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You said your girl "demanded cuddles" so I "demand" you to write a fic about Maggie "demanding cuddles" from Alex :)

It takes her a while to start wearing her glasses in front of Maggie.

It takes her a while, but eventually – eventually, when Maggie feeds her and Maggie makes love to her and Maggie laughs with her and Maggie tickles her and bakes for her little sister and protects her little sister and beats Winn at Mario Kart during Game Night – Alex learns that this kind of intimacy with Maggie might just be acceptable, after all.

More than acceptable.


So she wears her glasses now, nearly every night that she gets home at a reasonable hour.

Nearly every night when she gets home at a reasonable hour, when she curls up with a dizzying mix of medical journals, classified DEO reports, and Kara’s articles in CatCo magazine.

The first time, Maggie had spluttered and Maggie had stammered and Maggie had kissed her and undressed her – taking off everything except those glasses – and made her moan and scratch at Maggie’s back long into the night.

The second time, the third time, she’d done exactly the same.

The fourth time, Alex had taken control.

The fourth time, Alex had stripped herself of everything but her glasses and held Maggie down while she ate her out. Held her down while she made love to her passionate, desperate, hot.

They’ve long since lost count of the number of times Maggie’s come home to Alex reading in those glasses, now.

Long since lost count of the tickle fights and cooking together and reading together and fucking together that they’d gotten up to with Alex in those glasses.

And tonight?

Tonight, Maggie comes home and smiles and kisses her woman quietly, happily, because Alex is absorbed in Kara’s latest article.

She eats leftovers from last night cold, and laughs when Alex scrunches her nose in disgust.

She tries reading and she tries scrolling through her phone. She tries listening to music and she tries pouring herself a scotch.

Nothing works.

The only thing she wants to focus on tonight is Alex’s skin next to hers.

She lays on the bed next to her and she sighs. Alex smiles at her closeness, but keeps reading.

Maggie sighs again. Alex arches an eyebrow.

“Restless, Sawyer?”

“No,” Maggie defends, but her expression gives her away.

“Just let me get to the bottom of this paragraph – ”

Maggie sighs again, and Alex adjusts her glasses. Maggie gulps, because god, is this woman beautiful.

“What do you need, babe?” Alex asks after another minute or so, and Maggie tries the pout Winn’s been teaching her.


“You need cuddles?” Alex grins, and Maggie nods.

“I’ve given it a great deal of thought, Danvers.”

“Have you?” Alex flirts, tossing her copy of CatCo magazine onto her bedside table.

“Mmhmm. And I’ve concluded that cuddles are something I require.”

“Require?” Alex grins, pushing her glasses up on top of her head.

“Listen, Agent Danvers, you all might have cushy equipment and fancy creature comforts in your James Bond spy lab, but us lowly detectives need other things to sustain us.”

“Is that so, Detective? You need cuddles for – ”

“Sustainability. The safety and future of National City depend on it, Alex.”

“The safety and future of National City depend on my cuddling you.”

“You gonna take your clothes off and hold me or you gonna keep repeating everything I say?” Maggie crawls on top of her, asking with her eyes before unbuttoning her oversized flannel.

“Oh, so now you need naked cuddles.”

Maggie kisses her way up Alex’s stomach, paying special attention to her scars, to her stretch marks, to her birthmarks. Alex hums in delight, and reaches down to stroke Maggie’s hair with closed eyes.

“Objections?” Maggie asks, and Alex shakes her head.

“None,” she murmurs through her smile, and she sighs in relief when her bare skin touches Maggie’s, when they meld their bodies together and hold each other close, hold each other safe, hold each other intimate.

“You’re amazing,” she whispers as she combs over Maggie’s hair with her fingers.

“And you’re perfect,” Maggie counters softly, her fingertips skating up and down Alex’s torso, their legs interwined and their foreheads touching.

Alex pffts and Alex sighs, but she also smiles.

Because right now?

She certainly feels perfect.

