Headcanon for Scout/Medic/Heavy

I was sending stupid ideas to @camiluna27, and now you must suffer too…


But there’s so much you could write about though

Like, Heavy laughing the first time he lets Scout try and lift Sacha (his gun)
While medic ‘tuts’ int he background, waiting to heal whatever the runner sprains

The team growing suspicious when they notice Heavy is sharing his sandvich a lot more frequently with the runner, and Medic almost never uses the Crusader’s Crossbow, unless he has to (on the runner). Bc for some reason the fandom has decided Scout is afraid of needles and I will keep that odd headcanon alive…

Scout and MEdic racing, and discovering that without the medigun pack, the German is faster… then the runner sulks all day long about it, and has to be tempted out of his hidey-hole  with a sandvich

To Medic’s dismay and Heavy’s amusement, Scout has given each of the Medic’s birds… nicknames.
Archie (Archimedes), Sock (Socrates), Des (Descartes), Creepy (Freud), Gay (Sappho), Hypothermia (Hippolyta)… they’re pretty sure the last one is less of a nickname and more, that he hadn’t heard the doc right when introduced to them all.

Heavy and Medic having to deal with the fact that Scout, whilst matured since arriving on the team, is still quite young in comparison and sometimes it causes them frustration/distress

The pair talking quietly over having such a young man with them; their fears of the day when they no longer have access to respawn, and will continue to age, for once.

Medic keeping Heavy and Scout’s souls closest to him, and refusing to sell them to the  devil until absolutely necessary. As it maintains their immortality that way…

Heavy not understanding the awkward way Scout and Zhanna stare at each other when he takes his boyfriends home to meet/re-meet in Scout’s case, his family. Bc neither of them have mentioned to Heavy that Zhanna flat out asked Scout to bang her… and he couldn’t shut up long enough to.

t will come out, maybe when one of them (likely scout) is very drunk… Heavy will be concerned, but Medic will think it was hilarious. And tell the story of how he met his first girlfriend in college, by giving her a nazi heart on valentines day with flowers… she was touched but slightly concerned. And also, had her own girlfriend.

Scout tries on the Medipack, and nearly backs his spine because he ignored the warning to 'brace for it’
(you know, how sometimes you misjudge how heavy/light something is, and even though you CAN lift it, the shock of it being different can cause chaos?)

Nothing is more frustrating than morning-scout, for the other two.
You’d think he’d crawl out of bed at 10am or later, looking for sugar, but no… oh god no, the horror. He’s a MORNING PERSON.
Medic and Heavy are most certainly NOT; coffee is lifeblood before 9am.
But Scout, oh he’s up at 6. 6!!!
Awake and in his jogging attire, he’s off for a morning run… and the other two feel old just acknowledging that the little fucker even wants to do that when he could be sleeping, like a NORMAL PERSON…
And he comes back, later on, sometimes boasting about how he’s beaten the BLU scout in their little morning competition, or grumbling about losing and that 'he was tired, alright?’

which means they either sleepily congratulate or commiserate the sweaty mess, before heartily evicting him to the showers because he needed one. He’d always make the same lewd overture, “Come with me?”

And very rarely, one of them does.

Mostly, Scout goes alone… because the rest of the base SIGNED a DOCUMENT banning any and all 'bedroom acts’ (Engie’s flustered words) in the communal shower room UNLESS you were 'damn sure no one else’s around to see ya’.



They had caused some trouble when they had joined together; Heavy would snap awake in a heartbeat, ready for combat. Medic would feel movement close by and jerk upright, blade to hand, ready to kill…

There had been cuts and bruises, accidental “Oh, it’s YOU” moments… but they laughed about them now. Knew each other well enough to sense the presence while they slept. It was safe.

And then along came SCOUT…

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anonymous asked:

What about a prompt of what Harry would do or say to his daughter after her first heartbreak or finding out that she and her boyfriend finally had sex and she only told her mom? Would he be mad at his wife if she kept that from him?

this turned into a Harry Little because i got carried away…. 😅  i hope you like it! thanks for sending it in! Hope you’re well! xxx 💕

[22] ‘M’gonna be sick.’

