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Assassin - Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: HI!!! i love Lift sm it’s so good may i request something where fem!reader is an assassin and is using steve’s apartment in brooklyn as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy bc her intel told her that he’s not going back from a mission until next week but steve comes home early bc the mission was easier than they all thought and he finds the reader just looking through her sniper and stuff gets awkward? Thank you ily!!!

Warnings: None.

Words: 1 585

A/N: First of all, thank you so much for requesting. Secondly, I kind of went off the tracks and made this into some kind of sappy drabble and I apologize! :’)


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She knelt down before the door, glancing behind her quickly before turning her focus to the gold-colored lock before her. She dug out her lock picking gear and placed them in the keyhole, twisting them in place with ease due to much practice, the door creaking open.

The place was just like she had imagined yet all the details were still new to her. Her eyes followed the colorless photographs hung up on the wall, the flowery wallpaper and the old furniture. It seemed out of time yet a few things would stand out. The kitchen appliances for a starter, the laptop on the kitchen table for a second.

She wanted to ask headquarters if they were sure he was away, but she didn’t want to question them. She had done too much of that during her past missions. She just wanted to be sure, but she ended up making a fool out of herself as headquarters were always right.

“I’m at my location. Getting in position now.” She informed through her earpiece upon seeing the living room window. She swung her gear off of her back and opened up the long and narrow bag.

Copy that, Alpha. Target arriving in T minus 4 minutes. Team Omega at stand by.”

She screwed the tripod base until whole again, propping it in front of the window before starting to put her sniper rifle together. She was swift, knowing exactly where each piece was going. She placed it on the stand and lowered the aim for the window on the fifth floor in the building across from the one she was in.

Her heartbeat slowed down as she took long and deep breaths. Her aim was good, her gear was in place and her senses sharp. All she had to do was wait for the target.

She had only accepted the mission as she felt it was so personal. She wasn’t much for working in big cities. It came with too many complications which meant she had to take extra many precautions. It became tiring in the long run, but the mission she was on was far too personal for her to rely on someone else to take care of it.

As she sat there, right eye scanning through the scope, she was suddenly put in a headlock. She inhaled sharply and her hands flew to the strong arm wrapped under her chin.

“Who the hell are you?” He asked, relief washing through her at the same time as embarrassment.

“Steve.” She choked out, her voice strained from the lack of air she was receiving. “It’s me.”

He dropped her and she stumbled forward, gripping onto the wall for support as she coughed. “Y/N?” He said, grabbing her shoulder and forcing her to spin around. His tense muscles eased as soon as he saw her face at the same time as his curiosity and confusion peaked. “What on god’s green earth are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” She tried to retort as if she was in any position to do that. To her luck, Steve was Steve, so he answered her question.

“I came home early from my mission. What’s your excuse for breaking into my apartment and standing by the window with a rifle?” He crossed his arms. She didn’t want to tell him, and she tried to ignore headquarters constant commands in her ear to not tell him, but she couldn’t do that to Steve.

She picked the earpiece out of her ear, walking over to the kitchen counter where an old glass of water stood, dropping the device in it and watching it sink to the bottom before turning back to Steve.

“While you were away, we were given reliable information about a spy who was targeting you. My first guess was Hydra but I honestly don’t know. Either way, we’ve been tracking the fake name he’s been using and followed the purchase of an apartment to right there…” She pointed across the street to the apartment in question. “I was given orders to keep this off the radar, your radar, to be exact. You weren’t supposed to know about the spy or that I had been here to take care of him.”

“So if I have someone on my tail, they don’t even let me know anymore? They keep it secret?” He question, rightfully upset.

“Look, Steve… I know you don’t like the way we handle things compared to yours and the Avengers ways, but I have orders, even if I don’t have someone listening to them.” She glanced towards the dysfunctional earpiece. “I need to do this… For your safety and for my job.”

He didn’t know what to say to that. Y/N and him had a thing in the past, which meant roughly six months before, and although their feeling had far from gone away or as much as faded, they couldn’t stay together. Y/N was dedicated to the service she was in, and Steve was against her killing-methods. Work had in the end been what caused them to fall apart, no matter how much they both hated it, that was the only reason.

“I’ve told you that there will always be a spot for you with the Avengers. You don’t have to continue this life of murdering.”

