The thing about Skulduggery Pleasant is that you always love it, but you’re either casually thinking that they’re good books whilst occasionally smiling at skeleton related merchandise, or you’re literally having heart palpitations as you hold the books with tears in your eyes, weeping whilst screaming and tearing your hair out, and imagining covering the books with icing so you could ingest them like a cake I mean

New info about SPX:

(Everything taken from Derek’s twitter, but gathered together for easy reading!)

  • Omen Darkly is not the new main character; he joins the cast, but “it’s still Skul and Val.” [x]
  • Resurrection introduces a new character that Derek has been thinking of since 2004; it involved a strong, smart, capable, brave boy who was the only one able to stand against a wave of monstrous evil—the “Chosen One.” Omen Darkly… is the chosen one’s brother. [x]
  • “Omen is 14. He’s a nice kid. He doesn’t think much of himself, but that’s okay, because no one else thinks much of him either. He’s grown up in the shadow of his twin brother, Auger, the Chosen One. He views himself as the leftovers of a hero.” [x] [x]
  • The introduction of the Darkly brothers was to bring enthusiasm to the books again, in the form of someone younger, seeing as Val has changed significantly in the last five years. [x]
  • Derek is unsure if he’ll ever announce how many books will be in this second series. [x]
  • Once again, Demon Road and Skulduggery Pleasant are confirmed to be separate universes (something we already knew, but even still…) [x]
  • “Val has graduated to adulthood, as loathe as she is to accept it.” [x]
  • “Val is… reluctant to return.” [x]
  • He says China wouldn’t settle for being Grand Mage, and would become—or currently is—the “Supreme Mage.” It’s unclear if he’s joking. [x]
  • “The Darklys are what’s known as a Legacy Family, where all members are encouraged to take the same surname.“ [x]
  • New quote from the book: “Skulduggery,” she said, “do you really think that you being your own boss is wise? You’re an incredibly irresponsible person.” [x]

More will be added if more is revealed.