Hey, look at this! I animated Pendulum Tin to the very familiar tune of a Treasure Planet quote!

Telleth moi if the bayou of twats-ywho-wait-till-the-last-minute-to-turn-in-a-project is open, parasites and spongers.


Entry #2

There’s Ord he’s the biggest, not so brave of heart. There’s Cassie, so shy and also very smart. There’s Zak and Wheezie with tales of fun, 'cause you know two heads are better than one! Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales, it’s almost time for Dragon Tales. Come along, take my hand; let’s all go to Dragon Land!

Entry #1


Okay, I am going to blame Samy, dezzoi, and his twin the professor for this. Entirely.

I know I ain’t widely known in this fandom nor even liked that much due to my bluntness, but I love the Once-ler. Every ounce of him. So here he is throughout the years how he went from a happy-go-lucky stranger to a broken lonely soul.

I have Samy’s brilliant expressive works all over my dash and always loved Dezzoi and Pomzini’s interpretation of the dude how he looks very monstrous as a rich jackster, so calloo-callay.