This Japanese Zen calligraphic drawing beautifully shows ‘creation’ through the simple progression from the absolute unity of the circle, through the triangle (with three points forming a qualitative transition from the pure, abstract elements of point and line to the tangible, measurable state called a surface) symbolizing the passage between the transcendent and the manifest realms, to the manifest form of the square (representing materialization).

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Just shipped Marc in CT. #SCCA by Carl Strong


Behind the bars in Red Square by Zalman Shklyar
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Remember the morning is when night is dead. @josephinekinsey #andrejosselin #cologne by André Josselin

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Hi! I was wondering if you could put out an ask for square reader referrals (where you can get $1000 reimbursed in processing fees)?

Kiriska: Not 100% sure what you mean by this, but here’s my Square referral link and here’s Becca’s?

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Nattosoup:  If you would like us to feature your referral link, you’ll have to write a relevant review of some sort for us to share, otherwise we’re not going to share reader referral links (there’s just too many of us, and Kiri and I enjoy making money too).

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Hello, I have sun opposite moon- Taurus sun and Scorpio moon. Can you please tell me what that would mean for me- negative points as well as positive points?? I've only ever heard negative things about this placement

We have a write up for Sun Opposite moon that I can share with you. Keep in mind that oppositions and square are hard aspects to it is easy to only see the negative aspects of it. However, keep in mind that these obstacles can help us learn lessons over time, and are often necessary.

Although trines and sextiles are much easier to handle, they can also lead to things being to easy and this can cause one to make major errors, or take those lessons for granted. I hope this write up helps.

Sun opposite Moon

When Sun is opposite the moon in a birth horoscope an internal struggle exists within the person’s inner consciousness.  They needs of the ego seen from the Sun battle with the emotional habits and emotional security desires of the Moon.  The overall consciousness can showcase a competitive nature within itself.  This person can be very complex with a lifelong journey of trying to sort out their true needs and wants in their sense of self.

Since moon and sun are in opposite elements of the birth chart an internally contradictory nature can plague this individual.  Inside them it can feel as if they are two identities involved in a push and pull struggle over issues that face them.  A lack of focus can be the result of the internal push and push that goes on within them.  These internal struggles can be the result of an early upbringing where occurrences in the early life may of set the tone for their internal issues.

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