His wife probably thought about how to break it to him for a few days. She certainly wasn’t going to spill it out over their date nights twice a week. But she knew she had to. So as he’s paring newly washed socks, she decides now would be a good time. Folding laundry has always been calming for him. But she’s just about wrecked that now hasn’t she?

‘M’gonna be sick.’ He shudders. ‘She what! She had—she had—’

‘You said you weren’t gonna get mad if I told you!’ She whispers harshly.

‘M’not mad, m’ill.’ He whispers back just as harshly. ‘Why are you only just telling me this now!’

She wasn’t supposed to tell Harry at all. She was sworn not to. But then she realized that not telling him would be ten times worse. She just couldn’t keep it in any longer. They’re a team. Parenting is a team effort. And she’s just as much his daughter as she is hers.

‘You’re right. But she made me swear. And I’m breaking our promise now so give me a break will you?’

‘You can’t keep these things from me!’

‘I know that! S’why m’telling you! I wanted to tell you before I took her to get birth con—’

‘Wait! They had unprotected sex!’

‘Shhh!’ She whispers. ‘She promised me they used a condom. Harry you’re not breathing, deep breaths.’

Harry is properly losing it. He’s pacing back and forth the poor thing. Harry feels everything literally crashing down (on his lungs.) He wasn’t expecting this. He wasn’t ever going to expect this to be fair. He’s telling the truth, he actually feels ill. Like the flu but worse. Like a stomach bug but worse. 

‘M’actually gonna be sick.’ He hunches over. 

‘I told her what she did wasn’t responsible. She should have come to me well before, when they were planning to and I could have taken her to get the pills before.’

‘He’s pressuring her!’

‘Do you know that!’

‘I hate him.’

‘You don’t hate him.’ She reasons.

‘I more than hate him but m’so poorly I can’t think of a better way of putting it.’ He glares.

‘Just don’t say anything—’

‘We should ring his parents. Yeah, m’gonna ring his—’

‘You really want her to hate you don’t you?’ She whispers. ‘Just act normal alright,’ she reaches over him for the pair of socks she’s missing to pair.  

‘What does that even mean!’

‘Well for one, start breathing properly!’

And then a day passes, maybe two. And Harry’s wife spots their youngest son with a pair of play binoculars looking out his bedroom window way past his bedtime.

‘You’re still not in bed!’ She peers into his room. ‘It’s nearly nine!’

‘M’spying.’ He turns to her, curly hair nearly covering his tired eyes.

‘Spying on who? You cannot spy on people!’

‘Daddy told me to.’

‘Told you to?’ She asks and he nods. ‘Give ‘em here.’ He hands them to her shyly and she looks in the direction he was previously looking. ‘Unbelievable.’ She sighs loudly. Their daughter is just standing outside their house talking with one of her friends.


And maybe Harry senses he’s been caught. But doesn’t think he has much to be yelled out for. This is normal behaviour. He’s being observant, he’s being a dad. ‘Remember when I told you to act normal, this isn’t nearly that!’

‘On the contrary,’ he defends as he picks up the numerous toys scattered on the kitchen floor. ‘I think it’s perfectly normal.’

‘You’re having him spy for you! If she finds out, you will not hear the end of it and she won’t ever—’

‘M’protecting her.’ He interrupts. ‘M’protecting my daughter.’

And then she realizes the problem. They’re not on the same page. And then she makes him stop doing what ever it is he’s doing. Picking up all the toys their kids leave scattered on the floor or their shoes thrown in every which direction.

‘Come here.’

‘No.’ He mumbles.

‘Come here right now.’ She glares.

Harry reluctantly gives in just like his kids do when their mum makes them do something they don’t want to. Or when she’s finished counting to three.

‘I hate it.’ He leans into her open arms.

‘I know you do,’ she sighs laying her head on his shoulder. ‘I know you do.’

‘This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.’ He groans.

‘Alright,’ she chuckles. ‘Alright love, dramatics aren’t—’

‘M’not being dramatic!’ He whines.

‘No, you’re not.’ She shakes her head against his neck. ‘You’re being a dad. And you’re having a moment.’ She holds onto him tightly. 

