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one cannot have enough of cute and random aus so here have some more
  • “You’re the cute and quiet customer that frequents the coffee shop where I’m a barista and also where my rival barista works and we’re both fighting for your attention in increasingly creative and inconspicuous ways (making foam art, writing cheesy pick-up lines on your napkin etc. etc.)” AU.
  • “You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you” AU.
  • “You’re an Art student and I’m an English major and you keep stealing the papers for my assignment to doodle and I would kill you but you’re really cute and hey that’s actually a really nice sketch” AU.
  • “You’re the perpetual frowner in class and one day as I’m answering the teacher I intentionally make a very cheesy pun and I can hear crickets but you’re laughing out loud and that makes me feel very much accomplished” AU.
  • “The manager says the only reason the restaurant where we work at is popular is because people enjoy eating while watching our relentless flirting with each other but I swear to God we’re not flirting???” AU.
  • “I ditch prom to attend a local poetry slam and you’re also there and I never really noticed what a cute smile you have and hey do you maybe want to bond over our mutual love for ‘Howl’???” AU.
  • “You’re new in town and you seem very intimidating but as it turns out you have an awful sense of direction even with a map and you’re actually adorkable so here let me help you” AU.
  • “It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m single and you want to cheer me up but you can’t cook nor bake to save your life so you make me hot chocolate instead and it is delicious and I think I love you???” AU.
  • “It’s gym class and we’re playing volleyball and you spike really well and you manage to hit the ball square in my face and I think I’m bleeding and you’re apologizing profusely and it’s okay but you’re really cute so I guess I’ll take you up on that offer for coffee” AU.
  • “You’re the jerk-face customer that keeps on thumbing through their phone while ordering their drink so I exact revenge by spelling your name wrong on your cup and drawing phallic pictures on your coffee” AU.
  • “Our mutual friend invites us to go shopping with them and it’s kind of awkward and now you’re pushing them around the mall in a shopping cart and you’re both screaming like excited children and I’m paying the cashier and pretending I don’t know either of you” AU.
  • “Our mutual friend invites us for Thanksgiving dinner with their other friends and now there’s a full-fledged food fight going on with potatoes and turkey flying everywhere and we’re both seeking refuge under the table whilst sharing a bag of chips that you brought (just in case)” AU.
  • “You and I are both baristas at a coffee shop and one day I step out of the café to take a break and walk in on you gleefully drawing phallic pictures on the chalkboard outside that no one pays attention to so what are you doing?” AU.
  • “You and I go out to a sushi bar and the sushi chef yells at you for being allergic to a particular kind of fish and now you’re crying and I’m trying to comfort you” AU.
  • “You and I are at a sushi restaurant and you’re continuously snagging sushi off the belt that I have to pay for and you don’t seem to be going to stop anytime soon but you look so cute when you’re eating with that smile on your face what the hell man” AU.
  • “The mailman constantly mixes up your home address and mine together and keeps on sending me your letters and packages and I’m sorry I look through them but your life seems very interesting as well as those books on black magic in one of your packages so wanna talk about it over a cup of coffee?” AU.
  • “We’re both strangers sitting in the same booth at an eatery because all the other booths are full and you’re drawing smiley faces on your plate with ketchup and wow your concentrated frown is cute” AU.
  • “It’s our mutual friend’s wedding and they keep shoving us into each other because we’re the only ones at the ceremony who are single” AU.
  • “You’re my roommate and it’s way past midnight and you’re talking about how Charles Dickens inspired prison reform and how the moon must feel insignificant because it borrows light from the sun and this is all very interesting but will you please shut up and go to sleep” AU.
  • “You’re actually a really friendly and chill vampire and at night you float around outside of my bedroom window to talk with me about the universe and stuff” AU.
  • “You’re going through my sketchbook and giving questioning looks and I swear to God I’m just a deranged artist and not a serial killer” AU.
  • “We live next door to each other and I can see you through the window while you’re dancing to your iPod in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and God you’re a dork” AU.
  • “I’ve been standing in line at the coffee shop for hours and you casually cut through for your drink but also buy me my favorite blend and now I’m not so sure what to make of you” AU.
  • “I’m sick so you make me chicken soup and I’m really grateful but I’ve also seen you read books on magical spells and potion-making so I’m not sure if I should drink your soup in case it turns me into a toad” AU.
  • “There’s a scrawny black cat in our neighborhood that hates everyone and everything but follows you around for some reason and I see you pet it and feed it fish fries are you a witch” AU
  • “I’m a perpetual frowner and most certainly not a morning person and I work part-time at a breakfast bar and your disheveled hair and content smile as you eat my waffles and scrambled eggs is the only thing that can get me to smile” AU.
  • “You’re the one in class who has tattoos all over their arms and piercings and everybody’s scared of you and one day I catch you watching cat videos and doodling in the middle of a lecture and wow you’re a dork” AU.
  • “I work part-time as a cashier at the local corner store and you come here regularly to shop and bond with me over the microwavable chicken bites so how about I take you out on a proper date instead?” AU.
  • “I’m the owner of a magic shop and you discover my magics one day when you walk in on my cat flying around inside the shop on a broom and now I have to take you in as my apprentice or turn you into a toad” AU.
  • “You’re the health-conscious med student and I’m the chain-smoking art student who’s also your barista and you leave me notes on smoking and lung health on your napkins and also a 20-page essay on lung cancer tucked under your saucer” AU.
  • “You’re a tea-lover yet you come to the coffee shop where I work at just to see my foam art and you give me hefty tips regularly so I’ve taken it upon myself to master the art of tea-making just for you” AU.
  • “I’m a fashion major and I’m working on my illustrations and maybe I’ve had too much coffee but I swear I just saw one of the mannequins move so here I am calling you in the middle of the night please help I’m scared” AU.
  • “You work at a fast food restaurant and as you hand me my food you lecture me for ruining my health what is this hypocrisy” AU.
  • “I’m egging a random person’s house to relieve stress and you join me and as it turns out the house belongs to your ex and now they are chasing us as well as the police and now we’re both in jail waiting to be bailed so um you wanna talk about it?” AU.
don’t you go (l.h.)

