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[buckynat + spy (2015) parody]

I’m sure this is pretty much like how they first met in red room.
bucky sneaks in his new partner natasha’s room and brags about his badassery.
natasha is all perplexed.

Days Are Numbered So Move On
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Jimin is a spy. Jungkook is training to be one. Hoseok trains the agents to have agility. Seokjin just wants to be Employee of the Month. Namjoon is the leader nobody asked for. Taehyung loves the kids books. And Yoongi is in the wrong occupation.

Or the one where Jimin is stuck training the new spies because of his last mission and Jungkook insists on being a nuisance to Jimin.

Bloomtale - Chapter 7 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 7 is up!!! Enjoy!! ^^ 

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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So I was talking to this high profile guy for a couple of days and things were going well. I ended up sending him quite a few pics, because I thought he was the real deal. He stopped responding for a few days and I got the idea that he was a pic collector and had no intention of actually meeting me. I decided to ask him if he was still interested in meeting & he sent this

Like what?! We were only in a the starting out/messaging phase and he thinks I shouldn’t be messaging anyone else. So he pulls some spy move on me? And yes I call everyone hun because it’s ingrained in me. Sorry you’re not a special snowflake. It’s actually taking everything in me not to be petty & give out all of his info.


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Are there going to be any spoilers out at midnight tonight? 😃

The rest of the magazines are released at midnight and the articles from Metro/Digital Spy have moved to 7am tomorrow. There’s Aaron/Liv pics (on the bridge, like in Soaplife) and a tiny bit more info too. 

Anonymous said: how long have you had this spoiler page ?? and keep up the good work

Thanks! :) I’ve been posting here since the first week of Feb last year.

Anonymous said: Are Thursday’s episodes on the same day like Monday and Tuesday?

As far as I know, Mon/Tues are the same day and all of Thurs episodes are the same day too (but not the same day as Mon/Tues, if that makes sense lol).

Anonymous said: Is the picture containing Aaron , Robert and Charity after/before/during his panic attack ? Thankyou ;)

I’m not sure!

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Hi I'm going to start reading le Carre and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a first timer?

I do!

I really recommend you start with The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. This is for two reasons. Number one, it’s a really good introduction to how le Carré writes, and it’s relatively short and also one of his most iconic novels, so it’s quite a useful starting point. The second is that it’ll give you a good idea of where you want to go next.

If you finish the book and you find out that you were gripped by the tradecraft and how spies do spying, I would recommend moving on to the Karla Trilogy (in order: Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, The Honourable Schoolboy, and Smiley’s People). These are very heavy on how spies do the spying, flushing out moles, backing people into corners, and good old fashioned thriller drama. They’re all quite long and very densely packed with information, but you’re going to find this everywhere with le Carré, so don’t be surprised.

If you finish TSWCIFTC and find yourself fascinated by the people, and what makes a spy a spy, then I would recommend moving on to A Perfect Spy. It’s le Carré’s most autobiographical novel and it’s essentially a character study of, well, a perfect spy. It’s probably the best portrayal of the kind of people spies are that I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t lack at all in terms of a good story and lots of angst.

So, quick recap: The Spy Who Came In From the Cold first, and then if you like how spies do the thing, the Karla trilogy; if you like why spies do the thing, A Perfect Spy.

Agent In Training-Spy! AU //01//

This is kind of like the start, Prologue even. 

“Agent Hong, can you hear me?” Your voice was at a low whisper, barely detectable. You heard shuffling on the other side of the line. The hidden earpiece that you had in your ear was either acting up or Agent Hong was struggling, again.

It’s not like you haven’t been in this predicament before, if anything you’ve done this quite a few times by now. 

There you were hiding right on the edge of a foggy glass dome roof, which was your only entrance into the mansion that you needed to successfully gather some files and evidence from.

Why would you be hanging from the edge of a building by a tight, slim black wire, hiding in the darkness from security guards who just so happened to hear the click of your boots on the roof? Well that’s how life was, when you were a spy.

On the constant move and always on the edge, literally. It could be hard, dangerous and risky but you loved it, you lived for the adrenaline pumping through your veins. At least you did when it didn’t involve ‘new;’ spies that had absolutely no idea what they were doing.

This new spy just so happened to be, Agent Hong or as his friends called him, Joshua. Why did the agency choose to partner you up with him, you wouldn’t but you knew that just the thought of it had made your blood boil. 

Why, you may ask? Let’s continue to figure that out.

“Agent Hong, where are you? I need back up,” you tried to keep your voice as low as possible, while still remaining audible. You heard some movement on the other line before you heard a response.

“Agent (Y/N), I am on the premise where are you located?” you peered onto the building from the edge to see if you spot Agent Hong, but he was nowhere in sight. Except, for the two security guards who didn’t seem to be getting any less curious. And you were losing patience just as fast as your hands were losing grip.

“Agent Hong I sent you the address already…please hurry!” you whisper yelled.

There was a short pause over the line, “Agent (Y/N)? Please stay calm. Especially after I tell you this, don’t pan-“

“Please hurry up!” you were running out of time.

