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Prompt: “Could I request a lovely Bones/Reader where they are in an established relationship and she/he goes on an away mission and gets kidnapped? major reader whump major worried bones rescue hero kirk fluffiness abounds?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,793

Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence and gore.

Author’s Notes: So, in hindsight I think I read “major reader whump” and ran with it. The “lovely” and “fluffiness abounds” parts got a little lost along the way; I think that’s why I ended it the way I did. Dearest Anon, if you are dissatisfied in any way with how this turned out, please let me know and I’ll see about writing a less serious/gory story.

It’s really long, but not long enough that I felt compelled to split it into two fics.

The aliens are supposed to be a little on the hard side to read, because of their accent. If anyone needs a translation, let me know and I’ll post something.

Aside from that, I’m proud of how it turned out, and I really hope you all enjoy!

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So Penny decided it would be a good idea to jump after a bird outside the window. And her furry butt landed squarely in my garden. The marjoram was overturned, the basil stalks were broken, and there is a kitty ass-print in my peppermint.

And Penny was liberally smeared with potting soil. So on top of getting scolded, she had to get a BATH. Such mournful yowling you never did hear.

I wound up dumping the marjoram and the jalapeno peppers (the spider mites just won’t leave them alone), and replanting with borage and purple self-heal. Hopefully they’ll grow!

Because You Are

A/N: An anon request for an Emily x Reader, where the reader is pregnant and insecure about her growing body. Emily still thinks she’s beautiful and makes it her mission to prove it to her. More fluff than sexy times. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8


Emily couldn’t help but laugh, her eyes softening into looks of pity for you. You were sitting on the couch and moving every five seconds, unable to get comfortable. “Hey, babe,” she said, handing you the one allowable cup of decaffeinated coffee you could have a day, “How are you feeling?”

“I can’t get comfortable,” you whined. You looked down at your growing stomach. “This kid better be cute.” Scrunching your face up in mock anger, you crossed your arms over your chest and laid them on your stomach. “I feel fat and ugly and tired all the time.”

“Tired, I understand,” she said, sitting down next to you and kissing your stomach. “Bigger, I understand. But you are beautiful. How could the woman who’s carrying our baby not be the most beautiful woman in the world?”

As you turned into her, you rested your hand on your stomach and leaned toward her, stealing a kiss just as the baby kicked. “This baby will totally be worth it,” you said, scooting around in your seat. Your butt felt square. Sitting hurt. Standing hurt. Everything hurt. Babies hurt. At least they are cute. “But dammit if I’m not over being pregnant.”

Emily grabbed the sides of your face pressing a sweet kiss to your lips before going the same to your stomach. “I am going to make you feel beautiful,” she said, her eyes shining wickedly.

“Oh really?” There were quite a few things Emily usually did to make you feel beautiful. 

But she took you off guard, got up and grabbed her bag. “Let’s go. I have plans.”


“Run free!” She said as you walked into the store. “I want you to pick whatever clothes, shoes, anything you want, and I will get them for you, because my beautiful wifey deserves to feel as pretty as I see her.”

You sucked in your lip and then smiled, tentatively looking around at the clothing surrounding you - dresses, jeans, tops - you were growing out of everything. Maybe some new clothes would do you some good. At first, you picked up things and placed them back on the racks quickly, thinking that nothing was going to make the watermelon you were carrying look anything but fat, but eventually, you started picking things up. First was a pink dress, modeled after the one that The Duchess of Cambridge wore when she was pregnant. Then was a pair of maternity jeans, dark wash to mask any imperfections you thought you had, and the list went on and on. Mostly, you picked out dresses - less constricting. 

A red shirt dress. An emerald maxi-dress with a tie in the front. A nautical cotton dress. Eventually, you had a handful of clothing, or more accurately Emily did, because you couldn’t carry it all. “Now, let me marvel at my wife’s beauty while you try everything on.” 

Little by little, you were starting to feel better. You tried on one pair of jeans and that was enough. They fit, but material was constricting, so you were going to stick with dresses for the remainder of the pregnancy. First was the red shirt dress. Once you got it on, you looked at yourself in the mirror. “I think I like this one, babe.”

