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Mr Cryo how old are you if you don't mind me asking? Your quite fetching 💜

(just a thought: its surprising how much cryo dislikes scout considering how similar they are in terms of… immaturity)

He was shot down on August 25, 1940. Wiggins, his wingman, saw him bail into the Channel. It was a Sunday. Molly remembered because she came back from church with Mary and Rosie, and there was John with Mycroft. She remembered the look on John’s face; the apprehension, the guilt, like he had some part in it; how she tried to retreat before he even got a word out. Because she knew. Two days later anti-aircraft gunners at St Margaret’s Bay spotted the Spitfire wreckage. No body was found. That gave Molly hope. That, and the vow Sherlock had made to return.

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Do you still make NH fanfics? I really miss your writing.

I have quite a number of wips in my drafts, but it’s been difficult finding inspiration and motivation to finish them. I am still working on them just- very, very…. very slowly. I’m sorry I haven’t written anything for them in a while! You’re always welcome to send me a prompt! Otherwise, I highly recommend checking out @utsus for your NH fic fix! In the meantime, here’s a piece from spy au I was writing so long ago! (Unedited, so sorry for any mistakes!) 

The hallway is quiet, almost unnaturally so. The plush carpet soaks up any sound her heels and his shoes would’ve made and the loudest presence on the floor are the ostentatious wall sconces that brilliantly light the simple, but expensively furnished hallway of the hotel. The silence and the stillness are both a blessing and a curse.

Naruto gently taps Hinata’s shoulder and when she looks back at him, he hand signals whether or not she can see anyone coming. She closes her eyes, refocuses, and when she opens them again, the lenses that Tenten designed specially for her activates. She scans the hallways and peers around the corner but the only heat source she can see is Naruto at her back, though she doesn’t need to see him to feel his presence. He’s close enough that his front almost touches her bare upper back, the crisp folds of his suit gently ghosting over her skin.

She signals back. Coast is clear. And then she leads on, her eyes guiding them to their target: Room 511. She hates being in the open like this, even if the carpet and the walls render them both noiseless. It amplifies the sound of the hammering of her heart and the beats of her breath- but she knows that is adrenaline heightening her senses and sending her blood rushing. She focuses herself, clearing her mind until cool and sharp rationale grounds her again.

Naruto lifts a hand, brushes his palm against her bare shoulder, and squeezes gently in support before letting go. The brief connection comforts them both, when they’re so close to their goal, when they cannot afford to make a mistake now.

She freezes and he knows she’s seen someone. 

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[buckynat + spy (2015) parody]

I’m sure this is pretty much like how they first met in red room.
bucky sneaks in his new partner natasha’s room and brags about his badassery.
natasha is all perplexed.

Days Are Numbered So Move On
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Jimin is a spy. Jungkook is training to be one. Hoseok trains the agents to have agility. Seokjin just wants to be Employee of the Month. Namjoon is the leader nobody asked for. Taehyung loves the kids books. And Yoongi is in the wrong occupation.

Or the one where Jimin is stuck training the new spies because of his last mission and Jungkook insists on being a nuisance to Jimin.


“My name is Quintin Daniel Holmes." 

(London Spy ⇔ Sherlock ⇔ Bond!Verse CrossOver) ~ PART: 1, PART: 2

  • Demoman: Truth or dare?
  • Sniper: Dare
  • Demoman: I dare ya' to kiss the cutest person in this room
  • Sniper: Spy?
  • Spy, blushing: Yes?
  • Sniper: Move aside, I need to get to Scout
Mixed Emotions


Request: Hi there I’m in love with your blog!! Could you write something with Peter Parker where you were like the “newbie kid” on Team Cap and when you and Peter run into each other at school you guys don’t get along but slowly develop feelings with a little encouragement from like Ned? I’m sorry if this is a lot and if you want to change it up or don’t feel comfortable writing it that’s okay! Thank you! 💙💜💛💚