“I think, that I may possibly, have made a bit of a tiny, or maybe large mistake,”

“What is it?” you grip began to falter, your fingertips slowly sliding from the building’s rooftop edge. You tried your best to stay quiet and listen calmly.

“I may have, by accident, have come to the wrong location.

“Wrong location! You’ve got to be kidding m-“

“I hear something,” you heard a voice say it the distance, and it just so happened to be one of the security guards. Well there goes by hiding spot you mumbled to yourself, now climbing over the ledge onto safe ground after being heard. You looked eyes with the security guard, he was standing a goof 2 metres away from you, with an unsteady look on his face. “This is private property, what are you doing here?” the guard asked, taking slow steps towards you.

“Just looking at the view, it looks great from up here you know,” you lied, trying to appeal to him.

“Looking at the view, huh? Not possibly spyin-“and with that you turned around swiftly spotting the second guard who happened to be sneaking up behind you.

“Not today, security,” you said nailing him in the head with a swift kick and a spray of “faint mist.” The other guard began speaking in his walkie talkie most likely calling for back up.

“You know I wanted to play nice, but I guess that not how you wanted to do it.” You charged at him just as fast as he charged at you, with various kicks and punches, only to have most of them blocked. Moments later you heard an alarm go off. The rooftop was filled with flashing red lights and a siren.

“Oh common. Backup, where are you?” you said in defeat. And just as fast as the lights turned on, they turned off, and it was over.

“Mission failed.” You heard the head of your agency tell you through your earpiece as you stood on the roof of the mansion. “And it was a simple mission too, all you had to do was get into the building, retrieve the files, and return safely. I expected more from you Agent (Y/N).”

Mission failed,” you repeated to yourself lowly. This is the first time you had ever failed a mission. At that moment you heard, someone running up to you breathless.

“I’m here, are you okay, did you retrieve the files yet. Since I’m here now I’ll help you with whatever’s left.” Agent Hong was so oblivious to the mission failure and for some reason it ticked you off.

Mission,” you scoffed. “What mission? You mean the one that I, no, we just failed.” Agent Hong was left speechless and surprised. You were fuming, fists clenched and anger boiling in you.

“I’m really, sorry, I just got lost. I didn’t mean for it, it’s just I thought that the gps was giving me the wrong destination, and I couldn’t make it up the wall, no matter how hard I tried. And I-“

“I don’t want to hear it! All you seem to have are excuses. You had one job, and you blew it! Next time why don’t you show me that you can actually even be called Agent Hong.“ You stormed off fuming not even looking back, once.

Agent Hong was left behind feeling embarrassed and guilty. But, that only gave that much more of a reason to improve.

“Don’t worry I’ll show you!,” and he would.

My sniper is the worst sniper and is sweaty and sunburnt like me this is all I have to say now leave b4 I bodyshot u 2 death

Ezra=Charles clue

In 5x07 when Spencer is helping Ezra move his spy equipment into a shed, he tells her that the book about Ali wasn’t the book he really wanted to write. 

Spencer: What did you want to write about?

Ezra: My family. My brother and me. What happened with my parents’ divorce. My mother and father changed from who we thought they were to who they really are. And I was going to figure it out all on paper. But I couldn’t.

Sounds like Charles, doesn’t it? Charles and Jason? 

Redeployment [Valkyria Chronicles AU]

[ the-talons-of-xerxes ]

Despite Naoto and Kondraki miraculously surviving the ambush against Squad 9, not every member of the squad made it back in one piece. The attack was well planned, almost as if the Imperials knew the Squad was coming. As the higher ups deals with what that implies, the rest of Squad 9 was pulled back to assess the injured and regroup.

It wasn’t until a few days after the assault that the Squad was deployed again.

“I don’t know if being deployed so soon after the ambush was a good idea or not, commander. I know Captain Dojima meant well, but our numbers are still so…” Yosuke chatted as the squad march around the tank. The Scout left his words to trail off to silence, but everyone knew what he meant.

So few. So few of them left, but at least there was a squad left. News travel fast and whole Squad being eliminated kept new members from joining at all.

“I know Yosuke.” Narukami sounds tired and much older than he usually does. “But this one shouldn’t be so hard. Just follow the plan, alright?” His last words was said with a sweeping glance of everyone around the tank before he duck into the tank for a moment and returns on top with a map, reading the plan to everyone again in a lower voice. The town was slowly coming into view.

At the back, Naoto marches quietly next to Kondraki, the wound to her leg has healed enough for her to walk and run without the limp. Narukami went through everyone, finally setting his eyes on the two.

“And Team Hat will need to take the central watch tower. It should serve as a good sniping point.” He might have flashed the two a grin, but Naoto can’t be sure. She’s a tad too busy wondering if he planned it like that on purpose.

With a sigh, and the town growing closer, Naoto glances over at the Sniper. “Guess you’re stuck with me again.” Team Hat… Naoto adjusts her hat so the sun wouldn’t shine so directly into her eyes.