spyro the dragon 1


I had a lot of fun with these because the pallet was so pretty and pastel! Third installation of my Spyro portals series. Thanks so much to everyone who has liked, reblogged, and followed as a result of this series - you’re amazing!


Finally finished up my Spyro 1 boss revamps with the head honcho himself, Gnasty Gnorc.
[Toasty] [Dr. Shemp] [Blowhard] [Metalhead] [Jacques]

I like to think that Gnasty actually considers himself heroic and that he and his fellow gnorcs are fighting back against a fire-breathing scourge that has enslaved the realms and made them their own. Rather than make him a snarling monster, I decided to make him look like someone who probably would’ve been a protagonist in a different universe.

Shame he has one of the most underwhelming boss battles in the Spyro franchise.