every single thought i had about 2x19 r u ready bc i am a fucking mess rn
  • why is maggie working a bank robbery isn’t she in the science division was it a bank filled w science
  • maggie talking about the supergirl defence makes me want Law and Order: National City more than anything i’ve ever wanted before
  • lena gives ted talks sign me the fuck up!
    • lena this episode was great, u watched exactly how she was manipulated also SHE’S SO SMART USING THE ALIEN DETECTION DEVICE CAN U SAY CONTINUITY!!!!!!!!!
    • also lena got it to work again which means maybe she knows kara fucked w it???????
  • maggie is able to separate kara from supergirl and idk that made me happy bc she understands the difference?
  • World of Hurt is the name of alex’s autobiography and also the support group filled with people personally victimised by alex danvers
  • …. a little turned on by her saying ‘i will end u’ ngl angry alex is hot alex
  • imagine if lena knew rhea was talking about kara when she said ‘horrible girl’ lena wouldve punched her in the throat
  • k how long have maggie and alex been dating bc ‘they just had their first valentine’ but also it seems like longer?
  • maggie for sure identified with what rick was saying about his dad saving her bc that’s what her aunt did for her and it takes her a second to remember ‘but his dad is a fucking prick and my tia is amazing’
    • maggie definitely called her aunt after everything and told her she’s bringing a girl home for christmas i’m crying just thinking about it
  • ‘supergirl is bigger than me’ is not true and i cried
  • i. was. destroyed. maggie on the laptop i die. her voice her everything holy hell.
  • um alex gertrude is a shit name for a dog pls name it taco or anything but gertrude
    • ‘alex youre not allowed to name our firstborn. remember the gertrude incident?’ ‘i WAS DYING, MAGGIE IT WAS ONE TIME’
  • ‘i discounted you’ said everyone ever to maggie. always underestimated. always shoved aside. i made myself cry.
  • monel is useless and i hope everyone realises that all he did all episode was be like ‘she’ll be fine lol’ fUCK YOU BRUH
  • maggie using cool spy gadgets i die
  • maggie using alex’s gun i die, resurrect, and die once more
  • those last breaths alex was taking i was sobbing i am so emo rn i cant handle this
  • the three-way hug bc they all love each other and alex is safe the emotion is so real
  • space dad hugged maggie and all of my dreams came tru
    • she literally got his blessing just them i am yelling
  • winn being protective of alex when rick walks passed
  • the lil ‘what’ kara gives before pulling maggie into a hug they’re best friends maggie went from working alone to HAVING TWO PARTNERS
  • ‘no kale this time’ - proof that maggie and lena would be best friends eating healthy a much better double date partner than Mon ‘She’ll Be OKay’ El.
  • … lena the fuck r u doing bruh

You’ll need gadgets to hide your gadgets in, right? Here are some old school/quality craft tricks. A coin hollowed out can easily conceal a memory card, a microdot, etc. A dead drop spike is usually a peg that’s waterproof, heatproof, easily opened, and can contain any number of items. In the digital age, concealing USB drives became very popular, so accommodate.

For anyone who was always jealous of all the movie characters who had a hidden safe behind a painting or mirror this is your chance to get your very own hidden safe!
This clock is a fully functioning wall clock which opens up into a safe which is perfect for stashing jewelry, cash or credit cards.
No one will ever suspect a clock for a safe.

Check out this awesome wall clock with hidden compartment now!

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Hey, Rem ( Aoimi, it's to you too, i know you read this ) ! We already have four blackjacks, one snip off, lot of missing moments and its all about feelings and relationship . Maybe its time for some guns, cars, spy gadgets, drugs, sex, explosions, bad guys, hardcore and rocknroll ?

there might be: all the things you have listed except a thing, or nothing, or only a thing…

Originally posted by havi-corredor

I want to see a story about spy gadget failures.  When the ejector seat goes off at the wrong time in a car chase, and the secret message self-destructs before it’s listened to, and the tear gas talcum powder goes off when the wrong person opens the suitcase.

The garrote wire in the watch comes loose and catches on things.  The rocket belt gets bumped in the suitcase and ruins the luggage (and sets off a smoke detector, and ruins some more things, possibly in a fancy hotel).  The voice changer sounds like it’s going through puberty. 

And honestly, who puts a laser in a wristwatch?  That’s a recipe for several different kinds of disasters.  The list is endless.

Maybe all this is because of a lack of funding, and a need to use cheap/old devices.  Maybe they’re prototypes that haven’t been tested properly.  Or maybe they’re just normal technology like in the real world, which doesn’t always behave the way we expect it to!