I always wonder when everyone decides to tell Max about Eleven. 
I imagine after a few months, they had to. She would always ask about Will, and why Mike was so emotional about a number. The boys had a huge meeting before, they spent nearly 2 hours discussing whether to tell her or not, how to tell her, and Will spent the time drawing some of the scenes for reference. They set aside a whole evening, and bring as many blankets and pillows as possible. At first Max is weirded out and a little uncomfortable by how serious the situation. But after everyone settles down, and snacks are evenly distributed, Mike begins. They all tell the pieces they remember the most. Will talks about the Upside down, Dustin talks about getting chased by Troy, Lucas tells of his mission to spy on the lab, and Mike chokes up everytime he mentions El. When they finish, no words are said, but a few tissues are passed around before they silently roll out sleeping bags and retire. 
Max understands now. 

Starscream’s lab: Most often used for self-cloning and creating implements that are primarily useful for backstabbery.

Soundwave’s lab: Most often used for repairing Megatron and developing hacking/spy tools.

My lab: Most often used for actual experiments which test the limits of what science can do, and designing weapons of mass destruction upon request.

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More fics with Maggie getting hurt please. Not by alex, but in the line of duty. I like Alex fussing over her

She’s not used to being fussed over.

The first time she fell off her two-wheeler, her dad started to run after her to gather her in his arms, but when he saw her friend Tommy – six years old and already walking on the tips of his toes and swishing his hips – he stopped, grimaced, and let her cry it out on her own.

She’d stopped crying at flesh wounds after that.

When she went through the torture they put her through at the academy, she nursed her bruises privately, iced her pride in secret.

The first time she was hurt on the job – getting in the way of some white guy trying to beat on a queer brown kid – her girlfriend at the time had arched an eyebrow, had asked why she’d bothered anyway, and I guess you can’t take me to dinner then.

When she was kidnapped and Alex first patched her up – when she was still in awe of the James Bond spy lab this smoking girl who literally threw herself into fire to keep her safe, who’d insisted on treating her herself, whose fingers could break someone’s neck but were so gentle in the medical bay – she didn’t even bother telling the woman who dumped her soon thereafter about her kidnapping, about her injuries, because she didn’t want to be accused, again, of being obsessed with work, and when her ex had stripped her clothes off that night in a rush of fuck me so I know you’re still mine, she’d ignored the wince of pain she barely made, because I thought tonight was supposed to be about me and well it’s your precious job and you came out with me anyway, so it really can’t be that bad.

When she was shot by Cyborg-Superman and finally let herself pass out after telling Supergirl, Kara, Supergirl, to just get the bastard, she came to in Alex’s arms, Alex’s steely eyes angry, focused, rimmed with just a touch of terror, as her fingers worked to carve out the infection, to synthesize the right balance of chemicals to counteract the poisons his laser shot was laced with.

She hated needles, and she hated stitches, but she’d never felt so… cared for.

And now?

Now that she and Alex are officially dating?

She’s never been fussed over before, but Alex is making up for lost time like it’s going out of style.

Because one night she comes home limping, and Alex won’t even let her hobble to the chairs at the breakfast island. She carries her, bridal-style, to the couch, and she helps Maggie off with her jeans, and she mutters about incompetent easy bake local cop medics and does it hurt when I do that, babe and honestly who do I have to kill for hurting you like this and I’ll have Susan come by with some meds from the DEO, you’ll be pain-free and healed in no time.

And another night – one of those graveyard shifts for both of them – they’re in the field together and Maggie takes a blow to the ribs and Alex is on the guy before Maggie even knows she’s within range, and Alex’s hands are gentle as she tugs up Maggie’s shirt, as she checks for bruising, for breaks, and when she gets her home, her lips trace a hundred different pathways over Maggie’s purple torso, her lips make art of Maggie’s bruising, her lips forge a home in easing Maggie’s pain.

And when Maggie makes her work partner swear not to call Alex, because it’s the middle of the day, man, she has a very important job, you know and it’s fine, it’s barely a fracture, come on, I don’t want to worry her, he calls Alex anyway, and she’s there within ten, and within thirty she has Maggie laid up in bed with eight different pillows and a veggie burger and fries from her favorite burger joint and a two-liter bottle of seltzer and three books on Maggie’s to-read list and the TV remote with Netflix all cued up and ready to go.

“Babe, why do you always make such a fuss when I get hurt?” Maggie finally asks after Alex spends a full hour soothing her burnt back with aloe and absent-mindedly serenading her with that soft voice of hers.

Because even after all this time, she can’t quite understand. And she doesn’t quite believe it.