A/N: It took me so long to finally finish this. I had a hard time writing this imagine, not because I didn’t want to but because for some reason I just couldn’t figure out how to move from a scene to another. Hopefully this did not disappoint you, I think it turned out okay in the end. Also, to the person who requested this imagine, I am so sorry it took me so long to post. And to the people still waiting for their requests to be written, I’m trying to get them done asap. I’ve been having a hard time with writing lately. It’s frustrating, I’ll try to get through it. Have patience, my loves, I’m going to post them at some point. I hope you enjoy this imagine.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Words: 6,158 (yikes)

Warning: slight bullying, some fighting, fluff

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FRIEND OR F.OW.L. - “Who is the Ducktales Traitor?”


So by now, most of you have seen DuckTales and are speculating about future plot points. I’m sure you who have are are all familiar with Webby’s giant conspiracy wall, which features noted McDuck/Duck family members in addition to hints at various other plot points:

While a lot of speculation seems focused on the triplets’ mother, there’s a particular part of the board that caught my eye:

The first thought is that someone in the series’ cast is a traitor, who will factor into the series’ ongoing plot, and that this traitor has some connection to Scrooge McDuck. Naturally, this puts the whole cast into question, but for the sake of argument, I think we can safely rule out one set of characters: the nephews. The post-it calling out the possibility of the traitor was already ON the board, and Webby only placed them on it after meeting them and taking their photograph, so they’re unlikely to be suspects. Furthermore, they had no relationship with or even knowledge of their relationship with Scrooge until the pilot.

That being said, I doubt any of the established characters would be traitors either. The first thought one might have would be that “this traitor” business ties into the on-going mystery of Scrooge and Donald’s falling out, but Donald is a beloved character and one of Disney’s mainstays. While the possibility he, or any other beloved character, has betrayed Scrooge unknowingly, the chances of them knowingly being so are slim.

Perhaps, then, the traitor could be the mysteriously absent Della Duck herself? While possible, I have a different theory.

Allow me to draw your attention to the other side of the board.

A picture of a silhouetted figure, with a label beneath it reading “Friend or F.O.W.L.” The photo itself appears to have “Dimmy Dingus” written on it, which implies Webby’s assessment of the murky image’s subject.

Those of you familiar with the Disney Afternoon comics will be familiar with F.O.W.L., otherwise known as the “Fiendish Organization For World Larceny” Not only were they an evil organization in DuckTales’ sister series, Darkwing Duck, that served as an analogue to the James Bond series’ fictional organization S.P.E.C.T.R.E., F.OW.L., they had their roots in DuckTales as well, in which a prototypical version of them appeared in an episode where Launchpad McQuack played the role of a James Bond expy to take on the organization’s leader, Dr. Nogood. This episode, “Double-O-Duck”, served as a prototype for Darkwing Duck, which was originally to be about spy shenanigans. Though Darkwing Duck ended up a send-up of superheroes instead, some aspects of the spy premise remained in the form of the superspy organization S.H.U.S.H. and, of course, F.O.W.L. itself. Though Launchpad himself became a cast member, no mention of his earlier run-in with F.O.W.L. was mentioned, and Dr. Nogood was replaced instead with Fowl High Command (comic spin offs would however establish both shows’ versions of the organization as one and the same).

In addition to their many agents and evil superspies, F.O.W.L. was represented by High Command, a group of constantly silhouetted, err, fowl whose features were never seen.

The thematic associations to “Dimmy Dingus” above are obvious; the image is small, but the subject is wreathed in silhouette and cannot clearly be seen. From what we can see, the subject of the “Dimmy Dingus” photo seems to be wearing a tall hat… much like the High Command member on the right.

But why am I bringing up F.O.W.L.? Because of the question asked under the image. “Friend or F.O.W.L.” Is the subject of this image a friend, or a foe? Could he be both? Could he be someone close to Scrooge?

A friend who is a potential enemy to Scrooge. In other words, a traitor.

