spy secret agent

  • Agent Whiskey: Okay, all the straight's in the club are gonna assume we're one of them. So we'll be like gay secret agents!
  • Roxy : Lesbionage.
  • Eggsy: Bi spy!
  • Merlin: It's an ace case.
  • Agent Tequila: Pan with a plan.
  • Harry: ...
  • Harry : Secret gaygent

from the Jamilton agent au

Quick context: Thomas and Alex have to go undercover at a ball but there are rumors that a specific group of people will be there that will recognize ya boy Alex so he has to go deep undercover ;;;;

Spies & Secret Agents Larry Fic Rec

Because everyone needs some action in their lives: 

never gonna dance again by togetherwecouldbealright:

Summary: Harry is quiet for a moment and his fingers feel like they’re burning past the fabric of Louis’ jumper, branding his skin. “Can I kiss you?“

This is where Louis should walk away and leave Harry to pirouette and cambré by himself in the faint moonlight shining through the windows. He is a spy and Harry is a dancer. There are lines that should not be crossed.

Louis surges forward.

Louis is a spy and Harry is a dancer. The only real thing they know is each other.

my heart, in deadly rhythm by impetuous:

Summary: There exists somewhere a very, very small list containing the names of people who don’t want Louis Tomlinson dead. Harry Styles may or may not be one of those people.

(or a Spies!AU in which Liam is the Wade to Louis’ Kim Possible, Zayn seduces people for intel, Niall is an expert at blowing things up, and Harry is more than a bit famous in his particular field… or infamous, actually. And Louis? Well, Louis just wishes people would quit trying so bloody hard to kill him all the time.)

I’ll Throw Away My Faith (Just To Keep You Safe) by theboyfriendstagram:

Summary: AU. Harry Styles is an MI6 agent on a mission to find out who’s planning on killing the Prime Minister. Louis Tomlinson is a wanted professional assassin, hired by the MI6 to kill whoever wants to kill the Prime Minister. Louis doesn’t do relationships but he does Harry. Featuring Niall as their handler, Liam as Harry’s boss and Zayn as his sidekick.

Where You Go, I Go by onedirectionrody:

Summary: “Agent Cowell yelled, ‘Remember, lads this is a sacred relationship. Spies and their handlers must be closer than most spouses to survive.’

Which, like, that would be okay, except Harry was staring directly at the boy he fucked in the toilets at the club the night before.”

In which Harry and Louis are secret agent partners who probably shouldn’t fall in love.

The title’s a line from Skyfall, by Adele. The story, otherwise, has very little to do with Bond.

When Worlds Collide and Days are Dark by darkmarkburning, staybeautiful:

Summary: It’s Harry’s job to investigate and stop any threats to National and International security as MI6’s top operative, which in this case, might just be Louis, over glorified Personal Assistant / Ministerial Diary Secretary to the Prime Minister, no matter how blue his eyes are or what his tight pants might do to Harry. With Harry as James Bond, Louis as his Bond Girl, Liam as M, Niall as Moneypenny, and Zayn as Q.

The Things You Hide by LiveLaughLoveLarry:

Summary: Louis has been an MI6 agent for four years. Now he wants out. Unfortunately, his superiors have other ideas. Their solution: a ‘mission’ in the Greek Islands, one that’s more vacation than actual work.

Harry is an avid photographer who shows him around the area. He’s open and carefree and everything that Louis wishes he could be.

Along the way they fall in love, and maybe Louis learns a little about love, a little about lies, and a whole lot the meaning of home.

Too good to be bad by Tita:

Summary: “You’ll never guess who’s here,” Louis rushes out, knowing very well that this is not how it’s supposed to go.

“Louis, we should focus on the mission.”

“I know, but it’s Harry, Li.”

Liam falters for a second. “Training camp, sexual awakening Harry?”

Or: Two spies, one mission, zero things left in common between them.

Shoot First, Fall in Love Later by how_about_no:

Summary: “I’m gunna go wash this blood off me.” Harry declares before getting up and heading into the en-suite.

“Does he scare any of you?” Niall asks with a faux shiver.