“Lemme see!” As you opened the door to your dressing room, her mouth dropped. “Baby, you look beautiful.” Her eyes watered. When she looked at you like that you couldn’t help but feel pretty. A couple of the patrons passed by, taking in the adoring looks on your faces. Emily turned to one of the older women. “Hey, I have the most beautiful wife in the world.”

You snorted and gave Emily a peck on the cheek. “Next one?” 

“Yes, please,” she said, swaying back and forth on her feet. She had actual heart eyes right now. “The pink one.”

Closing the door, you grabbed the pink one off the hanger and slipped it on. It felt silky, but that wasn’t the material. You thought the red one looked pretty on, but this one made you feel pretty too. “I love this one!” you said happily, dancing out of the dressing room.

“Ummm…” Emily swallowed hard, her face dropping from a smile into something that you couldn’t quite place.

“Baby? Is it a no?”

Emily’s head snapped back up toward you. “Oh no, no, no…it’s a big yes. A very big yes…you look…” She was practically drooling.

“Oh, so it’s that kind of a yes,” you said. “The kind of yes I was getting at before we left.”

“Uh huh,” she mumbled. “I would be totally okay with you wearing that home.” You grabbed her hand and pulled her into the dressing room, trailing kisses up her neck. Giggling, you pushed her out of the room and continued to try on the rest of the dresses you’d picked out. There were 10 in all and you ended up buying seven of them…okay eight, but that’s only because the wifey insisted. “Ready to go?” After paying for everything, which was ridiculously expensive, she took you home and made dinner, a delicious marinated piece of chicken with mashed potatoes and string beans. 

After dinner, you got into a comfortable pair of pajama shorts and a tank top. “Come here, babe,” Emily said. Her eyes were soft and sleepy when she pressed a kiss to the side of your neck. 

“I don’t know if I can handle any more affection today,” you yawned. 

“How about a massage?”

That you could do. Carefully, you molded yourself into your wife’s chest and closed your eyes, reveling in the feel of her hands gently kneading at your sore muscles. “So how are you feeling now?” she asked.

“Much better,” you replied. “My body is still sore. But I’m carrying a beautiful baby that I will raise with my beautiful wife and one day I will be able to wear my regular clothes again…hopefully, and until then, my wifey will make me feel pretty.”

“Every day,” she said, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “Because you are.”

*REQUEST* Seungri Scenario - ‘Giving him a handjob’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif yo*

Author: Taebaby

               “Jagi, please, I have to get to work soon-“ Seungri pleaded with you as your butt sat squarely in his lap, your hands trailing up and down his torso, unbuttoning his shirt. You pressed your mouth to the hot skin of his collar bone and felt his chest rising and falling rapidly. Even though he had begged you to stop only a moment ago, his fingers had a bruising grip on your thighs.

               “You don’t really want me to stop, do you, baby?” You purred into his ear just as you shifted on his crotch, feeling the telltale bulge underneath you. He stiffened for a second before giving a shaky reply.


               You grinned madly, grinding down harder onto him. His hands snapped up and took your face, bringing it to his in a sloppy kiss. He pulled away after a minute, his cheeks flushed, piercing you with dark eyes.

               “I don’t know if we’re gonna have time for much, though, Jagi.” His voice was so husky with lust it made you shake. That voice alone could wreck you.

               “That’s ok. I’ll just take care of you now Ri, and you can take care of me later.” Your voice was breathy and light as you lowered yourself down onto the floor between his legs. Your hands grabbed at the crotch of his pants so aggressively that it made him jump.


               “Shh.” You undid his pants and shimmied them, along with his boxers, down his hips and his thighs, his hard on springing free of its confines. You didn’t waste time as you took hold of him, already feeling him twitch in your hand. You made direct eye contact with him as you started pumping, your other hand massaging other places. His breathing got harder and faster as his eyes never left you, groans and quiet grunts escaping his mouth occasionally. One of his hands gripped your wrist, helping you to move it slightly faster as his hips bucked up to meet you with tiny thrusts.

