The ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel will reportedly take place during the Cold War ‘80s

  • In a few short weeks, Wonder Woman will likely pass Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as the top-grossing film of the summer domestically — truly a remarkable feat for a standalone film set during World War I. 
  • According to Screen Rant, the not yet dated, but inevitable, Wonder Woman sequel is set to take place during the 1980s, pitting the hero against the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War. 
  • This is an enticing plot that could make for another spectacular superhero film with a spy-thriller feel — not unlike Captain America: The Winter Solider. The report also suggests that Chris Pine could be returning, after he and Gadot displayed wonderful on-screen chemistry in the first film. Read more (7/11/17)

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I can't believe that I didn't ask this before now but- do you have any Drarry fic recs??? Pls tell me you do

CRACKS KNUCKLES, lemme go through ye ol archives of my favs >D

Running on Air



Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

(I’ve rec’d this one before but I will keep pushing it on everyone because its the bEST ITS MY FAVORITE ONE OK I live for the mood and the entire fic is like a walking aesthetic and the characters are portrayed pERFE C T LY goddang)

No Shadow Taller Than Our Souls



Auror Potter and Unspeakable Malfoy team up to investigate a series of missing persons, and it soon becomes apparent that Dementors are involved. Despite their initial misgivings, Harry and Draco find that they need each other’s help, in more ways than one.

(I literally just finished reading this one like 10 minutes ago and it was a good good. A lot of interesting Dementor lore!!)




Draco snorted. “I’m not reduced to penury. I want something considerably beyond money, and I rather think you’re the only one can give it to me.”

“You want the Invisibility Cloak,” Harry said, flatly. He’d half expected as much; it was the only thing he had that Draco could want—

“Don’t be stupid, Potter,” Draco said. “I want my reputation back.”

(I remember really liking this one and I thiiiiink this one has some good good ministry ball courtship-ing and stuff lmao

Actually looking now anything by astolat is good)

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice



Harry Potter is an Unspeakable. Draco Malfoy is the wizard who shagged him. Adventure! Intrigue! Secret identities, celebrities, spies! It’s all right here, folks.

(THE SUMMARY DOESNT LIE. I TREALLY IS SECRET IDENTITIES, CELEBS, aND SPIESsseSSEs. But really this one is so well written and I’m a sucker for spy/thriller types and this blends the wizarding world into the genre so well im cryinnngngg)

Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes



Harry’s house is trying to kill him, and only one person can help him: pity it’s Draco Malfoy

(this one is just *clenches fist* so pure. The house has so much character I cant even believe. And Draco being the smartie mcsmartpants is my favorite thing ever.)

Open For Repairs



After the war, Draco works at a tv repair shop and Harry breaks things.

feat. sad boys in jumpers and more ABBA than is probably necessary

(this one melted my heart and rebuilt it. Better. STrONGER. Seriously tho this has everything in it.)

 And basically anything Saras_girl on a03 writes is like a gold standard.~ I might make a more indepth list when I actually compile all the ones I’ve read (theres a lot oh god) but these are goods!

More Power Rangers (2017) Headcanons!

•Jason is definitely a star wars nerd™. Like one time Billy came over to help with chemistry homework and he spotted a millenium falcon toy in one of Jason’s shelves. Needless to say, homework was done in less than five minutes and they spent the whole night watching every star wars movie.

•Billy runs a power rangers instagram account. He got alpha five’s approval of course (mostly through bribes). He mainly posts pictures from training (in full uniform and mask!), what they’re currently eating and zord pictures. The account has over a million followers.

•Trini secretly loves boyband music. She has the backstreet boys, nsync and one direction on her ipod. She only plays them when she’s sure nobody can hear her.

•Kim is obsessed with spy/thriller/action movies. She likes to think of herself as the “black widow” of the team. Kim has a collection of dvds of every action movie ever.

•Zack is a secretly an excellent cook. With him and his mom, he learned how to cook meals suitable for her condition. He also learned how to make food taste better especially when it’s mixed with medicine and how to garnish them. He once cooked a whole salmon meal for the team at Kim’s house and everyone was shocked af.

