squadron one

  • Baze: Nice work.
  • Jyn: Thanks dad
  • Jyn: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Bodhi: You just said "Thanks, dad."
  • Jyn: What? No I didn't. I said "Thanks, man?"
  • Baze: Do you see me as a father figure, Jyn?
  • Jyn: No. If anything I see you as a bother figure, because you're always bothering me.
  • Chirrut: (screaming from distance) Hey, show your father some respect!

Look, I am really not the most educated about Star Wars lore. But I was just look at Cassian Andor’s casual clothes:

And this is Poe’s casual look

Okay, about 34 years (according to wookipedia) passed between Rogue One and The Force Awakens. 34 years is enough for there to be SOME changes in fashion and attire that it will make more sense for the 2 pilots to wear something drastically different. But no, in terms of general color scheme, stripes on the coat and boots, both guys look pretty alike. Of course, there are a lot of differences, but on a resource limited rebel base, you have to make do with what you can get.

As such, I propose to you: Poe Dameron - stealth Cassian cosplayer.

The Rogue One vs OT fave competition thing that fandom is doing is … really baffling for me.

I mean, there are lots of reasons, like the fact that Luke Skywalker—far from singly claiming the glory—leads a squadron named in memory of Rogue One. 

But also, a lot of the … hm, guiding principles of the RO characters are lived out by the OT characters?

In particular, one of the essential RO lines for me is 

You’re not the only one who lost everything. Some of us just decided to do something about it.

That’s Cassian, but also it’s hard to think of anything that could better describe the Skywalker twins. Luke lost his entire world over those plans. Leia literally lost her entire world. And it only makes them more determined to throw themselves into the fray.

They do it in the immediate wake of those first terrible losses. And the next year, and the next, and the next, and the next, on and on and on. There’s another essential line from RO:

We’ll take the next chance, and the next, until we win, or the chances are spent.

That is the hope and determination that shapes every one of Luke and Leia’s choices. The Force is with them, and occasional pure luck—but that’s the only reason they don’t meet the same fate as Jyn, Cassian, and all the others. 

Often enough, it might be easier for them if they had. But, however steep the cost, they never stop pushing forward. They never give up.

They couldn’t live with themselves if they did, either.

Post-Scarif Headcanon [warning : SPOILERS FOR ROGUE ONE]

 - After the Battle of Yavin, after all the euphoria has died down and they’re dismantling the base to move to their next location, Wedge has a sit-down with Luke and what remains of the Rebel Alliance starfighter pilots.

- They’ve lost so many – Dreis, Dutch, Biggs, Porkins…Wedge stops himself from naming them all because the survivor’s guilt from having to pull out of that trench run will never stop haunting him, he suspects.

- “We need to reform the squadrons, re-organize the remaining pilots and the new recruits into units again.”

- And he remembers, remembers the ones who gave their lives for that one-in-a-million chance to destroy the Death Star. The ones who gave them just the barest glimmer of hope that they could save other worlds from the fates of Jedha, of Alderaan.

- Wedge remembers the pilot, the Imperial defector, the wide-eyed man with a nervous voice who nevertheless had eyes blazing like newly-molten steel when he stood before the council with Erso’s daughter and plead their case.

- An Imperial defector, just like him. No, not really. Wedge had been sprung from Skystrike Academy by a Rebel cell who had heard his desire to defect. This man, this cargo pilot, had acted alone–alone, frightened, facing untold dangers, arriving at Yavin bruised yet unbroken.

- He’d heard the last transmissions from Scarif, recognized the man’s voice for its urgency and its determination.

- He’d heard Admiral Raddus’ last words, “Rogue One…May the Force be with you.”

- It took everything inside Wedge to command his astromech to enter the hyperspace calculations when he knew what they were leaving behind.

- So now, days later, in a conference room in Yavin 4, surrounded by the other pilots, Wedge turns to Luke and says, “I think I know what we should name this new squadron.”


Random Headcanons no one asked for, Bonus Round

Star Wars

•Luke and Leia actually find out they share a birthday pretty early on, but considering neither of them actually has a reason to suspect that they’re long lost siblings, they don’t think much of it besides “birthday buddy!”

•Luke has never done much for his birthday while in the Alliance. He got the day off from chores back on Tatooine, and if the crops had been good sometimes Owen and Beru could scrape together enough to get some kind of cake. On his 17th birthday Owen somehow saved enough to get Luke a replacement part for the T-16. Celebrating without Owen and Beru, even if theirs were small and not terribly festive by some standards, just feels too weird for him.

•Wedge decides fairly quickly this will not do at all and organizes Giant Group Birthdays for the pilots, going by month. This starts to catch on with other branches of the Alliance, and bi-monthly birthday gatherings become a thing.

•After finding out they’re twins, Luke and Leia make a point of trying to spend every birthday together, even if it has to be via hologram.

•Poe Dameron has birthday parties for BB-8. C-3PO thinks this is precious and will not hesitate to say so. Leia is very tired of Threepio “hinting” that BB-8 would look very grown-up with shiny gold plating.

•Chewbacca can out-snark anyone, anywhere, hands down. Once he and Han ran across a gang of alien pirates whose leadership was determined by a Trial of Insults. Chewbacca got annoyed with their captain and accidentally ended up taking command of a pirate galleon. He and Han eventually absconded with a treasure map, but the pirates were too impressed by the Wookiee’s Snark Power to be mad.