A look of pure confusion settles over Alex’s features. “Maggie, why wouldn’t I make a fuss? Hell, I don’t make enough of a fuss, I… you deserve to always be fussed over, whether you’re hurt or not. Don’t you… don’t you know that by now?”

It takes a long time for Maggie to swallow the lump in her throat down deep enough to answer the woman with the lethal, gentle fingers and the steely, soft eyes.

“Alex, you’re the one woman who can make me believe that. Thank you.”

 “It’s called being loved, get used to it, Sawyer.”


Chemistry or Engineering? (Pietro x Reader) One-shot request

A/N: Hey! Ok so sorry it takes a while to get started but i made it as floofy as i could haha. I used russian as a substitute for sockovian as per usual.Hope you like it! This is my first request sorry if its really bad, i didn’t know how to go with it. But here it tis! (^~^)



Kukla= Doll


Its late. Its 1:00 AM and your shift at Tony’s lab should have ended three hours ago. You could be sleeping in your cozy new bed here at the Stark Tower, that Tony so generously offered when you got interviewed for the job. What he didn’t mention before you took the offer was that the Stark Tower had a pest problem.

The place was crawling with Avengers.

They were constantly walking in to speak with Tony often enough to put you off and distract you from your work. Sometimes in groups making a mess in the lab! In they come all broad shouldered knocking over your things.

So here you were at 1:00 am trying to make a scientific breakthrough that you could have made at 7:00 pm just because the avengers couldn’t keep away from the lab.

You appreciate them saving the world of course, you thought that was awesome.But you appreciate a quiet lab too, something you can’t have if they don’t back off, especially the sockovian guy, the really fast one with silver hair you think his name is Quicksilver. You could count him coming in at least six times a day! Always to ask the most insignificant things, like last time when he asked tony if he should get blue running shoes or dark blue running shoes.

You try not to waste anymore of your time thinking about it so you concentrate on keeping your hands steady as you work on welding the print analyzer of the project you were working on.

You had woken up early that day so your eyelids were getting heavy with sleep. You put down your tools and sighed looking at the table. “Closing my eyes for five minutes won’t hurt anyone.” You said as you leaned your head down and rested it on your arms that were crossed on the table.


When you opened your eyes again you could see someone leaning against the table next to yours. You lifted your head from your arms and as you did you saw who it was.

“Quicksilver?” You asked rubbing the sleep from your eyes. He was just there leaning on the table with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Yes but that is not my real name. My real name is Pietro.” He said standing up and giving a small smile.

“Well then, Pietro…"You looked around and saw you two were alone in the lab.“Were you just watching me sleep?”You asked getting up from your seat and putting your hands in you lab coat pockets trying to hide the fact that you were nervous to be alone with him.

“Yes.Wait! No! I wasn’t! Or at least i didn’t mean to!” Pietro ran his hand down his face that was tinted pink.“Glupyy.” He muttered a word in sockovian that you didn’t understand, his voice rough with his accent. That was the first time you’d heard him speak it and you had to admit it sounded really good.

“How exactly do you watch someone on accident?!” You sassed putting your hands on your hips.

“I was just waiting for Tony, and you were there and i didn’t want to wake you so i-“

“Tony?” You interrupted “Tony won’t be here till morning Speedy.” You were having fun arguing with the cute sockovian and it looked like he was having fun too with his sudden change of face. He had a sly smirk now.

“Look at the time sweetheart, its already morning.” He was getting closer as he talked. “Looks like youuu over slept.” He said booping your nose in the “you”. That caught you off guard and you furiously blushed. “So yes. Tony is on his way here.” He said still getting closer to you the smirk turning into a grin.

“ I-i wasn’t supposed to sleep so long! I had to finish my glove a-and” “Shhh relax kukla.“ He placed a hand on your cheek and his eyes were scanning every inch of your face as if trying to memorize it. “The world isn’t going to end…this time.” He chuckled a little at his own joke. He was close enough that you felt his hot breaths on your face now. While he was cracking dumb jokes you felt close to a heart attack with how your heart was racing. You had bearly talked for the first time and now you were close enough to smell his minty aftershave. You had to say something.

“S-so why are you waiting for Tony? You need advice on a dress that match your ‘dark blue’ shoes??” You chuckled awkwardly, you had no idea what to do in this situation. You area of expertise was the lab not whatever this was.

