late night at sea

an: day two of fluffy mini ficlet week continues with a little parents!cs! <3 for my love @swans-and-pirates.

She’s barely three weeks old when, in the middle of the night with her little lungs wearing out from all of the screaming and tears, Killian makes the decision to bring her out to the Jolly.

Emma, just as tired and fed up with the hours of trial and error, agrees to go, grabbing everything she can think she might need out on the ship before she slips into her shoes and cradles the baby against her chest, trying fruitlessly to stop her cries.

“She’ll be alright,” Killian assures her. “If she’s anything like her father, the sea will calm her.”

He’s right.

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Sniper and spy, Team Fortress 2. 

If I ever stop drawing them or posting about them, you can assume i’ve either been brainwashed or have been possessed by some alien life form. cause I sure as hell will never get enough of these two. 
I had no pen pressure drawing this… again… urgh

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This Mommy really needs to grow up

By Amy Dickinson

March 28, 2017

Dear Amy: I have a handful of mommy friends that have come into my life within the last few years.

I have one 3-year-old son. We get invited to many birthday parties.

I had a birthday party for my son last month.

One mom and her son were sick so they could not attend.

Last week they came over for a play date at our house. I thought she would bring a belated card and gift, but she did not. But then, she invited us to her son’s birthday at the end of the month.

Do we bring a gift? Discuss exchanging gifts? My hubby says people just don’t talk about this kind of stuff. I don’t want to hurt or offend her, but I also don’t want to end up feeling used.

Also, we have many friends that have two or more kids. How do we celebrate all of their birthdays without feeling that we are expending much more money on them than they do for us?

Is it wrong to want things to be even between friends? My fear is that if I don’t keep things fairly even then over time I may have resentment and regret.

I already do nice little extras for my friends. I put together Valentine treat bags for my mommy friends as a surprise and delivered them at a mommy night out.

I would just like to feel like my kindness will be occasionally reciprocated.

— Wondering Mommy

Dear Mommy: First this: As long as you refer to yourself and your friends as “Mommies,” you will stay stuck in this juvenile place where grown women don’t have first names, and where you and your friends primarily relate to each other based on your role playing second fiddle to 3-year-olds.

Please, grow up!

No, a child who wasn’t at your son’s birthday party should not have to follow up by giving a gift later, unless this is a close and special relationship.

Yes, if you attend a child’s birthday party, you should bring a gift for the child.

If you are invited to multiple parties over the course of the year for siblings in one family and you don’t want to give gifts to them, you should attend the party for the child closest to your son and skip the other gatherings.

Of course your kindness will be reciprocated by your friends. If it is not, then you should dial down your generosity, and also rethink the difference between a Mommy and a friend.

Quit keeping score. I assure you, life has a way of evening things out.


There was much on her mind.   Yet something in particular haunted her mind.  Wyllo.  More specifically, Wyllo’s trip.  And her safe return from said trip.   She didn’t feel like she’d done much to reassure Wyllo, or to explain things.   But she had no idea what to even explain.  Nothing about this made sense to her.  There was no reason to even be bothered about Wyllo in particular.   She should have been more concerned by the idea that someone wanted leverage on her.   That should be her real focus: discovering who and why someone wanted leverage if in fact her mother’s friend turned out to not simply be delusional about the whole thing.

She had sent Ara to to keep an eye on her.   Or she’d asked her to. She never knew if Ara would wake up in time to actually do things.   So - she hoped Ara had followed up on things.   It’s not like Wyllo wasn’t a big girl.  She was a farsfrider and she was going to be with friends and presumably was capable of taking care of herself.  Her safety was still a concern.   But…

There was something more eating at her.  Something about the look on Wyllo’s face and the way she acted when she had departed.   Vel was no expert in understanding the contents of other people’s mind, but she knew when something bothered her.  And something about Wyllo stating she was ’just here for the dragons’ had bothered her.  It was, technically true, of course.  Vel had hired her to help her get her dragonhawk operation off the ground.   That was why she was here…   so why did hearing her say ’just here for the dragons’ bother her.  Why did it bother her that Wyllo had eased away from her grip on her shoulder as she had?   Vel - shook her head.   Little bells in her hair chiming.   


I hope your trip goes well.  When you return, we need to discuss the transportation of approximately twenty-six dragonhawks that have been obtained.   They vary in age and I am unsure which ones are mates - which ones should be kept - which ones require training.   I also have no idea how to corral twenty-six animals from their current location to a suitable location…  or what sort of accommodations these creatures require.   I need you opinion on these matters as soon as you are able to return.  Please visit my office as soon as it is possible.  

- Velerodra Valesinger 

She wrote the letter with a sigh.  She hated feeling she was forced to meet in private.  Yet she didn’t want anyone observing her interactions.  She wanted to meet with Wyllo in a private setting.  Maybe see if something was bothering the woman.  Or if she was the only one bothered by something.   She did need to know what to do with her newly acquired flock too - this was why Wyllo was hired.   Just here for the dragons.   

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