‘M’her dad.’ He mumbles.

‘You are,’ she kisses his neck softly. ‘Always are.’

‘Remember when we used to cook together? And how I used to take her ice skating and we’d get hot chocolate after because she was so cold.’

‘You don’t even like hot chocolate.’

‘I don’t.’ He mutters. ‘But she’d get really bloody excited about hot chocolate.’

‘And two cups later, as well as your cup she’d moan about her tummy aching.’ She smiles against his warm skin. It doesn’t matter if she’s eight and obsessed over hot chocolate or eighteen and obsessed with her boyfriend. Harry is always going to be her dad.

‘I’ll break him if he breaks her heart. I will. M’not much of a fighter but I—’

‘Ok,’ she nods. ‘Alright,’ she calms him by running her fingers over his back. That usually helps. 

The next few weeks are filled with Harry’s definition of acceptance. He made an effort to accept the young lad, acknowledged him, shook is hand long enough to stop circulation for a moment. He’s met him before but not under these circumstances. These circumstances that make Harry’s stomach knot. 

But he can’t exactly tell you that he’s stopped lurking by the windows (the occasional bush outside.) He also can’t tell you with complete honesty that he’s stopped warning her about ‘if he ever does…xyz’ And when he does warn her, lectures her, he’s blown his wife’s cover. His daughter’s eyes widen with shock and embarrassment when she realizes her and her mum’s secret is no longer. 

‘Don’t be cross at your mum.’


‘M’not gonna give you a whole lecture, frankly because I feel sick just talking about it…might actually be sick and you probably feel the same. But if he ever even—’



She covers her face, bright red and hot. This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to her she thinks. 

‘No is always an option—’

‘I know that!’

‘Good. And if he ever wants to stop using condoms—’

‘M’gonna be sick.’ She groans.

‘Me too but—’

‘Can I go now?’ She begs.

‘You can, but please let him now that if he doesn’t plan on using them I will make sure he’s got them. And I doubt he’d like it if I’d be the one to buy them for him and—’

‘Dad!’ She yells.

‘The pills too, have to remember to take them. S’how your brother—’

‘Harry!’ His wife yells from upstairs. ‘Stop scaring her!’ 

‘M’not scaring her!’ 

‘Your brother was planned don’t listen to him!’ She assures. 

‘I was just telling her about the shopping trip to Tesco me and her boyfriend are gonna take if—’

‘Mum make him stop!’

And Harry also can’t tell you that he hasn’t had a stern conversation with her boyfriend either. A conversation stern enough to make the poor boy’s heart leap into his throat. Stern enough to remember the exact conversation at unwanted times. He also can’t tell you that he’s stopped glaring at the guy subtly (Harry’s definition of subtly.) (‘Your dad keeps staring at me.’)  He’ll stop eventually. He’ll get there. This is all just very new to him. And he hates it so very much. But he hates it (and the guy) a little less when his daughter is laughing or smiling down at her phone. Harry (might) smile to himself then too. (But he wouldn’t tell you that either.)

Not A Spy (Tokugawa Ieyasu daddy fic) 1/?

Not A Spy |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|

Eighteen years ago, you had fled under the cover of darkness. With nothing but the clothes on your back, along with the hairpin Lord Ieyasu had given you all those years ago. You slipped through the shadows, carful to cover your footprints. You had nowhere to go. Nobody to ask for help. Ieyasu knew where you lived, so you had no choice but to find shelter elsewhere. So you did. You made your way to Suruga. There, you would find work. You had enough money saved up to find a small home, but after you bought that home your money was gone. You found work, and you work yourself to the bone, trying to make enough so that you could stay at home and care for your soon-to-be born child.

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On This Lovely Sunday Night, Can We Kick Up Our Feet and Talk About...

The Fifth Time It Happened?

Hey! This is part 5/? of the story of how Captain Killian-can’t-get-enough-of-his-daughter Jones can’t stop waking up in the middle of the night because he’s just too stinkin in love with his little girl. Leia is still 3 months old. Warning: this part is nothing but hilariousness. ;) 

If you missed the other 4 times it happened:


Thank you to @thegladelf@raggedyclaraa@vigilantewives@naiariddle@iswearonouat@that-one–book-nerd@mayquita@onceuponiwishmytime​ and all others who left kind words! 

