The most overlooked equipment when it comes to stealth: clothes. Depending on the local weather [and even dress codes], you’ll need to plan accordingly, but for the most part follow these guidelines and you’ll be fine. You will be shot at, so invest in some lightweight bulletproof dress shirts. You’ll need to conceal all your equipment, so a good pair of pants with secret pockets or a jacket with multiple pockets will do. Pants > jackets because people usually take jackets off. Acting natural and comfortable is also part of the stealth process.

I want to see a story about spy gadget failures.  When the ejector seat goes off at the wrong time in a car chase, and the secret message self-destructs before it’s listened to, and the tear gas talcum powder goes off when the wrong person opens the suitcase.

The garrote wire in the watch comes loose and catches on things.  The rocket belt gets bumped in the suitcase and ruins the luggage (and sets off a smoke detector, and ruins some more things, possibly in a fancy hotel).  The voice changer sounds like it’s going through puberty. 

And honestly, who puts a laser in a wristwatch?  That’s a recipe for several different kinds of disasters.  The list is endless.

Maybe all this is because of a lack of funding, and a need to use cheap/old devices.  Maybe they’re prototypes that haven’t been tested properly.  Or maybe they’re just normal technology like in the real world, which doesn’t always behave the way we expect it to!

For anyone who was always jealous of all the movie characters who had a hidden safe behind a painting or mirror this is your chance to get your very own hidden safe!
This clock is a fully functioning wall clock which opens up into a safe which is perfect for stashing jewelry, cash or credit cards.
No one will ever suspect a clock for a safe.

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Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 206}
              — Widows Bite! —

Under Natalia’s designer jacket sleeve was her signature spy gadget. Her infamous wrist gauntlet’s were created by Russian scientists. She usually wears one on both her wrists but since her retirement her paranoia of espionage has considerably lowered so she decided she’d only wear one. It’s times like this she’s grateful for paranoia.
Black Widow performs a graceful leap out of cover, whilst dodging all incoming fire she fires’s a widows bite out of her wrist gauntlet towards the KGB agents! A widow’s bite is ten-thousand volt charge of electricity that shocks any who receive It’s deadly sting! Sometimes death is the stinging result.
However Black Widow aimed for their assault rifles, disabling them! With bullets no longer flying around Natalia can take them down!
Her wrist gauntlet sparks with electricity, It still has enough electricity in for a few more shots, It takes a while to recharge so she needs to time her shots well and reserve power in case more firearms threaten her. Natalia was aware of more agents, she spotted a sniper on the rooftops.
Natalia: “ I’ve disabled their weapons! Yelena there’s a sniper at your six o’clock! While they’re weapons are out go and apprehend the sniper, go NOW! ”


hahahahha - James Bond Spy Gadgets


To carry all the tools necessary for the job, you’ll need a carrying case of some sort. Nothing elaborate, just a medium size bag made of strong light material and preferably with a couple pockets, zippers, etc. The more mundane the bag is, the less it stands out. Just like blueprints or plans, organize the hell out of your equipment and memorize where everything is for best efficiency.


You’ll need gadgets to hide your gadgets in, right? Here are some old school/quality craft tricks. A coin hollowed out can easily conceal a memory card, a microdot, etc. A dead drop spike is usually a peg that’s waterproof, heatproof, easily opened, and can contain any number of items. In the digital age, concealing USB drives became very popular, so accommodate.

One of the oldest techniques for infiltration and evasion is the art of disguise. Often times, we see thieves and spies in the movies wearing elaborate masks, but my motto is “the best disguise is no disguise.” Adhering to that rule, a makeup set is necessary for any efficient agent. Use: facial hair patches, contacts, skin tone, face peels, fake moles, fake scars, etc.