5 Animated Disney shows that would work for Kingdom hearts 3.

Ducktales: I think it could be really fun to have Sora and screw mess around in a mini world from ducktales. I wouldn’t want a full world dedicated to it but like Steam boat willy I think getting to play though a small stage that you collect money for Scrooge in exchange for items or something could be awesome.   I could see it being a nice challenge world or maybe even just a place to exchange money froma  “random” rare thing.

Gravity Falls: A Gravity Falls level would be really fun, tons of weird foes to defeat and cool new elements. I mean they have being of pure energy of it and the shows proven popular since it’s run. It could be really funny though I do wonder if the Japanese audience is into the show or not. 

Kim Possible: Whats the sich? Kim Possible would be perfect and KP would make a perfect partner for fights. It would be a really cool way to add a spy element to the game.  Kim Possible would add lots of things to Kingdom Hearts that the series has never had before. The shows pretty modern, it’s a spy kind of thing, it’s got all the fun elements that could really be fun to play with.

Gargoyles: Of Disney’s animated shows this is one of the ones that is looked back at with the most fondness. This is maybe the “grittiest” animated show Disney has ever made but the characters are all very defined. Having the gargoyles pop up in a world could lend to a maybe more boring setting by having their world mixed with theirs.  

Star Vs the Forces of Evil: I would love anything from Star and it’s totally become one of my favorite animated shows on air. Sadly it’s rather new and without even a full season out this year I really, really doubt anyone in Square is committed to the series. Still Star herself would make a really cool partner character or even as an easter egg could be cool