“Adorable yet deadly,” Zayn laments before smiling at Niall, “J'adore ça.”
Niall snorts and Louis really wishes he knew French.

Or the one where Louis is a dick with feelings, Harry is sweet but secretly a bad ass, Niall loves everything to a point, Liam is a computer nerd, and Zayn speaks french when he’s emotional.

Into the Badlands by midnightsurge:

Summary: “007, need I remind you that this was meant to be a covert operation?” he snapped through the mic. He waved away one of his minions when he was approached, unwilling to suffer any sort of attention deficit that could possibly result in the near annihilation of a very small country by one of his very, very stupid double-oh agents.

“Q, you wound me,” came the cheery voice over the speakers, gunshots sounding in the background. “Of course I listen when you tell me what my missions are.”

“Covert, 007, covert. Shall I bring you a dictionary so that you may look up the definition of the bloody word covert?!” he nearly shrieked as another explosion rocked through monitor.007 giggled. 

“You sound angry; have you been doing those relaxation exercises I showed you last time? They’ll do wonders for your elevated stress levels.”

OrLouis is Q. Harry is a double-oh agent who thinks that making knock-knock jokes around foreign embassy delegates mid-mission is a good idea.

You Only Live Twice (hope the second bullet doesn’t kill you) by trailsofpaper (Sanwall):

Summary: Agent Louis Austin of the MI6 is reported missing, presumed dead, after a failed hit on one Harry Styles. The rumours of his death are highly exaggerated however, and when Louis’ former colleague Liam Payne needs Louis to help him with an unsanctioned mission, well. Let’s say 'no’ isn’t an option.

Too bad this mission involves none other than Harry Styles.

(or the James Bond AU no one asked for)Series

↪ CAPRICORN AS THE SECRET AGENT                                disclaimer

                                             She’s a one woman army
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A Yuri!!! on Ice AU *No, the title is not a typo

This is the Masterpost for my Inferno: Yuri No Ice AU.

My update schedule and all relevant links will be attached to this post beneath the cut. Please check here and the #Inferno:YuriNoIce tag for updates! You can also check out my general YOI Art Masterpost for a list of all of my YOI works not limited to this AU.



An original post-apocalyptic/dystopian/sci-fi AU inspired in part by Guang-Hong’s FS, The Inferno. Inspired by and will pay homage to many, many other media as well, including but not limited to Mad Max: Fury Road, and Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, and Star Wars.

WARNINGS for this AU as a whole, though not this specific post: LOTS OF BLOOD, EXTREME VIOLENCE, CHARACTER DEATH, world-appropriate OOC-ness, vampires(?), zombies(?), mutant monsters, post apocalyptic setting, dystopian world, sci-fi, fantasy, mafia/secret agent/spy aesthetic, original world with too complex explanations, unsanitary consumption of blood, inappropriate use of ice skating blades, a lotta guns, a lotta swords, a lotta muscles, global warming, pollution, overthrowing the government, too many references and crossovers to count, wow i never expected these things together


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Kook & tae are best friend in college/uni. But they dont know all this time they are rival in hitmen field (they never met, never seeing face) they only know code name ) which popular for their own skills.

One day while both in a same mission for each enemies they finally met. (A hire tae to kill B & vice versea) They attempt to kill each other but failed cos kook let tae go last minute. After that they start becoming rival in real life too (lowkey) since they need to keep a facade infront their friends.

Namjoon, rich af ceo hire them on a big mission, at 1st they dont want to work together but the payment is crazy so they take it. While in the mission they start develop feeling to one other.

[ THIS PROMPT ONLY REVERSED FOR AO3 USER TOU USE, CREDIT ME (fanneyminnie@ao3) IF USE THIS IDEA, THANKS ] _visit me for more taekook prompt_ #spreadthelove

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Kara and Alex dealing with her being on the spectrum (as adults).

“hey alex, there’s no need to freak out but im home from work early-”

“what’s wrong?”

kara groans for a long time, annoyed that alex picked up. well, not annoyed. just…she just wanted to say it and leave it all behind. go curl up on her couch and eat all the brownies out of the icecream and forget that she’d almost had a meltdown at work.