Smell a Rat update #24: Mother Goose

The Shard had its own station, about ten stops and a line change away from Kingsby.

The train to the Shard hadn’t been so nice this time and the suitcase that Milo had to carry with him had reduced the already cramped carriage to a total crush.

This was the kind of thing that put him off moving sewerside.

Nonetheless, the journey had at least been fairly swift and Floyd now had time to relax as much as he could and set up for the mission ahead.

The station for The Shard was quite unusual in that it didn’t actually lead directly into the building.

At least, not by any conventional way.

The humans had set the building up to be pretty impenetrable to rodents - by design or otherwise -  and so it had taken pathfinder teams working around the clock during the building’s construction and for months afterwards to work out routes and spaces that London’s smaller inhabitants could use.

Consequently, the platform for The Shard actually led them to an unused storage space that was near the skyscraper but not actually part of it; from there, mice and rats alike would have to carefully head to the official rodent entrance, situated within a large and particularly dull-looking crate.

It was cold in the store room and poorly lit, forcing him to squint as he explained what semblance of a plan he had to Milo.

“Alright. I’ve made my mind up on this: we’re going to try to capture her alive, but the moment she becomes anything like more trouble than she’s worth, we just put her down there and then and have done with this whole thing. Sound good?”

Milo nodded as he knelt down to the suitcase and flicked it open.

“Sounds about right to me. Do you reckon we’ll get a strong enough signal up there?”

Milo gestured to the contents of the suitcase and Floyd nodded, then reached out to take the radio out of the suitcase.

A small pair of microphones and earpieces similar to the ones he was accustomed to seeing on telephones came out of the top compartment, and Floyd handed a set to Milo before he lifted the actual radio out.

The unit wasn’t much smaller than he was, but nonetheless, it ran on a tiny internal battery and was able to send and receive radio signals to and from their individual kits.

If not for this rather bulky little thing, he and Milo would have to go everywhere together or agree to meet up somewhere. The only other alternative would be to carry a bulky all-in-one unit each, which would be just about as discreet as a firework display.

Floyd turned it on and pushed a button on it to connect it to MI6, then spoke as clearly as he could into his mouthpiece, “Ugly ducking calling home, come in Mother Goose.”

Of course, Kevin answered and his ever-cheerful speech decimated the otherwise perfect quiet. “Mother Goose copies good. I’ll be here for you guys, just call in whatever you need and I’ll get it to you. Over.”

Floyd turned to Milo and shrugged, “Thanks, Mother Goose, we’ll keep you posted. Ugly Duckling Out.”

He put his microphone and speaker into his pockets and took hold of the radio, then dragged it over to a corner behind some old boxes of soup and left it there.

A particularly large spider didn’t seem too happy about him putting it there, but at least that told him that the storeroom was indeed almost completely unused by humans and therefore the station and its users were about as safe as they could be, this close to the human domain.

“Alright MIlo. You ready?”

Milo nodded and pulled on his gloves, then leaned in to kiss him.

Neither of them wanted to say it, but it was pretty obvious from the way he did it that Milo meant that to be a kiss goodbye.

In case one of them didn’t make it.

He felt profoundly uncomfortable walking into the big box and down the stairs that had been carved out by whole teams of rodents into the main foyer for The Shard.

As the foyer above was used by humans that poured in and out of the massive skyscraper, so the many rodents of London all congregated in an equally glamorous grand foyer, or about as glamorous as was possible with the materials and resources available to rodents.

Single LED lights inset in the ceiling bathed the cavernous room in cold white light and light grey paint covered the bare walls while on the floor, tiny pieces of garishly coloured plastic had been set in the concrete to form a mosaic that depicted a rather affluent young rat woman holding a suitcase, ready either to go somewhere important, or do something important.

She was up to something important though, and that was the main thing.