warning: mild violence and smut

word count: 7k+

songfic based on all time low’s “don’t you go”

I didn’t really know why I felt the need to get so dressed up for this party, it wasn’t like I was even going to be there longer than what would please my friends. They had begged me to come for days on end, claiming it was going to be the best party of the year. Considering it was a New Year’s party on a Friday night, I had a feeling it would pretty packed. I for one would rather be at home with my boring boyfriend, in my boring apartment, watching the boring broadcasting of Times Square as the ball dropped tonight. Apparently my friends had other plans, not allowing me to do so another year in a row.

My shaky hands were doing a surprisingly good job at applying the thin eyeliner, bringing out my eyes just enough for my liking. My outfit was a bit more dressy than I would normally choose. My top was black, the solid material cut off just above my chest and transforming into an elegant lace that traveled up to my neck, sleeveless. The skirt which it was tucked into was a light mint green that reached just above my knees, and black strappy heels. My hair was in light waves, coming down center back. I felt like I was wasting such a nice outfit on such an insignificant night.

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anonymous asked:

My daddy punished me and I was waiting for aftercare but instead I get "you'll be fine"

Kick him square in the balls and while he’s in the fetal position trying not to vomit, tell him he will be fine.

Volleyball – Zach

Based off: “It’s gym class and we’re playing volleyball and you spike really well and you manage to hit the ball square in my face and I think I’m bleeding and you’re apologizing profusely and it’s okay but you’re really cute so I guess I’ll take you up on that offer for coffee”@onetruepairingideas

Volleyball – Zach

Volleyball days in gym were never your favorite. Especially when the stupid ball is flying at an impossible speed way too close to your face. You swear you felt like time froze and you were in that “I’m sure you’re wondering how I got here” meme. So now you sit on the floor holding your bleeding nose and suddenly Zach Dempsey is next to you helping you up.

“I’m so sorry Y/N.” He said quickly pulling you up gently, and wow he’s hot and suddenly you’re not as angry.

“It’s fine.” You responded even though your nose was bleeding profusely, and it definitely wouldn’t have been okay if he was someone who wasn’t as cute as him.

“Dempsey bring her to the nurse.” The coach barked making the two of you nod.

“I’m really sorry,” he said again but stopped when he noticed you tilting your head back, “no tilt your head forward and pinch the cartilage of your nose. Leaning back can cause it to go down your throat.”