“Like you haven’t killed a couple of bad guys during your time.” She argued, her voice low.

“I’ve never worked for an organization that kills for money. If they could afford you, you’d kill cheating husbands for grieving wife’s. Sometimes, the lives you take, do not deserve to be taken. You know that your organization is not what it used to be… They might still have some trace of what once was a faction of SHIELD, but you know that they’ve changed, don’t you? I’m sure they’ve ordered you to kill people. People you thought were innocent.”

“Stop.” She put her arms up in defense.

“This is your way out, Y/N.” He pointed to the submerged earpiece. “You can work with the Avengers.”

“I just don’t see how I would fit in with you.” She explained, a battle between two sides going on in her head.

“And so you think you fit in where you are now?” He had a suggesting tone to his voice that caused her eyebrows to furrow together. “Take a look.”

He pointed at her rifle. She eyed him before turning around, slowly leaning down to the scope and centering the window across the street.

“Oh god…” She gasped, standing up and placing her hand over her mouth.

“That safe source your superiors talked about was probably stolen, SHIELD information. “Steve looked to the building beside his own where Rhodes stood in the window. “He moved here after I suggested the neighborhood. SHIELD keeps track of him, of course… And I’m willing to bet my life that your little organization knew that it was no spy that moved in across the street from here.”

She couldn’t find the words in her to tell him something, anything. Her mind was a blank slate.

“Want to know what my mission was?” He questioned like she would have a choice in whether he would tell the answer or not. “Locating a leak within SHIELD that caused Natasha to have her cover blown over in Europe.”

“Bosnia…” Y/N breathed out, remembering having the mission given to her to go to Bosnia and take out an elite Hydra agent, but turning it down for Steve’s spy.

“You see? They’re lying straight to your face.”

“They might as well be Hydra…” Her brain was trying to puzzle it all together.

Steve took a step closer. “We don’t know that, but whatever they are, they’re far from SHEILD. You could be the one who takes them down. You can live in the Stark Tower, or we could go off the grid for a while…”

She shouldn’t have paid attention to it in the moment, but she couldn’t help it. “We?”

His cheeks flushed red. “Well, you and I could go to one of T'Challa’s many hideouts around the world… Reconnect.”

“Is that the word they use for it these days?” She tried to be flirty but he saw the tears well up in her eyes, realization crashing down on her like a harsh wave.

“Oh no, baby… Come here.” He wrapped his arms around her and pressed her against his chest as her first tear managed to slip. God was it heartbreaking to see her cry. He had known her for years, and she had never allowed to show herself weak, ever. She needed to find out she had been working for the bad guys all along to finally break. “It’s going to get better, you hear me? I’m here. We’re going to be together after all. We can take that trip to China that we always wanted, walk the entire Wall…”

She chuckled against him, pressing her check flat against his chest. “You’re so dumb.”

“You love it though.” He smiled. “Admit it.”

She would never.

She looked up into his eyes, hoping he would forgive her for all the times they had fought over her wanting to stay true to the organization she was hired by. She hoped he would forgive her for all the people she had killed. She hoped she would forgive herself for both of those. Perhaps it would take time, but it seemed as Steve was willing to give her that.


[buckynat + spy (2015) parody]

I’m sure this is pretty much like how they first met in red room.
bucky sneaks in his new partner natasha’s room and brags about his badassery.
natasha is all perplexed.


“My name is Quintin Daniel Holmes." 

(London Spy ⇔ Sherlock ⇔ Bond!Verse CrossOver) ~ PART: 1, PART: 2

Skirts and Mary Janes: Part 1

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Prompt: Reader is part of the batfam and doesn’t know that her family is full of vigilantes and she attends Gotham Academy and she is part of the detective club and one nigh the group hunts down killer croc and bump into batfam?Batman gets all fatherly and tries to send the reader and her friends away but the reader is to fascinated by the fact that she just ran into batfam?

Words: 869

You dodge the scaly tail, just barely. It’s literally a distance of an inch between the crater in the concrete and your head. You keep on rolling before moving to your feet. You scrape your palms in the process, but the pain doesn’t register; you have too much adrenaline pumping through your system for that.

The one thought that does go through your mind is that you should have changed out of your school uniform. Hunting criminals in a plaid skirt, and mary janes, was by far your dumbest move.

