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Monkeys Mourn The Passing Of Their Robot Friend

BBC One’s Spy in the Wild series puts animatronic spy animals out in nature with their real life animal counterparts to see what life is really like in the wild. The eyeballs are in fact cameras. The animals often embrace them as one of their own. Sometimes the relationship can turn emotional, like when these Langur monkeys grieved for a robotic spy monkey that fell to the ground and “died.”



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A wildlife documentary made a replica baby langur monkey to get a close-up view of the group, only the others believe they have accidentally killed it and ‘mourn’. As someone interested in human evolution, this is really fascinating @spooniediaries 

Monkeys grieve over 'death' of robotic spy monkey-baby
A lifelike animatronic monkey takes a tumble and sets off a chain reaction of sadness throughout a Langur colony in a preview for "Spy in the Wild."

The BBC’s new “Spy in the Wild” documentary series is based on introducing animatronic creatures equipped with spy cameras into animal communities to explore animal behavior and emotions up close. A preview for the first episode shows how the idea went from fascinating to heart-wrenching in mere moments among a group of Langur monkeys in India.

The spy camera is hidden in the eye of a very realistic-looking baby Langur. Even its face moves. The other monkeys seem to accept it as a member of the group, but one monkey gets a little too curious and ends up accidentally dropping the “baby.” It lays motionless on the ground and the group goes into full-on grieving mode for what they think is a dead young one.

Sex Pistols star Steve Jones has said that he would like to collaborate with Arctic Monkeys.

The guitarist previously appeared in the band’s video for their non-album single ‘RU Mine?’.

“I think they’re really good, and I think Alex Turner’s a very, very talented kid,” Jones told Digital Spy.

“I’d like to do be a bit of guitar with them guys. I’ll play on anyone’s record, to be honest with you. Me and Alex, we text each other quite a lot. He’s a good kid.”

Of Turner’s lyrical ability, he added: “He’s just got a gift for doing it and not many people have that gift. It’s just a gift that some people have. He’s one of them guys.

"He’s got that real talent of writing lyrics and making it sound like an image. You see what he’s writing - you see the image of what he’s writing.”

Of his cameo in the Arctic Monkeys video, Jones said: “You need tough skin if you wanna read the comments on YouTube. I actually looked on their video - I was watching it and reading some of the comments

"They’re like 'Who’s that fat bastard at the beginning?’. None of them have any idea who I am. They think I’m some fat f**king idiot talking in a microphone.”

anonymous asked:

Hi Kate! I think you always do very good meta and analysis of the show and the characters especially, so I would like your opinion on this headcanon running around that maybe Killian will get the glass shards thing from the original Snow Queen story and forget that he loves Emma or just go cold or "villain" again, and I am not so sure that would be a good narrative decision right now. I just don't think Emma is ready to have her love and trust in Killian tested like this, what do you think?

 First off, can I just say thank you so much for your kind words, beautiful, anonymous angel!

With regards to the head canon, I am going to be honest and say that it was the second thing that popped into my head when I saw him back in pirate garb in the behind the scenes tweet pic (the first was that I hate you Colin O’Donoghue, you gratuitously handsome, life ruining, Irish elf lord). So I definitely think there is a good chance that they could go this route.

The thing is, and I said this when there was some spec that Emma was going to have a frozen heart this last episode and that Killian would have to perform an act of true love, is that we already know how Killian feels about Emma. It’s redundant. Regardless of O’Slaymewithyourface’s adorable hedging in interviews, it is abundantly clear that Killian loves Emma. He tried a TLK on her in the season 2 finale. I was hoping you felt as I did. He fought by her side without asking for anything in return other than that she be honest with herself. And most importantly, he gave away his ship, his home, to bring her back to hers. That was his act of true love.

And what Captain Swan doesn’t have that the other True Love Couples have, at this moment in time, is the confirmation. Rumbelle and Snowing have the kiss, Outlaw Queen has the magical soul mate finding pixie dust. (Not that I think that this makes CS lacking, if anything I love it more because the writers are taking such care in developing this couple).

Which leads to your wonderful question about it being too soon for Emma. And it is a good question, because Emma has been left and hurt so many times by men, so wouldn’t this just make her walls go back up? But I don’t necessarily think so.

Partially, because this appears to be toward the back end of episodes, so we are going to get more CS development and Emma Swan development (THANK YOU UNIVERSE) first.

Additionally, all of this stress on enjoying the quiet moments, from her dad last season and Killian this season, and Emma still hedging just a bit because of the as yet undetermined plot point coming up. And that yes, we know that Emma cares deeply for him, but how much? love, it’s true love I think that at some point Emma will be confronted by the fact that keeping your whole self from someone because of fear of losing them or being hurt or hurting them (given her powers) keeps you from love, and that the danger in that is you may end up losing them anyway. Effectively losing what makes Killian, Killian would drive that point home. That, and Killian turning from her due to outside influence, due to a curse of sorts, is dramatically different from people choosing to leave you of their own accord (or being a spying winged monkey butthole).

Emma, instead of walking away asks for patience and a kiss. Emma, following her adventure in hypothermia, in an emotional moment that tends to elicit honesty, clung to Killian as if her life depended on it, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. So already, development wise, Emma really is leaps and bounds ahead of where she was. I think the final part of her arc this half of the season, besides her powers, is the confrontation of Emma’s belief that the Savior doesn’t get a (love) life.  She needs to find a life and love in the quiet moments. It’s about balance, it’s about full and complete acceptance, it’s about moving from I care for you Killian, to I love you Killian.

Because however the True Love act happens, I stand by the belief that it has to come from Emma. And really, think about how empowering that is- that your love for someone is the strongest type of magic, that it can save when nothing else can. And I really think, especially given the last episode, that she is so very close.