               “You’re doing such a good job, baby, a really good job. Makin’ me feel so good…” His voice was deeper than it ever was and you felt your own legs shake as your core heated up and let loose a million butterflies in your stomach. You wanted badly to touch yourself but you focused all your attention on him. You could clearly see he was getting close and you pumped faster, squeezing a tiny bit tighter. He let out a weak whimper as his head fell back and his free hand gripped the couch so hard that his knuckles went white.

               Leaning down, you kissed his tip and a second later he came, shooting a little bit on your face, surprising you a bit. You grinned again as you watched him writhe under your touch, working him through his orgasm. You let him go and rested your hands in your lap, looking up at him with innocent doe eyes. He glanced down at you with tired eyes, taking in how pretty you look with cum on your face.

               “Don’t worry, Jagi, just sit pretty like that until I get home tonight. I’ll take care of you.”


Kimiko is really getting on my nerves. Fair and square, my butt. I’m still hanging on the small hope that Moko-san would be partnered up with Kyoko but from the looks of it, she is paired up with one of the other girls. There are so many things running in my mind about this chapter so I’m just going to note what I think is most important.

First of all, Yashiro. His reactions to Kimiko are strange and I was discussing it with my Skip Beat group and we agree that there is something going on there. We theorized that Kimiko is kind of stalking Ren in a way. Yashiro might be wary of Kimiko because she might have had the “habit” of spreading rumors or trying to put Ren in some compromising situations in the past. Two reasons to support this theory. One, the photo on her blog. We all know there is no freaking way that Ren would have liked this girl, not as a person or as an actress. Her methods are really dirty. I think she had her manager secretly take a picture of them both and she turned it into something else entirely. Two, her story about the ring. He may have given it to her as a white day gift BUT the way she said she received it had to have been a lie. (She made it sound quite intimate.)

As for Koga, I’m not sure what to make of him. I think he likes to mess around with a lot of people and surprise them. He went in a roundabout way of telling Kyoko that he now doesn’t like her because she likes Ren. When he told her that he hated Ren with a huge sparkly smile, I feel that he may have meant it but not to the point where it’s something to get worked up over. I don’t get a bad vibe from him, it’s like he’s a kid or mischievous teenager.

Besides that, I really don’t want to think about Kimiko. She is still freaking smug! The girl just won’t quit. She reminded me of my sister when she smiled like that. You know that when she gives off that bubbly innocent smile, she’s about to talk **it.

Well, until next time. September 20!

Pepperony Week Day Six: AU

A/N: This is a high school AU technically, but it’s more specific than that, and if you know the source material, you’ll pick up on it fast. :D  Even if you don’t, I hope you enjoy!

Pepper Potts was not a genius, nor was she a prodigy.  She understood how one could make that mistake, given she’d been selected out of hundreds of applicants to receive a full scholarship to Shield Academy.  It was dumb luck, though.  Her test scores were good and her admissions essay meticulously tailored to meet all of the school board’s criteria for entry.  If she was anything, it was an expert at kissing up, and look how far it had gotten her.

Now she attended classes with the children of CEOs, governors, even a prince.  All the professors were Ivy league.  The cafeteria was run by twelve gourmet chefs.  Her entire apartment building could fit in the swimming pool with room to spare.  Most impressive were the four libraries, each two floors and carrying books in every language known to man, including one she was fairly certain was written in Klingon.  Every day after her last class, Pepper withdrew into the far corner of the first library, next to the business management and law texts, and there she remained until six o’clock rolled around and it was time to go home.  

On this day, a sudden influx of students loitering in the first library rendered her usual study spot uninhabitable.  Going down the line from the second to the fourth libraries, she found much the same situation.  One thousand students at Shield and every one of them had chosen today to visit the library.  They weren’t even studying.  No one had books out, no one was taking notes, and everyone in the computer lab had nothing better to do than browse Facebook.