You crouch down behind a wall and take several deep breaths in an attempt to calm your heartbeat. It doesn’t work. In fact, the low growl just speeds it up. As the tail comes crashing through the wall you dash to the side and roll, skinning your knees in the process.

Then that tail is above you, and it’s coming down, and you’re fairly sure that this is how it’s going to end. And the thing is you can’t quite believe it. You started the detectives club for fun, a side effect of your father reading you mystery novels from the time you were a child. He’d started with Harriet the Spy and moved up. He taught you how to think things through, how to figure things out.

You obviously hadn’t thought this one out. Your poor father, he’d never handled loss well. His parent’s death had changed him drastically, your mother’s death had made him more solemn, and poor Jason’s death had nearly killed him. Yours might actually finish him off.

That tail never comes. You look up and there’s Batman, wrestling that tail away from you. Then there are hands under your arms, dragging you away. Then you’re being passed over to someone else, and you’re slung over a shoulder. You are finally deposited next to another man, before everything goes black.

You wake up to arguing, and voices you know all too well. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, except you’re still in a sewer, and the voices of your family are coming from Gotham’s favorite heroes. You get shakily to your feet, and move towards them, eyes wide.

Your voice is a little hesitant, “Daddy?”

He turns towards you, and slowly so do the others. There’s this moment of silence before you say, “Are you freaking kidding me?”

Then they surge forward, hands covering your mouth, and your dad whispers in your ear, “We’re still in uniform, and while the croc is unconscious he could wake up at any moment. You are to go home right now, and wait for us there. I’ll explain everything as soon as I get home. I’ve already sent the rest of your club home. Now go.”

Alfred meets you at the door, first aid kit in hand. He bandages your scrapes and you just glare at him. Your dad and brothers stroll in a little bit later. Including a face you haven’t seen in a while. You swallow thickly, “Jason?”

He just smiles and says, “Hey squirt.”

You surge forward and begin punching him, “You no good jerk! I thought you were dead! I went to your funeral, I cried for you!”

He grasps your wrists and you scowl at him, “Technically I did die, squirt, I just found a way to come back.”

You strike out with your foot, and kick his shin.

“OWWW, What the heck?”

You take a step back, “My entire family is made up of crime fighting superheroes, all except me! I’m just in some stupid detectives’ club!”

Dick just bursts out laughing, “Told you that’s what she’d be mad about.”

You turn to your dad, “You made him Robin! You didn’t even think of me, did you?”

Your dad just smiles, and crosses his arms against his chest, “No, I didn’t. You’re too sweet to hurt someone.”

“I just hurt Jason.”

“Jason died and came back from the dead. That little kick didn’t hurt him. Now, how about you go change, and I’ll take you out. Wherever you want to go.”

You mimic your dad’s stance, and raise an eyebrow, “Anywhere I want to go?” He just nods. Then you smile, “I want to go to the mall. I want to shop, I need a new homecoming dress, and after today I need a new skirt and shoes. I’m also picking what we’re having for dinner.”

Bruce nods, “Fair enough.”

Then you smile and say, “Get ready to pay old man, I have over ten years’ worth of secrets to bank on, and you better be sure that I’m going to do just that.” Your dad just laughs. “I also want to see the batcave, and drive the batmobile.”

He nods, “Okay.”

There’s a loud exclamation from the boys, “You’re going to let her drive the batmobile?” Jason asks, “You made me wash that thing 100 times and I had to take a test before you let me sit in it!”

Your dad just shrugs and says, “She’s the best driver out of all of you.”

There’s loud exclamations as you smile and go to change. It won’t be long till you’re out there with them. You’ll make sure of it.

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I have a real soft spot for dad harry rn could you pleaseeee write about harry finding out he's gonna be a dad for the first time?

Friend, I always have a soft spot for him as a dad. ALL! THE! TIME! This isn’t going to be the last time i think of him finding out for the first time, cause I could think of it so many ways. x.

Gentle reminder: requests are closed! I’ve been tweaking this one around for a bit because of said “I could think of it so many ways” and I did and then it got overwhelming cause THAT MAN AS A DAD!! END ME!

034. Mumma

His hair is in a bun and his back is turned to you as he stares with burning eyes at a computer screen, trying to decipher lyric notes and writing appointments and God only knows what else he’s staring at. There’s a little crinkle between his brows – you know it, even if you can’t see it from where you’re standing – and you know that he’s working incredibly hard to meet deadlines that seem to be looming one right after the other.

