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Xanxus+Squalo+Dino+Bel+Gamma reactions to someone hitting on their s/o before they got together please? Thank you!

so hitting on their, at the time, crush? 

Xanxus: Oh hell no.  The man had followed you downtown to the coffee shop you frequent and took a seat outside, watching you through the window.  That’s when he saw someone else stop you and start talking to you.  

At first he brushed it off, thinking it was just a friend, but then he realized that the person was flirting with you.  With a growl, he got up and went inside, pushing them aside as he headed for the register to order something.  When the person turned to say something to him, he glared at them, a snarl on his lips.  

Quickly closing their mouth, they scurried off, completely forgetting about you.

Squalo: His fingers were twitching, needing something to do.  Curl into a fist and punch the person, pull a sword out, pull a gun out, something, anything.  He watched as his secretary, and crush at the moment was being hit on by some Vongola person sent over to deliver files.

With an angry growl, he got up from his desk and threw his office door open, marching up to the person and telling them that they are distracting you from doing your important work that they need to leave, now. 

Dino: The blonde frowned when he noticed the person come up to you as you ate your lunch on the park bench.  He had just ran down to the nearby restaurant for lunch himself when he spotted it.  

Forgoing his lunch, he headed over to you and the person, butting into the conversation.

“Sorry to interrupt, but Y/N, I think you might be needed back at the office, something about signing for an order,” he smiled at you.

You looked up, a little surprised to see the mafia boss here instead of an underling, but you didn’t complain, quickly packing you lunch and nodding your goodbyes.  

After you left, Dino sent a glare toward the person, the message clear. 

Belphegor: The assassin was not in a good mood to begin with.  That was why he was here, in the book store.  He knew it was your shift and wanted to come talk to you.  Instead he found some sleezeball, standing a little too close to you while you placed books on the shelf.  

Sauntering up toward you, he grinned a hello, asking you if you carried a specific book.  With a smile you said, yes and excused your self for a moment to show him where the book would be.  

Before he turned to follow you, he grabbed a couple of his knives, positioning them between his fingers, ready to throw and grinned sadistically at the person. 

Gamma: He frowned at the sight of you being hit on by another person at the bar.  Especially since the person was clearly a piece of shit.

Although he assumed that as a bar tender working at a shitty bar, you were used to it.  Still, it did not sit right with him.  He got up from his table and headed to the bar, taking a seat next to the man.  When you came back after serving someone at the other end, he ordered another drink with a smile.  

But as the flirt went to open his mouth to harass you more, the mafia agent reached his hand your, gripping the man’s wrist and turning it sharply.  

With a cry the man fell off the bar stool, holding his now broken wrist in his other hand before running out of the bar.  The blonde let out a smile as you set his drink down in front of him.  All in a days work.

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Heya~ May I ask for Xanxus, Squalo, Mukuro, Byakuran and Hibari falling for someone who acts tough but is actually trying to hide that they are really sweet and love cute stuff and romance? Headcanons are fine~


  • His jaw almost dropped when he saw your room full of soft pillows and posters of various movies and tv shows and more than one stuffed animal.  He was full on expecting a punching bag, maybe a shelf of liquor and tough shit.  
  • He was surprisingly okay with this though.  So long as you acted tough and scared everyone else off, he could deal with your soft, sweet side.  Though it was going to remain a secret.


  • He’s seen more confusing and contradicting things in his life than someone who acted tough but was actually a marshmallow.  Hell, Luss was the exact opposite, acting sweet and sparkly then killing someone with no remorse.  So it wasn’t like it was that hard to deal with.
  • Was slightly concerned when you saw his box animal and immediately wanted to pet it.  He struggled thinking if that was badass or adorable or crazy or some combo of all three.


  • Was kinda turned on with it.  He loves learning about the duality of people and to see you in a more vulnerable state that is truer to yourself, he was very okay with it.  It showed you trusted him.  But it also made him question why you would try to act tough.
  • It was always a fun little secret for him, seeing you act all tough but knowing how you really are, it was something he could covet.  Something he knew that no one else did.


  • He thought it was really cute.  He loved seeing you act all sweet around animals and people close to you.  It was a nice break from the mafia toughness. 
  • He teases you about it constantly though.  And will until his very last breath.  Expect his last words to be some for m of teasing about it.


  • He was fully prepared to call you a carnivore until he saw you cuddling with Rolls and Hibird.  You were too cute to be considered a Carnivore at that point.  Omnivore maybe.  
  • He was confused.  He couldn’t understand why you would act tough when you were really sweet.  He asked you several times but still didn’t understand the process.  To him, you could not be both tough and cute/sweet.  it was one or the other.  Boy did you open up his world.