“it’s not a supergirl thing, i was just going to leave a message,”

“excuse me for a moment,” alex says in a way more formal tone and kara hears her boots echoing and sighs again, pulls the icecream out. a door whooshes open on alex’s end of the phone and alex is talking to her again. “talk to me. what’s wrong? is it that sleazy guy again?”

“no, no,” kara crinkles her nose. “well, he is still sleazy. but it’s not that. i just… hadabitofameltdownatworkandwantedtotellyoubeforejamesdoes.”

“okay, rewind,” alex chides her, but really softly and kara grabs at the duvet she’s been using as a cape - she likes the weight, and she likes that it’s so long it slides along the floor when she walks and makes the nicest shish shish shish sound - and she nods. “repeat all that but slower.”

“i had a meltdown at work,” she says. “and i’m calling you because i’m pretty sure james is going to call you soon to make sure i haven’t blown out my powers and i thought you should know. and, maybe,” kara picks at the raised loops sewing the patches of the duvet cover, “i wanted to see if you were busy.”

“you had a meltdown? what happened? you’re okay? i mean you’re talking so that’s a good sign,”

“yes,” kara nods emphatically, pushes her glasses up her nose when the move makes them slip down. “i’m okay. i stood in the sun, i did my breathing, james hugged me and cat gave me a pillow to hug.”

“that woman, honestly,”

“at least she didn’t fire me,” kara tells her, and damn it her voice wavers a little and alex - a literal spy and awesome secret agent - can’t not pick up on that. “no crying at work, remember?”

“you were crying?” alex asks very softly. “kara, i can be there in fifteen minutes.”

“no. no, you are working and i dealt with it and i am dealing with it and i want you to finish up your meeting.”

“you’re more important,”

“yeah but i’m also okay,” she insists. “please, i just wanted to let you know. i dealt with it, i did well. i’m not a kid anymore, alex, please don’t come over until you’re actually free.”


kara narrows her eyes. “i’ll know if you cut any meetings or whatever to come over.”

that makes alex laugh and she’s about to say something, probably along the lines of i was a DEO agent for years without you knowing, but the door whooshes open and a quiet voice asks for alex to join them again.

“i’ll be right in,” alex promises, and she waits for the door to close again. “i will be over the second my shift is over. save some icecream for me.”

“uh, no.”

“i will pick up some icecream,” alex amends, and kara lowers her head to the kitchen counter and listens to the fondness, the smile, her sister speaks with. “i’m really proud of you. and we can go through what happened to figure out why,”

“i know why, it’s okay. i just want to watch tv with you. but…on mute maybe?” she scratches at her arm. “it was all sounds and stuff today, i just.”

“mute is good.”


“okay.” alex lingers as long as she can, but, “i have to go back in there. my shift ends at seven, expect me at seven thirty. what’s your food today?”


“pick something else too.”

“just brownies.”


“i won’t eat anything else. not today.”

“fine! brownies then,” she grumbles, and her goodbye is hurried but sweet. “i love you, see you tonight.”


she doesn’t feel worse, exactly, when alex does show up. way more tired though so everything is a little harder to manage.

“hey kara,” alex says, and immediately shuts up when her little sister curls into an even littler sister shaped ball on the couch and tugs her duvet closed around her head.

alex makes her way around as quietly as she can. she toes her boots off at the door, pads to the fridge to put away the pizzas she picked up. it wasn’t on kara’s very short food list but it’s a danvers staple so she’ll want it eventually. the low whine of the fridge sounds especially loud and alex hunches her shoulders, moves as fast as she can to finish all the necessary steps. turns her phone on silent and do not disturb, shrugs off her jacket and picks up a blanket, grimaces through cracking open the brownie takeout box and the clink of cutlery when she pulls out a spoon for kara.

“are you done?” kara grumbles from her couch. if she concentrates, alex thinks she can make out a single, baleful eye.

“coming your way,” alex shoots back, and kara sobs once when she steps on a creaking floorboard and again when the couch springs shriek when she sits. “i’m sorry.”

“it’s okay.” kara doesn’t take the brownie box. alex sets it on the table. “it hurts,” she mutters, and alex eases her over so she can lay next to her sister and pulls her head to her chest.