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Centrefire four-barrelled Large Frame Holster Model Thorn patent pistol by Charles Lancaster, circa 1881


A.A.Thorn Patent oval bore single trigger four barrel pistol. The single-trigger action operates a rotating firing-pin. A side lever operates a dolls head barrel lock on the top of the frame (known as a 1st type locking latch). Plain finish with much original bluing stamped with Birmingham proof marks. The square shaped chequered walnut butt has provision for a rod butt extension and a lanyard-loop. The hinged barrels are bored with Charles Lancaster’s patent oval bores and have open-sights and a German silver foresight. The barrel cluster is fitted with a self-acting extractor star. The assembly number, 22, is stamped on the bottom of the frame.


In 1878, the firm of Charles Lancaster Gunmakers, previously run by C.W. Lancaster who died in that year, was acquired by Henry A.A. Thorn from his widow. In 1881 Thorn patented an action for two and four barrel guns, he would subsequently use this patent in the manufacture of both shotgun/rifles and pistols. 

The pistols were designed to take a variety of calibres, but in the main they would be for the four barrel pistol .455 and .476 government cartridges and for the two barrel pistol the .577 short Snider or Boxer, they were also fitted with Lancaster’s oval bore rifling.

In all about 712 four barrel pistols and about 234 two barrel versions were produced between 1882 and 1897.

This is one of the earliest, if not the earliest, known examples of Lancaster’s four barreled pistols.


Overall Length 11 in.

Overall Length 279 mm

Overall Weight 1.085 kg

Barrel Length 6.25 in.

Barrel Length 160 mm

Calibre .455 in

© Royal Armouries

onemuseleft  asked:

Tony gets knocked into the water (pool, ocean, whatever) and accidentally inhales the water

tony is talking about the renovations he made to the tower, hands moving in wide arcs, and steve is trying to get clint and thor to knock it off behind his back because they’re engaged in an increasingly furious contest of silent shenanigans that’s going to get noisy sooner rather than later and draw tony’s attention and that’s when thor gets a little rowdy and accidentally heaves clint off his feet instead of giving him a playful shove like he meant to.

clint goes flying and head butts tony square in the back and they both plunge straight into the pool, not a foot in front of tony.

thor and natasha both laugh and steve is trying and failing to look stern. tony’s arms had windmilled a little before he all but bellyflopped in and it was kind of funny.

clint pops up almost instantly after he goes in and jabs a finger at thor. “it is on, odinson!” he yells.

meanwhile under the water, tony isn’t moving.

steve’s smile slips. he hesitates, staring hard, and then dives, hoping tony’s just messing with them

the minute steve’s hands touch his waist, tony convulses and then he’s scrabbling at steve’s face, trying to climb him and fight him off at the same time.

steve has to get under him and shove him up toward the surface by the ass.

he emerges to the sight of tony all but hacking up a lung, clawing his way out of the pool. he scrambles a few yards away on unsteady legs and then crumples in a defensive heap, coughing up water the whole way.

steve starts to go to him, shoving his soaking wet hair out of his eyes because he needs to see if tony is okay, but natasha barks NO and stops him in his tracks

the look on her face is wary and steve realizes why when he looks back at tony and sees the wild panic in his eyes. one hand clutches protectively at the arc reactor

stark, natasha says, where are you?

he blinks, shaking himself and shuddering and blinks some more. “ah.” the hand over the arc reactor feels around a bit and then he looks around, looks at them and the sheer terror eases out of his face a little bit. “tower. tasha?”

“da,” natasha says and crouches down, edges closer. “you fell in the pool. taste it?”

tony licks his lips and then nods jerkily, takes a shuddering breath. “yeah. pool. okay. i’m good, i’m fine. which one of you assholes knocked me in?”

clint and thor both squirm guiltily.

“maybe lets not do that again, huh?” tony says, and his knuckles graze the edge of the arc reactor again before he lifts his hands away and pushes to his feet. he’s shaky and his pupils are still a little too big, but he brings his hands up and squeegees some of the water out of his hair, flicks it in clint and thor’s faces, making them flinch.