Enjoy way-too-ambitious Killian, shipmates ;) 


The fifth time it happens, Emma beats Killian to the punch. This time, it’s Killian who rolls over to find the other half of the bed vacant. He sits up, rubbing his eyes before swinging his legs to the floor. He assumes Emma is feeding Leia and just didn’t wake him up, but when he nears Leia’s room he finds that he can hear Emma talking. He pauses for a second, eavesdropping.

“How come you’re not sleepy, little love? Is the world just too exciting for you to miss out? Or do you just like hanging out with Mumma? Mumma loves you so much, sweet girl. Yes, Mumma does.”

Killian smiles to himself, and eagerly rounds the corner into the room, eyes easily finding the rocking chair. What surprises him, is that he finds it empty. At first he is terribly confused, until his gaze lands on Leia’s crib, and he discovers that tonight it has two occupants.

The room is fairly dark, but Killian can vaguely make out Emma’s small frame, curled up next to Leia. She’s using one arm as a pillow and the other is wrapped around Leia, and he watches for a second as her fingers rub circles over the baby’s tummy. He stands in the doorway for a beat longer watching his two loves before quietly padding over to the crib himself.

“What’s going on in here?” he asks playfully, leaning against the edge of the crib and peering down into it. Emma turns her head, looking up at him with one of her signature tight-lipped smiles. “Is Mummy snuggling with you, little lass? Oh my goodness. You’re such a lucky girl, princess Leia.”

Emma does a theatrical gasp, nudging Leia so that she turns her head toward Killian. “Uh-oh. Who’s that, Leiabear? I think your Daddy is spying on us, duckling.”

Both parents chuckle as Leia’s arms and legs start flailing, a huge smile spreading across her face when she realizes her father has arrived. Emma shakes her head. Such a daddy’s girl. Killian mirrors her smile and lowers his hand to stroke her cheek with his knuckle. Leia immediately grabs hold of his fingers, her bright green eyes staring up at him in happy wonderment. It melts him.

“Did she nurse, love? Was everything alright?” he asks Emma, who has begun to run her fingers over Leia’s velvety dark hair.

“Mhm. She finished about 10 minutes ago. And now clearly has no interest in sleeping.”

“Why didn’t you wake me, darling?” he asks curiously, flipping his gaze from Leia to Emma. He can’t get enough of how beautiful she looks, sleepy and happy and motherly and tender. Her golden hair is sprawled over her arm, and it seems to span the whole length of the crib. Her cheeks are flushed a rosy pink and her eyes sparkle, just like Leia’s.

“Because you were up with her all night last night, babe,” she reminds him, recalling with pleasure how he’d catered to all of Leia’s needs so that she could get a decent night’s sleep. “You’re not a machine, Killian. You need sleep, too.”

He absorbs her words, appreciating them. Despite the fact that his life is nothing short of perfect, it can’t be denied that he is indeed in need of sleep. “Aye. I just bristle at the thought of missing out on these precious little moments. There’s nothing in the world I enjoy more than this,” he explains, gesturing toward the two of them.  

Emma smiles, secretly amused by the tiny hint of jealously in his tone. “Yeah, well. Sometimes we just need some time for girl talk, don’t we Leia?”

Leia gurgles, and they both laugh. The baby’s eyes are still absolutely stuck on Killian, and Emma can’t help but notice.

“Look at her looking at you,” she says, propping herself up on her elbow, “You love that Daddy, don’t you, duckling? Yes, Mumma knows you do. But don’t you worry. He loves you right back.”

“That’s quite right, I do,” he coos, running his thumb over his daughter’s petite little lips, “Can I hold you, for a moment? Or does mean Mummy say no?”

Emma sighs, rolling her eyes. “Mean Mummy says it’s okay,” she says, undraping her arm from over Leia. “You’re both lucky that you’re cute.”