“focus on my heartbeat,” she tells her, and wraps her arms tight even that even kara could feel it. she can’t hold that up for long, but a moment is enough.

kara knees her in the bladder and headbutts her chin, blind inside her cocoon, shifting around to find the most comfortable position and alex bears it with good grace though she’ll be cashing in her bruises for favours later, no doubt about that.

they doze off quickly, kara first, exhausted, and then alex once kara’s tears are mostly cried out. when they wake, it’s because of kara’s stomach. it grumbles and rumbles and kara floats them both over to the kitchen, putters around making their dinner - midnight meal, really - as quietly as possible.

“maybe you should tell your friends,” alex murmurs, trying to keep her voice smooth and low and even. “and maybe cat.”

kara shoves her pizza slice into her mouth and fetches her phone, squints at the brightness and turns it so alex can read the email.

“sick days are unfortunately a requirement by law. you have several. use them wisely.” alex rolls her eyes. “can she say anything without it sounding like a threat?”

“carter,” kara whispers.

“true.” she accepts kara back into a hug, despite the sauce on her chin. kara tucks her forehead into alex’s neck, brings her arms up to brace comfortably between their bodies. “sick day tomorrow? i have a date with maggie in the evening, maybe we can all hang out in the day?”


“we’ll see how you feel. could be a danvers day only.” she feels kara smile and nod. “sounds good to me.”

they stand for a while longer. then kara sighs and pulls back. “i’m going to tell winn and james. they should know in case anything happens while they’re with me. like today. and i trust them. and cat already knows everything,” kara sucks in a deep breath, less to do with cat and more to do with the effort of saying so much at one time. “but i’m going to tell her too.”


“will you stay, when i tell the guys?”

“of course.”

kara blows out her cheeks and nods, relieved. “thank you.”

Original Japanese poster for TO TRAP A SPY (1964), directed by Don Medford, starring Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Luciana Paluzzi, Pat Crowley, Ivan Dixon, William Marshall, and Fritz Weaver. 
This was the first of the MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. theatrical releases that were  expanded versions of the series’ TV episodes.  This one was comprised largely of footage from the show’s 70 minute pilot.   Incidentally, the pilot was known as SOLO—which was initially the purposed title for the series.

anonymous asked:

How do you write about spies/ secret agents

There isn’t exactly a comprehensive guide to writing about spies/secret agents, as a lot of it depends on the context they’re working in. Spies for government agencies, for business competition, or in apocalyptic or magical/fantasy settings - spies will be written differently depending on each of these contexts. 

Things you consider when writing about spies:

  • How much is at stake - their lives, the lives of others, destruction of a business, a town, a planet ect.
  • What information they’re looking to obtain - details of the enemy’s plan, scientific/technological advances, crucial information that may assist their own investigations/plans
  • What tools they use to obtain it - audio/video bugs and hidden cameras, undercover agents, computer hacking tools, invisibility, magical gems that scan for info, or just sheer manipulation
  • Who they answer to - are they spying of their own accord, or at the direction of someone else? If they fail in obtaining their info, what will happen to them? And if they succeed, what rewards will they receive, if any?
  • If their loyalties will shift - some characters spy for the enemy, without realizing they’re spying for the enemy, and they switch to the other side once they discover this. Is this true/false of your spy character?

These are all things that could vary depending on your story’s setup and the universe you’ve created, so go through and think about how each of these topics applies to your story. 

Some additional general tips I can give you:

1. Don’t make it too easy 

Spies shouldn’t succeed on every assignment or task they take on. They should fail from time to time and have to deal with the repercussions, even if it means their identity is revealed. Sometimes revealing the identity of your spy halfway through the story shakes things up in ways you couldn’t have predicted and ultimately makes for a more interesting story.

2. Consider why your character became a spy

They may have believed in the mission they were working for, or perhaps were raised by their parents to take on the spy game, or maybe were threatened by a big boss who decided they needed your character. What motivated your character to do this, and furthermore…

3. Consider what would make your character turn on their spy duties

What action or event would make your character drop the charade? Would they reveal their identity to save a life? To prevent someone from experiencing emotional hurt? Or are they the type who would carry their secrets to the grave for the greater good of mankind?