Moving on, the “Dimmy Dingus” is connected by string to two other images on Webby’s conspiracy board:

Here we have mysterious humanoid silhouettes and a silhouette of a vehicle. Are those heads? Perhaps this is an allusion to F.O.W.L.’s henchmen, the “Eggman”. What’s more, a mysterious black vehicle would be the kind of things a spy organization would move around in, right?

But let’s wonder for a moment. If F.O.W.L. is important and connected to Scrooge, and also a traitor, they’d have to be individuals with a lot of power to move against him without someone as wily as Scrooge noticing. So our criteria are powerful, mysterious, close to Scrooge McDuck, and images associated with the shadows.

Look at the image of High Command from Darkwing Duck again. Though one of them is a duck, the other two members are large birds with long, hooked beaks. It wouldn’t be a stretch to excise the duck from their membership and make all three of them the same species.

As it turns out, we’ve already met three characters who meet the potential criteria for the traitor, are introduced framed by shadows, and who are birds that could serve as the same species for a potential new version of High Command without re-imagining a beloved classic character as a villain.

The three vulture executives from earlier in the premier episode.

Birds with long hooked beaks. Check. Introduced in a darkened scene, providing a visual and thematic association with darkness? Check. Close to Scrooge McDuck? Check. Powerful? They help run his business and have access to his funds. Check. None of them is wearing a hat, but they could also easily just swap out their evil overlord outfits in their day jobs.

Could Scrooge’s own executives be using Scrooge’s money and power to fund a fiendish organization for world larceny? Are they using the richest duck in the world for their own ends? And do they have a connection to the fate of Della Duck? Perhaps one of Scrooge’s co-adventurers and family members got too close, and they did something to remove Della from the equation while also orchestrating things to make Donald lose his faith in his uncle? And perhaps, without the positive influence of family, Scrooge became a harder individual, slunk away from adventuring, and became easier to manipulate for financial ends while being less of an active threat to their schemes.

There’s a lot of issues with this theory. I’m making a lot out of very little, and it’s still very early. And what’s more, the post-it about the traitor is on a different side of the board from “Dimmy Dingus”. That being said, while other individuals show up on the board in silhouette and probably don’t have a connection to F.O.W.L. (unless you want to think Scrooge’s grandpa was an evil mastermind). I think the implication that the Fiendish Organization For World Larceny is up to no good in the new series is pretty clear. And what’s more, they’re not just ready to battle Darkwing and S.H.U.S.H., because Webby seems to think they have their eyes set on Scrooge McDuck and their string connects directly to him as well.

But where does Darkwing fit in? DOES he fit in? And is all this making too much of something that may very well be a minor plot point in the end?

There’s a strong possibility I’m way off base.

But it’s fun to speculate.

Skirts and Mary Janes: Part 1

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Prompt: Reader is part of the batfam and doesn’t know that her family is full of vigilantes and she attends Gotham Academy and she is part of the detective club and one nigh the group hunts down killer croc and bump into batfam?Batman gets all fatherly and tries to send the reader and her friends away but the reader is to fascinated by the fact that she just ran into batfam?

Words: 869

You dodge the scaly tail, just barely. It’s literally a distance of an inch between the crater in the concrete and your head. You keep on rolling before moving to your feet. You scrape your palms in the process, but the pain doesn’t register; you have too much adrenaline pumping through your system for that.

The one thought that does go through your mind is that you should have changed out of your school uniform. Hunting criminals in a plaid skirt, and mary janes, was by far your dumbest move.

You crouch down behind a wall and take several deep breaths in an attempt to calm your heartbeat. It doesn’t work. In fact, the low growl just speeds it up. As the tail comes crashing through the wall you dash to the side and roll, skinning your knees in the process.

Then that tail is above you, and it’s coming down, and you’re fairly sure that this is how it’s going to end. And the thing is you can’t quite believe it. You started the detectives club for fun, a side effect of your father reading you mystery novels from the time you were a child. He’d started with Harriet the Spy and moved up. He taught you how to think things through, how to figure things out.