“sorry,” clint says. “seriously. i’m really–”

“you’ll pay for it later, legolas,” tony replies easily.

“i, too, am sorry,” thor starts and tony waves him off.

“yeah, yeah, you too. remind me not to do anymore renovations for you ingrates.”

“i was listening,” steve says, keeping a straight face even when thor and clint both make faces at him.

tony just side-eyes him and smiles. ‘of course you were’

Jesus christ, I can’t believe I have to clarify this again… PEOPLE you have to accept it.

The “bug” you think they are talking about is not the waist, it’s the squared butt, that’s a problem with the rigging of the model, they will just curve that, but the waist is always the same.

It’s been like that since the beginning but you won’t listen, it was in the concept art and was USED AGAIN AND IT’S STILL IN THE GAME for the sprays, making it CANON, they only changed the device


Pay attention

Signs in PE class

Aries: treats it like the Olympics

Taurus: not athletic but does pretty well

Gemini: “accidentally” throws a ball at Scorpio’s face

Cancer: the one afraid of the ball

Leo: falls and fake cries

Virgo: doesn’t even try

Libra: trying to make truces with the other team

Scorpio: tackles Gemini and knocks them over

Sagittarius: doesn’t know what the hale is going on

Capricorn: awkwardly tries to do the activity right but fails

Aquarius: tries to juggle tennis balls

Pisces: falls square on their butt

BTS reaction: you getting a bit violent

Sorry that it took a while to get this done! Thank you for requesting xx

Jin: He was excited to go home, as he knew your were waiting outside so that you guys could stop by a café for your 6-month anniversary. When he finally got outside, though, he was just in time to see you punch some guy right in the face. He was stunned at first, so he didn’t do anything. But when you punched the guy again, he as snapped out of his trance and grabbed your wrist as you went in for a third. He dragged you along with him to the café without saying a word. When you had sat down at a table and ordered, he looked at you, clearly disappointed, and asked you why. When you quietly explained your past without looking at him, his expression softened. He took your hand and waited for you to meet his eyes before he spoke.

“You’ve done so well, so please don’t let this make you go back to that. Violence is never the answer, and I know that you know that, too. You know that I’m here if you need me.”

Suga: He wanted to surprise you for once, and come and pick you up at your job. But he was met by the sight of you slapping another girl, he wasn’t as happy anymore. He immediately hurried to you to drag you away from the girl. He was quiet all the way home, and looked angry. When you got home, he closed the door and dragged you along with him to sit down on the sofa. He was unnervingly calm. He looked at you, not a single emotion showing on his face.

“You should know better than to slap someone. Whatever that was about, you shouldn’t have turned to violence. I thought you knew that.” he says, clearly disappointed. When you explained how you used to be, he would nod and look a bit more like his normal self.

“Fine. But that isn’t how you are now, and I don’t want to see you hit anyone again. There’s other ways to vent if you’re angry at someone.”

J-Hope: When he saw it, he would be among the most disappointed members. He’d take you home in silence like his hyungs, but when you got home he would look more sad than anything because he thought you’d always be friendly and calm. Seeing you punch someone would make him feel like he needed to rethink everything he thought he knew about you. You would have to be the one to reassure him that it wouldn’t happen again. You told him that you were just having a really bad day, and that person just pushed you over the edge.

“If you ever feel like that, please tell me or punch a wall or something. As long as you don’t hurt another human being.”

Rap Monster: When he saw you punch that guy, he would jerk back a bit, because he never thought he’d see you do something like that. On one hand, he would find it kind of hot to see this side of you, but on the other hand he knew that he shouldn’t find it hot at all and would be slightly disappointed, too. He would walk up to you and quietly tell you that you guys needed to talk. He would have his arm around your waist and go with you to the closest café and sit down. He would look at you in silence for a while, before speaking.

“Y/N, I remember what you told me about your past and everything, and I know that sometimes it might be hard not punching some people in the face. Believe me, I really understand that. But please, think of other ways to solve it before turning to violence. It should never have to be the answer. There’s other ways to vent your anger. We could try the bedroom next time.”