You know he can’t have any distractions and that that’s why he’s squirreled himself away with his computer at the rarely used dining room table while you float in and out and do whatever it is that you need to do, but you need to tell him this, and this… will be a very, very big distraction.

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So I was talking to this high profile guy for a couple of days and things were going well. I ended up sending him quite a few pics, because I thought he was the real deal. He stopped responding for a few days and I got the idea that he was a pic collector and had no intention of actually meeting me. I decided to ask him if he was still interested in meeting & he sent this

Like what?! We were only in a the starting out/messaging phase and he thinks I shouldn’t be messaging anyone else. So he pulls some spy move on me? And yes I call everyone hun because it’s ingrained in me. Sorry you’re not a special snowflake. It’s actually taking everything in me not to be petty & give out all of his info.


My sniper is the worst sniper and is sweaty and sunburnt like me this is all I have to say now leave b4 I bodyshot u 2 death

Father Uncloaks (Chapter One)

“In twenty-seven years, Jeremy would be known as Scout, and she’d be known to his teammates as his loving ma. And the young man, looking at his new son with love in his eyes, he’d be known as Spy, a rat bastard who’d left that family. But that would be twenty-seven years later.”

(art by @northern-raven, my awesome beta)

Multiple Chapters

Teen & Up Audiences

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Spy Drabble - A Father’s Lament

Spy honestly hates feeling anything that could be called a real emotion. He much prefers his normal status quo of being mildly annoyed with the world and all the mostly stupid people in it. It’s easier that way, to just throw out a sharp quip as he lights up another cigarette to smoke. He’s had his fair share of stupid in his life, the team he’s works with on a daily basis proves it over and over again. All the layers he’s added to the pile, to keep himself separate from them, has slowly been shattered over time. Spy hates them for it, hates how they soil him in ways he’s still discovering and more ways he’s yet to find. One way is how broken he’s become, it’s only made apparent by the stillness of a body on the floor.

It takes the boy a moment to realize they are standing there, the infuriating and still naked bushman along with himself. “Oh hey guys,” Scout weakly says as he slowly lifts a bloody hand to wave at them.

Quickly looking down at the boy’s stomach tells Spy there isn’t much time left and he hates how he knows this from experience. Scout still rambles on while standing at death’s door and Spy almost wants to laugh but the scene is too grim, too real in a matter of moments. Sniper confirms what he knows with just a word and Spy needs a moment. A moment to breathe, to make sense of the storm in his mind and come to terms with that he’s about to loose his son.

It says volumes about who Spy is when he’s sure the whole team knows already except his own flesh and blood. Blood, there is so much of it now on the floor and it spurs him to move. His knee is screaming in pain but Spy still kneels down before Scout, before Jeremy, and tries to tell him. There is a paleness to the boy’s skin, one he’s never seen and it makes him sick to his stomach. There is no longer a buzz of energy about Scout, just a calm acceptance of what is to come.

‘Fuck’ Spy thinks, he can’t do this.

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Oath | Ch.5 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst | Mafia!AU

Members: Jungkook | You/Reader | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin |

Summary: What if one day everything you ever wanted is taken away and your whole world comes crushing down? If you were to forget today, who would you be tomorrow?

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Word count: 3787

A/N: I am sorry I could not finish it yesterday, I was dead tired after the exam and I don’t like doing things halfheartedly. It’s better to wait and have a good result than to rush, right? I hope you enjoy this chapter as well! ^^  Also, thank you for your nice words, they mean a lot to me!  ❤

“Bring him in. Put him on the bed and let Jin take care of the rest.” the tall man ordered the other two that were carrying  Jungkook’s lifeless form.

They followed his words and pushed open the double doors that led to the emergency room of the group’s headquarters. He looked at them as they faded out in the distance, entering the surgery room. He heard rushed footsteps coming from the opposite direction and turned to face Jin whose face was flushed red, probably due to the fact that he ran to get there as soon as possible.

“Where is he?” He was out of breath, panting hard.