You obviously hadn’t thought this one out. Your poor father, he’d never handled loss well. His parent’s death had changed him drastically, your mother’s death had made him more solemn, and poor Jason’s death had nearly killed him. Yours might actually finish him off.

That tail never comes. You look up and there’s Batman, wrestling that tail away from you. Then there are hands under your arms, dragging you away. Then you’re being passed over to someone else, and you’re slung over a shoulder. You are finally deposited next to another man, before everything goes black.

You wake up to arguing, and voices you know all too well. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, except you’re still in a sewer, and the voices of your family are coming from Gotham’s favorite heroes. You get shakily to your feet, and move towards them, eyes wide.

Your voice is a little hesitant, “Daddy?”

He turns towards you, and slowly so do the others. There’s this moment of silence before you say, “Are you freaking kidding me?”

Then they surge forward, hands covering your mouth, and your dad whispers in your ear, “We’re still in uniform, and while the croc is unconscious he could wake up at any moment. You are to go home right now, and wait for us there. I’ll explain everything as soon as I get home. I’ve already sent the rest of your club home. Now go.”

Alfred meets you at the door, first aid kit in hand. He bandages your scrapes and you just glare at him. Your dad and brothers stroll in a little bit later. Including a face you haven’t seen in a while. You swallow thickly, “Jason?”

He just smiles and says, “Hey squirt.”

You surge forward and begin punching him, “You no good jerk! I thought you were dead! I went to your funeral, I cried for you!”

He grasps your wrists and you scowl at him, “Technically I did die, squirt, I just found a way to come back.”

You strike out with your foot, and kick his shin.

“OWWW, What the heck?”

You take a step back, “My entire family is made up of crime fighting superheroes, all except me! I’m just in some stupid detectives’ club!”

Dick just bursts out laughing, “Told you that’s what she’d be mad about.”

You turn to your dad, “You made him Robin! You didn’t even think of me, did you?”

Your dad just smiles, and crosses his arms against his chest, “No, I didn’t. You’re too sweet to hurt someone.”

“I just hurt Jason.”

“Jason died and came back from the dead. That little kick didn’t hurt him. Now, how about you go change, and I’ll take you out. Wherever you want to go.”

You mimic your dad’s stance, and raise an eyebrow, “Anywhere I want to go?” He just nods. Then you smile, “I want to go to the mall. I want to shop, I need a new homecoming dress, and after today I need a new skirt and shoes. I’m also picking what we’re having for dinner.”

Bruce nods, “Fair enough.”

Then you smile and say, “Get ready to pay old man, I have over ten years’ worth of secrets to bank on, and you better be sure that I’m going to do just that.” Your dad just laughs. “I also want to see the batcave, and drive the batmobile.”

He nods, “Okay.”

There’s a loud exclamation from the boys, “You’re going to let her drive the batmobile?” Jason asks, “You made me wash that thing 100 times and I had to take a test before you let me sit in it!”

Your dad just shrugs and says, “She’s the best driver out of all of you.”

There’s loud exclamations as you smile and go to change. It won’t be long till you’re out there with them. You’ll make sure of it.

Assassin - Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: HI!!! i love Lift sm it’s so good may i request something where fem!reader is an assassin and is using steve’s apartment in brooklyn as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy bc her intel told her that he’s not going back from a mission until next week but steve comes home early bc the mission was easier than they all thought and he finds the reader just looking through her sniper and stuff gets awkward? Thank you ily!!!

Warnings: None.

Words: 1 585

A/N: First of all, thank you so much for requesting. Secondly, I kind of went off the tracks and made this into some kind of sappy drabble and I apologize! :’)


Originally posted by oursisthefvry

She knelt down before the door, glancing behind her quickly before turning her focus to the gold-colored lock before her. She dug out her lock picking gear and placed them in the keyhole, twisting them in place with ease due to much practice, the door creaking open.

