1.) start with a stick of butter, and as much minced garlic and cavender’s greek seasoning as desired. 2.) when garlic browns, deglaze with a red wine (not a “cooking wine”) and a wooden spoon, adding a small amount at a time. 3-4-5.) dump in your frozen vegetable and/or raw frozen shrimp, cover, let sauté until all shrimp becomes orange, stirring occasionally. 6.) Ladle out the shrimp and vegetable, leaving the sauce behind. 7.) whisk the desired amount of eggs and pour into sauce at a low heat.(if you want spinach as the vegetable, then sauté some, with the desired amount of MORE GARLIC, before this step) 8.) continuously and lightly drag the outer edges of the eggs to the center, as they cook, using a wooden spoon. .9.) Strain your pot or pan, in which you just cooked the eggs, of the sauce; pouring it on top of the removed shrimp and vegetables. 10.) serve with a dollop of ricotta.