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Xanxus+Squalo+Dino+Bel+Gamma reactions to someone hitting on their s/o before they got together please? Thank you!

so hitting on their, at the time, crush? 

Xanxus: Oh hell no.  The man had followed you downtown to the coffee shop you frequent and took a seat outside, watching you through the window.  That’s when he saw someone else stop you and start talking to you.  

At first he brushed it off, thinking it was just a friend, but then he realized that the person was flirting with you.  With a growl, he got up and went inside, pushing them aside as he headed for the register to order something.  When the person turned to say something to him, he glared at them, a snarl on his lips.  

Quickly closing their mouth, they scurried off, completely forgetting about you.

Squalo: His fingers were twitching, needing something to do.  Curl into a fist and punch the person, pull a sword out, pull a gun out, something, anything.  He watched as his secretary, and crush at the moment was being hit on by some Vongola person sent over to deliver files.

With an angry growl, he got up from his desk and threw his office door open, marching up to the person and telling them that they are distracting you from doing your important work that they need to leave, now. 

Dino: The blonde frowned when he noticed the person come up to you as you ate your lunch on the park bench.  He had just ran down to the nearby restaurant for lunch himself when he spotted it.  

Forgoing his lunch, he headed over to you and the person, butting into the conversation.

“Sorry to interrupt, but Y/N, I think you might be needed back at the office, something about signing for an order,” he smiled at you.

You looked up, a little surprised to see the mafia boss here instead of an underling, but you didn’t complain, quickly packing you lunch and nodding your goodbyes.  

After you left, Dino sent a glare toward the person, the message clear. 

Belphegor: The assassin was not in a good mood to begin with.  That was why he was here, in the book store.  He knew it was your shift and wanted to come talk to you.  Instead he found some sleezeball, standing a little too close to you while you placed books on the shelf.  

Sauntering up toward you, he grinned a hello, asking you if you carried a specific book.  With a smile you said, yes and excused your self for a moment to show him where the book would be.  

Before he turned to follow you, he grabbed a couple of his knives, positioning them between his fingers, ready to throw and grinned sadistically at the person. 

Gamma: He frowned at the sight of you being hit on by another person at the bar.  Especially since the person was clearly a piece of shit.

Although he assumed that as a bar tender working at a shitty bar, you were used to it.  Still, it did not sit right with him.  He got up from his table and headed to the bar, taking a seat next to the man.  When you came back after serving someone at the other end, he ordered another drink with a smile.  

But as the flirt went to open his mouth to harass you more, the mafia agent reached his hand your, gripping the man’s wrist and turning it sharply.  

With a cry the man fell off the bar stool, holding his now broken wrist in his other hand before running out of the bar.  The blonde let out a smile as you set his drink down in front of him.  All in a days work.

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the varia helping their anxious s/o calm down during a thunderstorm

 ((I feel like we have answered this before, but, sure, why not! ♥))


When the power was gone, silence, the flickering somewhere beyond the darkness that held your head tightly into his chest where Xanxus lie in the hollow bedroom engulfed in only the flashes of lighting.

Your murmurs escaping in sobs, eyes squeezed shut as his arm wove around your back tenderly, voice silenced as though he were too proud to speak of this comfort, but he knew. He knew how you felt.

His tension fading as you leaned into his affections. That adorable sigh audible as Xanxus let your body press to his comfortably, stroking your hair as your breathed in every last drop of that masculine perfection protecting you, and hiding the immense roar of the storm under his heartbeat so bravely.

“Is it over?” you dared ask, his grasp tightening as he seemed so unwilling to let you move just yet. 

“Just a while longer,” He rasped, his fingers curling deeper into your skin.

Superbi Squalo:

Thin walls, pouring rain, the howling winds sealing the door behind you where your only comfort existed in a coat drenched in water. His hair lain on your shoulder in silver rivulets clinging to your bare skin in the drench.

You practically stuck together, like adhesive, clinging to the heat that lasted between you in hot breaths. Your pulse racing to the fear of thunder. Your chest so tight it hurt to breathe in the waves of pounding water begging to get in.

But he held you at all costs; Superbi Sqaulo embraced you through the bullets of rain drops. His swallow heard as you pleaded he never let go.

“I won’t.” He admitted, his cold chin burying softly into your shoulder where you leaned in close. “I’m right here,” 

His voice always rang true. His heart always lie in the right place when he told you nothing but the honest to god truth. He loved you- and he loved doing everything to protect you.


Oh, my,” Lussuria’s voice called out, the booming sounds outside deafening to the one who trembled massively in fear. Your skin crawling as the reception was gone, the lights a memory, the darkness an eternity that took it all from your grasp feeling nothing but air until feeling the sudden warmth. “That is nothing to fret over!”

“How can you say that-”

Their body wrapped yours somehow- the tug of their legs surround your own as Lussuria assured you with their hug that they were right there at your side. 

