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“@JayTommo this made me smile honey xx http://t.co/eZamvJof”

Someone retweeted this on my timeline and now I’m like actually crying (proper sobs and everything.) There is nothing platonic about that video, it straight out shouts true love, AND HARRY’S MOM FUCKING TWEETED IT BACK THEN WHEN THEY WERE NOT IN THE IRON CLOSET AND SHE TAGGED JAY IN IT. I’m actually crying.

- Submitted to me. Yup, they never wanted to hide it.
Tf2 Characters according to my Mom

Spy:  Monsieur Noodle Legs

Medic:  Your Fave

Sniper: Crocodile Dundee

Engineer:  Bob the Builder

Heavy:  Beefy Vladimir Putin

Demoman:  “He’s Scottish?”

Pyro:  “He doesn’t have a face?”

Soldier:  Marines

Scout:  That Annoying Kid In Your Friend Group That No One Is Actually Friends With


A1 poster arrived >3>;; this will be last time ordering a poster lol i just wanted to test the Glossy option plus this artwork is 4 years old now i had to choose this since its my most forever loving artwork I’ve done of TF2 Robots <3, this will go up on my wall…….if i find space… xD;

and yes i have re edited the wallpaper  i have updated it


littlecubby  asked:

What is you favorite part of being a mommy?

There are so many things I love about being a Mommy that it is really hard to choose my absolute favorite, so I think I will talk about one of the first things that comes to my mind, which is knowing I am loved, needed, trusted, and wanted by my baby boy.  Puppy and I have been together since February of this year and we have grown exponentially as individuals as well as a couple.  We’ve had our arguments and disagreements, but we work through them, and in the end, when we are together and in one another’s arms… when I’m taking care of him and seeing that adoration in his eyes, my heart just flutters and my spirit soars knowing that those looks, those moments, are mine and mine alone.  

We are devoted to each other, and every moment we spend together solidifies and strengthens our relationship.  I am fulfilled knowing that I can provide for him and love him for all that he is, and he knows he is safe, protected, accepted, and worthy of my love and attention just the way he is.  No changing, no masks, no facades.  

So I guess my favorite part of being a Mommy… is having my little.  I wouldn’t be a Mommy without him.

          ⇢ starting 9/29/2016 | ending 10/20/2016

The dates above are just a generalization. There is no guarantee that I will not be back to a more consistent activity rate before or after said time, but, I’m giving myself some length to not stress about it. September was a rough month, and it’s even harder bouncing back into October. Since I’ve got a whole lot going on, and a lot on my mind - I’ve found my energy levels, as well as my motivation to be on here, have depleted a lot. So, I think I need to give myself the OK to take a break. We all could use that from time to time. 

This doesn’t mean that I will be:

  • gone forever
  • dropping ALL of my threads
  • ignoring you on skype
  • ignoring the dash 100%

because the reality is, I’ll be back. I’ll maybe sort through the drafts that are giving me the most trouble and maybe pick and choose what I want to keep but I’m not erasing everything. I just need a break. Before my muse burns out, and everything I do is forced or pushed further back. I do not want that to happen. RP is a passion of mine. One of my favorite hobbies, however, as a 27 year old adult, whose been through the ringer a few times —- it is CRITICAL that I take a break and deal with life appropriately. No more throwing it on the sidelines. I have got to find my place in RL, and find a balance between living my own life, and playing Clark Kent. So just be patient with me, know that I love you all to pieces, and that I’m not abandoning anyone. I just need time to breathe. To think. And to put goals for my actual life into action instead of simply…day dreaming about them. 

I will have various ways for you to keep in contact with during this time. I’m not a very private person, really, so I guess some people might think it’s weird that I share these things, but I’m kinda like         * kanye shrug *

skype: worntotheprom

insta: skywiggity

snapchat: gidjits

i have every right to decline anyone i choose, but for the most part, ya’ll are my friends. i’m okay with sharing. 

Thanks for being the best of the best, and letting Clark invade your lives. He’ll be back soon, I promise. Like myself, he just needs to soak up some sun, man. He and I will be right as rain before you know it. 

much love,

Gabby ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Please forgive me

I know I haven’t posted shit on here, just a few reblogs here and there. I’ve just been so exhausted with this pregnancy and nauseas, that it has literally given me writers block.

But I have a few personal stories in my drafts ready to be published, and a few imagines coming your way!

I just want to thank y'all for being so understanding and patient with me. You guys are seriously the best and I can’t thank you enough!! This weekend, I am setting up my baby IG page if any of you care to follow!
Again, thank you for being amazing! I love you guys so much!! Xoxo


Summer is finally gone and now it’s time to welcome in my favorite time of year! AUTUMN! I love everything about it, the color changes the holidays the weather the changes in days ugh it just makes me so happy! It’s also the reason I decided to get married in the fall. October 25th to be exact!!!!!!!!! October is also Mika’s birthday month….October 31st…funny right? It just gives one more reason why Halloween is my favorite holiday. Anyways how do you guys plan to spend this glorious time? What ever you guys do I hope it’s fun and safe!!

Everybody Loves Killian Jones (And Emma Swan) (2/2)

Hello, everyone! Second part is here! I’ve had a lot of fun writing this story. This last chapter is full of fluffy. I hope you like it. Thanks for reading!

@the-lady-of-misthaven , @cat-sophia , @chrissascorner

@saraswans , thank you for everything :)

Unbeta’d (and English is not my first language) My apologies in advance for all the mistakes.

Summary: Canon future. Storybrooke is going through an unusual period of peace. That’s why Emma and Killian begin to live a normal life. They are happy, but Emma soon learns a lesson. She will have to share Killian’s affections.



First Part Here

Emma knew nothing of Killian’s plan in the following days. Everything seemed normal between him and his mother, they showed no sign of having kept any compromising conversation. Their lives went back to normal and the post-it notes continued to appear in the fridge. That meant that Killian still shared his time with other inhabitants of Storybrooke. But there were some changes, though subtle, that did not go unnoticed for her. Now he added a message just for her to every text he wrote letting her know his plans.

Henry and I are going to practice sword fighting after school. Would you like to join us after your shift?

David and I are going to hang out together, but we won’t be late. If you wait for me awake, I promise to make up for the time we have not been together.

Your mother has asked me to babysit Neal because everyone is busy this afternoon. But don’t worry love, you continue being the first one of my list.

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In a whimsical mood, I decided to tag all my holster-related posts as such.

Napoleon Solo, Illya Kuryakin, Kelly Robinson, Bill Maxwell, Holsters - how to put them on, how to take them off, holsters and asses, holsters and bare chests - any and all your holster needs provided.

Please enjoy responsibly.