Pietro’s confidence completely fell at your question. He let his hand fall from your face and looked down at his feet with the rosy color returning to his face. “I-i wasn’t actually getting shoes…”

“Huh? Then why where you here yesterday? You came like twice about the shoes.” Your brows furrowed in confusion.

“Because he really really likes you (Y/N) and he’s been bugging me during my work time just to stare at you since you got here.” Tony’s voice boomed from the lab speakers.

“Tony?!?!” You and Pietro both jolted not expecting the sudden addition to the conversation.

“No, its Jake from Satefarm.” Tony said sarcastically

“Tony what are you doing spying on your own lab?“you asked

“He set us up.” Pietro said with a small smile and the pink that was on his cheeks now a flaming red.

You looked at Pietro with wide eyes and a red tint also forming from ear to ear. “Wait so he’s not kidding?”

Pietro couldn’t answer so he simply nodded.

“Yeah now kiss and get outta my lab. Sheesh” Tony said and left the intercom

“You distracted me from my work! That’s why i was here till morning!” You said trying to calm down your heart.

“Im sorry kukla, let me make it up to you.” Pietro said and leaned in. You were so not ready for that kiss so you braced yourself and said “butijustmetyou!”

Pietro stopped mid way, smiled and nodded. Then he held your head in both hands and kissed your forehead gently.

When you opened your eyes Pietro was staring back at them and said what may be the cheesiest thing you’ve ever heard.

“Are you a scientist? Because i sense some chemistry.” You smiled.

“I’m an engineer Speedy not a chemist.”

Day 270: Getting Ahead

So, this is probably a little light on the maniacal laughter, @jordymordymoo, but hopefully it’s appropriately creepy! Read on about a possible lead up to a certain scene in Meet the Medic.

“Are you comfortable?”

The words were muffled as they reached Spy’s groggy brain. Casually spoken, they seemed a mere formality, the bare minumum of concern as the fog slowly lifted. Somewhere in the background he heard the soft humming of what sounded like a Medi-gun, along with what sounded like the light tapping of metal against metal. He pried his eyes open, only to be nearly blinded by the bright lights glaring down at him.

A moment later, a shadow fell over his vision and, as his eyes adjusted, he saw the last person he had ever wanted to see when waking up looking down at him.

RED’s Medic.

Even divested of his lab coat, the man looked every bit the part of the studious academic. His vest was neat, and his tie was perfect. It was only the blood that covered his arms from fingertips to elbows that revealed the nature of a man who had once stolen an entire skeleton from a still-living patient.

“Where am I?”

“My infirmary, my BLU friend.” Medic smiled as he readjusted the large Medi-ray to focus on his patient’s chest. “You took quite a tumble off that cliff in the last few minutes of the match today. It did not kill you, of course, but you were quite a bit the worse of wear.”

Of course the fall hadn’t killed him. If it had, Spy would have awoken to the ceiling of the BLU base respawn room above him. The question was, why hadn’t the RED simply left him to bleed out and let respawn take care of the unnatural course of things that was the norm in 2Fort. The waves of the Medi-ray were warm against Spy’s chest, which would have been soothing had it been his own team’s doctor administering it. Inside, he felt what were probably cracked ribs slowly knitting themselves back together and held back a groan. Bone growth was always the worst.

Spy quickly took stock of the situation as his body slowly healed. It was not what he would consider a good situation by any means. They were alone in the infirmary, and there was absolutely no sign of any other RED. Not even that Russian gorilla who always appeared glued to the doctor’s side. The windows were dark, not from the passage of time, but literally blacked out with thick layers of paint. It was a room meant for nothing but privacy of the most sinister kind. He tried to sit up, but couldn’t. Looking down, he saw thick leather straps across his chest, hips and thighs with smaller restraints holding down his wrists and ankles to render him almost completely immobile on the examination table.

“Why am I here?”

Medic didn’t respond; although Spy was sure that he’d heard the question. The doctor had turned away to focus his attention on a small instrument table and was gingerly arranging several metal implements for which Spy could assign absolutely no practical function.

“Docteur.” Spy leaned up as best he could against his restraints. “Why am I here? By our employers’ mutual agreement, I should have been killed at the end of the round and allowed to respawn.”

