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More info on preordering a squid for SUMMER 2017

The day to begin preorders is DECEMBER 28! Preorders end FEBRUARY 1!

From late December to the end of January, I will be opening my email to receive your orders for squids to be made in the summer of 2017. The way this will work:

(If you are are a recent follower, are unfamiliar with the squid thing or the process of ordering, please visit vambrace.tumblr.com/squidfaq)

From December 28 to February 1, anyone who orders a squid will be put on a special preorder list.

•What are the perks of the preorder list? I’m glad you asked! Preorder customers receive the following benefits:
—Priority over all regular orders—
—$10 off EACH squid you order—
—A small gift, unique to your order—
—An extra chance in any future giveaways, including the giveaway scheduled for summer of 2017—

So don’t miss this awesome offer! PREORDERS WILL CLOSE AT THE END OF THE DAY FEBRUARY 1!

The email will close after preorders and will reopen on MAY 1 for regular orders. Don’t wait until the summer to order!

Go Go Squid Squad 2K17!!

Consider this:
- Mermaids that keep flocks of marine wildlife

- Jock-type merboys forced to look after their mermothers flock of turtles
- Tiny merbabies inheriting squadrons of seahorses
- The sweetest most unassuming mermaid introducing their datemate her huge shoal of sharks
- Wise old mermen ending up looking like their pack of walruses
- Pods of dolphins protecting their merherders when they can tell they’re upset
- Squad of squid flooping around after their herders
- Babies riding on the backs of domesticated manta rays
- Fights between tribes of mermaids with their flocks protecting them, the shark herd enclosing around the unassuming manatee flock who strayed too far from their territory
- and then it turns out
- the manatee mermaids have recruited a blue whale



So!!! I am excited to announce that I’ll be hosting my own personal Splatfest! It’ll be Team Neo (left) vs. Team Vincent! (right)

So! Will you pick the cute and adorably strong Neo? OR the strategic and cool Vincent?

Sooooo….pretty much how I got this idea was…I was thinking of squad names for my squid babies, and the Squad name for Vincent/Neo’s team is ‘Rockie Icing’
The reason why it’s split between Vincent and Neo is because I honestly can’t pick a leader for Rockie Icing, and since I’m so extra and didn’t wanna do a boring coin toss lmao. My friends and I are still deciding on a date to host the splatfest on, were everyone can be free and open to play! I’ll be sure to update as soon as possible! 

@multiprism and I worked on the Splatfest art together!

We’ll be hosting most chats and calls on discord! Please pop me a message if you want the code to the server!

Side note: I get nervous real easily, I’m a nervous wreck hehe….I’m honestly real worried this might get really really big, my friend and I are trying to figure out a system so everyone can have a fair try playing for their team, I also wanted to do this so I can connect with the splatoon community better, I love to make friends ^^ 
Anyways, the system to organize people on which team might be a little out of sorts but we’ll try our best to make sure everyone’s having fun ^^

Be sure to try and keep up to date with MY reblogs of this event, we hope to see you soon, stay fresh!!!  ♡  ♡  ♡

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Unbroken by W0rldofmyown is my favorite Clexa fic of all time. It’s a somehwat slow start but amazing and long story. Its long but when you finish you can’t wait for the sequel. Same goes for Lightning Strikes Only Once, it’s a slow start but it get EVERYTHING SO RIGHT. Holon is good too. Have you seen my fc rec page?

Man, Unbroken is huge. But it’s finished and has many kudos, I will try to read it. I read the beginning of Lightning Strikes Only Once and I don’t remember what exactly made me drop it, but the premise of that story is implausible. I will check your fic rec page. Do you read only huge fics? Not that I complain, if they’re good they can go on forever.