spx 2013


I finished printing my collab fashion zine project Hi_RES!!!!  If you follow me on instagram (@nsumida) then you’ve probably been inundated with WIP shots this week, but here’s some shots of the fully assembled & trimmed demo copy I made today. 

The zine will debut at SPX next weekend (possible second print run to be for sale online shortly after ) and features work by Coleman Engle, John Lisle and me, Nick Sumida :)))

This is my first foray into 2 color riso printing, and now I’m hooked.  The registration varies from copy to copy, and even the mistakes look pretty cool!  If you pick up a copy at SPX, rest assured that yours will be a “one of a kind”.

How To Break Into Comics

This weekend at SPX I had a very nice fellow come up to my table and ask me if I had any advice on breaking into comics.  As someone whose only been in the game since 2009 I felt a bit unqualified to give him an answer, but as we talked I realized I do have some ideas in this department, and I wanted to share them and invite your feedback and thoughts.

1.  Forget about breaking into comics.

There are no gate keepers.  Or rather, there are so many gates that there’s no way someone can keep you out of comics if you truly want to participate.  As long as you are producing work and putting it out there you will find an audience and a place in the community.

2. Start small.

This may be stating the obvious, but if you don’t make comics you’re not a cartoonist.  Draw a bunch of short stories and FINISH THEM.  Once you have some short stories under your belt, maybe try some longer ones.  There are a lot of cartoonists out there with chapter one of their magnum opus.  Don’t be that guy.  If you can’t finish a short story, you won’t be able to finish a graphic novel.

3. Success doesn’t equal money.

Or rather, money is just one way of measuring success.  Absolutely artists should get paid for illustration work and comics drawn for clients, but if you are working on your personal projects and not making money it doesn’t mean you’re not succeeding. 

This year I made the decision to stop pursuing paid work in order to focus on my personal projects and I feel really happy about it.  There’s no shame in having a day job as long as you are doing work you feel good about.

4. Go to conventions.

Bring a bunch of minis and trade with people.  Don’t be hurt if they say no.  If they won’t trade, just give them your comics.  Give your comics to people who you admire so much it scares you.  When you go back next year, give them your new comic.  Repeat until death.

5. Work hard.

You can’t control how much natural talent you have, or how good your luck is, but you can control how much time and elbow grease you put into your work.  It’s literally impossible to not improve if you work hard.  This thought has gotten me through many nights of self-doubt and despair.

That’s really it.  This may seem incredibly obvious to many people, but I really wrote it for that one guy, new to comics, who was kind enough to think I knew how to break into comics.  Thanks dude.

If you stopped by our table at SPX, you may have seen an early mockup of our bookplate designs. 


Foxing Quarterly, in collaboration with Stinckers, is very pleased to announce a very special bookplate sticker collection. 

Contributors include Ryan Cecil Smith, Jordan Crane, Philippa Rice, Domitille Collardey, David King, Mats!?, Sam Alden, Patrick Kyle, and Steve Weismann

These full, uncut, vinyl production sheets are now available through our online shop. You can get them here!

Each sheet is 9.5" x 13.5" and hand printed by Mats Stromberg.

Numbered & Very Limited (Only 45 available!)

First 5 sheets available for $15 (usually $20!)

Order today!

Special thanks to Steve Weismann



buy it now : http://pricetapes.storenvy.com/products/2765676-rain-comic-1 cuz it won’t be at spx!

“from the people who brought you pixar’s cars #1, xmas comic #1, cop comic #1, basketball comic #1 AND MANY MANY MORE comes rain comic #1, an exploration of precipitation.

22 pages, risograph printed, featuring the work of michael deforge, patrick kyle, and mickey zacchilli






collecting 24 pages of existential satire/ magical autobio comics about fun stuff like sex, loneliness, narcissism, human relationships and unearthly darknesss.  Single color riso printed!


This micro mini collects 12 proposed new ultra specific ways to abbreviate the act of “rolling on the floor laughing”.  Essential for the nuances of modern life.  This mini comes FREE with the purchase of snackies 1+2, or $2 on its own :)


8.5"x11", 24 pages, collecting cool future fashion drawings by Coleman Engle, John Lisle, and me!  Really proud of the work we put into this.  This will be my first foray into 2-color riso printing, so check back in a couple weeks for a post detailing the printing process and the final cover :)

I’ll also have copies of SNACKIES 1 for sale!  This is my FIRST year tabling at SPX, so I’m really excited and stoked to share this stuff with everyone. 


Excerpts from Weapon Girls Vol. 1: Waltz, coming to SPX 2013 Table D5A!

So I told myself not to put the top page up on tumblr, because I wanted to save it for AFTER SPX, but I can’t help it. I’m proud of it, I’m still happy with it three days after I’ve drawn it (not common!), it’s my favorite page in the entire 20-some page endeavor, and I’m just really bad at keeping secrets.

Edit: Decided to put the cover art and the other preview pages together so that my original art tag is nice and concise. Sorry about the constant edits! I’m just kind of OCD about this kind of thing T___T"“


Aaaahhhhh you guys! SPX was super great! Despite being bigger than last year I was able to not freak out so much! Yay! I’m getting better at this!