Without noticing it, he began holding and fiddling with his old Pathfinders’ identification badge: MI6 saw fit to have him keep that years ago, so that he would have a genuine piece of I.D. to use whenever he went out within the UK.

The problem was, he now felt guilty masquerading as a pathfinder around the building, because he knew just how many pathfinders had all met their demise in order for the rodents of London to be able to use it, and he knew first-hand just how much it hurt to see a fellow pathfinder die on the job in a dog’s jaw or beneath a human’s boot.

The human drill didn’t work.

Milo shot him a look of compassion; he’d explained all of this to him years ago in a drunken stupor, so Milo knew exactly how he felt about using his I.D as part of his disguise.

Consciously, he stopped fiddling with the badge and with a deep breath, he composed himself in order to speak to the young lady mouse on the reception desk.

She looked fairly astute as she tended to the documents on her desk and had unusually large ears and short-trimmed whiskers, as was the fashion among women of her age and wore a flattering, but professional-looking black outfit over her well groomed white fur.

They came up to her together and gave her a friendly nod to signal that they wanted to speak to her.

She turned her attention to them fairly quickly and Milo took the moment that her attention was directed to Floyd to scan over the guest register; subtly, he tapped on his foot to indicate he’d found her.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, how can I help you today?”

She spoke with a fairly calm and clipped tone and Floyd found it endearing, but quickly, he washed her pleasant tones out of his mind and produced his identification badge for her to inspect.

He went to start speaking quickly, taking only the briefest of glances at Milo, who was trying to glean as much further information as he could from the unguarded paperwork on her desk.

However, the receptionist spoke first.

“Oh. I thought we were given the all-clear last week. Has there been another incident?”

Her tone was now much different: she retained her clear and calm delivery, but rising behind it was a clear nasal intonation and a slight waver in her voice.

It upset him to hear that sound; it was a sound he’d hoped he would never have to hear again since he joined MI6.

He decided to be kind to her and told her the more pleasant of the two lies he usually went with.

“No. No more incidents, but we’re here on follow-up duty - make sure no poison’s been left out and disarm any traps that might have been put down. Can’t be too careful.”

The receptionist seemed to cheer up a bit as he said that and so he continued, glancing again at Milo as he did so, to see the quick hand gestures he was making to signal the number of the room that Angela was staying in.

“We were told it’s likely there’s fresh poison been put out on floor thirty six so we’d like to check that out first and go through the building from there, if that’s okay?”

The receptionist nodded her understanding and handed him a master key, then pointed to a large pair of doors.

“Stairs and lifts are through there. Thanks for doing this for us.”

Milo thanked her for her time and Floyd did the same and they left quickly, so that she could get back to her work.

Floyd heard her start to cry as he opened the big main doors.


Double update for you people! I’ve been writing up a storm this week so I can comfortably serve up an extra large helping of sneaky spy goodness for you today! Woo.

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And because you all love it, here’s the link. Your life is now complete.



You look like you need saving.
- Delphine Lasalle (Sofia Boutella)


I don’t want to have any secrets from you. I never want to have any secrets ever again. 

Smell a Rat update #21: Sting in the tail.

“Come on in, Floyd.”

The door to his office opened and Milo took a long sip from his tea as Floyd walked in with a distinct spring in his step.

He cocked his head to the side as he closed the door behind him and gave him a strange look.

“How did you know it was me?” He asked and Milo shrugged slightly, before answering “nobody else knocks on my door that enthusiastically, and by the look on your face you’ve got some good news for me, so keep me in the dark no longer, cupcake.”

He made a little gesture with his hand and Floyd sat down in the chair on the other side of his desk.

He found it funny seeing him sitting in that chair; having to hoist himself up to sit in it and being quite remarkably small for it.

Still, Floyd didn’t seem to mind it and even if he did, his enthusiasm seemed unwavering.

It was good seeing him so happy.

“My boy in Interpol came through for me. Turns out that exclusive swordsmith you were on about was pretty damn exclusive indeed; only two women purchased the kind of sword I was looking for; one Bethany Briar, who ordered an Estoc and is one of the Australian Prime Minister’s bodyguards, and one Angela Charing, who ordered one of these bad boys…”

Floyd tapped the handle of his sword and followed up with “and who seems to work for a company called Aurora.”

