spwf 2014

After a tune-up from the Walter Girls
  • The Spine: Thank you Walter Girls, Carolina and Chelsea. We are uh. We are tighter now.
  • Rabbit: I feel much better.
  • Hatchworth: I'm screwed… *pause* You set me up for that one, right?
  • The Spine: I… I don't think you're talking to the right robot.
  • Rabbit: *waves* Over here. Hi. *pause* Zip.

Ok, I just found your blog from another one I follow, so I’m not sure if I’m coming in late in the game here or not to tell my story. My close friends are the only ones who know about this, and it has been a few years at this point (my last text to SN being in 2015) but I still feel like I need to actually put this public finally because I didn’t realize this behavior was as prevalent as it is (or was, I’ve honestly stopped following the band just because I stopped keeping up, I’ve done that with a lot of artists lately). So I pretty much have a 2 year long SN story. Going back through your SN tag, someone mentioned that in 2014 at SPWF he kissed a fan in a hallway in front of a bunch of people right before they left? Yeah I’m pretty positive that was me. I want to put out there that through the entirety of this I was above the legal age of consent, there was a definite age gap, as seems to be a pattern.

Just a warning this is going to be long. I can also send screen shots and pictures he sent me as proof of all of this. From the time I started texting with him to when I stopped, there where 200 pictures exchanged that are still on my phone. I made sure to never delete anything.

He actually started talking to my sister and I (we are twins as well) in 2013, the first year we were at SPWF. We had met the band in either 2011 or 2012 (whenever they were still at the zoo) during a trip to San Diego, but hadn’t met him, and then went and saw them when they were actually on our coast for SPWF. Sam had broken the pipe on the side of his hat and needed tools to fix it, so my sister messaged them once they put a call for help and told them we had parts that could fix it. So when we went to the signing they had before the meet and greet, the band already knew who we were and I guess that made SN interested, especially when he found out we are twins. He made sure to tell us we needed to come to the photo op they had later, where he made the band scoot to the side so he could get a picture with us, each one of us kissing his cheek on either side, and had us redo the picture like 3 times. We really didn’t think too much of it, thought it was fun and moved on.

Next year (2014) they came back, and SN had messaged me several times through tumblr, talked on his video game streams, even made sure to message me as soon as they knew they were coming back to SPWF to tell me to buy tickets before they released that knowledge to the public. I thought it was cool, seeing as I am looking to go into the audio field, I was hoping for the chance to get to see the set up he runs, ask some questions, learn a little bit, while hanging out with this seemingly pretty cool guy. I went with my friends as planned, re-enacted the cheek kiss picture as he requested, hung out for a few minutes, and then we went on with our day. Saw him in passing throughout the weekend, never really spent and extended amount of time together, but again, he tried to make sure we were coming to the meet in greet. This year, it was a private one you needed a higher level ticket for, one I didn’t buy. He swore it would be fine, just tell the people at the door and they would let us in without a ticket. I’m not that brave, and I wasn’t trying to create an issue, so we just waited outside the door until it let out and trying to grab him as he left. We caught him as he came out, talked for a quick minute, then the whole “well I gotta leave, so let me give you a kiss bye” thing happened. I thought he meant on the cheek like before, as did my friends who were frankly shocked as hell as I was. But he did ask if it was ok, and I thought he meant on the cheek, so I agreed. He kissed me on the lips, then kissed my sister, and gave both of us his phone number on a slip of paper (he had already prepared with a freaking little red heart next to it) and ran off. So like I said, we were all in a little bit of shock.

From there, we started texting pretty regularly, as did my sister. It was pretty innocent at first, and then started to get more mature in nature. I don’t know if it was the same for my sister but I can make an educated guess that it did. He would say stuff to me that if we lived closer he would be really interested in dating, or dates he would like to take me on if I was in San Diego. He didn’t go straight into the inappropriate stuff, he kind of eased into it, and really made me think he was actually interested in me as a person, would do stuff like text me good morning and good night almost every day for a long while. Clearly that wasn’t the case though.

He continued to talk to both of us, add us both on steam, co-op games with us, send us selfies, everything like that. There was pretty much always enough communication to feel like I could call him a friend, even when disregarding the texts that where more sexual in nature.

We saw him at several more events across the country. I’m smart enough to say that I never traveled to a convention or show just to see him, they were parts of trips I planned with friends or trips that had other reasons for us to be in that area, so I don’t regret any trips where I ended up seeing him. Everything sort of came to a head when we where out in California so my sister could look at a school out there and we saw one of their shows that was at the same time we were out there. Of course I had told him we were gonna be there, and he knew what hotel we where staying at and asked to come hang out with us for a while after they had their sound check the night before. He ended up coming over later than planned because they went to dinner with the people from the venue, and then he didn’t end up staying long, because long story short, we told him he didn’t get to sleep with both of us, that that is not how this works.

