• “Stand by me… Stand by me! ”
Are you on the Feels train too? Enjoy! ❤️

“ Protecting the king may not be so easy sometimes, especially with Nocto! 😆
We may laugh, we may fight and sometimes discuss hard but I’m his sword and shield, it doesn’t matter what we have to go through, I’ll be there by his side until the very end! 💪🏼”

• Gladiolus - @leonchiro
• Noctis - @mischaxel

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Found a new sun spot on the fire place. Adjustment is going well.
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stim toys!

hi! i’m going to talk about some really great stim toys today, since i’ve seen a lot of posts about chewable necklaces and pendants!

my amazing, incredible mom started a company when her baby niece’s mother passed away that sells chewable jewelry. her main market is parents, since babies like to play with jewelry when they teethe.

however, she has recently said she’s interested in branching out and reaching kids, teens, and adults who need something to fidget and chew with. i would like to direct the stim community on tumblr to her website, where you can buy many different things!

if you like fun shapes and letters, we have those here!

heart shapes can be found here!

beads are fun to slide and chew; find them here!

bracelets are elegant and discreet and they can be found here!

fun colors and patterns on the classic donut pendant are here!

glitter lovers- we have shimmery pendants here!

try triangle and square pendants!

or chunky cube shapes here!

try glow in the dark!

we also have scented ones, simple solid color ones, and many more! please check it out!

you can also follow them on facebook where my mom does giveaways and answers questions! she is a very hard worker and i’m really proud of her work. please spread this around!