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Mary is TOXIC

So there are parallels between Mary the spy and Britney the spy from Toxic music video.

We see a spy dressed as a flight attendant.

This spy is also a very good actress - in a first case Britney is a clumsy stewardess who pours out a champagne on a passenger to get him into the cabin where she can steal from him a code and Mary plays an awkward passenger who pretends to feel dizzy just to get a flight attendant where she wants her.

In a next scene we have Britney riding a motorcycle with a red wig.

Well, guess who also rides a moto and wears a long unnatural wig:

At the end of the music video we find out that Britney is an assassin who seduces man to get her goals and then she kills them.

Could this be telling us something about Mary’s true actions?

Also we don’t know if Britney isn’t the bad one in this video - the assassin spy who kills good ones to get what she want and her true motives remain mysterious…


Stand Together | Read on AO3

How can one phone call change everything Kingsman and MI6 know about Richmond Valentine and V-Day?

Nothing is over yet.

AKA the one in which Valentine is SPECTRE, Mary Watson is 001, Sherlock and Irene are married, James and Q are desperately in love, and V-Day is not over.

Fandoms: James Bond, Kingsman, Sherlock, London Spy

Relationships: James Bond/Q, Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin; minor Danny Holt/Alex Turner, Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler, John Watson/Mary Watson

Word count: 58,288

Rating: M

This fic is finally finished, after seven months of work.

He was shot down on August 25, 1940. Wiggins, his wingman, saw him bail into the Channel. It was a Sunday. Molly remembered because she came back from church with Mary and Rosie, and there was John with Mycroft. She remembered the look on John’s face; the apprehension, the guilt, like he had some part in it; how she tried to retreat before he even got a word out. Because she knew. Two days later anti-aircraft gunners at St Margaret’s Bay spotted the Spitfire wreckage. No body was found. That gave Molly hope. That, and the vow Sherlock had made to return.