“I told them to get him ready. You’ve got a lot of work to do. Can you bring him back?” The man’s words were a perfect mix of sarcasm and seriousness, giving off a leader-like feel. He had his hands in the pockets of his white strapped navy blue suit pants, his white half unbuttoned shirt showing enough skin to make heads turn. His tall and slender figure made him seem intimidating. He had the eyes of a charmer that would sweep girls off of their feet and his smile was even more enchanting.

“And because of whom is that?!” Jin threw him an angry look before he continued. “Just give me a few hours and bring some of the other guys here, I will need help.” He made a few steps ahead and turned to look back at the man one more time. “And Namjoon-ah, next time you do something like this, give me a heads up, would you?! I am tired of running around all day.”

“Yeah, yeah, got it. Just go and save the kiddo. Come to my office after you’re done.” he said as his feet started to move towards the exit.

“He’s going to make me lose my mind one day.” Seokjin mumbled in a bitter manner and made his way to the surgery room.

Just like expected, Jungkook’s body was a mess. The strong smell of blood filled the room where 6 people were working hard to repair the damage. It was a hard task as several bones were smashed to pieces, the internal bleeding was hard to stop, the loss of blood was massive, tossed bloody bandages covering empty bags of blood, he had a severe head trauma that could keep him in a permanent state of coma for a long while and his bullet wound looked pretty bad. It surprised Jin how he was still breathing in this state but he always knew the kid to be strong so he had faith that he will get him out of this alive and well.

Unlike Hoseok, Seokjin had the privilege of going to a prestigious medical school, following his dad’s steps, and a lab equipped with all the new technology and high-end materials he needed. Some of the other members of the gang were also trained by him to be able to help him with serious cases and be able to deal with small ones by themselves. Being under Black Tiger came with this kind of privileges and now they had to make sure they kept them by bringing Jungkook back to life.

It was a hard battle to finish and it took him almost a day but when he came out of the room and tossed his red stained mask, Jin almost collapsed due to exhaustion. It had been a while since he spent so much time in surgery and all this after helping Jungkook escape from Yoongi’s group. After he did so he ordered the other to retreat and head back to the safe houses they had around the area until everything chilled down. He was on his way to the headquarters when a call from Namjoon made his step on the gas as the car almost took off from the empty streets. His words were still lingered in his ears: “Hyung, Jungkook needs help. Make sure you get here before he dies.”

He was so confused by those but had no time to actually question Namjoon’s actions. Now, on the other hand, he wanted answers. So he gathered the last remaining trace of strength and burst into his office smashing the door close behind him.

“Oh, you’re done.” Namjoon calmly said.

“What the fuck is this, Namjoon?! Are you out of your mind? If Black Tiger finds out about this, we are all dead. You better pray for the best!”

“I take it that the surgery went well.”

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“Listen, I did what I had to do. This kid left our group for a bitch and then was stupid enough to get caught by Yoongi. He deserved a good beating.”

“That was more than a kick in the balls, Namjoon. He got the beating from those rats, you fucking crashed him like a cockroach.”

“Yeah, but he’s one hell of a cockroach.” he scoffed. “He will make it through, don’t worry.”

“Don’t you think I should be the one saying that?”

“Sorry, my bad!” he laughed before going on. “Tell me, Dr. Kim, how is our patient?”

“Are you mocking me right now, Namjoon? `Cuz I have no time for your games.” Jin turned to leave the room.

“Stop. Who told you I am done speaking? I am serious. How is he?”

“Just like you said, he will be fine….eventually.”


“Look, the amount of damage he suffered is no joke. He will need time to heal.”

“Time we don’t actually have. Our boss won’t like this.”

“You don’t say?! I told you to always ask me too before making any rash decisions. I am amazed how your smart brain does not know the term ‘patience’. Your strategies would be a masterpiece if you took more time looking into the details of a mission. Black Tiger promised you the leader seat but are you actually ready to take it?”

“This is not the time to talk about me and my actions. And you are not the one who should say that, Black Tiger is. How long will it take `till he’s back on his feet?”

“I can’t tell right now. He’s still in a dangerous zone. His heart could stop anytime. If the passes this faze, he’ll have to stay in a induced coma for at least one month for his body to recover a bit.”

“After that?”

“He might or might not wake up. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.” Jin crossed his arms.

“If he doesn’t wake up…” Namjoon looked down at his desk, lost in thought.