I won’t lose you to a mere storm, lovely.” They teased, smiling through the pain like it were nothing. That calming voice soothing it all as a face nuzzled next to yours sweetly with a purr. “It just gives us a reason to spend this time alone, doesn’t it?”


Strong arms held a lot of damage. A lot of pain, fear, pride- everything you could muster between flashing lights. The tense grasp of your hands to his waist almost hard for him to bear as Levi stiffened his posture just to avoid the awkward crush of his embrace.

He was never used to this romance; you were strangely refreshing. His love finding relaxation in what he used to destroy- your face pushing deep into his coat as you wanted nothing more than to be swaddled in his scent.

To lie on his bare chest and feel the cold metal of every piercing that you could count versus the swelling storm outside.

“Help me,” You tried not to cry, but it just flowed out. His eyes welled up, widening as his grip snaked around you, and pulled you in tight. “Just help me,”

“O-Of course!”


“Did you forget?” His voice whispered, parting with the soft loop of saliva he aggressively pushed away from between you. His sleeve fell away, shape still trapping you down from the glow of the lightning. “Or do you want to keep going?”

Dare he ask? His mouth solved everything- the kiss everlasting, powerful, a poison that numbed it all with the flecks of biting that left your lip cracked, splitting with the leak of blood red down your chin he lapped away viciously.

His hands moved along your lower back, disguising tremours as the shocks of his touch- pushing you closer to how his lips tilted in deeper. His tongue brushed your teeth, gnashing further- grinding your mouth roughly with another blast, another wave of heavy rain you couldn’t hear behind his breathy laugh flowing into the kiss he divided again to smile.

I don’t think I heard your answer yet,” Belphegor taunted, the hand on his waist digging hard into his flesh when your lips started to pout. 


Drained, they leaned back to the wall, hand within yours as your eyes finally started to close. The panic formed as white in your cheeks- the stain of colour at last finding its way home as Mammon watched silently.

Your fingers refused to let go however, your breaths still ragged with crying as they merely stared at the mess you became over a little thunder and wind. The way you seemed so weak was…precious.

The tender, little, hopelessness rising from your heart making Mammon sigh as they let you coax them into a restless sleep whether they wished for it or not. But your soft breaths were an invitation, your tears wiped away by black fingernails as they fell softly within your hold and drifted to rest.

“Goodnight,” Mammon breathed next to your ear. “You can relax now.”

“Thank you,” You murmured in return.


There was no storm, Fran seemed to imply, the thunder replaced with the gentle flow of s stream suddenly by your feet plunged carefully into its depths. The rain turning to the current that breezed by in a burden of sun beams casting down on the back of your shoulders ready to turn as Fran knelt next to your bewildered form.

“W-what is this?” You asked sharply, head jolting to the clear skies above that moved by with ease. The cloudless streak leaving your eyes wide as his hand fluttered to your shoulder. “The storm-”

“Don’t think about it,” Fran spoke as assuringly as the sky. His solid gaze making your lips form a solemn stare. It was hard. Your fear haunting you even in the rolling meadow where Fran’s hand held yours. His body scooted closer, head resting on your shoulder where you jumped.

His eyes began to close. “I only want to make you happy here,” Fran added. “I won’t let you be scared this time.”

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You wrote about the Arcobaleno fighting over 1 love interest that they should be her lover and give their reason. Could u do one for varia gang?

“You are all fucking trash, end of discussion,” Xanxus growled, getting ready to make his way toward you.  

“What the fuck did you just say, you giant piss baby?!” Sqaulo roared, his sword sliding out.  

“Don’t point your sword at Boss,” Levi yelled, almost tackling Squalo to the ground.  

“Don’t get in my way,”  Squalo said, kicking Levi to the ground.

“A prince can’t be trash,” Bel grinning, knives appearing in his hands.

“Oh dear,” Lussuria said, looking at the men ready to kill each other.  “Maybe we should get you out of here,” he said, offering his arm to you.

Taking it with a small nod, you let hi lead you out of the room, Mammon right behind as the others continued to fight.  

“What is all this about anyway?” you asked.  

“Who your lover should be,” Mammon answered, “and the reasons why.”

You started laughing, but quickly stopped when you heard a gun shot go off.  “Why me?” you said to yourself.  But Lussuria heard you.

“Because of your humor and fashion sense.  Just imagine all the shopping we could do, all the new outfits we could try on,” the assassin said, pulling out a chair at the end of the hallway for you to sit in.

“You know how powerful of an illusionist I am, I can show you whatever you want and more,” Mammon said.

“Bullshit, these two ain’t real men,” Squalo interrupted as he stumbled out of what could loosely be called your office.  “You need action in your life, and someone to protect you when the action gets out of hand.”

“Royalty like you deserves to be with royalty like me, simple as that,” Bel said, walking out behind Squalo.

“I like you more than the others,” Levi said, also appearing out of the large hole in the wall.  

“They’re all trash,” Xanxus said.  “I’m not, simple as that.”