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So I have got over the initial shock that Regina and Emma actually hug (first saw on a Gif and was freaking out a little) and now I have watched the entire sneak peak I have a few thoughts….

Firstly did you notice that Emma couldn’t look at Regina when she said she was engaged, she spoke directly to Zelena.

Secondly when Regina sees the ring and then says ‘Emma…’ I’m not sure she is entirely happy, she looks shocked and sad.

The way that Emma stops and looks at Regina, like what ever Regina is about to say next is the most important thing in the world and when Regina tells her she is happy for her I’m pretty sure Emma means it when she says it means a lot because as usual Regina will be by her side and supporting her, whatever happens.

However I have two big things I am not happy about….

We have waited 6 seasons for them to hug. All the moments they have supported and saved one another and this is the moment they chose to allow them to hug? The moment is not even about their friendship or anything they have been through its all based around Hooks proposal.

Also I am annoyed that they released the hug before the episode airs. It’s almost like they are going… 'you’ve asked and you’ve waited and so here is you hug.“
It feels like the release has been used to draw the Swan Queen shippers in to watch the episode… It’s pure queer baiting and I refuse to be drawn into it.

Princess Emma “I may be a Princess, but I shall not ruin my hair and I am unafraid of ticks.” Swan

Emma “The entire kingdom may be looking for me, but I’m not going to make any attempts to hide my face.” Swan

Emma “God, she still likes the hood guy.” Swan

Emma “Regina, Regina! Look what I’m wearing!” Swan

…because Emma is totally not jealous and she totally didn’t put on her hood in the first scene after Robin Hood’s return for no reason, what are you talking about?

Title: Once Upon A time Mom And Ma Fell In Love (fanart)
Artist: @regalducky

Title: Clarity in the Fog
Author: @ashippersheart
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Words: 5697
I watch Mom’s hand extend as if it has a life of its own. Ready to graze a shoulder, touch an arm. But at the last moment she changes her mind and lets it fall. She remembered the last time she tried that and I wince as I do too. Ma doesn’t always respond well to unexpected touch anymore. Not even when it’s Mom’s hand.

“Emma,” Mom softly says.

— Emma returns after leaving with Hook, but a spell gone wrong takes her away again. Her memory gets altered and it becomes nearly impossible to tell what’s real and what isn’t. Will they ever get her back? Henry’s POV

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