Killian chuckles with gleeful triumph as he leans down to expertly pick up his little girl. “She thinks we’re cute, little bird!” he tells Leia, hauling her up so that he can give her little kisses all over her face. The baby giggles infectiously, wriggling in her father’s grip. Killian begins to sway with her, looking at her in that special way, as though there isn’t anyone else in the world but her.

Emma takes that as her cue to shut her eyes. She doesn’t let herself fully fall asleep, just lets herself relax against the mattress, floating in that hazy place between consciousness and unconsciousness. After a few minutes though, Killian speaks to her, and man does he yank her back into consciousness.

“So, Emma. Darling. My love. My lovely, stunning wife…Are you ready yet to have another?”

Emma’s eyes fly open and her face contorts into the most incredulous expression. “Are you on crack?

“I beg your pardon? What the bloody hell is crack?”

“Oh my god, Killian,” Emma has her palm against her face, and she’s on the brink of hysterical laughter. “Leia, tell Daddy he’s gone mad.”

“But the other day you said you wanted more children,” he whines, and Emma groans, throwing her index finger high into the air.

“One. One more. One,” she clarifies, wiggling the finger indignantly. “And I need minimum three years.”


“Killian, that one just got here! How do you already want another one?”

“I just love this one so much,” he argues, kissing Leia’s forehead, “I can’t wait to love another. And besides, Swan. It’s devilishly cute, this little thing that we made.”

She can’t exactly disagree. “Yes, but my stomach is still flubbery and wrinkly and gross from baking that cute little thing for you,” she stresses. “I got a nice 15 year break between the last two. The oven is not ready for round three.”

Killian peers down at her, his face suddenly so serious. “Your stomach is not flubbery,” he insists, holding Leia with his left arm so that he can reach down with his right to stroke Emma’s stomach, “It’s wonderful. You are a marvel, Mummy. You’re stunning. You’ve the second most beautiful belly in all the realms.”

Emma swats his hand away, but threads her fingers through his. She can’t contain her laughter. “Man, Leia. Thanks to you, I always land in second place these days.”

Killian laughs along with her, before his serious gaze returns and he squeezes her hand. “But in all seriousness, my love,” he says, rubbing her knuckles with his thumb, “I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of how expertly you carried her for us. You were amazing. I only wish I could’ve done more to help you, or done more to ease your pain there at the end,” he tells her sincerely, shuddering from the memory of Emma’s bloodcurdling screams of pain as she valiantly brought Leia into the world.

Emma smiles sheepishly, tilting her head up at him. Her pirate. Always so sweet.

“You did everything you possibly could’ve,” she assures him. “I definitely couldn’t’ve done it without you beside me. Thanks for sticking around.”

His eyes widen a little. “You never honestly thought I might leave you, did you?”

No no no,” she clarifies, and he exhales in relief. “Still. Just because I knew you wouldn’t leave doesn’t mean I can’t thank you for staying.”

He beams at her, tightening his hold on their daughter before leaning toward her. She scrambles onto her knees so she can easily reach his approaching lips. She nestles her fingers in his hair as they kiss, an age-old habit of hers. He moves his hand to cup her cheek, using one finger to tickle her earlobe.

I’ll tell you what,” she whispers against his lips as they come up for air, “If you can find it in your heart to put your littlest love back in here, maybe we can go back to bed, and practice making duckling number two.”

Killian pulls back further from her, his gaze suddenly lustful and teasing as he turns to the side so Emma can see where Leia is leaning against his shoulder.

Emma’s expression turns to surprise when she sees Leia’s face, rolling her eyes as Killian gloats. “Well, since duckling number one has, as usual, fallen right to sleep in her Daddy’s arms, I see no reason not to let her snooze while we….practice.

Emma sticks her tongue out at him as she climbs out of the crib. “Well then, put down your little daddy’s girl,” she says, and he can sense the tiniest hint of annoyance in her tone. (She’s just jealous because he’s always the one who gets Leia to sleep effortlessly.) “After all, practice makes perfect.”

They each kiss one of Leia’s cheeks before Killian sets her down. “You aren’t wrong, Swan,” he says quietly, picking her up bridal style before pausing so they can stare into the crib one final time. “But I do believe we already made perfect.”

