Tomorrow, on 7/1 at 7 PM PT, a new Ranked Battle will be added to the game! This new mode is called Tower Control. Hop aboard the tower placed in the middle of the map, and ride it to your opponent’s goal. stay sharp—you’ll have to protect whoever’s riding the tower from enemy attacks!

Once someone jumps onto the tower, it starts moving along a set path toward the other team’s goal. If the tower doesn’t arrive at either goal before time runs out, the team that’s moved it closest toward their opponent’s goal wins. Ride the tower all the way into the other team’s goal though, and you’ll get a decisive knockout victory.

Oh, and if you want a little early look at Tower Control, you can join the intrepid researchers of Nintendo Treehouse as they go on a fact finding mission in Nintendo Treehouse: Live with Splatoon Tower Control this afternoon at 3 PM PT. Tune into twitch.tv/nintendo for your early look at the new Ranked Battle! 

The signs as roommates together

Aries: Does the yard work and never remembers to turn the tv volume down which annoys Virgo.

Taurus: Supposed to clean the bathroom but doesn’t feel as if its their job. Annoys the whole house by talking too loud on the phone at night

Cancer: Bakes cookies and brownies for everyone. Never cleans up their mess though but who can be upset with delicious cookies?

Gemini: Always out all night doing who knows what. Not seen very much at the house. Scares Aquarius when they walk up onto the porch from being out.

Leo: Fills entire house up with mirrors to look at themselves everywhere they go. Rooms with Libra. 

Virgo: Stressed all the time because the house isn’t clean. Runs vacuum at 4am. Tricks Pisces into helping clean.

Libra: The therapist of the household fights. Without them the house would be a crazy place. Doesn’t help clean because they think they run the house.

Scorpio: Cooks for everyone but is terrible at it. Cancer lies and says its good just so they don’t have to cook instead.

Sagittarius: Is in charge of the daily activities the signs do. Always blaring music in their room and pulling pranks on everyone with Aries and Leo

Capricorn: Does all the paperwork for the bills. Helps Virgo clean when they are done recording every TV show they see.

Aquarius: Decorates the entire house in suns and moons. Frightens everyone when they leave the house at night because they are laying on the porch watching the stars

Pisces: Does grocery shopping for Cancer and Scorpio. Gets mad at Capricorn for filling up all the recording space on TV for their shows