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okay but i 1000% percent believe that the closest jake and amy have come to breaking up was over a game of monolopy like they’d both be so fiercely competitive and ruthless

and amy would be so particular about following the rules and have all these different secret sneaky strategies and plans meanwhile jake is playing “for funises” and just buying everything he lands on and amy is so prepared to win

except two hours later when jake is absolutely destroying her despite his best efforts to let her win, amy just sort of loses it

profanities are shouted, houses are thrown, the board is flipped over and jake is terrified of his girlfriend’s hulk super strength and/or her several threats on his life

(he calms her down after dorkily pretending to blow all his money on a wild road trip to vegas and lose everything in a casino - “ah noooooo!! my future!!!! my prospects!!! how will my kids ever go to university now??????” and making her laugh)

(they leave the game unfinished so no-one technically wins)

(except, jake would argue, as the game lies discarded and forgotten about in the corner and amy’s lips are on his, his hands around her waist, hers cupping his face, the two of them intertwined - he definitely won)


*A birthday fanfic for my dear Sammie aka @dreamydrarry. Sammie, I feel so bad that I wasn’t able to finish it on your actual birthday but I got it done. Hope you like it. Tagging anyone who might be interested in the story: @julietsemophase, @littlenightdragon, @marrythedrarry, @8bit-plant, @justicetianna, @kat09-2001, @labelleviking, @glitteringpain. Bascially any and all drarry lover*

“Let’s play castle.” Draco grinned.

Harry’s mouth was still open, but nothing was coming out. He didn’t know what to say. His eyes were still glued to what Draco had on. His best friend was in a dress. A dress. It wasn’t that it was an ugly dress. But Draco was a boy and boys didn’t wear dresses.

He had no clue how quiet he was until the silence between them lingered, growing heavier as it grew louder, draining the excitement from Draco’s face, melting his grin like acid.

A pang slit through Harry’s heart as he watched that grin vanish. His eyes raked up and down his best friend’s frame, taking in the tulle and the sparkles of the gown, his shock slowly melting away. As stunned as he was by Draco’s clothes, he had to admit the boy didn’t look odd in it. In fact, it was the opposite of odd. Draco looked, well…pretty. That was the best word he could use: pretty.

Draco bit his lip nervously and shuffled his feet. “We don’t have to play castle if you don’t want to. We can do something else. I mean-this was-” Pink colored his pale cheeks, and Harry could tell he was retreating back to his walls. He took a step forward and grabbed his hand, smiling at the confusion and nervousness flickering in Draco’s eyes.

“Don’t.” Harry said. “We can play castle.”

“Really?” A hopeful twinge rang in the blond’s voice. He glanced down at the princess gown, the sequins gleaming from the sunlight peeking in through the window.

“Really,” Harry smiled, taking his other hand. “I think you’d make a nice princess.”

A smile spread across Draco’s face.

“You already make a pretty one.”

Draco’s wide eyes glanced down at the ground, the smile still fixed on his face, a flush of pink filling his cheeks.

Seeing that smile made Harry’s grow. It didn’t matter if it wasn’t something boys usually did. It didn’t even matter if it may come across as strange to other people. If Draco liked being in a princess gown, if he made him happy, then that was all that matters.

things get heated in the undertale fandom

[10:35:02 PM] fi: @mon http://cosmicowly.tumblr.com/post/134393936144/toastoat-he-is-soft-and-warm-like-mashed-potato
[10:35:06 PM] fi: warm and sof
[10:42:11 PM] kinikxluna: he is bones
[10:42:23 PM] fi: he IS wam and sof
[10:42:41 PM] kinikxluna: he is bones and cloth
[10:43:27 PM | Edited 10:44:17 PM] fi: he is warm and sof like mash potato
[10:44:14 PM] kinikxluna: he is cold clacking bones under 2 layers of thick cloth
[10:44:29 PM] fi: he is warm and sof
[10:45:04 PM] kinikxluna: he is a skeleton who resides in a town that forever has snow with no organs to generate heat