squad designated marksman

Designated Marksmen or Sniper?

Saw this comment regarding the “Sniper” post. Normally I would have answered this in an Ask but the option wasn’t available.

There is a difference in the terms and the roles between the two, which sometimes often get mixed around as being one in the same.

A Designated Marksman (sometimes Squad Designated Marksman) is part of an infantry unit/fireteam where they are equipped with a rifle that is designed or modified (i.e different optics) for longer distance engagements. DM’s have additional marksman training but generally are not considered specialized as snipers.

For example in the photo below.

Left to Right:
Cpl. Mike Scoutten, Alpha team leader and the Squad Designated Marksman M16A4 with Trijicon Acog

SSG Mark McMaster, Squad Leader and Breach Man M4 w/Trijicon Acog and Mosberg 12 gauge Pump

Pfc. Corey Miller, Bravo Team Leader M16A4 with Aimpoint

Pfc. Gerardo Cortes, Alpha Team SAW Gunner M249 (Squad Automatic Weapon) with 100 Round Drum

In the Turret:  
Pfc. Robert Casados, Bravo Team SAW Gunner Turret Mounted 240B

A Sniper will almost always work in a pair/team (such as the two Bundeswehr sniper team in the photo below) or independently. They are equipped with true precision rifles and often conduct missions far deeper into enemy territory.