And that was the fifth time. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to request an exo reaction but i'm not sure you're ok with writing about that but since you've made some dom/sub stuff i'll give it a shot. Could you write one where they and their gf are into ageplay and have a daddy/little girl relationship? Not only at bed but as a lifestyle where it's not sexual for them when she is into her little headspace. I hope you don't mindo but it's ok if you don't want to write it

I”ll warn you right now that I’m not that informed about ageplay so this request might not be as good or contain content that you were expecting. If that is the case then I am greatly sorry for my mistakes.

Thank you for requesting and for being so patient to have it answered.




In bed: “baby, why don’t you come over to daddy and let him show you why it’s fun to be an adult” *OOOOOOHH Xiudaddy*

Normal lifestyle: *He’ll enjoy the parts of being protective over you like a real daddy would be and love when you get in the young, playful and clingy mood the most.* 



*Luhan would take on his role as daddy the best out of everyone, he’d know what to show his little partner and give to them in bed and in life in general at the right times. He’d love every minute of it. He’ll love the parts of ageplay where he can hand feed his child as if they’re a baby and also have a particular fondness of punishing his child when they are being bad*

In bed: “you’ve been very bad babe, spying on your daddy when he told you to stay in your room while he took care of some business. What  kind of punishment should you receive for not following orders, my little child?”

Normal lifestyle: “here y/n eat some of this. You’ll need it to help you grow bigger and stronger like your daddy and don’t drink too much hot chocolate, we don’t want you to be too hyper when it’s time to watch a movie”



In bed: *ageplay with Kris is taken most seriously in bed, he’ll expect you to play your role to the best of your ability at this time…. acting innocent and young and being submissive. Kris would love if you played role of a slightly nervous and afraid person during this time, acting like you don’t know what is happening or what to do and asking him*

y/n: “daddy, why are you in bed with me? It’s time for us to go to bed”

Kris: *hovering over you* “we are going to bed but I want to sleep with you tonight, we’re going to do something that will help you sleep and feel better”

Y/n: “what do you mean? what are we going to do daddy?”

Kris: “just be a good child and let me do the work, I promise you’ll enjoy this baby”

Normal lifestyle: *age play means that their “younger” partner would initiate a lot of fun and games during the normal days since kids love to play. Kris would love playing along to a game of tag or hide and go seek (or a mix of both) with his partner*



First of all: Daddy Suho? no, more like Mommy Suho. 

(Sorry, had to do it)

In Bed: *despite Suho being patient and 100% leader material for EXO, he would actually be pretty impatient when it was time to have special Daddy/child time* “babe, all of your cute playfulness has caused a problem downstairs and you owe it to daddy to come and fix the mess that you made”

Normal lifestyle: “I decided to take today off so that I could pamper my sweet child, since you’ve been so good these past couple of days why don’t we go shopping as a reward?”



In Bed: *it won’t really matter what sort of roleplay you have going on with Lay, not when you’re in bed with him at least, because once you two are on that mattress, couch, table top, etc he’ll only care about getting to work*

Normal Lifestyle: “Babe, daddy made you some soup to eat while he’s gone at work today. If you behave we can have some dessert when I get home”



In Bed:“why doesn’t my sweet babe come over here and cool daddy off by giving me some of those sweet, sloppy kisses? If you cool me off good enough I’ll have a surprise for you that you’ll love”

Normal lifestyle: “does daddy get a kiss for being the best daddy in the world? how about a kiss for being fun? no, baby doesn’t want to kiss me? Fine, I’ll just blow you a kiss anyway because I love my sweet child”



In bed: y/n: “daddy, I’ve been very bad. Today I accidentally broke one of your favorite vases then I got mad and smashed all the pictures on the walls, please, daddy, punish me for being such a bad child”

chen: “in deed you have been bad. Very bad. Don’t worry, daddy’s going to give you a punishment that you’ll never forget”

Normal lifestyle: “man, your ageplaying really is too much sometimes” *Chen will occasionally break out of character sometimes when he sees you dressing up like a young child or young teenager or hears you speaking in a really childish voice*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                      ###Chanyeol:###

In Bed: ”you like it when daddy dances for you huh babe?”

