Mariano Rubinacci Pocket Squares 

Printed on lucious silk, these pocket sqaures feature vividly colored designs exclusive to Rubinacci depicting historic, cultural and artistic life in Italy. With rolled edges and a generous size, they look elegant in any breast pocket with a near endless amount of ways to be displayed. 

At Khaki’s of Carmel, we have eight designs in stock — including the Victory square — and we don’t expect them to be around for very long. 

I can’t. Believe. It’s finally. FINISHED.

This took me quite a while to complete in my spare time but ultimately it was worth it. This fan art is dedicated to the game that I credit for getting me into art in the first place; Final Fantasy X.

It is A3 in size, created using gouache, watercolour and colour pencil.

I know a few people enjoyed seeing the process shots so I hope the finished product doesn’t disappoint. Thanks for looking!