“I get a lot of nosebleeds from basketball.” He explained as you listened to his instructions, and suddenly you felt him put his arm around you, “This way I can guide you, is that okay?” he asked carefully

“Yeah it’s fine, thank you.” You said letting him guide you to the nurse’s office extremely aware of the warmth radiating off his arm on your back. In a different situation, you would’ve laughed at the fact that he’s so much taller than you and that the way he put his arm around you was awkward.

When you walked into the nurse’s office she immediately walked away to get ice. Which every nurse thinks is the remedy for any problem.

“So, I’ve actually been looking for an excuse to talk to you. I was wondering if sometime you’d like to get coffee? Maybe makeup for the fact that I’ve abused you.” He asked laughing at the last part.

You smiled, “I’d love to.”

Auston Matthews - Underestimated

Word Count: 1526

Warnings: One curse word?

Request: Hello, it’s the anon that asked if your requests were open. Would you mind doing an Auston Matthews imagine Where he tries to teach the girl to play baseball but she already knows and shows him up or something like that? If not that’s okay.

A/N: I used to play softball so I actually really liked writing this one! I hope you like it as well!

You were currently lying in bed scrolling through your phone as the bright Arizona sun bled through the window. It was currently off season and Auston invited you to his hometown to reside at his old house. You loved hanging out with him and his family so you didn’t hesitate to agree to the trip.

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thatonearoace  asked:

The Cygate sparkling ask gave me an idea! What if the LL found a bunch of beans in stasis, took them aboard, and they imprinted on their human friend! The beans follow them around like ducklings,beeping for attention, and at recharge time they all pile in the human's bed for a cuddles! To their credit the human is amazing at raising them and becomes the guardian of the beans. Of course the bots have to help out (each bean having a favourite "sire") but they all love their "carrier" the most.


EDIT: This is the Cygate and sparklings ask that’s being discussed about! I am forgetting a lot of things I do today when I fill a request, eeep. Sorry for that. )

✦ The Lost Light crew originally were planning to make a stop back at Cybertron to have the sparklings raised there but realised the pack had imprinted on their human liaison. Because they’re small? Because they’re soft? Because they give the best cuddles in the whole wide universe? It’s a mystery but no one has the heart to remove them from the liaison since they begin to beep nervously and wiggle in fear should they be approached with that intent in mind. It’s like the babies know. Ultra Magnus and Megatron try, uncomfortable as they are at how those little optics look at them imploringly, and it’s Whirl actually steps in and threatens to beat them up to a pulp if they separate the sparklings from the liaison. He gets sent to the brig for threatening the officers and thinks worth it when he learns the babies are going to stay on the ship for the time being.

✦ One of the unused habsuites is set up as a baby centre for the sparklings with Ratchet and Velocity designated as the ‘caretakers’ of the place when it opens. At first the team selected to help build and furnish the rooms was small: Perceptor, Velocity, Rung, and First Aid with Megatron to oversee the construction. Then Rodimus wanted in on it because he’s co-captain why is Megatron allowed and he isn’t?? Then Brainstorm forces himself on the team, claiming his inventions will keep the babies safe. (NO STORMY YOU CAN’T PUT ELECTRIFIED BABY GATES UP. NO-) Then Swerve, Nautica, Rewind (with Chromdome tagging along), and Tailgate snuck themselves on and aren’t really helping either. They’re just there to cuddle and coo at the babies whenever the liaison drops by to see how progress is going. (Slowly. The progress is going slowly since Rodimus is arguing for pink for the walls and Whirl(???) is wondering why he wants to paint it in the colour of their blood? Rodimus why.) It takes far, far longer than it should have but the daycare is built and is a perfect place for the beans to stay and play and learn and everything else they’ll need. Except when it comes to naptime or sleeping time. The baby pack like to sleep with their carrier in their habsuite and become an actual pile of cuddles and purrs.

✦ It’s not hard to tell when the liaison is making their rounds now. They’re followed by the noisiest beepers in the world who are declaring their love for their carrier and how they’re the best carrier in the world. It’s an amusing and cute sight: The liaison attempting to look serious and stoic, going over the documents they had to read that day, while a bunch of bouncy balls chase after them. Brainstorm ends up making hover baby carrier so the beans stay in one place and don’t wander off in these rounds since a few have gotten into some awful adventures this way. (How did one of them get in the vents?? A mystery.) Perceptor, at the request of the human, checks to see if he installed weapons in there and the ‘bot is pleasantly surprised by Brainstorm’s restraint. He only put three in it. Three.