The place was just like she had imagined yet all the details were still new to her. Her eyes followed the colorless photographs hung up on the wall, the flowery wallpaper and the old furniture. It seemed out of time yet a few things would stand out. The kitchen appliances for a starter, the laptop on the kitchen table for a second.

She wanted to ask headquarters if they were sure he was away, but she didn’t want to question them. She had done too much of that during her past missions. She just wanted to be sure, but she ended up making a fool out of herself as headquarters were always right.

“I’m at my location. Getting in position now.” She informed through her earpiece upon seeing the living room window. She swung her gear off of her back and opened up the long and narrow bag.

Copy that, Alpha. Target arriving in T minus 4 minutes. Team Omega at stand by.”

She screwed the tripod base until whole again, propping it in front of the window before starting to put her sniper rifle together. She was swift, knowing exactly where each piece was going. She placed it on the stand and lowered the aim for the window on the fifth floor in the building across from the one she was in.

Her heartbeat slowed down as she took long and deep breaths. Her aim was good, her gear was in place and her senses sharp. All she had to do was wait for the target.

She had only accepted the mission as she felt it was so personal. She wasn’t much for working in big cities. It came with too many complications which meant she had to take extra many precautions. It became tiring in the long run, but the mission she was on was far too personal for her to rely on someone else to take care of it.

As she sat there, right eye scanning through the scope, she was suddenly put in a headlock. She inhaled sharply and her hands flew to the strong arm wrapped under her chin.

“Who the hell are you?” He asked, relief washing through her at the same time as embarrassment.

“Steve.” She choked out, her voice strained from the lack of air she was receiving. “It’s me.”

He dropped her and she stumbled forward, gripping onto the wall for support as she coughed. “Y/N?” He said, grabbing her shoulder and forcing her to spin around. His tense muscles eased as soon as he saw her face at the same time as his curiosity and confusion peaked. “What on god’s green earth are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” She tried to retort as if she was in any position to do that. To her luck, Steve was Steve, so he answered her question.

“I came home early from my mission. What’s your excuse for breaking into my apartment and standing by the window with a rifle?” He crossed his arms. She didn’t want to tell him, and she tried to ignore headquarters constant commands in her ear to not tell him, but she couldn’t do that to Steve.

She picked the earpiece out of her ear, walking over to the kitchen counter where an old glass of water stood, dropping the device in it and watching it sink to the bottom before turning back to Steve.

“While you were away, we were given reliable information about a spy who was targeting you. My first guess was Hydra but I honestly don’t know. Either way, we’ve been tracking the fake name he’s been using and followed the purchase of an apartment to right there…” She pointed across the street to the apartment in question. “I was given orders to keep this off the radar, your radar, to be exact. You weren’t supposed to know about the spy or that I had been here to take care of him.”

“So if I have someone on my tail, they don’t even let me know anymore? They keep it secret?” He question, rightfully upset.

“Look, Steve… I know you don’t like the way we handle things compared to yours and the Avengers ways, but I have orders, even if I don’t have someone listening to them.” She glanced towards the dysfunctional earpiece. “I need to do this… For your safety and for my job.”

He didn’t know what to say to that. Y/N and him had a thing in the past, which meant roughly six months before, and although their feeling had far from gone away or as much as faded, they couldn’t stay together. Y/N was dedicated to the service she was in, and Steve was against her killing-methods. Work had in the end been what caused them to fall apart, no matter how much they both hated it, that was the only reason.

“I’ve told you that there will always be a spot for you with the Avengers. You don’t have to continue this life of murdering.”

“Like you haven’t killed a couple of bad guys during your time.” She argued, her voice low.

“I’ve never worked for an organization that kills for money. If they could afford you, you’d kill cheating husbands for grieving wife’s. Sometimes, the lives you take, do not deserve to be taken. You know that your organization is not what it used to be… They might still have some trace of what once was a faction of SHIELD, but you know that they’ve changed, don’t you? I’m sure they’ve ordered you to kill people. People you thought were innocent.”