“Let’s just hope he will. But if he wakes up and finds out you are behind this, what do you think he’ll do?” he raised a brow.

“He won’t. He will think Yoongi did this. He wanted to finish him and we managed to get him out of the car before it exploded, burning his beloved fiancé along with it.” A dark smirk took over his lips.

“That dark mind of yours…This is why I never want to be on your black list, I swear. You can make me vanish without a trace and who knows who you’ll put the blame on.”

“Still think I can’t be a good leader?” Now it was Namjoon’s turn to raise his brow at a tired Seokjin.

“Fine, I take it back. Pleased?” he mocked him in return.

“Very.” Namjoon laughed softly.

“Anything else you need to know? I need to crash, my head is killing me.”

“No. That’d be all for now. Go get your beauty sleep, princess.” He teased the other.

“Fuck you, Kim Namjoon!”

“Love you too!” he screamed as Jin made his exit.


The faded light of the sun brushed your cheeks as it crept into the room through the slightly opened window. Taehyung was resting his head on your stomach, sleeping, hand clasping yours, his hair covering his eyes from the disturbing light.

“Taehyung-ah! You’re still sleeping?? Move yo` ass, bro, we need to go!” Jimin laughed at the other’s startled and confused face as he jumped awake from his sleep.

“What do you want?! Let me sleep!”

He hated early mornings, being forced to wake up after working all night and stand in broad daylight, being exposed like that. He preferred the cold and darkness of the night, it was what kept him going. He would spend the silent hours of the night trying to make new deals, spying on the rival’s moves and working on new plans with Yoongi and after all that was done, as exhaustion took over his body, he would crawl back to the small emergency room and fall asleep next to you just like a habit.

“No time for that. And you call this sleeping? When are you going to sleep like normal people, in your bed?”

“When she’ll be there next to me.”

“Then move her to your room.”

“I can’t. Hoseok-hyung said she needs these to survive for now.” he pointed at the medical equipment that surrounded your bed.

“So you’ll just sleep here till she wakes up?”


“You’ve gone crazy…How long has it been already?”

“One month and two weeks.” he smiled.

“You are hopeless, I swear. You’ve totally became her dog.” Jimin laughed as Taehyung’s expression became dark.

“Come again? I am her what?” he got up, feet moving slowly towards Jimin.

“Chill, I was just joking. It was a joke! But seriously, Taehyung-ah, you need to stop. She’s just a girl, just like any other on the street.”

“She is. But she is my girl.” he stressed the last two words.

“No she isn’t. You don’t even know what she’ll do once she wakes up. For all I know, she might just run after Jungkook.”

“She won’t. I won’t let her.”

“Fine. Then you’ll have to deal with all the crap she’ll throw at you for that. Trust me when I say she will never love you more than Jungkook. They were fucking engaged.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Because I found her ring back at the crash site.” he said as he pulled out the delicate item out of his pocket.

“You’ve been carrying this around all this time?!”

“Yeah, why? Am I not allowed to?”

“That’s not yours! Give it to me.”

“It’s not yours either, Taehyung-ah. Come to your senses!”

“What are you going to do with it? Give it back to her?”

“I don’t know. I’ll keep it for now. Who knows, I might give it to a girl one day.” he smirked.

“Fine. Now leave. I don’t have time for your stupid jokes. I want to sleep.”

“Taehyung-ah, I’m being serious, she will bring only pain to you. Let her go. I can get you a girl to keep you warm at night. You were not like this. What the fuck happened to you? I don’t understand why you’re acting like this.”

“I don’t want any of your fucking girls. If anything, I can get them by myself just fine. I want her. Why? Am I not allowed to?” he said in the same tone Jimin did earlier, mocking the other.

“Screw you, Kim Taehyung! Anyway, we need to go.”

Apart from his interest in you, Taehyung staying by your side was nothing more than following orders from Yoongi. He was supposed to keep what he discussed with Yoongi the night they came back from the crash site a secret. The leader called him into his office after Taehyung finished with the blood transfusion saying he had to talk about something with him. Turns out it was about you.

“Do you like her?” Yoongi asked all of a sudden.

“What?” Taehyung looked up in surprise.

“That girl. You seem interested in her.” He shook the crystal glass half filled with whiskey he held in his hand, the sound of the ice cubes smashing against each other tingling his ears.