•Lando writes poetry, but he’d be much too embarrassed to let anyone read it.

•Luke knows a lot of code-songs he learned from his aunt and uncle while growing up. (Because I like to imagine they helped slaves escape, much like in some of @fialleril ’s writings), and he teaches some of them to one or two Rogues, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca. The secret directions embedded in the lyrics save lives more than once.

•Maintenance crew on the Executor has an entire wall of tally marks for every training droid Vader had totaled. There’s a different wall for people he’s totaled, with names rather than tallies. It’s probably not safe to keep a memorial, but no one’s told them not to so far.

•Piett started out just drinking tea in the morning before starting his shifts. The longer he deals with the unique brand of weirdness living on the Lady Ex brings, the more calming tea (or occasionally strongly caffeinated tea) he requires. He’s up to four cups a day and steadily rising.

•For Leia’s twenty-third birthday, Mon Mothma gave her a hologram she’d been keeping of a younger Bail Organa with Senator Amidala and a young Mothma all smiling. There’s someone in the back that looks like a tall Jedi, but Leia can’t be sure. She and Mothma mourn a while, but the catharsis is good for both of them.

•Every time the Rebels move to a new base, Rogue Squadron makes sure to paint a rough portrait of Bhodi Rook somewhere in their assigned hangar, whether on a ship or a wall. There are memorials to all the members of the Scarif Mission, but Rogue Squadron always has an extra one for Rook. “Because he’s the pilot.”


Rapier Squadron & Co - Elements Aesthetics

Poe Dameron - Air = the element of freedom.

Jessika Pava - Earth = the element of substance.

Karé Kun (Tessa Thompson) - Fire = the element of power.

Iolo Arana (Steven Yeun) - Water = the element of change.

Muran (Rahul Kohli) - Earth = the element of substance.

[Prequel Trio.] [Good Trio.] [Old Trio.] [Evil Trio.]

(fancast for this fic: x)

Headcanon that when Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles formed their new X-Wing squadron after Red Squadron was destroyed during the battle of Yavin, they named it after the group of people who made that victory possible, who paved the way for Red Squadron’s heroic last stand in the first place.

Rogue Squadron, a squadron outside of the usual chain of command and colour-based naming scheme, named in honour of the task force who also operated on its own terms and saved the day against all odds.


Halloween on D’Qar

I can only imagine how many times Poe has told everyone the epic tale of how he was kidnapped by the First Order and rescued by Finn. He’s particularly proud (see: repetitive) of how he sassed Kyle Ron (and everyone misquotes him on purpose).

New Head Cannon (Rogue One spoilers)

It was Leia’s idea to have Luke use the “Rogue” call-sign after Yavin.

Consider that after the battles of Scarif and Yavin, the Alliance’s forces have taken MASSIVE casualties. Scarif saw the death or capture of the Admiral Raddus, the death of General Merrick, the loss of one of the Alliance’s few flag ship scale ships and, to top it off, the death of EVERY man or woman who went down to Scarif.

Right on the heals of what must look like a pyric victory, Alderaan is destroyed. In one fell swoop the Alliance loses one of their most important political figures and a MASSIVE source of supplies and recruits (this is before we even consider how many members of the Alliance likely lost friends and loved ones).

At this point, things a looking bleak, Princess Leia is captured, the plans that the Alliance fought and bled for are NO WHERE to be found. The battle station is operational and nothing can stop it.

Then along comes the first bit of good news. A tramp freighter shows up at Yavin with the Princess, the plans and a wet-behind-ears farm boy who miraculously manages to destroyed the Death Star.

Suddenly, all the losses at Scarif are made worth it, but the Alliance is still grieving. Their forces are in shambles, their base is revealed, they need hope that even after this victory they will survive.

So Leia reaches back to the battle that started it all. She suggests that Luke, who is helping re-form the remnants of Red and Gold squadron, that he use the call sign “Rogue,” after all, the call-sign is currently inactive and tying the squadron that destroyed the death Star to the team who stole the stole the plans is hugely symbolic. Luke doesn’t fully grasp the significance, after all, he wasn’t there, he’ll never fully understand how the survivors of both Scarif and Yavin feel. But, he can see and sense what the name means to those around him. People perk up when they hear Rogue Squadron is coming. The techs working harder to maintain their limited fighters. Alderaanian refugees like Tycho Selchu volunteer specially for Rogue Squadron and its dangerous, tip-of-the-spear missions. The pilots of Rogue group take on tough assignments because they know that if they fall they are part of something greater.

Luke may be the one who has the credit for building Rogue Squadron, but Leia knows how important the name is. She watches as its pilots take on impossible missions, pushing themselves harder and harder for that symbol. Their zeal and the reforged spirit of the Alliance is her triumph. She will not allow another Alderaan

Impossible is what Rogue Squadron does.

Rogue Squadron novel, Michael A. Stackpole

yes i know its Legends and not canon but jesus effing kriszt I just remembered that line and I’m ready to cry another pint of tears because Rogue One started it all, they were the original crew who did the impossible and the squadron that bore their name in their honor continued to do the same.