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Guy Ritchie makes a movie like no one else.

I watched this 2 months ago. I’m watching it again, and it’s as fantastic as it was then.

I swear Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; Snatch, Rock n Rolla, Revolver, Sherlock Holmes 1&2 (not my favorite), and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. style beyond anything else. The fucking best.

Archer es la serie de risa que llevaba buscando mucho tiempo. Sexo enfermo, chistes negros, jamonas, un protagonista odioso, desnudos habituales, alcohol, lencería francesa, call-girls, una señora de Park Avenue con oscuros secretos, espias cubanos gays,…

Archer is the show I’ve been waiting for years: sick sex, black humour, hot chicks, a disgusting main role, recurring nudity, booze, french lingerie, hookers/call-girls, gay cuban spies,…


Movies Watched in 2015

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) | dir. Guy Ritchie


The fortgoten gun powder factory part I

During the WWII the Swedish government decided to build secret plants in the forests of Sweden and this is one of them situated in Dalarna. After have been supporting the Finish army who was fighting against the Soviet Army the gun powder storages where empty. They needed gunpowder fast and it was a hectic period for the people who worked there. They were civilians but had to keep their mouth shut of this plant and what they were doing. It was also risky business compleeting the process of gun powder who was aimed to be used for the Anti Aircraft Cannon made in Bofors. 

I could just imagine how it could have been transporting it through the bumpy roads through the forests. The plant was hidden and probably it always has been covered by the forest, it is hard to say but there are rumors they shot down every plane that had no Swedish emblems and was acting curiously. Mother Nature is reclaiming its area slowly, even though it has passed almost seventy years the building still stand there. They were built fast and the quality is exceptional for that time period. 


Ghostbusters hits cinemas this weekend and to celebrate, I’ve turned the spotlight on Melissa McCarthy and ranked her last six big studio releases.

Be sure to check it out and my blog and let me know which your favourite is before I review Ghostbusters tomorrow and add it to my list.


Thoughts on “Spy”

This was a surprising movie. I had assumed that all Melissa McCarthy could do was fat humor, but this was legit a good movie. My assumption was completely off and I almost feel bad for making it. This wasn’t a perfect movie, but it was a lot of fun. And I’d really call it more of a spy movie rather than a comedy. But yea, down below are all my spoiler filled thoughts on it.

What I liked!

1. Knew how it was going to end as soon as we got the setup, but that wasn’t a bad thing. It was more about the ride. With a lot of movies, if you know how it ends on first viewing, it destroys the whole experience of the film. But then with something like Spy, its really about that journey and how she gets past all of her obstacles. Its like, we all know how Lord of the Rings ends, but its the struggle to get there that makes it a compelling and interesting story.

2. Can’t believe we saw some dicks. You almost never see a dick in a movie unless its NC-17. But we totally saw some penises. And I think its interesting too because we didn’t see any boobs or butts or anything. I think that just kind of shows that this is a movie targeted at woman. Their ideal audience is women, which I really enjoy, even as a man, because it feels fresh to watch a movie that is specifically targeted at me. Its still a good movie that I can enjoy and that’s something I don’t see that often with movies where I am not the target demographic.

3. This was a solid spy movie. Like, it was without a doubt a spy movie and it did it pretty flawlessly. It played with spy motifs in a way that was very fresh and enjoyable.

4. Loved the best friend, Nancy. She was so honest and caring and fun. I loved how she geeked out over how attractive some people are or like how she’s aware that she’s not perfect, but is totally fine with that and it doesn’t bother her at all. That’s a very important character trait that needs to be really commonplace and Nancy had it without even trying. I hope that as this franchise continues, she becomes a fan favorite because she’s legit. She’s someone kids should without a doubt look up to.

5. Loved Susan’s relationship with Bradley. Like he put her down sometimes, but he really didn’t mean to. He wasn’t trying to be a jerk to her. He totally cared about her in a non sexual way. And even though she adored him, the whole movie wasn’t about that crush. It was more about proving herself, getting confidence and honoring a fallen friend. That means so much more than what a lot of movies would have done. They would have just made the whole movie about her trying to bone him and I loved that they took it a complete different way.

6. This point def ties into the last one and its that I’m glad she said she wanted girl time instead of going on a date with Bradley. Its really uncommon to not have the guy and girl hook up at the end and its again, really refreshing to have that. She wants to go be with the person who legit helped throughout the whole movie, not the guy who only really helped at the very end. That’s just awesome.

What I didn’t like!

1. I absolutely, 100% HATE the title. They should have just named it Cooper or Coop or Susan Cooper or something like that. “Spy” is just such a generic title, but it wasn’t a generic movie. Its like calling a movie, “Action” because its an action movie, when really there’s a ton of other stuff going on. From a marketing standpoint, its a terrible idea because here’s the conversation that I hear:

“Hey, do you wanna go see that new Spy movie?”

“I didn’t know there was a new James Bond out.”

“Not James Bond. Its that Spy movie.”
“Do you mean another Bourne movie?”

“No. Its a comedy.”

“Ohh. Austin Powers. Its been awhile since I’ve seen one of those.”

“No, its just called Spy. Its got Melissa McCarthy.”

“And Sandra Bullock or Jason Bateman?”

I know that that’s kind of ridiculous, but its a ridiculous title.
Besides the title, I really want more movies to start acting like this one. Strong female characters who are totally fine with not being supermodels and don’t spend their time obsessing over men. They have their own life goals and they’re trying to better themselves. This is such a good movies simply because it does that. But then its also a really good movie because its funny and fun and has a great story. To put it simply, I’m really glad this movie exists.

- Chuck