goodnight in summation:

  • i still love clarke and ship bellarke with all my heart
  • i’m bitter that nobody even mentioned bellamy
  • i hope bob is ok
  • marie needs to educate herself on abuse and revise her statement
  • eliza ???? idk tbh i don’t really care
  • ur allowed to unstan/dislike marie and/or eliza but,
  • sending hate to anyone for any reason is gross don’t do it
  • i will still watch season 4 because i am a Sucker^tm but i’m wary about it
  • kill ur darlings. no one is perfect. everything dies. nothing is good
  • i would die for luna or bellamy
  • jarod, adina, lindsey, bob and ricky are the only cast members i Trust^tm
  • fuck the kidbop dothraki good riddance @polis