✦ If their carrier doesn’t like someone or the baby pack picks up their carrier’s distaste for a particular ‘bot, they will attempt to gang up on this poor individual. Many a time Rodimus or Megatron has entered hallway to see Getaway frozen in place, doing the Cybertronian equivalent of sweating since he’s surrounded by the angriest beepers in the world and he doesn’t have the the spark in him to scare or move them away. He’s been standing there for hours. He’s about to enter stasis shock since his systems are mistaking his locked joints as paralysis. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HE JUST WANTED TO GO TO THE WASHING RACKS.

✦ Sooner or later the beans will begin to attach themselves towards certain ‘bots, having chosen them as their sires. They can’t stick with their carrier forever and their coding instructs them to find another source of support and comfort in case their main source is not reasonably available. Be it personality or looks or who the bean thinks will be the most fun to spend time with, they will fan out and pick a favourite they deem as their ‘sire’ more or less. The sires are: Nautica, Velocity, Rodimus, Dirft and Ratchet, Megatron, Chromedome and Rewind, Ravage, First Aid, Rung, Ultra Magnus, Whirl, Brainstorm and Perceptor, Cyclonus and Tailgate, and Swerve. The liaison’s busy schedule is even busier than ever now that they have to fill in +10 playdates somehow.

✦ The little bitlets are angels with their carrier and are so cute and cuddly and soft. If the liaison sits down somewhere, you can bet they’ll quickly find themselves having bunch of wiggly beans and balls and squares crawling up their lap to get cuddles. If the carrier ask them to behave or to stay quiet, the tiny one will listen to the request and immediately hush up and not make a peep. If the carrier drops a datapad or is asking aloud where they put something, the beans will scatter and bring back the item with so much pride in their optics. Lots of kissies and compliments are showered on the beans by the liaison with how patient and good and perfect they are.

✦ But when left with their sitters or their sires whenever the liaison is too busy to spend time with them? Oh boy that’s when absolute chaos erupts. It’s almost like they’ll behave for their carrier and their carrier only. Something their sires learn painfully on the first day they have to watch the beepers alone since the officers’ call they need to take with their superiors was confidential. (That and the superiors back at home had no idea their office on the ship became the equivalent of a robot parent shhhhhh.) The moment the liaison is out of sight and can no longer be heard by the beans, they immediately get into trouble to the shock of the others present because?? What’s going on??? Why is this happening no baby don’t do that-

✦ Nautica is trying to stop her bitlet from drinking her high grade energon she’s been saving that!! Velocity’s sparkling won’t stop crying and she can’t figure out what’s wrong with them so she’s about to cry herself. Ratchet is too old and tired to chase after his nyoom’ing sparkling and can only watch (in amusement) as Drift attempts to snatch them up. Rung’s bean accidentally found his subspace full of candy is trying to vibrate through the wall to his guilt and worry. Those are considered the mild cases as well.

✦ Brainstorm keeps trying to give his and Perceptor’s charge a gun - It’s not a real gun, it only shoots stun shots! Yes, the sparkling can use it! I made sure this can be activated by the slightest of nudge! - and Perceptor is trying to prevent that and help Rewind and Chromedome get their baby out of the vents. Both parties are yelling at Stormy for making things worse when Stormy and Percy’s bean bumps against the gun by accident, it shoots a charge at the open vent which causes the little boxy baby to hop away in fear. Rewind is yelling for Skids to get in there now plEASE. Chromedome is worried his Conjunx is going to break his vocaliser at the rate he’s yelling.

✦ Cyclonus and Tailgate are scrambling to save their bean from jumping off a beam, wondering where the heck the bouncy ball got the idea to jump from dangerous spot to dangerous spot like that. Rodimus is trying to teach his bean how to parkour and Ultra Magnus is trying to stop him from that since his bean and Megatron’s bean is trying to imitate them too. Off in some corner of the room, Whirl is trying to delicately pick his bean out from the inside of a titty gun of his. All the while he is praising his baby for being such a little shit.

✦ The only beans that are kind of behaving are Ravage’s, Swerve’s, and First Aid’s. That’s only because the beans somehow locked themselves in the little dollhouse that was built for them and can’t go anywhere. A lot of ruckus is happening inside, however, and all three are scrambling to get them out. The liaison won’t be back for another three hours. It’s only been thirty minutes since they left. Everyone (except Whirl) is suffering.


Winona Ryder 1986 / 2015