“Oh, well, yeah, I am interested, but going as far as liking her…I don’t know about that. You know me, hyung, I don’t like getting attached to people. It’s bothersome and useless.”

“I know. And that is why I chose you for this. Taehyung-ah, as far as I know when you get this kind of hit to the head the possibility of waking up not remembering anything is high. But she can also start screaming for Jungkook as soon as she opens her eyes. In any case, we need her if we want to lure Jungkook out of hiding and find out more about this Namjoon. It bothers me but I have a feeling he’s one of Black Tiger’s men.”

“And what does that have to do with me?”

“It does. You will have to make sure she doesn’t run away. I don’t care what you do; make her fall for you, lock her in your room, just don’t let her go.”

“What if she doesn’t remember Jungkook?”

“That makes your job easier, doesn’t it?” Yoongi raised a brow.

“Yes, it does, I guess.”

“Good. I’ll tell Hoseok that you will look after her from now on.”


The month you spent sleeping without a care was unexpectedly calm, no sudden attacks, no deal was compromised and no careless moves were made by Yoongi. It seemed weird that Black Tiger was so silent all of a sudden and this only made Yoongi believe that Jungkook had a connection with them somehow. And who was this Namjoon? He kept hearing his name around the city but he never saw his face. The nights Yoongi spent only thinking about this were countless. He kept his boys on the move, following leads in hopes of finding something but it was to no avail. That is why he only counted on Jungkook trying to find out who took his girl and fighting his way through the doors of the building only to fall right into Yoongi’s hands once more. And that is why you were so precious to him right now. As long as you were still laying in that bed, he had nothing to worry about but that was soon about to change.

It was another lazy summer morning with the sun still fighting the last traces of the night’s darkness. But in your mind, there has been no sunlight for such a long time, it was hard to imagine you still knew what it felt like. There was only an ocean of nothing that surrounded you and only sometimes soft voices could be heard in the distance, too far to reach. But still you fought it, day and night, you wanted to get closer to where they came from. And now, here it was again, a voice you could hear so often.

“Hello sweetheart, I’m back.”

This time I can’t let you go! I won’t! Keep talking, please, I will find my way to you. Call my name, take me out of here! It was all you could think of in your desperate attempt to follow it.

“Have you been well? When are you going to come back to me? It gets boring with only me talking. You look so beautiful today.”

That’s it. Keep talking.

“Is it dark in there?”

Damn, it is. So you better keep talking. As you went on, you could hear it clearer, it was stronger. You were on the right path. It was the voice of a man, young but with a low tone, soft but with rough edges.

“Don’t you want to come here? I bet you miss watching the sunset. It’s so beautiful from the rooftop. We should go there together. I will take you there.”

But then the voice suddenly died out. What happened? Where are you? Not now, damn it. I was so close…I could feel it, the touch. And you were right, your senses were coming back at you but you needed an anchor in the other world. And now it was gone. Or so it seemed. For the few seconds it lasted, it felt so good, to feel a touch again. You started to cry as you fell to your knees. Why did you stop? I can’t do this any longer. I am tired.

“How is she?”

“She’s still the same…”

What? You looked around, eyes wide, ears following the direction of the voices. There were two now and not far away. You could do this, you thought as you stood back up and ran towards them.

“Hyung, do you think she’ll ever wake up?”

“I don’t know.”

I will!! I will wake up. Wait for me, I am close. Please…

“I hope she does.”


“I am tired of talking by myself. She never says anything, she just lays there.”

You are not talking to yourself, idiot, I am here. I listen and reply. I am the one who’s tired. Tired of not being heard.

“Maybe she does, you never know.”

See? Listen to him!

“Yeah, maybe…”

There it was again, the warm feeling of someone’s touch. You were almost there.

The room was dimly lit as the sun rose slowly. Taehyung was sitting next to you as usual, fingers brushing against your arm, cheeks and hair. From the entrance, leaning against the door frame, Yoongi looked at you.

“I wonder what she’ll do when she wakes up. We still need to find who Namjoon is and why is Jungkook working for him. We need Jungkook to come after her.”

“We do, but, hyung, how will he do that? For all I know, he might not even be aware that she’s alive. I told you that when I went back there the next day after the crash, the car was completely burnt. And it seemed like someone made sure to put a body in there too to make it look like she died there.”