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Did Scott Summers like the Speed Racer movie?

On one hand: I could just shamelessly project my own taste and say:

On the other hand: It’s so much more fun to construct an argument from canon.

So, let’s see:

The only specific points of reference I recall from the comics with regards to Scott’s taste in movies (adult Scott, mind–not the time-displaced kid) are that he loves Mr. Smith Goes to Washington–and Jimmy Stewart flicks in general, IIRC–and digs the Bond movies at least enough to rent multiple ones at a time.

In other words, dude’s into sincerity, categorial triumph of good over evil, cool cars, improbable gadgets, super-spy stuff, and good villain speeches. We also know–again, canonically–that he’s got a lot of feelings about family and a fraught but really overprotective relationship with his somewhat estranged little brother.

So: I’m gonna go ahead and say that in the Marvel Universe, at some point during the Mutant Revolution era, some smartass mash-up artist probably sold bootleg RACER X WAS RIGHT* t-shirts; and Scott Summers probably owned one that he pretty much never wore in public.

*someone please make these, because now I really want one.

Your pastiche is not subversive: Kingsman’s conservatism

I had high hopes for Kingsman: The Secret Service. There are gifsets of it all over Tumblr. Everybody said it was great and fun and refreshing. Even my beloved Foz Meadows praised it as ‘a biting debunk of the James Bond franchise… it takes all of Bond’s hallowed trappings – the spy gadgets, the sharp suits, the suave badassery – and explicitly removes both the misogyny and the classism that traditionally underpins them.’ So, having grown up on the Bond movies, I was eager to witness it for myself. And indeed I spent most of the film half-convinced that I liked it, or at least that I was going to, any minute now.

But despite the excellent direction, choreography, and clever humor, I was left wondering what the hell everyone else had been watching when they said it was progressive.

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Why I love Kingsman: The Secret Service too much

Yet another really long appreciation post. (Which I absolutely love writing, being an aspiring author).

Now, I’m not putting down any other spy movie. Really. Just obsessed with this one. Hence, this appreciation post. I’m simply expressing my thoughts like I always do.
Moving on… Dressing like a Kingsman is my favorite style now. I pretty much have a replica of some of the gizmos used in the movie. Including the same exact model of Samsung laptop which I actually received as a gift from my brother. Imagine my surprise when I saw Harry Hart use it.

I have to say why I love this movie so much.

Colin Firth. (Harry Hart a.k.a. Galahad)

Enough said. He deserves to be at the top of this list. In fact, he is a big part of this post. The movie would’ve been utterly incomplete without him.

Colin always has this classy, attractive Englishman style with a swagger and that won yet again. Won me over so easily. He just needs to grace the screen and everything gets more interesting and complete.

Just look at that saunter. If he showed up on a date with me like this, it would be the best thing on this planet.

He’s the very definition of attractive. I’m guilty of having my heart stolen by this adept gentleman spy.

Perfect example of a gentleman right there.

“The suit is a modern gentleman’s armor.” he says. Because he knows what it takes to be one.

Wise words, Harry. Wise words to live by.

Especially this one.

Do listen to the man. Do not try to piss him off. Unless you want to end up with a hole in your head or otherwise a bashed in face. And then get caught in a massacre. He just looks unassuming but is a sartorial badass who doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit.

This scene:


Remind me not to get on your bad side, Galahad.

Rest assured, he is a complete package. Classy, sassy, dreamy. I need a Harry Hart in my life. Seriously.

Bonus: Even Taron Egerton agrees with me.

Exactly! Thank you! Which brings me to the next thing on this list…

Taron Egerton a.k.a. Eggsy.

Hands down, the most adorable, liveliest character of the movie. In fact, more like a sweet cinnamon roll that is too valuable for this world.
A rookie in the Kingsman Secret Service, Eggsy’s sarcasm and various reactions to situations were amusing as heck.

Like here, when he learns of the new spy tech.

Or here, when he first experiences Harry’s fighting skills.

Yeah, I would have the same reaction if I saw Harry Hart beat up bullies twice his size in a bar and then casually come and sit in front of me. My instant reaction would be:

Eggsy’s whole demeanor makes you laugh. He was the life of the movie.

That yellow printed bomber jacket was quite ridiculous and even yet, Eggsy managed to pull it off and still look cute. In fact, he even set a trend with it.

Put that vivid attire aside, however. And this guy is smart, gutsy, quick to act, loyal and can’t be fooled easily.

