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Reasons To Play Fallen London
  1. Fantastic writing
  2. It’s free
  3. It’s a browser game. Nothing to download.
  4. Lovecraftian influence
  5. Victorian Era
  6. You can have a bat as a pet! (You can also have lizards, monkeys, demon goats, an even bigger demon goat, rats, ravens, a tiger, and a bunch of other animals. But the bats are what’s important.)
  7. Lots of RP aspects. Play the game however you like. Strict moral code? Morally bankrupt? The devils or the church? The Masters or the Revolutionaries? Play every side? You want to be spy? You can be a spy. An author? A thug? Monster hunter? A professional trickster?
  8. Plenty of things to explore and discover
  9. The Sunless Sea spin off game on Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle
  10. The developers are kind, upstanding folks and are absolutely not cannibals. Rumors implying so are nothing but the most heinous of slander.

Will add more to this list as I think them up.

You’d think spying on the Russians would require some training, but when Naveed Jamali started working as a double agent for the FBI, he had none. “Probably some Magnum P.I. episodes and a few movies here and there,” he says. “That was about it.”

In How To Catch A Russian Spy, Jamali traces his path to espionage.

From Civilian To Spy: How An Average Guy Helped Bust A Russian Agent

Image: Lydia Thompson/NPR

Senate Leaves Town With No Deal on Patriot Act

National Journal: In a tense vote early Saturday, the U.S. Senate failed to move forward on legislation that would limit the NSA’s spying authority.

The vote was 57-42, just short of the 60-vote threshold needed after stiff opposition and last-minute whipping Friday night into Saturday from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP defense hawks.

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