“I know. And it’s been on my mind ever since. Why would they try so hard to mask it? They want Jungkook to focus on work, that’s for sure. And maybe fuel him with hatred. But they are too silent lately.”

“Maybe he’s also like her.”

“Could be. I am sure they will strike one day and we need to find more about them before they do. I am sure they are connected to Black Tiger too.” Yoongi looked down to the floor, his mind flooded with questions.

“I will go after those guys again to-” his words were cut short.

“What?” The leader looked back up at Taehyung.

“Hyung…I might be wrong, but I think she just moved her finger.”

“What?!” he was now moving towards the two of you.

“I was holding her hand while we were talking and I could’ve sworn she moved-” He felt it again, this time stronger. He was not wrong, you were moving your fingers. “See!! Look. She moved!”

“She’s waking up. We need Hoseok. Go and bring him!!”

“But, hyung…”

“GO! She’s not going anywhere. You’ll see her when you get back.”

Taehyung looked at you with sorrow, stood up from his chair and flew out of the room. Yoongi hovered over you, eyes focused on yours. Your brows started to twist too and your eyeballs were dancing under your lashes.

“Come, kiddo, you’re doing good.” He was almost excited watching you finally snapping out of your dream.

Your lashes felt so heavy as you pushed yourself to open your eyes. Through a crack in the wall you tried so hard to break down all this time, a ray of light came in. So you kicked it harder and harder, making your pulse rise. And you saw it, the outside world. It was so blurry. Your eyes hurt as the touch of the sun burnt them. You closed and opened them several times and the image became focused, clear. In front of you stood a man with sharp eyes, beautiful, fair skin, and soft lips, gray locks of hair falling over his wide forehead. You could have sworn you knew him from somewhere, but you did not know from where. You took a deep breath. Oh, how you missed it, living.

You heard footsteps getting closer and in the next second, another face captured your attention. This one had a wide smile as his almond eyes met yours. He had this mysterious aura around him. He pushed the other man aside and reached down to press a kiss on your forehead. You were so confused about everything. The last one that you saw came on the other side of the bed with a small flashlight and pointed it to your left eye, holding it open with his fingers. You flinched at the sudden shock.

“It’s ok, princess, I’m not going to hurt you. I need to make sure everything works properly.”

“How is she?” the gray haired one asked.

“She looks fine. We will still have to keep an eye on her though.”

“You really did come back.” Taehyung said, hand brushing your hair.

“I will ask you a few questions. If the answer is yes, blink once, if the answer is no, blink twice, got it?”

You blinked once, slowly.

“Ok. Here we go. Do you know where you are?”

You blinked twice.

“Do you know who we are?”

Again, you blinked twice.

“Do you know what happened to you?”

You hesitated for a moment as somewhere in your mind you saw flashes of red painted shards of glass and big lights coming towards you. In the end, you blinked twice. It was too little to count as a yes.

“Ok, then. We will tell you all you need to know later. Rest for now.” Yoongi intervened. “I am Yoongi, he is Hoseok, the one who saved you and this is Taehyung, the one who stood by your side all this time. He will continue to do so. If there is anything you need, tell him, ok?”

You blinked and he nodded in your direction.

“Hoseok, I need to talk to you a bit. Come with me.”

They left the room and closed the door. Now there was only you and Taehyung there and the only times when he looked more excited were when he went 'hunting’. You kept switching between looking at him and looking around, getting to know your surroundings. You body felt so numb. It was like everything hurt. You could not remember anything, only flashes here and there.

“It’s been a while, sweetheart. You really took your time, didn’t you?” His smile was contagious so you found your lips curling as well under the oxygen mask.

You made it through. You were back. Now all that was left to do was to find who you were.

I’ve been kicking around ideas for an Ava’s Demon OC lately, and here is the first design I’ve come up with.

Her name is Bonnie Sage and she is an orphan rescued from the silent scavengers by the Arrow family. She was adopted by them and trained from an early age to work as a spy. After spending years moving up through the ranks, she now serves as spymaster and chief advisor to Olai. She is also a teacher/babysitter for the Arrow kids, much to her chagrin.

(That’s all the info I have for now. If anything in her backstory is contradicted by canon, I’ll simply modify it. She currently has no demon, and I am not planning to RP her any time soon.)