Digital Spy’s No.1 TV show of the year 2016 revealed: What’s nabbed the top spot?

1. The Night Manager

Everything about The Night Manager was gorgeous. The cast, the locations, the cinematography… but this adaptation of John le Carré’s thriller was more than just a flashy blockbuster. It delivered style and substance.

The cast were superb: Tom Hiddleston made for a supremely charismatic lead, while Hugh Laurie was chilling and charming in equal measure as the villain of the piece. Elizabeth Debicki brought depth to the part of Jed – much more than just “the girl” – while Olivia Colman and Tom Hollander gave the genre archetypes of the master spy and the henchman a wonderfully quirky twist.

David Farr did a fantastic job, too, of updating what’s a very ‘90s novel – inventing a story that felt resonant in 2016 and injecting a little Bondian flair and wit into the world of le Carré.

But it was perhaps the work of Oscar winner Susanne Bier that was most impressive of all: her glorious direction helped evoke a real sense of place, a sun-soaked world with a seedy underbelly that we were desperate to return to each week.

Critics were left panting and audience numbers were huge – so of course the temptation now is to produce a follow-up. But this is very much a case of No Sequel Required. In its six episodes, The Night Manager – like Hiddleston’s headline-grabbing arse – was tight, lean and perfectly formed.

little ways to cope with stress ♡

➳ make silly faces in the mirror

➳ take a bubble bath

➳ pet a friendly puppy/kitten

➳ dance to your favorite song

➳ eat a rainbow of fruits (& veggies)

➳ take a long nap

➳ read some story books

➳ build a blankie fort then fill it with stuffies & fairy lights

➳ visit a toy store (or several)

➳ watch your favorite movies back to back
➳ give yourself a makeover
➳ color color color

➳ listen to lullabies or soft music

➳ do some yoga
➳ make snow angels

➳ pack a picnic
➳ cook some macaroni & cheese

➳ go on a long walk or scavenger hunt

➳ paint a picture frame or flower pot

➳ go to an animal/exotic bird sanctuary

➳ cuddle up with a bottle/binkie

➳ cry cry cry

➳ put together a puzzle

➳ eat a lollipop (or several)

➳ make a mobile with ribbon & paper
➳ bang together pots & pans

➳ build a block castle
➳ play dress up
➳ build a snowman

➳ go to an art/science museum

➳ bake cupcakes or cookies

➳ visit a candy shop (buy some sweets)

➳ make homemade hot cocoa

➳ brush your teeth & hair
➳ play cute online games

➳ buy a new toy or coloring book

➳ set goals then celebrate them

➳ watch funny youtube videos

➳ make a collage of cute photos for your wall
➳ set up a bird or chipmunk feeder
➳ stay in your jammies all day
➳ have a tea party with your stuffies
➳ make a new “imaginary” friend
➳ marathon your favorite cartoons

Percival Graves (the real one) was a sucker for rules. If some creature was illegal or dangerous, Percival, no, Director Graves, would act as the law dictates. 

But then he met a young magiczoologist that saved his ass from being imprisioned and impersonated by Grindewald, and he started changing his views.

Graves taking care of all the creatures he confiscates in the black market, his house being a real zoo by now and the continuous correspondence with Newt asking about care of magical creatures was a pleasent consecuence.