Slowly, the doctor straightened his back and squared away his shoulders. In one hand, Spy could see a small unlabeled bottle of liquid, and in the other was a syringe. With a practiced motion, the tip pierced the cap of the bottle, and Spy could only watch as the plunger was slowly drawn out, the glass cylinder filling with a green liquid of a shade that was not found in nature.

“Oh, mein Freund, you should count yourself lucky!” Medic turned, a grin slowly creeping across his face. “Allowing oneself to simply die is a complete waste of a perfectly good death. By your presence here, you are contributing to SCIENCE!”

Spy tugged at the leather restraints that held his wrists as panic started to well up in his chest. The way that the last word had fallen from the doctor’s mouth left no doubt in Spy’s mind that whatever he had been brought here for was so far off the books of RED’s official ledger that the Administrator would have difficulty finding it.

“Use your own team as your lab rats.” Spy growled. “I demand that you release me to my team!”

“Such a poor attitude on the pushing of medical boundaries. It is a wonder mankind has progressed at all.” Medic tutted as he slowly approached the table, syringe in hand. “Now, you might feel a little prick…”

Spy craned his neck, desperately trying to pull himself away. But then, there it was. The unmistakable feeling of the needle slipping through the fabric of his mask, to pierce the skin of his neck. And then all he could feel was the cold.

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After Alex and Maggie have gotten more comfortable with eachother they fuck literally everywhere. The DEO, Kara's bathroom during game night, getting handsy while playing pool, so they go in the bathroom etc. Get creative with it ;)

The DEO is the last place Alex Danvers ever expected to have sex – it’s the last place she ever even thought about sex – but the James Bond super spy lab turns Maggie on.

Or, more to the point, Alex Danvers in a lab coat, Alex Danvers in her uniform, Alex Danvers in full tactical gear – just generally Alex Danvers – turns Maggie on.

So she finds herself dismissing the two rookie med techs whose eyes go wide when Maggie comes up from behind Alex while she’s examining a specimen in her newest microscope and braces her against the lab bench with a firm hand grasping the bench on either side of her hips, on either side of her ass.

She finds herself dismissing the lab techs and trying to turn around, but Maggie’s body is pressed against the back of hers, and Maggie’s pupils are dilating wildly.

“This okay?” she needs to know, and Alex’s breath hitches.

“I’m at work, Detective Sawyer,” she teases, but her smile and her hands reaching around her body to keep Maggie close to her are the eager permission Maggie’s waiting for.

“No one’s stopping you, Agent Danvers,” she murmurs against the back of Alex’s neck as her hands work their way up her lab coat, around her body, grasping at her nipples through her uniform shirt, and Alex moans breathily and grinds her ass back into Maggie raggedly.

“Maggie,” she gasps.

“Good, babe?”

“Don’t stop.”

“Yeah?” Maggie brings her teeth down on the back of Alex’s neck, and Alex bites down a scream.

“Please,” Alex begs, and Maggie obliges, turning Alex around to face her only when she’s about to cum, because it is her lab, after all, and screaming as loudly as she usually does with one of Maggie’s hands down her jeans and one of Maggie’s hands under her bra probably would be inappropriate, so Maggie swallows Alex’s screams with her own mouth, her own lips, and she swears she’s never tasted anything as perfect.

They have the same strategy in Kara’s bathroom during game night – kissing to stifle the screams with each other’s mouths, each other’s tongues – but this time, it’s Alex that has Maggie pinned up against something. Kara’s sink, more specifically, Alex holding Maggie up by the underside of her thighs, grinding between her legs with her thigh, and Maggie is scratching at her back under her red sweater, and Maggie is grasping for her nipple with her mouth, because Alex’s thigh is giving her perfect pressure and Alex holding her body up against the sink like this – Alex’s kid sister’s sink with all their friends in the other room, no less – is making Maggie positively drip for her, and she thanks the lesbian goddess that she wore black jeans tonight because she’s probably wet enough to soak right through her underwear, and when she cums, she can’t help sighing out Alex’s name, loudly, loudly, loudly.

Loud enough for Kara to be redder than Alex’s sweater when they stroll back out of the bathroom a few minutes later, looking – and feeling – like a pair of guilty teenagers. Loud enough for James to thump Maggie’s back lightly and congratulate her on getting what she deserves. Loud enough for Winn to offer Alex a high five and congratulate her on learning a new set of tricks with her index finger.

