, I’m talking about her hair, which is explictly stated to be cut short. None of this wispy ponytail business. She’s also too thin - Kel is explicitly described as being stocky and solidly built.


This is what happened in Frozen after one of the princesses actually froze to death, clutching her sword in an attempt to hold on to the monarchy. The end.

We were blessed with the casting of Lee Pace from a costume point of view, regardless of his obvious acting skills and charming personality. Lee is a tall and elegant man with great ‘coat hanger shoulders,’ as I like to call them. Many men with good physique have sloping shoulders or necks overworked and thick from working out, but not Lee. He has a long neck which I choose to expose and accentuate with a high open collar. His square shoulders hold the shape of all his coats and from there down they either softly hang or are fitted to his torso with many narrow piped panes
—  Ann Maskrey, Costume Designer for The Hobbit