“Stop.” She put her arms up in defense.

“This is your way out, Y/N.” He pointed to the submerged earpiece. “You can work with the Avengers.”

“I just don’t see how I would fit in with you.” She explained, a battle between two sides going on in her head.

“And so you think you fit in where you are now?” He had a suggesting tone to his voice that caused her eyebrows to furrow together. “Take a look.”

He pointed at her rifle. She eyed him before turning around, slowly leaning down to the scope and centering the window across the street.

“Oh god…” She gasped, standing up and placing her hand over her mouth.

“That safe source your superiors talked about was probably stolen, SHIELD information. “Steve looked to the building beside his own where Rhodes stood in the window. “He moved here after I suggested the neighborhood. SHIELD keeps track of him, of course… And I’m willing to bet my life that your little organization knew that it was no spy that moved in across the street from here.”

She couldn’t find the words in her to tell him something, anything. Her mind was a blank slate.

“Want to know what my mission was?” He questioned like she would have a choice in whether he would tell the answer or not. “Locating a leak within SHIELD that caused Natasha to have her cover blown over in Europe.”

“Bosnia…” Y/N breathed out, remembering having the mission given to her to go to Bosnia and take out an elite Hydra agent, but turning it down for Steve’s spy.

“You see? They’re lying straight to your face.”

“They might as well be Hydra…” Her brain was trying to puzzle it all together.

Steve took a step closer. “We don’t know that, but whatever they are, they’re far from SHEILD. You could be the one who takes them down. You can live in the Stark Tower, or we could go off the grid for a while…”

She shouldn’t have paid attention to it in the moment, but she couldn’t help it. “We?”

His cheeks flushed red. “Well, you and I could go to one of T'Challa’s many hideouts around the world… Reconnect.”

“Is that the word they use for it these days?” She tried to be flirty but he saw the tears well up in her eyes, realization crashing down on her like a harsh wave.

“Oh no, baby… Come here.” He wrapped his arms around her and pressed her against his chest as her first tear managed to slip. God was it heartbreaking to see her cry. He had known her for years, and she had never allowed to show herself weak, ever. She needed to find out she had been working for the bad guys all along to finally break. “It’s going to get better, you hear me? I’m here. We’re going to be together after all. We can take that trip to China that we always wanted, walk the entire Wall…”

She chuckled against him, pressing her check flat against his chest. “You’re so dumb.”

“You love it though.” He smiled. “Admit it.”

She would never.

She looked up into his eyes, hoping he would forgive her for all the times they had fought over her wanting to stay true to the organization she was hired by. She hoped he would forgive her for all the people she had killed. She hoped she would forgive herself for both of those. Perhaps it would take time, but it seemed as Steve was willing to give her that.

do you remember?

Summary: It’s the night before their wedding. Izuku and Shouto did a little throwback. 

Tags: Dating, Dates Gone Wrong, Fluff, Pure fluff, Late night talk, wedding, big day, proposal

Note: This is to make up for yesterday angst. A prequel to Shoe Game@tododeku-week Day 6 | memories | quote


‘Do you remember our first date?’ Izuku’s soft murmur broke the silence of the night.

Shouto, who was starting to drift off to sleep at the lull of the conversation, blushed crimson on reflex. He always blushed whenever Izuku mentioned dates.

'The official one or the first first one?’ He asked. Because Uraraka and Tsuyu had told them first thing when they started dating for real that it felt like they had been dating for ages, with how many times they did things with just the two of them.

'The official one,’ Izuku replied fondly. It was too dark to see but Shouto was certain Izuku was smiling softly.

'Yeah. Why?’ He answered. Looks like he was not going to sleep early tonight.

'Do you remember the movie we watched?’

'Yes, yes I do.’ It was a special outdoor showing of Jaws. Widescreen on the bank of a lake at the dark of the night. They were taken out to the middle of the lake on a rickety old wooden boat to enjoy the movie. The movie was old, 19070s old, but it was surprisingly engaging. Izuku languidly dipped his arm elbow deep into the lake, not really watching the movie, but watching Shouto watch the movie. His left arm, which was thankfully dry, made an excellent head rest for Shouto.