y/n: *shakes head eagerly*

Chanyeol: “would you like daddy to dance for you?”

y/n: *shakes head again* 

Chanyeol: “or would you like to dance with daddy?”

y/n: *gets up and walks to him, beginning to grind with him as you let out little, needy moans*

Normal lifestyle: *he enjoys the ageplay when you’re old enough to wear cute clothes but also be old enough to know…somethings…. and he’ll gladly act along, even if he is the dad of the relationship, without thinking twice*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                    ###Kyungsoo:###

In Bed: ”You’re my special one aren’t you?”

y/n: “yes daddy”

Kyungsoo: “and what makes you so special?”

Y/n: “the way that I cry and moan and beg for my daddy to fill me up”

Kyungsoo: “that’s right and also the way that my special one rides me when I say so”

y/n: “yes daddy”

Kyungsoo: “ride me baby”

y/n: “as you wish”

Normal lifestyle: ”it’s time to wake up babe, I have to go to work soon and I’d like to play with my special youngster before I go” 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                            ###Tao:###

In Bed: *he’ll probably be the one who enjoys ageplay the most in bed while feeling less comfortable with it outside of “sexy time”. The more ageplay you act while in bed with him the more you and him will enjoy staying up through the night*

Normal lifestyle: *there’ll be days during roleplay where your ageplay will cause you to break out in tears for some unknown reason and, like a father would do with their child, he’d hug you and comfort you until you felt better or fell asleep then he’d carry you to your room and place you under the sheets before wishing you a good night and placing a kiss on your forehead*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                            ###Kai:###

In Bed:  “baby knows how to ride this just right don’t they?”

y/n: “yes daddy”

Kai: “and you like having your daddy fill you up and pound into you rough don’t you babe?”

Y/n: “yes”

Kai: “yes what”

y/n: “yes daddy, I like it”

Kai: “be more clear darling or you won’t get anything tonight”

y/n: “yes daddy, I love it when you shove your cock into my hole and pound into me until I lose my voice and can’t walk the next day, please daddy, fill me up right now”

Kai: “that’s better”

Normal lifestyle: *he’ll go out and buy you ice cream as your reward when you’re being a good child*

Kai: “are you enjoying your ice cream sweet one?”

y/n: *you speak very silently because you’re in public and you normally save you ageplay for home* “yes daddy, thank you”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                      ###Sehun:###

In Bed: *Sehun may be the “baby” (meaning maknae) of exo but he’d definitely love participating in an ageplay relationship. Unfortunately for his partner, if they didn’t like the ageplay in bed to always be rough then they more than likely would not enjoy ageplay with him because he’d love to hear his partner call him daddy nonstop*

Normal lifestyle: *the first time you do ageplay in a non-sexual atmosphere he’d choke on whatever he happened to be eating or drinking at the time*


Request: Hey, hi so could you write up a Spencer x Reader story where they are married and they have a son, but while Spence is away on a case the reader is taken? Or something like that? Thanks a bunch, your work is great! xo 

A/N: thank you sooo much 😘 this was a really good request! It’s pretty cute so I hope you like it xxx 

“Charles Jason Reid come here right now!” You yelled after the young boy with curly brown hair. 

“But mummy I wanna keep playing” he stamped his foot on the ground “I’m a spy like daddy!” He rolled along the floor, formed his hands into a gun and aimed it towards you “hands in the air” You laughed but did as he said. Not before running towards him and lifting him up to your hip 

“Got ya! Now it’s time to get you cleaned up daddy is coming home from a case tomorrow and I thought we could bake him a cake?" 

"Chocolate cake?” He squealed. You nodded and tickled his belly, lowering him back down and sending him off into the house. 

Just as your phone started to ring. 


"Hey Spence! Charlie is so excited for you to come home, well so am I, he was pretending to be a ‘spy’ like you” He didn’t reply “Spence?”

“Y/N something happened and I don’t think I will be home tomorrow." 

"Oh. Charlie will be upset, but, It’s okay, just catch that son of a bitch." 

"We will. I love you both" 

"We love you more.” Hanging up the phone you let out a huge sigh. It’d been almost 2 weeks since you’d last seen him. And though this was the norm you still missed him everyday he was away.

