Charlize Theron in platinum blonde wig while filming spy thriller
The Oscar-award-winning actress debuted a new look as she transformed into the leading character she plays in new spy thriller The Coldest City in Berlin on Tuesday.

Pics of Charlize as Lorraine Broughton, on the set of THE COLDEST CITY. 

(I must say, seeing titles and characters I made up mentioned by name in the Daily Mail, of all places, is certainly different…)


And I’m really liking this season!

I always loved it, but last season it always seemed to stand in Captain America’s shadow. This time around it’s really come into it’s own as a fun, supernatural, spy thriller. The Marvel tie-in is just an amazing bonus. I love finally getting to know a little about Peggy’s past. Enjoying seeing her move on from Steve (nice to know that he’s not the only thing that will ever happen to her. And her life doesn’t begin and end with him). Also Whitney Frost is an amazing antagonist. 

I was worried the shift to LA would be super clunky, but it worked quite well. 

I feel for the people who miss Peggy/Angie. From what I understand there was scheduling conflict with her, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back. and i’d be really easy to get her to LA. Also hoping to see more Dottie around the end of the season. Her obsession with Peggy is a fascinating trainwreck and I always enjoy her screentime. 

And that concludes my “Agent Carter” review that nobody wanted or asked for. 

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Right now I’m on stage, announcing my next book from Image Comics:

CODENAME BABOUSHKA, with art by the redoubtable Shari Chankhamma and lettering by Simon Bowland.

CODENAME BABOUSHKA is an action-packed modern pulp spy thriller in the style of classic British high-stakes espionage adventures like MODESTY BLAISE and JAMES BOND.

Contessa Annika Malikova is the last of a noble Russian line. Three years ago, Annika fled to the USA with family friend Gyorgy Gyorgyov, claiming political asylum. Rarely seen in public, she settled in New York and quickly became an enigmatic figure of the Manhattan social set.

But the Contessa has a dark secret. In fact, she’s the legendary crime lord codenamed “Baboushka”! After her organisation was betrayed and destroyed by a cabal of rival mafiya, she escaped to America and laid low…

…Until Mr Clay, head of the shadowy EON (Extrajudicial Operations Network), discovers her true identity. Threatened with deportation back to Moscow — and the certain death that awaits her there — Baboushka is forced to work for EON, taking on dirty jobs so classified even the CIA can’t sanction them.

CODENAME BABOUSHKA’s first mission, The Conclave of Death, begins in October

Each issue will feature two covers; a regular ‘silhouette’ cover by Shari Chankhamma, and an ‘art cover’ by an all-star line-up of female artists, including Tula Lotay, Annie Wu, Leila del Duca (shown here), Kate Leth, and more.

We’re also commissioning ‘backmatter essays’ discussing female heroes and other subjects, by authors and critics like Danielle Henderson, Maya Rodale, Katy Rex, and more.

We’ll publish the book in ‘missions’; each will be part of Baboushka’s ongoing adventures, but stand alone as a story. Think of it like a new Bond movie every so often… except the sexy Russian femme fatale is the star.

CODENAME BABOUSHKA: THE CONCLAVE OF DEATH #1 is now available for pre-order at all good comic stores, with an art variant by Tula Lotay. Give your retailer pre-order code AUG150479 for Shari’s silhouette cover, and AUG150480 for Tula’s.

You might think she’s a hero. That would be a mistake.

It’s that time of year!! 🍂 I’m bringing out a few of my favorite thrillers, mysteries & horror reads to recommend to you all!

I AM PILGRIM by Terry Hayes is such an incredible spy thriller that seriously had me on the edge of my seat for WEEKS!
GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn was a wild ride that I didn’t see coming. Loved the story, and loved the movie!
SLASHER GIRLS AND MONSTER BOYS is so good so far!! I’m starting the fifth story today – VERSE CHORUS VERSE by Leigh Bardugo
TRUST NO ONE by Paul Cleave is a thriller that will leave your mind in knots! I loved the writing, the brilliant plot and I especially loved the end! Seriously “crazy” read!

What thrillers are you reading now?

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Fresh Air critic at-large John Powers reviews London Spy

If there’s any one sensation that’s distinctively modern, it’s surely paranoia, the feeling that somewhere unseen forces are conspiring against us – to steal our identities, take away our civil liberties, kill us in shopping malls.   Small wonder that so many books and movies are bursting with stories about ordinary people – like Cary Grant in North by Northwest – who stumble into a shadowy world of murderous conspiracy and struggle to get out alive.

That’s precisely what happens in London Spy, a moody five-part BBC America series created and scripted by Tom Rob Smith, who wrote the terrific Soviet-era crime novel Child 44.   The show divided audiences when it played in the UK last year, and will surely do same here. For Smith and Dutch director Jakob Verbruhun are trying do something almost impossibly ambitious – to capture genuine emotion while still delivering the artificial excitements of a spy thriller.    

The Mysterious Norwegian Woman - The Isdal Woman Spy Thriller

The Isdal Woman - Real Life Spy Thriller - Everybody loves a spy story, and we’ve all seen the adventures of James Bond on the big screen. It seems as though spies live a fun-filled world of martinis, glamorous parties, automatic pistols and cunning booby-traps. But the real life of spies is filled with mysteries and unanswered puzzles, and none is more mysterious than the mystery woman of Norway.

External image

The woman was found in a part of Isdalen popularly known as “Death Valley”, which lies in the direction towards Mount Ulriken. Next to the scene police found a burned-out passport. The autopsy showed that the woman had suffered blunt force trauma to the neck and had taken several sleeping pills before she died. The official police report concluded suicide, but this conclusion is highly controversial.


On 29 November 1970 at approximately 13:15, while hiking in the hills of Isdalen valley outside of Bergen, a university professor and his two young daughters came across the partially charred remains of a naked woman hidden among some rocks at a remote hiking trail. Present at the scene were large amounts of sleeping pills, and bottles of petrol. A full scale murder investigation was immediately initiated and the case has since evolved to become the most comprehensive criminal case by the Bergen police.

The Mysterious Norwegian Woman - The Isdal Woman Spy Thriller