Milo’s heart skipped a beat.

He’d heard of Aurora a few times before; a company that seemed to exist somewhere between a myth and a standing joke that other officers liked to talk about over lunch.

Many people had tried to investigate it before, but the trail always ran cold at one point or another, and so sharing stories of how they had come up short in finding out about it and tossing around theories as to its nature became the closest thing that MI6 had to playground rumours.

But now Floyd was saying that their investigation had pulled up a solid lead they could follow.

And Floyd seemed acutely aware of that too.

“Unfortunately that last bit makes the question of whether or not to just stick a sword through her throat far more complicated. My gut says to just impale her on sight and leave her for the crows, but I also want to pull her in for questioning. If only to satisfy my own curiosity.”

He could sense Floyd bristling with thoughts that he’d left to stew for days. He let him continue.

“Because right now, I’ve got a creeping suspicion that she’s one of our own.”

A little flash of fear ran through him as he let what Floyd had just said sink in; this was quite a serious allegation he was throwing around and he wasn’t entirely sure where he was coming from.

He made a little gesture to him for him to continue.

“According to the swordsmith, our miss Charing ordered a rapier, the specifics of which match the British Intelligence pattern almost perfectly. Most assassins don’t use a full length sword at all, much less one to that specification; knives or blowdarts, maybe, but very rarely something like this. She also knew where Petersen lived, ergo she’s either got inside information or amazing sources, but the most damning thing is just how she killed him in the first place.”

He was making a startling amount of sense.

“she did everything I would have done and she knew precisely how Petersen would react; She fights like a British officer and she’s armed like one. That alone should be worth investigating.”

He couldn’t argue with that.

It also made him feel distinctly uneasy. The thought that there could well be somebody with the same training as Floyd on the loose, picking off targets without warning or error, suddenly made him feel vulnerable, which came through in his voice as he replied.

“Alright. I think we’ll just have to make a judgement call when we finally see her. If we’ve got a name and a face then we can put out an alert for her; that way if anybody sees her then we can get to her as soon as possible. Until somebody calls in with information, we’ve just got to poke around for the name in as many places as we can.”

Floyd nodded his agreement. They both knew they didn’t have many options to go with.

“Chin up. We’ll get this done eventually.”

Floyd looked hopeful, but he knew him well enough to know he was trying to be brave for him.

Because neither of them wanted to meet her.


Well there’s a cliffhanger for ya! We got ourselves a right bad-un’. But what’s her agenda? What is the Aurora corp? And how are our heroes going to face these odds?

Tune in next week for the start of Smell a Rat: Act two, and strap yourselves in good and tight, folks. It’s going to be a wild ride and I can’t wait to share it with you.

And of course, here’s the link for those who want to make like it’s netflix and read the whole thing so far at once.


So Marvel Studios has stated that even though all of their films are superhero films, they all represent a different genre. For example, Cap 1 was a WWII period drama, Cap 2 was a spy thriller, Ant-Man was a heist film, GotG was a space opera, Homecoming was a high school coming-of-age comedy, and so on.

So far, Marvel has not done a romantic comedy/dramedy. Hmm…I wonder which movie they could do one-

*inserts Spiderman 2 logo where the cover is Peter and Michelle looking at each other across the classroom*


The Cruelty by Scott Bergstrom is HERE! Check out this killer teaser trailer and start reading now.

What it’s about:

I. Will. Find. You.

When Gwendolyn Bloom’s father vanishes, she sets off on a journey she never bargained for. Traveling under a new identity in a world of assassins, spies, and criminal masterminds, she uncovers a disturbing truth. To bring her father back alive, she must become every bit as cruel as the men holding him captive.


No but seriously, watch this clip from Spy Kids because I never realized how bonkers it was when I watched it as a kid. Just, imagine never seeing this movie and then finding this clip.