Saw many great artists and did my best not to embarrass myself. I left inspired with a tote full of goodies and an empty wallet. Thank you SPX. Can’t wait ‘till next year!


paul lyons of hidden fortress press will be debuting the new monster book at SPX in bethesda, md this year! i have a comic in it, a long with a bunch of other dudes.

“the new MONSTER is finally upon us! 200 pages of comics, offset printed in two colors, with letterpress and silkscreen covers by Heather Benjamin.

here is a full list of the contributing artists:

Tom Toye, Edie Fake, Brittany Hague, Jon Vermilyea, Leif Goldberg, Mike Taylor, Sam Dollenmayer, Michael Deforge, Keith Jones, Mickey Zacchilli, Marc Bell, Molly O'Connell, Seth Cooper, Devin Flynn, Lale Westvind, Jordan Crane, Brian Ralph, Mollie Goldstrom, Paul Lyons, Mat Brinkman, Roby Newton, Walker Mettling, Andy Neal and Kevin Hooyman.

that’s a lot of talent to cram into 200 pages!

the book will be available this weekend at SPX, come by and take a look!”

Debuting at SPX 2013…Weapon Girls Vol 1: Waltz ! I can’t wait to finish this and show you guys, I’ve been holding the project pretty close to my heart for sometime now. Here’s the blurb I wrote up for it on the SPX website:

“Don’t you know?
The heart of every woman is a weapon
…and that weapon is armed by the ambition of girls.”

Weapon Girls is a series of mini-comics inspired by a clash of girl power and the author’s favorite childhood anime genres. Each volume focuses on a different (but all magical) heroine and genre mash-up. Volume 1, “Waltz” features the story of Selena Flores, an astrophysics post-grad whose lukewarm attempt to shuffle into working society unnoticed turns into a giant robot-sized fight for her life…and her dreams!

Can’t say too much about it yet, as I’m not entirely sure how much I should reveal but I’m just going to throw out a few keywords for you: giant robot, magical girl, unicornQuinceañera

Oh goodness gracious, the amazing Farel Dalrymple - joining us this year as a special guest with AdHouse Books - created this beautiful advert for SPX 2013. You’ll see it running soon in all your finer comics tabloids!

You may recall from last year that we’ve put our money where our mouth is. SPX devotes all of our print ad money to the comic newspapers that support you: Secret Prison, Magic Bullet, Smoke Signal, etc…

Hope we’ll see you at the show in a few short weeks!

Debuting at SPX 2013, The Snapdragon Queen is a fairy tale about mysterious forces, malevolent courtiers, and a very brave ruler.  Set in an idyllic nation in a distant past, it plumbs nature’s power and the force of human will. 

(And the joys and perils of gardening!)

5.5″ x 8.5″, 42 pages, B&W with full color cover.

I’m still finishing this up- it’s going to be so hot off the presses that I’m gonna have to pack it in ice to get it down to MD! Get ready for a bunch of sneak preview pages coming your way over the next few weeks : )

I’m also going to have this baby at MICE- and possibly at Locust Moon Festival in October, depending on whether PCJ gets a table. Hope to see you there!

It’s that time of year, again, folks!

I’ll be in Bethesda, Maryland, this weekend for Small Press Expo! I don’t have a table so expect me to be running all over the place. But I will be featured in a few comics and zines that you should keep an eye out for:

  • I Was A Teenage Anime
  • Food Zine!
  • I Followed a Fox Into the Forest, Once (this is my personal mini comic, I printed less than 50 copies so track me down and ask really nicely and buy me shots if you want one!)
  • I’ll also have your standard fare of business cards and postcards if that floats your boat



Just browsing through the SPX debuts list tonight, feeling the money slip through my fingers already.  Here are some of the books I feel like I’m most excited about ( my “must buys”), but theres also a ton of other stuff I’ve never heard of that I can’t wait to check out. 

I’ve been sort of deadened by the endless logistics of getting my books together and printing them, so seeing this batch of inspiring work is giving me some wind back in my sails :)


SPX 2013 Artist Yearbook (by Yitzy)

Super SPX volunteer, Yitzy collected an amazing page of sketches last year from SPX 2012.  Well, I don’t know how the hell he found the time but Yitzy managed to collect over 100 individual artist portraits at SPX 2013!

And then he scanned in every one of them - how cool are these!

We’ve saved all the portraits in an SPX 2013 Artist yearbook for you to check out at their full size!  Now we have to figure out a way to finagle the actual, physical book from Yitzy for the Library of Congress collection!

Look out for Part 2! 


I’m folding the snapdragon queen tonight, so it seemed like a good time to show you a preview! Here’s the front cover; pages 1-5; page 19 for some literary/ library fun; and a later, ominous panel for kicks : )

Come find me at SPX (table I3 with Dirty Diamonds!) to buy a copy! I’ll have them later this year at MICE and Locust Moon fest, too. You’d normally get a free postcard print of your choice when you buy it, but if you tell me you saw this post on tumblr, you can instead snag a 1-page mini-minicomic if you’d prefer that. Comics overload!

Hope to see you there-