It happens at the bar, too. Of course it happens at the bar, too.

Because Alex has taken to showing Maggie the proper way to hold the cue, and because it means pressing her body flush against Maggie’s, Maggie has taken to pretending she just can’t get it, can’t get it, can’t get it, can you show me that again, babe?

M’gann snickers when she notices her friend’s eyes glued to Alex’s ass when she lines up her own shots, rolls her eyes with a small chuckle when Alex gets handsy with her friend while she’s trying to set up a shot of her own, and she groans softly to herself when they tug each other into the single stall bathroom and a soft thud drums up against the door. She cranks up the bar music and she flips a “temporarily out of order” sign on the door in thirteen different languages, because she’s nothing if not an excellent friend.

When Maggie and Alex emerge from the bathroom twenty minutes later with faux-casual expressions on their faces, a pair of hickeys on Alex’s neck and Maggie’s hair hastily tied up, where earlier it had been loose and perfectly arranged, she winks when Maggie slips her a five and thanks her for the sign.

Because it wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last, and M’gann can’t help but smile, because she’s never seen Maggie this happy before. And that’s more than worth telling her clientele that they can hold it for a half hour every now and then.

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2- alex is always on the station so they need her to sign some paper to get her some special badge, the desk girl says 'detective sawyer already filled your information, you just need to sign it, maggie completed all these personal info perfectly without asking anything and just when alex couldnt be more happy, she notices that maggie checked the 'married' box (to be fair it was either that or single, and alex is not single) (i gained 100 years in my life when i imagined that)

J’onn waves off the armed guards escorting Maggie to and from the DEO’s control room after she saves Alex’s life – and the lives of four other agents – in the field. Her ability to come and go as she pleases in his James Bond super spy lab is secured just by his dismissive nod, by his small grin, by his hand on her shoulder, and the words, “The DEO is in your debt, Detective Sawyer. And so am I.”

The process is more formal for Alex coming and going in the NCPD precinct.

She needs to fill out paperwork to get herself a special badge and she rolls her eyes at first because what, my FBI ID isn’t enough for you local cops, and don’t you know I’m in a rush to bring my girlfriend lunch and an update on the case? but then the officer at the desk leans over with a small, private smile, and she hands Alex the paperwork, already filled out.

Alex blinks as she recognizes Maggie’s tight scrawl, blinks as the desk officer tells her “Detective Sawyer already filled out your information, we just need your signature on pages three, and four, and five where I’ve marked the lines.”

Blinks because Maggie had remembered her stories about her aunt’s breast cancer in her medical history, remembered the surgery Alex had told her about having from a surfing injury when she was in high school, remembered her birthday, her address, her mother’s phone number and address in Midvale in case of emergency.

Blinks because Maggie hadn’t asked her anything; Maggie had simply… remembered. Maggie had listened. Maggie had cared.

Blinks and almost chokes when she does a double take at the first page; a double take because Maggie had checked the “married” box when the form asked whether Alex’s relationship status was “single”, “married”, or “divorced.”

Stupid choices, she could just hear Maggie muttering, and she could just see her smirking, her eyes lighting up with a question, her eyes lighting up with hope, when she checked the married box.

Alex blinks down tears and Alex smiles and Alex signs everywhere the desk officer tells her to.

She floats through the halls and slips next to Maggie’s desk, slapping the paperwork that she’d asked the desk officer to photocopy down in front of her without preamble, finger marking the “relationship status” question.

Maggie looks up at Alex’s face and Maggie looks down at Alex’s finger.

“Well, you’re not single, Danvers,“ she tells her, pushing back from her desk and standing, putting her hands on Alex’s waist.

“But I’m not married, either,” Alex protests, her fingers reaching up to run through Maggie’s hair.

Maggie glances down at the papers. “You signed them anyway,” she observes, and she gulps.

“I did.”

“Do you wanna be married, Danvers?”

“I do.”

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Agent Danvers is giggling and she is so happy lately. what's wrong with her?, the DEO agents are a little bit scared of it, but then they see Alex and Maggie talking and everything makes sense. I love your fics so much

When Maggie shows up at the door, the agent who puts out his hand to stop her is confused, at first. Scared, at first.

But when she says “Come on, it’s not like I haven’t been in your James Bond super spy lab before; I need to see Alex, it’s important,” he knows.