That would have been a perfect night out if it had been a normal, innocent show.

As it was, there were people swimming around, grabbing arms and legs and scaring people out of their wits as the climax hit.

Shouto didn’t know about that. Neither did Izuku.

When the scene with the shark dragging itself up the half-submerged boat rolled around, Izuku let loose a terrified scream. Shouto, already on edge, was startled enough to set himself on fire and burn the wooden plank underneath him.

Izuku jumped onto him and clutched at his neck, face bleached white in fear.

Their combined weight on one side of the boat sent them both toppling over into the dark water.

'You climbed onto my head and refused to climb down while I swam us back to shore.’ Shouto deadpanned, looking at the luminous stars and galaxy painted on the ceiling. Luckily it was a warm night so he had hardly any difficulty guiding himself and Izuku the deadweight to the shore.

Izuku sputtered near his head, rustling about in the blanket.

'I did not!’ He protested indignantly.

'And you were convinced that there were sharks. In a sealed off fresh water lake. One hundred kilometre inland.’

'There are fresh water sharks!’

'Not native to Japan.’

Izuku huffed in annoyance as he had no comeback for that.

'Well, at least I don’t fall asleep in an IKEA wardrobe.’ He steered the conversation in a completely different direction. Shouto didn’t need to turn around to see how madly Izuku’s eyes were twinkling.

They had agreed to never talk about that again.

‘We had an agreement.’ Shouto reminded, a bit peeved but mostly embarrassed.

There was a reason why they never mentioned that.

Dripping wet and soaked to the bones, they left the movie unfinished to hunt for new clothes. The nearest store they could get clothes from was a thrift shop, which had them some rather interesting choices.

Within five minutes, Shouto picked a white polo shirt and a pair of surprisingly comfortable black jeans. Not much different from his initial clothes.

Izuku, on the other hand…

His eyes literally lit up when Shouto drove them into the parking lot of the shop and he was out before Shouto even released his own seatbelt. It took him nearly ten minutes to locate Izuku, standing in front of a bookshelf, head bent a 90 degree to look at the title on the back of the books. Water made a pool at his feet. He looked so much like a downed rat, hair plastered to his head, clothes stuck onto his lean muscular frame. Shouto was probably not much better but it was so endearing to see Izuku like this. He had to physically drag Izuku away from the books to search for clothes.

(He made a mental note to have one of the biggest bookshelves and most comfortable reading nooks installed when they moved into a bigger apartment. If his room was smaller because of that, then so be it; as long as he could see Izuku’s dopey smile all the time, any sacrifice was worth it.)

Izuku was too distracted to pick his own clothes so Shouto had to do it. And he did it well. Izuku offered no objection whatsoever, still too distracted, so Shouto believed it was a job well-done.

His boyfriend only paid attention to what he was wearing when they were driving away from the thrift shop.

‘Shouto, what am I wearing? Why am I wearing All Might merch? Oh my god I’m not 10 anymore! Wait, why are we at IKEA? What are we doing at IKEA?’ His voice was an octave higher than it had been in the beginning, face flushing crimson.

‘I am hungry.’ I want to check out the bookshelves.

‘We can eat somewhere else,’ Izuku nearly begged.

‘They’re too far,’ Shouto said. ‘I’ll be quick.’

‘Can I just stay in the car?’ Izuku changed tactic when begging didn’t work.

Shouto merely shook his head.

He didn’t understand. They wore each other’s merch all the time. An All Might hood T-shirt and matching pants were not as outrageous as Izuku made them to be. And how could his boyfriend not see how cute he was in those? The yellow things sticking out from the hood would be absolutely adorable if Izuku decided to pull the hood up.

‘I have an image to uphold!’ Izuku whispered into his ears scandalously, trying in vain to hide behind Shouto as they walked to the restaurant section of IKEA.

