alexturntable  asked:

Top 5 Jackets of ADT

Alright Rodaina, this has taken me MORE than a day to sort out. But here you go. I bet they’re not going to be what you thought… and you’re also getting TEN because I have no life and there were too many good ones. 

10. The Zippered Black Leather Jacket with Red Satin Lining - He looks so good in this jacket every single time he wears it. I like when he wears it zipped up over a button down or over the ringer tee. I love it every way. It’s also from like prime SIAS quiff-era and we all know how I feel about that. I just realized I didn’t include him wearing it at Coachella over the gingham shirt, and I’m gonna die. So… let’s just watch him in it instead… 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤

9. The Pink Panther Jacket - I like Alex in pink, okay? He can honestly wear every color, but I like the retro feel he gives off when he wears pink and black together. It’s got like an Elvis Presley vibe and I dig it. It’s a custom-made Ray Brown design and he wore it for the Pistoia Blues Festival in Italy and at Alexandra Palace during the EYCTE tour. 💗💗💗💗💗

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Climbing is like flying in a way. It gives you the wings to explore some of the most inaccessible spires and ledges. I’ve often found myself tethered to a thin nylon rope, looking down from a tiny perch at a miniaturized world below, and thinking to myself: “Humans shouldn’t be here.”
Yet here we are.

End of a long day’s climb of Angel’s Crest (14 pitches) up the Chief in Squamish BC, Canada. Photo by my climbing partner: Karsten