Even though he does mistake a pug for a bulldog. That was an exception.

He goes along with it anyway.

Hey, it happens to the best of us, okay? Besides, you gotta love a guy who loves his dog.

In a scene, Harry tells Eggsy that if he can learn to adapt, he can transform.

Oh, he DID transform, alright. When he followed in Harry’s footsteps. Became as sexy of a gentleman as his Kingsman friend.


Seriously, Harry would just be so proud. And nobody makes a better team than these two.

At times, Eggsy’s reactions do get heartbreaking also. But because of that development of his character, it just makes you wanna root for him.

Roxy a.k.a. Lancelot.

I have to give credit to this girl because from the movie it looked like she was afraid of heights. But damn, this badass Lancelot literally went to outer space despite her phobia, in a prototype vehicle and shot down Valentine’s satellite.

Girl power, baby.


I can’t not mention her. I’ve never seen a more badass sidekick. She’s got acrobatic martial art skills and if you provoke her, she’ll slice you in half with a single swing of her blade leg. And all that rather effortlessly and while holding a glass of alcohol. So you’re better off not getting on her bad side.

Speaking of which, those blade legs? Goddamn!

The Weapons Cache.

Granted that the James Bond films have displayed a wide array of cool spy gadgets and weapons. Even an actual car that can be driven with a remote.

But every spy movie nonetheless needs some futuristic gizmos. And seeing the cool weapons in Kingsman: The Secret Service excited me. I mean, after all, it’s this movie I love so much so why talk about other movies?

Let’s just go back to Harry Hart’s quote again: “The suit is a modern gentleman’s armor.”

He wasn’t kidding. The suits are freaking bulletproof.

Neurotoxin blade in shoe.

That was one nasty weapon. I mean, ask Gazelle.

Wait, never mind.

Hand Grenade Lighter.

Bonus: Eggsy’s reaction.

Electrocuting Signet Ring.

I pity the poor soul who had the misfortune of experiencing that.

Poison pen. Only harmless until someone activates it.

And Arthur unknowingly ingested it after falling for Eggsy’s sleight of hand trick.

I saved my personal favorite for last. Multi-purpose bulletproof Umbrella.

It’s awesomeness.

The humor.

The humor was really good in this movie. It was legitimately funny. The super-villain/megalomaniac, Valentine, was funny too. His lisp sets him apart from other super-villains. He was quite the comical character. Well played by Samuel L. Jackson.

The jokes were well-timed and didn’t seem cheesy to me at all. As I mentioned before, Eggsy’s demeanor and Harry’s witty comebacks really make you laugh.

Like this scene, where Eggsy tries to steal one of the grenades.

Or this German aristocrat greeting.

In fact, even the fight scenes in the movie had a touch of humor to them.

Speaking of which,

The fight scenes.

The fight scenes were wonderfully violent. Stabbing, shooting, slicing, everything. But at the same time, they weren’t too gory that you would be put off by it. 

The church fight which I just have to mention because Harry Hart goes on an all out massacre, killing everyone and emerging as the last man standing. And Free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd plays in the background.

Holy shit.

This bar fight where Harry first shows his badass side. It ensues after he flings a glass at a bully’s head using his umbrella.

Whoa. Manners maketh man. I get it.

Or this one when Eggsy shows he’s no less with some badass gunslinging action.

Harry taught you well, buddy. See it’s like I said before. It makes you wanna root for these guys. I definitely was cheering throughout just for these two.

Go Team Galahad!

This Sleight Of Hand.

I’m pointing this out because that two-faced Arthur deserved what he got. Because he thought Eggsy wouldn’t suspect the spiked brandy or the fact he had one of those killer sim cards in his neck. But just look at the way Eggsy watched Arthur’s every move. He knew something’s wrong.

He makes Arthur believe he had fallen for his trap when it was actually the other way around.

And when offered the so-called chance to a new world, he replies:

YES. You go, eggsy!

As I mentioned earlier about Eggsy’s reactions being a heartbreaking, this is a good example. You can see the rage and grief in his eyes at the mention of Harry’s name. And Arthur’s plan backfired anyway. Literally.

How happy that made me.

The exploding heads.

Personally, I found this one of the best scenes in the movie. It was quite brilliant and funny that they showed the heads exploding more like fireworks and less bloody. With a celebration song playing in the background.

It was Eggsy’s idea and Merlin’s hacker skills that led to this.

External image

This scene was so strangely, aesthetically pleasing to watch.

External image

And Merlin’s most apt reaction to it all.