‘There are few people around. They won’t pay attention,’ He said while prying Izuku’s hand away from his shirt so he could take it in his own hand. ‘You look cute in them.’

Shouto would never get bored of watching Izuku’s face flame up. So, he pushed the hood over Izuku’s face and pressed a soft kiss on his covered head. Izuku’s hand felt hot in his hold but he didn’t try to push the hood down so Shouto took that as a win.

He left Izuku alone for a few minutes at the restaurant with the pretense of looking for doormat since theirs showed wear of time while in reality, he meandered over to the bookshelf section.

Then he got distracted and lost track of time.

He found an interesting wardrobe. Wooden, tall, mystical. Kind of like the one in Narnia movie.

The inside was equally Narnia-inspired with demo woollen sweeping-the-floor coats and off white fluffy carpet. It was also big enough for him to sit comfortably. A little bit too comfy as he felt his eyes start to droop and he lost the fight against sleep.

When he woke up again, it was to Izuku’s half-panic, half-dying-of-laughter face.

‘I almost called for a hero agency before I realised I was a hero. And I did a spy move to get away from the security guy while running around searching for you. We actually spent a night in IKEA. I was having a panic attack and you were sleeping away in a wardrobe!’ Izuku howled uncontrollaby, shaking so badly the bed shook with him.

Shouto endured the embarrassment as Izuku laughed himself to a coughing fit. He half-heartedly pounded on Izuku’s back to ease it.

‘I will not mention Jaws night again if you never bring up IKEA wardrobe in the future,’ Shouto bargained.

‘Deal,’ Izuku agreed easily, shaking his hand once before going back to giggling.

What a load of dung. They both knew they would bring those up again at any given chance.  

They lapsed back into silence, broken only by Izuku’s intermittent snorts. The luminous stars on the ceiling shone brightly, almost heavenly in the absolute darkness of their room.

‘Do you remember the time we danced in the rain?’ Izuku gently snuggled up to his side, whispering into his ear.  

‘Of course.’ How could he not? It was the first time he ever felt so alive. He hadn’t smiled and laughed so much since ever.

A visit to cat island. Sun shower. Before Shouto could run to the eaves of a nearby house, Izuku yanked at their joined hand and swung him around.

It was not much of a dance since they were just doing whatever moves they felt like doing. Moonwalk, robot, tap-dancing, arm-waving. At one point, they held hands and swung themselves in circles, until they both could not stand up straight. Izuku straight up lay flat back on the middle of the road. Shouto leant onto the lamp pole a tad too far.

Luckily for them, there was no one watching, only a band of ten or so cats all huddling together on the porch of a house, eyeing them attentively.

Which somehow reminded him of something completely unrelated.

‘Do you remember when you proposed?’ Shouto turned the silver band on his left hand around.

‘How can I forget?’ Izuku chuckled. ‘Our moms are our best fans.’

‘Your mom said, what, ‘there are two beautiful engagement rings in your bedroom, Izuku. Do you mind if I show them to Shouto?’’

‘Exactly that. And I almost choked to death.’ Izuku laughed. ‘I bet your mom planned that too. She kept eyeing my mom with a smile throughout dinner.’

‘You went so red that a ripe tomato cannot be any redder.’ Shouto recalled fondly.

‘As if you were any better.’ Izuku placed his head on his chest to stick his tongue out at him.

‘You popped the question right then and there.’

‘And you said yes.’ Izuku dragged his arm across Shouto’s chest to stare at the ring on his left hand. Shouto pulled his arm out from under the blanket and placed his left hand next to Izuku’s. ‘Best day of my life.’ Izuku intertwined their fingers and kissed them gently.

Shouto ran his right hand through Izuku’s fluffy hair rhythmically. He felt Izuku’s breath deepened.

‘We should sleep. There’s a big day ahead of us.’

‘Uhm, good night Shouto. I love you.’

‘Good night Izuku. I love you too.’