4. Don’t neglect the story’s mystery

The best spy stories are also mysteries - spies are looking for specific information that will help them understand some greater problem. Don’t reveal too much all at once. Keep readers guessing at the significance of new discoveries, but don’t have them twisting in their seat until the last chapter. Think of each new detail as a Cheerio, and feed your readers one at a time, instead of the full bowl.

Hope that helps!


haechansgf  asked:

do you have any aus for apy/secret agent themes?

  • “I’m trying to use this phone booth, and yes, I know that no one uses them anymore, but I forgot my cell phone charger, okay? Well, unfortunately, the bottom of the phone booth has fallen out and I’ve ended up in the broom closet of a secret CIA headquarters.” AU
  • “I’ve been dating this person for what, two years now? How am I supposed to react when they come to our anniversary dinner as our waiter/waitress, only to tell me in the middle of a crowded restaurant that they’re undercover?? Undercover from what??? My potential wrath?!?” AU
  • “I’ve always been jealous of my spouse’s watches/jewelry, so this afternoon I decided to indulge myself in trying one of them on, only to find a dart shooting out from the side of said item. This only raises the question of what they do in their spare time…” AU
  • “You’ve been doing WHAT to my computer?! This is my personal space - I don’t care what virus you think has hacked its way onto my computer!…NO, EVEN IF IT’S FROM A PORN SITE. DO I LOOK LIKE I WATCH PORN. AM I THE TYPE OF PERSON TO WATCH PORN. DON’T ANSWER THAT.” AU
  • “I’m just an innocent blogger who is attempting to find a local apartment that I can rent out with a roommate, but the one that I found on Craigslist is a bit sketchy. However, the roommate is EVEN sketchy-er. Why do they always have that hood up anyways?” AU
  • “I’m a secret agent for the FBI who has been charged with the task of taking out one of our own, but I didn’t know that the CIA’s head janitor counted as ‘one of our own.’” AU
  • “I go to a school for training future spies, and I unfortunately have a crush on one of my classmates. It’s difficult to find alone time in a place where everyone quite literally lives to know secrets.” AU
  • “I work at a car dealership and I can’t stop laughing at this one customer who came in looking for a certain car that I’ve never heard of, giving me a ‘code word’ or something like that, saying that ‘that should get them into the secret lot.’ I sent them away, to say the least, but now I’m in trouble with my manager for ‘incorrect conduct.’ What was I supposed to do? Take the person who said ‘symbiotic bananas’ seriously?!” AU
  • “This person’s umbrella on the subway is beeping” AU
  • “Why are you not wearing any clothes. Where did you come from. Why are you talking to yourself. No no no no no, there isn’t a bluetooth there. Stop it. I can’t believe this. My brain hates my eyes for seeing this.” AU

helpfulxresources-deactivated20  asked:

hi there! i was wondering if you can link me to some resources for a better understanding of secret agencies and also about private detectives? i would like to rp a character whose job is to talk and guide ground soldiers through wireless communication, i also want to rp someone who works for a secret agency and a private detective, so i'd really like to make it as real as possible! i'd be very glad if you can link me to some helpful resources or enlighten me yourself!

Secret Agents:

Private Detectives:

Other Guides on Tumblr:

anonymous asked:

Ahhh thank you so much for the mafia fics 😘😘 So yeah this time for the spy au perhaps?? Thanks a lot for putting up the effort to gather some of the fics that I have been requested. This blog is such a life saver! Thank you once again ❤

I thought there were more than I can find, but these two are definitely good!

the ground taunts my wings (plummet as I sing)
Summary: As opposing forces they are two parts of a very different world; one of politics and trickery and the other of money and blood. Yet, somehow, like puzzle pieces, they manage to slot together.

I Am Strong. I Can Win
Summary: Eren Jäger is an ex-spy. He quit right after meeting his two boyfriends, Erwin and Levi, after they asked him to do so. He didn’t want to quit, but decided to after the worry began to overwhelm his boyfriends. But Levi and Erwin have underestimated Eren to a major extent. And they are about to find out how strong he really is.