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Call me daddy mv idea: Everything is pitch black and suddenly a soft light is focused on Kyungsoo's lips as he says: "You already know my name but tonight, I want you to call me daddy" finally he licks his lips. The camera moves and Sehun, Kai, Lay, Tao and Xiumin are wearing suits, they start to loosen their ties... holy shit. The camera moves again, Suho is sitting on a chair, we barely see his face but the tiny leather whip on his hand is way too noticeable. "Shake that ass for me"

You already got me at the focus on Kyungsoo’s lips, but then you had to bring in Suho with a leather whip….

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Naomi bb sweetness of my life, could you pretty pretty please write a prompt about kurt buying that cute baby outfit with the bow tie on for blaine? something about how blaine and Kurt have just bought the baby home and they spend all day playing dress up and Kurt picks it out when he sees it out shopping and brings it to home to his darling sleeping husband and child and blaines eyes just light up when he sees it?? you're the best, kisses 😘😘

That outift ?

 ;) How could I resist when it’s asked so sweetly !

When Dan comes home, secured in his blanket and his little onesie, he already has a wardrobe fitting for the son of two stars like his daddies.

Onesies, jackets, even a little bow tie—and Kurt is more than happy to take a picture of his son wearing it and a drawn moustache for the announcement of his birth in Vogue—, Dan Hummel Anderson really is a classy little baby.

Unfortunately, a little baby that grows out of his first wardrobe alarmingly fast.

Sooner than they could have wished for, they find themselves needing more onesies, more clothes really, and even though they keep the trend of having designer pieces in Dan’s closet, Kurt and Blaine have the same bittersweet realization.

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