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my copy of nier is still in its shrinkwrap what should i do?

i dunno!!  i’d say play it because it’s one of my favorite games ever.  is this about it being shrinkwrapped?  make your own call, friend…. but definitely play nier some day please

M'k, replying to both of these in one post, for convenience.

Top reply: I… am assuming that you’re talking about Mituna? Unless you also would like to be God Tier Roxy, which is cool, too. Double the Roxy, double the fun.
Anyways. Dood. If you go as Mituna and chill with me, I’ll love you forever, because all the awesome. Do it. Be the Mituna.
The hardest part would most likely be the helmet - the bodysuit would be somewhat easy to throw together, though; you just need a catsuit and some fabric paint that can deal with stretch materials w/o cracking. Either that, or you could just sew on some stretch fabric made from the same/similar material to the catsuit. 

As for the helmet, though.. That part’d be a bit of a bitch, potentially… There’s some tutorials for it, but.. It may or may not be a slight pain in the ass.

Bottom reply: Yeah.. It’s kind of a pain in the ass, because there’s SO MANY THINGS TO BE, but.. not a ton of time/too many options. That’s kinda why I ended up doing a coin toss on it; I’m pretty sure I’d just sit around debating what I could or could not do, which’d kinda just screw me over when it came to getting stuff done. I don’t wanna do everything last minute like with Latula - while Latula turned out, I feel like that was mostly luck, and I’m pretty sure I totally could done that way better.. good news is, I can fix up whatever I didn’t like between now and the con, annnd I can potentially have another cosplay for one or two of the days. :)

@ian: dood. I… I actually tan more than burn. (Shh don’t tell anyone - I prefer being white as hell because it’s weird to be tan for me)

Thing is, I don’t wanna get super tan, because that means I gotta buy new makeup shit for Roxy times at the con, because my skin will be a different tone, and that’d be dumb.. because I don’t wanna. >>
Buuuut.. at the same time.. I could be so fuckin taaaaan, people’d be like “daaayum gurl where the hell r u from?”
I just don’t wanna. Except I wanna go swimming.
Swimming is fucking awesome

OMG I GET TO GO SWIMMING YESSSSSS *insert mini-rejoice moment here*

@Spencer: Yeah. It’s pretty here when the sun comes out to play. c: I gotta get a good bunch of people up here; if I lived outside of my grandmother/mother’s house, I’d totally have some sort of meetup shenanigans at my place, but.. My grams isn’t really uh.. Company friendly.
Like at all. 
She hates company.
So. I guess this goes for anyone that comes to visit: my house is mostly off limits thanks to grumpy family. Everywhere else is free game, though?

@Ian: Yes. It is quite the cool area, and I love it. I seriously can’t imagine living far from these types of settings.

See.. When you say motions, that makes me think of ASL (American Sign Language) and that’s just.. difficult to grasp, because it’s quite different as compared to the way we communicate. It’s “English” but not really - it’s kind of a language in a whole other dimension of languages, because it’s communication with motions and expressions, and it’s.. it’s totally different. And it’s still words. It’s.. I don’t know how to communicate what I’m trying to communicate, but it’s interesting. I should really retake that class - I wish I’d given more of a shit about it when I’d taken it. -__- I should do that this upcoming winter quarter.. yeah.. that’d be cool.

Anyways. I dunno. Turning thoughts into words is definitely a huge pain in the ass, because it’s just like.. THERE’S ALL THESE THINGS UP HERE, but there’s no words to really string up and properly do the thoughts justice, y'know? 

I feel like this is a perfect time to throw in a quote from The Fault in Our Stars:
“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.”

Why should it be so surprising, though..?

We have phones, but we don’t call anyone anymore.. hell, we don’t actually TALK anymore, we just.. well.. we do this. We type things, but typing only conveys so much. Where’d the value behind speaking go? o.o
Are our lives too busy to actually set aside some time to actually talk to people?