  • the clip starts off like a typical spy thriller then cuts to DR SEUSS FROM HELL ON TV
  • juni watches that show “because it’s cool”
  • the dad grabs his son’s oc fanart from his hands and calls it hideous, like dude, chill


The Night Manager: Secrets of Le Carre revealed at TV Festival

The BFI Radio Times Festival hosted key members of The Night Manager’s cast and crew last month, with Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier, executive producer Simon Cornwell and cast members Alistair Petrie and Tom Hiddleston sharing backstage secrets on this magnificent edge-of-the-seat spy thriller.

There will be some paraphrasing – you try deciphering my notes a month later! And apologies to any of the speakers if I attribute a quote wrongly or misquote.

Radio 4’s Front Row presenter Samira Ahmed was on hand to chivvy the info out of them.

What made you want to do it?

AP: The scale – even though it was the BBC – the settings, the budget to make it happen. Thanks to Tom and Hugh’s involvement, AMC and others got on board. The budget worked without being gratuitous.

SB: I come from low budget film, so I’m used to expanding small into something worth looking at.

SC: The budget was bigger than many films, we were free to do stuff we wouldn’t normally do.

SB: The story is about being drawn into the world of lavishness. You can’t do that without it being rich. Crucial was Roper’s location. That would set the bar for everything else.

A lavish location was key for The Night Manager

TH: The crew make it look more expensive than it was. The interior of the Alps hotel was inside tents! It’s a testament to an impeccable crew.

SC: When we found the Majorca location – originally Greece in the script – we had to rewrite.

AP: The private jet was a cardboard loo roll.

SB: It was a private jet!

AP: There was a guy with a light pretending to be the shining sun. Secrets revealed!

(At this point, Susanne’s reactions made it unclear whether AP was making this up!)

We revisited the clip of Danny’s attempted abduction, closing in on Pine’s eye through the hole in the door. Remembering how the tenseness set in almost immediately, you could almost taste the IMAX audience relive the original moment. The panel discussed how that frantic scene came together.

SB: Whenever you direct a scene you have one single idea. We had this leisurely, relaxed scene completely turned over.

AP: Susanne’s method is to go straight into rehearsal, thrust straight onto set. The crew can get nervous when cameras aren’t turning and you’ve nothing in the can.  There are so many elements of the story to fit in but endless rehearsal means everyone knows where they should be. Being in the middle of it is a privilege.

The panel discuss the intricacies of a busy scene

SB: You have an idea, you collect material. You know this particular moment is going to be there. There needs to be real emotion. You don’t see the actors acting, you’re in the emotion. And child actors are just as ambitious as adults.

TH: The casting of Hugh Laurie was genius. His presence, his casting presented a conflict, so affable and likeable (in comparison with evil Roper) he (Roper) is charming, funny, loves his family but is responsible for awful things – all the stuff is paid for by arms.

SC: That scene was a Masterclass in acting and directing. A brilliant piece of construction. It’s in the book but came alive on screen.

AP: The nanny was the director’s daughter, Alice, just 19. I felt like a creepy old man but she put me at my ease: no, we’ll have a dance, no worries.

They moved onto the fire alarm test scene, where Pine breaks into Roper’s office looking for evidence.

SB: This shows why Tom is so brilliant. What he does, he thinks, “Who is Roper? Where would he put stuff?” Not many actors can do things just with their face like Tom.

TH: It’s my favourite scene in the book and a testament to Le Carre. You read it with a propulsive momentum. The internal compulsion within Pine is active even when he’s still. It’s classic suspense, a ticking clock time window. The props were chosen carefully: Churchillian. Boxing. Stalingrad. Roper’s fantasy of powerful statesmen yet rough enough for a boxing ring.

We took a moment to appreciate the glory of Tom Hollander in the restaurant scene where Corky loses it.

Corky tries to warn Roper about Pine

TH (jokingly): The manhandling was improvised. He didn’t ask permission. I’m scarred for life.

