So… here’s jack in a onesie. but not just any onesie, it’s a Spyro onesie!!! oh, and Sam gets a onesie too of course! 

Jack’s a big inspiration to me. His videos are pretty much the reason I started a gaming channel and I feel I owe him a buncha love because my channel, and the amazing people who come along with it, is literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me. <3

“Hey, I found a few eggs in a lizard burrow while you were bustin your ass”

Tbh this is the worst edit I’ve ever done (I didn’t even bother to blend that much) and just ignore the disembodied legs… But hey thought a quick edit would be fun after @therealjacksepticeye had his spyro video today and was talking about hunter having all the fucking eggs!! So yea sorry that it’s not like my usual editing quality (which is saying something cuz all my edits are pieces of shit) but it’s something!