Micro Hutong in Beijing 微胡同

In the words of the architects ZAO/standardarchitecture:

The goal of this project, a 30 sqm hostel, is to search for possibilities of creating ultra-small scale social housing within the limitations of super-tight traditional hutong spaces of Beijing.

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oh-silly-old-us  asked:

Can we talk about the fact that after emma realizes that regina is alive and hold her breath, she looks down with this painful look like she was thinking about how would life be if regina died and how painful would that be? *-*

Oh god. Their reactions and emotions at the thought of losing one another. 

They share a deep fucking love for each other and no one can tell me otherwise.


* Berlin has more bridges than Venice/Italy - between 1400 and 1700, depending on who you ask (Venice only has 409). There are over 180 km of navigable waterways.

* Berlin is the only city in the world with 3 active opera houses: the Staatsoper, the Deutsche Oper, and the Komische Oper. Opera lovers are treated to events with many of the world’s best singers, conductors, and musicians taking to the stage. If you’re under the age of 30, try the evening box office where you can pick up any unsold tickets for around 10€!

* Parks, lakes, and forests comprise around 1/3 of Berlin’s total area, so many “nature” activities such as kayaking, cycling, and hiking can be done within the urban area. 

* Berlin’s Zoologischer Garten’s zoo and aquarium gets about 3 million visitors a year. It’s considered to be the most visited zoo in Europe and one of the most popular worldwide. Regular animal feedings are among its attractions. There are 19,000 animals of 1,500 different species. The zoo collaborates with universities, research institutes, and zoos around the world. It maintains and promotes breeding programs, helps safeguard endangered species, and participates in species reintroduction programs.

* Berlin is also home to the largest department store in continental Europe. The Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) has over 60,000 sqm of display space on 8 floors. If you like gourmet foods, visit the 6th and 7th floor - they’re entirely devoted to food, adding up to the size of 2 football fields. The 6th floor “Delicatessen” is famous for its wide variety of foods and beverages. There are 110 cooks and 40 bakers and confectioners supplying 30 gourmet counters. The 7th floor includes a winter garden with a 1000-seat restaurant surrounded by an all-windowed wall offering a view over the Wittenbergplatz.

* The Berlin Wall (1961-1989) was 155 km long; it was guarded by 302 manned watchtowers. In the communist/socialist East, it was named ‘Antifaschistischer Schutzwall’ (anti-fascist protection wall), implying that it was erected to protect the East Germans against capitalist West Germany. In reality, its purpose was to stop the flood of East Germans trying to escape to the West by locking them in as prescribed by the Russian/USSR communist occupiers. Prior to 1961, 3.5 million East Germans had left, totaling about 20% of the population.

* Today, about 30% of Berlin’s population of 3 million have some kind of migrant background. About 13% are foreign nationals. As the capital, Berlin has a long history of migration, going back to 1685 when the city welcomed many protestant refugees from France, known as Huguenots. The Neukölln district has one of the largest Turkish communities in Germany.

Fun Facts about Technical Production


  • Total amount of cable: 180 kilometers
  • 220 people required to run the live broadcast


  • 1816 fixtures
  • Consumes 854 000 watt
  • 67 000 control channels
  • 61 km of cable just for lighting
  • Takes 5 main and 5 back up lighting desks to run the show
  • 16 followspot operators
  • 40 people involved to run lighting during broadcast


  • 1000 sqm of LED Screen
  • 71 000 002 pixels resolution
  • 12 media servers to handle all video content
  • 10 people required to create all content.
  • 56 High Output Projectors
  • 4 High End MMS systems


  • 258 speakers
  • 825 600 watt output
  • 212 microphones
  • 18 IEM systems (In ear monitor)
  • 152 IEM reciever (In ear monitor)
  • 13 sound desks
  • 34 people involved to run sound during broadcast


  • 48 x flame units
  • 50 x firing positions
  • 6 x Heavy Fog Outlets


  • 212 ton of rigged gear in the roof
  • 112 cyberhoist
  • 735 rigging points
  • 3262 meters of truss
  • 42 riggers to get everything up


  • 7 Megawatts at full capacity
  • 18 Generators
  • 20 000 Liter of fuel used every day
  • 38,5 km of high voltage cable


  • Stage weights 30 tons
  • 350 sqm Performance area
  • Height 14 meters
  • Width 70 meters
  • Depth 28 meters
  • 8 000 work hours in pre production
  • 40 stage techs to handle change overs during broadcast


  • 30 cameras in total- 19 for Show broadcast
  • 50 people involved to handle broadcast
  • 2 directors
  • We are using cuepilot
  • 1 x 2d camera and 1 x 1d camera, 3 x Cranes, 2 x dolly tracks


  • 230 trucks of gear
  • 100 stage hands for load in, 150 for load out


  • 22 000 pcs of scaff
  • It weights 450 tons
  • 50 wheelchair seats