SC: John le Carre loved the whole experience on set. The scene is in the book but not so bold and exciting.

SB: Tom Hollander went way more extreme than we’d all anticipated.

TH: It was such a pivotal scene and so exciting. The moment of Corky’s demise and Pine’s elevation to the top rank. JLC was magnificent in that scene. Pine settles him quite quickly in the book but JLC refused to be settled – like any great actor, he forced me to achieve more.

SB: I had to direct him to accept the apologies! He was: “What about her? What about him? (being brought their correct food). Well, I think this is very shoddy.”

AP: We’re on the coffee and mints by now on the next table.

“I must apologise for my friend’s behaviour” “I think you bloody well should!”

Pine v Roper

TH: The whole character was an exploration of the malleability of identity. There is something broken and unique about Pine. All his grief curled up inside. It’s why he’s a night manager, he hides behind darkness. Burr identifies that Pine is able to slide between characters. He had to embrace the side of himself that is quite like Roper. They’re looking in a mirror divided by a moral red line.

AP: My dad was an RAF pilot who came across interesting people. One guy became a good family friend. Great company – but he was a legit arms dealer. There was a disconnect between the job he did and what it led to, and the human being. You start with the human being, before the ‘what do you do?’ They do normal things and you layer in everything else.

We’re reminded how Roper likes to show off his arsenal – and then Pine blowing it all skyward.

SB: You need the scale and the drama of the explosions but it was a metaphor of the shoot out between two men. Roper doesn’t know how powerful Pine is until then.

AP: Looks bloody good on IMAX!

TH: There could only be one attempt at the explosion, everything after that had to be shot very fast while we had the smoke and flames. Hugh is magnificent. He realises he may have lost and loses his cool.

Capturing lightning in a bottle

AP: Dr. House, put the gun down! Sometimes, when you’re pressed for time, magical things can happen. Tempers can get frayed. Then it crackles and Hugh grabs the gun, unscripted. An extraordinary thing captured under time pressure. We were blessed with catching lighting in a bottle moments.

SB: In a way, limitations can be advantageous. It forces you to be accurate and push the boundaries.

Twitter got a bit shirty over Pine having sex with the women he rescued after they were tortured – apparently, even Bond doesn’t do that.

SB: That’s not true – Jed is rescued by Olivia Colman. I don’t think they had sex.

TH: He’s in love with Sophie. She awakens his moral duty and he’s motivated partly by guilt.

Any scenes that took you to the brink?

SB: Every day! There’s always an element of not knowing what’ll happen, it’s part of the creative process.

TH: Fight scenes always look violent but have to be very safe. I love shooting action, it’s choreographic, like dance.

The will is there for Series 2!

How do you feel, watching it now?

SB: It was a heart in mouth process but now I can sit down and enjoy! It was so much fun to do – none of us anticipated the impact . We showed it at the Berlin Film Festival and everyone loved it. So rewarding.

AP: If you’re really lucky as an actor you get something that strikes a chord. I’m genuinely bonded to the people involved. You share something very special. A special little gang. You’ve no idea the emails I’ve been sending with ideas for Series 2.

SB: It’s a privilege. I’m also sending emails. JLC doesn’t respond – I’m joking – I’m really scared of saying anything!

TH: I’m really proud of the team effort. The commitment and detail of every department adds up to more than the sum of its parts. It’s like a 1000 piece jigsaw landed intact. I couldn’t possibly comment on my email correspondence.

Having raised the bar for TV drama, is there a green light for Series 2?

SC: We are working on a story for Series 2. There’s no book and no Le Carre adaptation without a book. We’d love to see it happen. There’s an unspoken contract with each other but we have to come up with something really great.

It’s the greatest export in British cinema! (Audience member)

AP: Aw, shucks!

We need to see more of the Petrie Dish

If you think Hiddleston a bit of a charmer (yes, yes, me too) it has to be noted I did leave the room with a bit of a crush on the very funny Alistair Petrie. You might say he’s now my … Petrie Dish. #sorrynotsorry