“Charlie.” You called out into the house “Charlie?” Walking upstairs towards his room you pushed in his door “Charlie, Daddy isn’t going to be…" 

"I’m so glad you could join us.” Charlie sat on his bed; hands tied, mouth covered his tears rolling down his cheeks. The gun was aimed right at his head. “Your son was very cooperative when I told him if he screamed I would kill his mummy.” His voice was muffled through the mask. His eyes were the only thing visible and they pierced through you. 

“It’s ok Charlie, daddy is going to be here soon and he is going to save us okay? So don’t be scared. We’re going to be okay you just have to do what the man says. And I want you to close your eyes and don’t open them unless I tell you, I love you.“ You forced a smile and watched Charlie relax slightly as he closed his eyes. Turning your attention away from your son to the man causing your little boy to cry, you spat "what do you want with us? Spencer is in Louisiana so you can’t hurt him." 

"I don’t need him to be here to hurt him. I have the 2 people he cares about most in the world, it’s much more satisfying to watch him crumble while he clutches your corpses than to just kill him.” Your breathing had become staggered but you held his stare, Spencer had told you about types of killers, he was obviously a sadistic one. He would thrive off of your pain, so you stayed strong not allowing him to see how scared you were. 

He walked over to Charlie and whispered something into his ear.

“Don’t listen to him Charlie." 

"STOP TALKING!” He roared launching himself towards you pushing you back into a wall. Your head throbbed and your vision went blurry but you didn’t let him see it. “Let’s go somewhere more private." 

He grabbed the hair at the base of your head and pulled you out of the room, leaving Charlie alone. Pushing you forward into your bedroom. He picked up the rope he had dropped on the floor and thrusted you onto the bed. Setting himself on top of you he tied your hands to the bed. 

And then he left. 

You didn’t know how long you had but this might be the only chance you got. You swung your legs to the edge of the bed and used your feet to open the bedside table. You had placed a panic button in the drawers. Kicking it with the side of your foot you hoped someone would help you. 

After 5 minutes he came back into the room. A large knife in one hand and a car battery in the other. "Now which method would you prefer?” He looked at you but you turned your face away “fine, we’ll start with this.” He seemed calm, like this was easy for him. That’s what scared you the most. 

You hoped Spencer would be here soon. And you hoped if he couldn’t save you he could at least save Charlie. You hoped he would move on if you died and that he could be happy. 

Your thoughts quickly ended when the electricity flowed through your stomach. Your stomach clenched and your legs flailed trying to get the pain to stop. He removed the metal from your skin; your breath heavy and skin wet with sweat. You closed your eyes and composed yourself not allowing him any pleasure from it. 

After 30 more minutes of electrocution and slashes from the knife you heard a crash from downstairs. You couldn’t stop the smile from forming on your face, someone was here. He turned away from you briefly before situating himself above you. You could see it in his eyes, he wasn’t going to die without finishing he job. He brought the knife up to above your heart and waited. 

The door swung open and in marched Morgan and Spencer. 

“Spence?” You shouted “Where’s Charlie?" 

"He’s safe Y/N I promise.” Morgan answered. Spencer’s eyes were focused on you, he had a look in his eye you’d never seen before. 

“Drop the knife." 

 "I will drop it…right into Mrs Reid” he raised it slightly and you looked to Spencer. 

“I love you Spence!” You shouted before the sound of gunshots echoed around the house. 

Opening your eyes you were met with his dead body and a knife slightly cutting your arm. Spencer had shot him whilst Morgan had shot the knife knocking it away from your chest. 

Spencer ran over and freed you from the ropes. You launched into him wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“I thought you weren’t going to be home. You were so far away…" 

"I was going to surprise you, I was on the plane home when I called you” you smiled and slapped him on the arm. 

“Don’t you ever do that to me again!” Your thoughts quickly changed “Charlie! Where is he?” Morgan swung the door open and in ran your son. Hair stuck to his face and eyes red with tears. He jumped onto the bed and snuggled in between you both. 

“I love you” he muttered. 

“We love you more” you whispered and kissed his head.