I'm selling art to eat.. I will draw you all anything to make some money.

I’m willing to draw you nice folks anything to make some money. I dont have access to my computer to post my better art to show what I can do. 


Anything will do.. Any donation will do. 

I just really need some help here. 

If I owe you art let me know. My art and lists were on my computer and I can no longer get to it. So I have to start over. 

//So I made a bag out of a single discarded pillow case. Includes enough room for a sketchbook, a few pens or pencils, has a hidden pocket for secret stuff. I painted the Red Form Empire Insignia with water paint, cut it out and hand stitched.. EVERYTHING. I poked myself multiple times at least. Insignia on both sides. 

//Was going to be a flag but my hands went..nope..you’re making a bag that can double as a flag. 

//Message me if you’re interested in a custom bag..you know.. for candy.. or the skulls of your enemies.. either works.