Hey, look at this! I animated Pendulum Tin to the very familiar tune of a Treasure Planet quote!

Telleth moi if the bayou of twats-ywho-wait-till-the-last-minute-to-turn-in-a-project is open, parasites and spongers.


Okay, I am going to blame Samy, dezzoi, and his twin the professor for this. Entirely.

I know I ain’t widely known in this fandom nor even liked that much due to my bluntness, but I love the Once-ler. Every ounce of him. So here he is throughout the years how he went from a happy-go-lucky stranger to a broken lonely soul.

I have Samy’s brilliant expressive works all over my dash and always loved Dezzoi and Pomzini’s interpretation of the dude how he looks very monstrous as a rich jackster, so calloo-callay.