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A wildlife documentary made a replica baby langur monkey to get a close-up view of the group, only the others believe they have accidentally killed it and ‘mourn’. As someone interested in human evolution, this is really fascinating @spooniediaries 

Monkeys grieve over 'death' of robotic spy monkey-baby
A lifelike animatronic monkey takes a tumble and sets off a chain reaction of sadness throughout a Langur colony in a preview for "Spy in the Wild."

The BBC’s new “Spy in the Wild” documentary series is based on introducing animatronic creatures equipped with spy cameras into animal communities to explore animal behavior and emotions up close. A preview for the first episode shows how the idea went from fascinating to heart-wrenching in mere moments among a group of Langur monkeys in India.

The spy camera is hidden in the eye of a very realistic-looking baby Langur. Even its face moves. The other monkeys seem to accept it as a member of the group, but one monkey gets a little too curious and ends up accidentally dropping the “baby.” It lays motionless on the ground and the group goes into full-on grieving mode for what they think is a dead young one.

Monkeys Mourn The Passing Of Their Robot Friend

BBC One’s Spy in the Wild series puts animatronic spy animals out in nature with their real life animal counterparts to see what life is really like in the wild. The eyeballs are in fact cameras. The animals often embrace them as one of their own. Sometimes the relationship can turn emotional, like when these Langur monkeys grieved for a robotic spy monkey that fell to the ground and “died.”


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A big one that I consider the best OP time travel fic is New Game Plus, but I'd assume you have read it because it's super popular. It's iconic I love it if you somehow haven't read it then I highly recommend it!

New Game Plus

Oh my gosh yes! I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH.

Ahh, it’s really well written and I’ve been obsessed with it for months now. It’s unfortunate it doesn’t get very many updates T^T

It’s a time travel fic where Luffy decides he wants an armada, and gets the Buggy, Black Cat, and Don Krieg pirates to join his crew, so you guys should all totally check it out!