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“The Phantomhive Family Crest” (Heraldry/Coat of Arms)

Heraldry is a fusion of science and art that deals with the use of hereditary symbols as a display of distinguishing a certain individual, family or a community. The coat of arms is an heraldic achievement which consists of shield, supporters, crest and motto, and has respective meanings.

We would like to introduce the anatomy of the Phantomhive Family Crest. (See the image)

-Potentia Regere (in latin word it means power to rule)
-Eagle (In action, the high and impotant matters is considered. Intellectual, ingenuity, reaprtee and quick comprehension)
-Eagle Two Headed (Conjoining of two forces.
-Eagle Wings Spread (Protection)
- Shield (Defender of the border)
- Key (Guradianship/dominion)
-Crown (Victory and sovereignity.) A symbol of success

© Kuroshitsuji; Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX Co.

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Snake’s Classification of Snakes

(We all know our new Phantomhive servant, Snake, but we still don’t have any proper introduction of his companion snakes. Meet Snake’s companion, Emily, Oscar, Goethe, Wordsworth and Wilde.)

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© Kuroshitsuji; Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX Co.


I’ve been taking the dogs out (seperately) on leashes for 2.5 years for ALL potty breaks. Today that era came to an end with the completion of our dog yard fence.


Trafalgar Square by Leonard Bentley

This is a S. Hildesheimer & Co Ltd postcard showing Trafalgar Square from the northside looking south. From the left, Morley’s Hotel with the cab rank for the hotel in Morley’s Hill, The Strand, Grand Hotel and Whitehall. It is summer 1913 and the musical comedy, The Marriage Market is playing at Daly’s Theatre in Leicester Square. The play had been adapted from the Hungarian play which was set in California, it ran for over 400 performances and was one of George Edwardes most successful productions.


Art and Video Games: Akihiko Yoshida

Akihiko Yoshida is a Japanese game artist working for Square Enix. In 1995, Yoshida joined Square Co, and with each project he took on, he experimented with different styles of graphic design. He has compared his use of color to that of Kingdom Hearts character designer Tetsuya Nomura, and the keeping of color consistent between the characters and the game world.

Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI (originally Final Fantasy III in America), released by Square Co. of Japan in October, 1994.

I was very inspired by Yoshitaka Amano when I was a kid, though it may not seem like it today. The baroque flourishes of detail were always very captivating.

If you’d like to buy a print of this drawing, or some of my other Play American stuff, I now have an Etsy shop.



Check out our conversation with the amazing BILL ROBINSON. Bill works in the animation industry as a visual development artists. He’s illustrated books for Disney and has work in their WonderGround Gallery. An amazing painter, illustrator and all-around nice guy, you will want to hear more about this talented creative! Hope you will take a listen.



Art and Video Games: Tetsuya Nomura

Tetsuya Nomura is a video game director and character designer at Square Enix. He joined the company, then known as Square Co. Ltd., in the early 1990s, and gained prominence when he was selected to become the main character designer for Final Fantasy VII. Nomura’s style has been defined by the vibrant colors as well as the unique amalgamation of eastern and western influences.