He knows because she doesn’t say Agent Danvers, she says Alex, and there’s concern written in her eyes under her tough stance, and suddenly, everything slides into place.

The way everyone’s been whispering about how giggly Agent Danvers has been. The way everyone’s been whispering about she must be getting laid or do you think she’s possessed by some alien or something or maybe she went on SSRIs? because Agent Danvers certainly has been throwing less DEO agents into walls and threatening less of them lately (poor Agent Schott; everyone had heard about that one).

But everything slides into place, now, because this is the woman Agent Danvers had started working with at the NCPD when she normally had such disdain for local law enforcement; this was the woman Agent Danvers had insisted on stitching up herself a couple weeks ago after the Cyborg Superman attack; this was the woman Agent Danvers had sprinted through the halls, yelling about what the hell happened and where the hell is she and did you catch him? Good, because I’m going to find him and kill him.

And now Agent Danvers is happy and floating and contorting her body into strange, excited shapes and she’s doing unnerving things like giggling.

And so suddenly it all makes sense.

“This way, ma’am,” he says to the tiny NCDP detective, and he leads her through to the command center, because this woman is the reason for Agent Danvers’s sudden spurt of utter happiness.

And he owes fifty bucks to the rookie who said it’s because she’s got herself a girlfriend.

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Maggie sees Alex in her glasses for the first time when she visits her in the lab. Even though they're at the DEO, Maggie can't wait...

“Detective Sawyer! Agent Danvers is waiting for you in the lab – you have the sample she requested?”

“Yes, sir, got it right here. Can your super spy lab seriously pull data from this?” She holds up the baggie of ashes burnt beyond anything her NCPD lab could make heads or tails of, and J’onn crosses his arms over his chest and grins smugly.

“I’ll let Agent Danvers prove it to you. Just through that hallway, on your left.”

Maggie smiles her thanks at him and practically skips off through the DEO, trying to hide her smirk at the way the agents she passes grin knowingly at her. Her pulse thrums harder than normal as excitement floods through her veins at getting to see Alex in the middle of the day.

“Hey babe, I brought you the sample from the scene,” she says brightly as she walks into the lab J’onn had indicated, and when Alex looks up from her microscope with a grin, any words Maggie had thought about saying – any moves Maggie had thought about making, any oxygen she’d thought about inhaling – vacate her entirely.

Because Alex is in a white lab coat, and Alex is looking up at her over the black rims of rectangular glasses.

Alex’s eyes meet hers, and her body jolts into a response.

Alex,” Maggie husks, kicking the lab door closed behind her, dropping the sample she’d brought on the table, and striding over to where Alex is bent over her microscope, ripping off her leather jacket and tossing it onto a chair as she moves.

“Maggie, what – “ Alex asks as Maggie pulls her up and into her body.

“You. Glasses. Never seen,” Maggie manages to grunt as Alex lets her head drop back to allow Maggie better access to her throat.

“Oh. Oh,” Alex moans, and she grabs at Maggie’s hips, but her eyes are darting around the room.

“Mags, I’m in my lab,” she squeals, but she’s working on the buttons of Maggie’s shirt all the while.

“All the better, Dr. Danvers,” Maggie whispers, and Alex digs her nails into Maggie’s back, glasses on but askew and lab coat partially slipped off one shoulder as Maggie glances at the lab bench behind Alex before sliding the papers away and pushing Alex on top of it.

Maggie,” Alex whines, her eyes unfocused behind her glasses, and Maggie growls, and Maggie grins, and Maggie unzips Alex’s jeans.

Alex screams, and Maggie puts a gentle hand over her mouth, and Alex’s eyes roll to the back of her head and Maggie’s fingers slip inside her and Alex is wearing her glasses and her lab coat and she is being thoroughly fucked on her lab bench and god this has to be the best perk she’s ever gotten from all her schooling, all her training and fuck she’s never cum like this and Maggie’s hand has slipped off her mouth and wrapped around her back, holding her up, holding her steady, holding her as her entire body shudders with the force of her orgasm.

“So… glasses. You like.”

“Yes, Danvers. Glasses. I like very much.”

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Spy discovers Medic's live Spy head.

So, he puts him out of his misery, promising him that he’ll wake up in respawn and turns around to see that Medic returned to his lab and Spy just makes a face like