spy grid

The Rectangular Prism

Jerry, George, and Elaine are sitting in Jerry’s apartment when suddenly a powerful earthquake rattles the building. They quickly dive under the dining room table, bracing themselves as dust shakes down from the ceiling. Soon after the rumbling ends, Kramer rushes over from across the hall.

The four look out the window only to discover another apartment directly outside, identical in layout to Jerry’s but reversed. Kramer ducks his head out for a closer look, but George catches a glint of something unusual and quickly pulls him back inside. A giant blade swings across the room, right through where Kramer’s face had just been.

They run to a different window in Jerry’s bedroom, only to find an identical, mirrored copy of the room in which they’re standing. George grabs a lamp off Jerry’s bedside table and tosses it into the adjacent room. Flames flash-incinerate it before it hits the ground.

Figuring Kramer’s apartment to be safe, since he had just come from there moments before, they rush over to it. Newman arrives shortly thereafter, pushing past them in a panic. Screaming, he dives out the window into yet another adjacent, similar-looking apartment before anyone can stop him. When no traps spring in the next room, he cackles triumphantly and rushes out into the hallway. A flash instantly passes through him, and when he turns back toward the others, chunks of his body fall away to the floor.

They creep through the window and carefully approach the pile that had been his body. Spying the grid of razor-sharp wires hanging loose against the wall, George surmises that the hallway is probably safe now that the trap has been sprung. They each grab armfuls of items to use to try to spring other traps, and follow him down the hall.

The elevator doors open to another seemingly-identical hallway. George tosses a boot through the doorway and the floor slides open to reveal a pit of molten lead. Doubling back, they try out various apartments—one with snakes, another with turrets in the walls, and a third with a collapsing ceiling—before finally arriving at another safe one.

After nearly six hours and dozens of rooms, they stop for a break, exhausted. A short while later, another earthquake shakes the building. They look through the window and are horrified to see the same apartment and hallway where Newman had been killed right outside. Demoralized by their lack of progress, they decide to sleep for the night.

Days go by as they make their way through the shifting labyrinth of apartments. None of them can figure out the pattern, and they find themselves coming across Newman’s body time after time. Eventually, Kramer howls in agony and breaks away from the group, rushing directly into an unexplored room. George quickly closes the door, and small explosions are heard from the other side shortly thereafter. Almost immediately following, they are thrown to the ground by another rumble as the rooms shuffle yet again.

More days pass. Elaine finishes her map, and they work out the pattern of movement, determining that after six more earthquakes, a series of safe rooms will be aligned in such a way that they can traverse directly to what seems to be the mathematical edge of the complex. They wait another two days, eating all the food in the cupboards of the kitchen. Finally, the sixth earthquake rumbles through, and they dart out through the hallway into the next apartment. Sprinting as quickly as they can, hurtling through windows, they reach the final door. George glances at Elaine and Jerry, then kicks it open.

The light blinds them for a moment, and as their eyes adjust, they see a room filled with confetti, balloons, and champagne, with bright windows overlooking Central Park. As they blearily stumble inside, Kramer shuffles in from the next room.

“Kramer!” shouts Jerry. “We thought you were dead!”

“Hey, what happened to you guys, anyway?” Kramer replies. “I came in here and they blasted some confetti and champagne at me, and when I went back to get you, the rooms had moved.”

“Con… confetti?” stammers Elaine. Her expression hardens as she shuffles slowly toward him. “Confetti?”

Kramer nods feebly, backing away. “And champagne.”

She quickens her pace, her face filled with fury.

Kramer’s back bumps against the window and he spins in terror, then turns back around to face Elaine.

“Get. Out,” she growls, shoving him as hard as she can, shattering the window and knocking him outside. She leans out and stares, half-panting, half-growling down at his mangled corpse.

George quietly elbows Jerry and points at a map of all the rooms hanging on a nearby wall. Each one appears to have a label indicating which traps are where. Jerry squints at it for a moment, searching for the sharpened mesh that had sliced Newman to bits. The hallway is labeled “GRID”. Another reads “SNAKES”, and several others read “FLASH-INCINERATOR”. George nudges him again and points at a room near the edge, labeled “ELAINE”.

The two creep back into the hallway, silently closing the door behind them.



Interview w/ Dr. Katherine Albrecht Exposes RFID Schools as Electronic Concentration Camps (HD) (by PrisonPlanetHD)

This is my interview with Dr. Katherine Albrecht of the Dr. Katherine Albrecht show on GCN Live regarding how these RFID programs are conditioning our children to a larger police state control grid agenda.


Okay so this Orb Weaver apparently moved in overnight and made a web that spans the entirety of my second story balcony, effectively preventing me from leaving my house unless I do some lazer-grid spy bullshit to make sure I dont break its web. This little one centimeter asshole has effectively trapped me in my apartment. I am a prisoner in my own home thanks to this fucker who thinks he’s now king of my balcony.