External image

It’s like I said before. I’m not putting down any other movie. I’m just saying that I love this one too much to the core of my heart and will choose it over any other spy movie, any day of the week. It had an interesting story, plot twists, humor, attractive gentlemen spies, everything.

Most importantly, it had something no other spy movie did. Colin Firth.

I’m a Kingsman for life.

Is that even a question?

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20 and 21!

20. What is the purest ship in the fandom?

None. They’re all filthy abominations.

21. What are your thoughts on crack ships?

Welll my last huge life-consuming fandom was the Mighty Boosh so I have a huge fondness for crack :D but I think I take KM a bit more seriously than I should, at least when it comes to shipping. I love silly spy gadgets and ridiculous ott fight scenes and all of that sort of thing, but I’d have to really trust someone to read their Valentine/Michelle coffee shop AU novel.


         “ Top 10 stellar performances of Super Junior “                                        February 8, 2016 @ 6:48 pm

10. ‘Bonamona’ May 16, 2010

Don’t even blink for the next 4 minutes because this live of “Bonamona” will get you drooling! The sex appeal is incredibly high and they way Super Junior own that dynamic stage with their swag will make you scream! Don’t forget the extra bit of skin being shed on stage! Goosebump worthy!

9. 'This Is Love’ Oct. 10, 2014

Classy, sexy and handsome best describe Super Junior, and this stage 100% emphasized that! The charming men dance to the sensual melody of “This Is Love” in a cool bar setting with stand mics. The transition of the stage for the rap is always a cool effect alongside the members transitioning in between verses! It also features a sweet opening with their song “Evanesce.”
8. 'MAMACITA’ Comeback Special 

his live stage was one of the best comeback specials yet! The amazingly detailed crown on stage, the awesome gold lighting, their sexy close ups and the fire works– ahh! It is just so much, I can’t even! What any fan can enjoy most about this live is the quality recording that really showed off this epic dance routine!

7. 'Sexy, Free & Single’ Incheon Korean Music Wave

The men of Super Junior never fail to bring the heat to the stage and a sexy, charismatic style to their music! First off, the red mood lighting made the night stage even cooler, and I’m a sucker for fireworks during live performances! The fan girls screaming their hearts out is not to be believed and the way the boys mastered this performance, I’d be too! After this performance I’m definitely “ready to bingo!

6. 'Mr. Simple’ KBS Special Stage

For a simple song it didn’t lack in set design or style on stage! These light up suits were definitely a fashion masterpiece as it made them standout even more alongside the cool track that is "Mr. Simple.” The stage was flashy, just like the boys, with the blue and white patterned designs and really brought even more life to this killer performance

5. 'Devil’ KCON LA 2015

The boys of Super Junior can’t look any sexier as they sing “Devil” live in LA! Their devilish charms shine through as they dance with so much energy and really get the crowd moving! The stage is awesome in capturing their style and the streamers bursting just make the experience even more surreal! Don’t forget the amazing blue sea of lights!

4. 'Superman’ MAMA 2011 Singapore

Watch Video HERE

This song and stage was definitely one of the most interactive but completely corny! How Siwon didn’t bust out laughing in the beginning is beyond me, but this corny stage opening is what made it even better! It was fun to see the idols involved too and over all the performance was a flawless success!

3. 'U’ Music Core Special July 1, 2006

Watch Video HERE

What more can be said about this epic throwback of Super Junior? “U” was the song that made all the girls faint, cry and everything in between. This live had an outstanding recording for their dance routine, the unexpected dance break surrounded by mist and green lasers is the epitome of early 2000s swag! This live was loads of amazing but also a good laugh to look back on how our beloved idols used to look. Talk about trendsetters! Don’t forget the boundless energy coming from the crowd as they practically sing the song alongside the members in between chanting each members name!

2. 'SPY’ MAMA Awards 2012

Watch Video HERE

“SPY” was already a swagged out, super fly song and the boys made it even cooler! Super Junior know how to make an entrance because that spy gadget helicopter drop from the ceiling and motorcycle ride in was down right amazing! Not only that, they had a miraculous stage set up that no one could look away from!

1. 'Sorry Sorry’ KCON LA 2015

Watch Video HERE

The number one spot hands down goes to “Sorry Sorry”! Not only is “Sorry Sorry” one of their most fan favorite songs, the iconic dance is still addictive till this day! It is amazing to see them performing on an international stage with fans screaming, shining their blue glow sticks and doing the dance moves alongside them! They really hyped and owned the crowd for this wonderful stage! by AllK_Makn