The removed Super-Whirlwind from the Final Cut of Year of the Dragon! 

Craig Stitt, one of the Insomniac Games workers:

“It is actually very cool to me that someone finally made it out to that
little island. Of course is also makes me kind of sad. Here’s the
story of why that island is there and why there is stuff on it.

A long time ago the portal to the Super Bonus Round was on that island.
The only way to get to that island was beat the Sorceress in the final
battle. Once you had done that a VERY VERY tall whirl wind would appear
in the room just outside the entrance to the final boss round. This
whirlwind would take you up high enough that you could glide ALL the way
out to that island. If I remember right it was like a 20 or 30 second
glide. It was very cool. I was actually the artist who modeled the level.

Unfortunately, the way vacations that year worked out, I needed to take
mine right before we shipped the game. When I came back I discovered
that the Super Bonus Portal had been moved MUCH closer and that the
super-whirl-wind had been removed (for unknown reasons). Unfortunately,
the artist who made all the changes (as per the programmer’s and
designer’s request) failed to remove the old island way off in the
distance. Same with the programmer who overlook removing the goodies
that had been placed there.

By the time I was back from vacation the game was done and out the door.

So that’s the story of the distant island with the goodies on it. Over
the years I have had lots of people ask what that island is, or how you
get out to it, but you are the first to write that has actually found a
way out there!”


Spyro mask is doooooone! Here’s some close up detail shots with decent lighting for once. Mask is made with minky fabric, upholstery foam base, moving jaw, airbrush detail and toony eyes.

Bottom is before and after airbrushing. I love these comparison photos too much. Above is before airbrush and bottom is with airbrush. Granted the lighting is different but the purple highlights and shadows seem subtle but really make the features pop. Also, the airbrushing helped to take the gloss off the minky fabric so it photographs better.

So I caved and finally got a tablet… and of course, the first thing I draw is @therealjacksepticeye  (obviously because he is awesome psshhhh :D )

This whole thing was inspired by a Spyro kigurumi I saw while browsing the interwebs and thought that would be perfect considering I loved Jack’s playthrough of Spyro so much! (it’s seriously a great LP, go check it out) 

monarch-aida  asked:

1, 6, and 8 for the ask thingy?

1. Which Spyro game is your favorite?

Tie between Spyro 2 and The Eternal Night.

6. What is your favorite level from a Spyro game?

Metropolis from Spyro 2.

8. Favorite voice actor for Spyro?

I don’t know the name off the top of my head but the one from Spyro 1.