Jimin: Like Hobi, he would mostly be sad. He would take you to a place where he could talk to you in peace, and feel almost a bit nervous. He didn’t think that you would ever hit him, but who knew? Maybe you were still pissed off? But when he saw the look on your face, he knew that you were more ashamed than angry. He would take your hand and stroke his thumb in circle patterns. Then he would ask what happened, as he had never seen you even close to hitting someone. When you told him about how you used to be, and how annoying the guy who you punched was, he would sigh and pull you in for a hug.

“I can see that you don’t like what you’ve done, so let’s just say that this never happened. But please, don’t harm other people, even if they’re really annoying. Come to me to vent or something instead.”

V: He would be the member to be angry with you. When he saw the first punch he would be shocked. But when you went in for the second he would snap out of it and immediately get you out of there. We all know how much he likes people, so when you felt how tightly he was holding your wrist you would know that he was not happy. At all. When you got home, he would close the door before turning to you with a serious expression and demand to know why you did it. While you explained your past, he would walk to the living room and sit down. When you were finished, he would rub his forehead and let out a frustrated sigh. Then he would look at you, not quite as angry anymore.

“Okay. I get it. You used to use a lot of violence. And I get that sometimes you might still want to do that. But you aren’t who you were, I can see that. Please don’t turn to violence again.”

Jungkook: When you punched the guy who touched your butt square in the jaw, Jungkook would cheer on you. But when you punched the guy again, and again, he would realize that you weren’t about to stop anytime soon, so he would grab your waist and actually carry you away, to make sure that you wouldn’t try to go back to the man. When he was out of sight, Jungkook would put you back down and sit you down on a bench. He would have a really serious face the whole time when he asked you about it and you told him about it.

“It would have been alright if you had just punched that guy once, but you shouldn’t continue hitting someone. I know that you do know this, so please remember that the next time.”

Jimin keeping you company in the kitchen

You’d been feeling domestic since you woke up, cleaning up the bathroom as you got ready that morning, so you decide to make lunch. You’ve got music playing so you’re not fully concentrated on the cooking, your socked feet skating across the tile as you do a clumsy dance to the song.

The song pops off and you’re going a little too hard when the slice of tomato you’d just chopped falls to the ground. Somewhere you can hear a giggle but you think nothing of it. You bend down at the waist to pick it up but as soon as you’ve touched the ground you feel someone behind you.

Before he even speaks you know it’s Jimin, recognizing the giggle you heard earlier. He grabs at your waist with his hands, the fronts of his thighs pressed to the backs of yours and his hips squared up against your butt. “Hi,” he says but keeps his hold of you light and his body is gentle against yours.

You wiggle back against him to drive him crazy and he elicits a soft moan before you straighten up. He lets you fall back against his chest and slides his arms around your waist, pushing up your shirt just a touch so his clasped hands are resting against your bare skin. 

You turn your head and leave a light kiss on his jaw before pulling yourself out of his arms. “Come on, you need to get out of here before I burn the food.”

He gives you one of those smiles that’s all bedroom eyes and lip biting. You look away to compose yourself and when you turn back he’s leaning towards you, hands on either side of the kitchen counter behind you. He gives you a slow kiss, taking his time let his body fall close to yours and then pull away. It takes all your willpower and the faint smell of burning food to keep you from pulling on his shirt and dragging him back to you. 

Suddenly he gives you a sweet silly smile, “I’ll be in the living room.” He turns away and you go back to the food and try to remember what it was you were cooking.


I… You…?

[snaps out of weird deja vu and head butts Strabimon square in the chest]


[Still really dizzy but coming to…]
So… So fast…

[Reflectmon observed the situation. This enemy was very quick and was apparently able to track their movement if the hit Reflectmon took themself was any hint. Even if they all ran, the enemy would easily follow… Geopardmon and Flamon were in no condition to fight. Strabimon was about to join them. And Flitmon… … ?]

…That’s it-!
[procures a card…]