Things went downhill from there, but that is not to say he didn’t try that again. He still was asking for pictures, and was starting to put in less effort, texting less, responding less than he had been before. The next SPWF he tried a different tactic, figuring he would get what he wanted if he got us to come to his hotel room we might actually agree, and we still both said no. This time he didn’t take it nearly as well, we actually were staying at the con hotel this time, and didn’t see him any time other than shows or soundchecks. He literally told us he wasn’t leaving his room unless he had to, he started acting like a pouting child. After the convention, he really stopped texting as much, and then started removing both of us from friends lists on any thing he had any of us on. It became extremely apparent that he was only interested in having sex with twins and when he didn’t get what he wanted he didn’t care at all about either of us, even as friends. The last time I texted him was May 20, 2015, only 4 days after SPWF.

Looking back I realize now how manipulative he is. This story doesn’t paint myself or my sister in the best light but I prefer to put my stupidity out there for people to see if it means warning someone else off to make sure that they don’t make mistakes like I did. Everything since has worked out for the best since, my sister is now engaged and I’ve been in a relationship for almost 2 years now, neither of us have any animosity for each other, only for him because we realize what he was trying to do. 

If you are interacting with this man please realize what he says to you may not be true and don’t let him talk you into anything you are uncomfortable with. I fully believe that he has pulled off the internet because he knows hes been doing this enough its going to catch up with him. Don’t let this man sweet talk you and make you think you mean something to him, please realize there is a pattern.

Thank you, Anon, for sending this to us. We are extremely appreciative that you are willing to be so open and honest about what happened to you and your sister. I personally would also like to say that if consent is acquired by means of deception, as in this case, it does not count as consent - you and your sister both were under the impression that he was asking to kiss you on the cheek, and he likely knew that. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this sort of bait-and-switch behavior coming from him.

I would also like to thank Anon Z who sent us this video of the incident being referred to in this submission. Just to clarify, we have received permission to post this video from Anon Z and the Anon who sent us this submission.

- Mod X

I had been debating about uploading this for awhile (the internet can give you a lot of backlash when you’re a thicker gal, even if you are working on it) but recently thought, ‘You know what? What the heck. It was a great memory and one I want to share.’ It was really awesome getting to meet these peeps (even if I was a nervous wreck, haha). 

Soooo you might be wondering what The Spine is holding…heeheehee. 
For that tidbit, check out the conversation that happened after we walked in (because it was PRICELESS).

Hatchworth: Oh, she brought you a bottle of pepto.
Me: It’s Pepto BismOIL - get it? 
The Spine: Haha. Were you wanting this in the picture?
Me: If you want…?
The Spine: Oh, it’s a gift!
Me: *laughing* Yep! I heard “Go Spine Go” and couldn’t resist. 
The Spine: I’m going to write a song for the next album called “Stop Hatchworth Stop”…
Hatchworth: I don’t know the meaning of the word!
Around this time, the picture is taken and just as we’re about to leave the room, Hatchworth asked something that still makes me laugh. 
Hatchworth: (as we’re leaving the room) Is it a suppository??? 

Needless to say, we left the room DYING of LAUGHTER. 

As far as the “pepto bismoil” bottle goes, I made it look like a potion bottle since I know he’s a gamer. I put labels on it with a product design and everything. XD It looked home-made because I’m not the best artist but it’s the thought that counts…I hope. ^^;

Thank you to davidmichaelbennett for being so cool about the gift and to bunnybennett and samhears for being amazing and awesome. It was SO GREAT to meet you guys!!! :) And my profuse thanks to geekshot for taking the picture! You two were so cute and amazing. :)


Quite the weekend for spg cosplayers! There were a lot of people I didn’t catch. Some of these I don’t know what to tag you guys but if you let me know I’ll name ya! 

From top down as I know them. michael-fracture-that-benjicelosiajustcallmeinsanitywheelsandgearsteenyturtletheherosdamsel, zaphatter, madxmazz. Help me out with the others guys! Thanks!

Edit: iamnotcupid is Femme Rabbit and Pappy walter. carsonmouse is the walter worker.

cat kazoolander is caitlinmcreations their name is Shard!

Edit again:

The first gold bot is thestepsgrowheavyamoosedrawsnear

so in regards to SPWF '14...

i am still looking for someone to split a hotel room with the price isn’t ball breaking but it puts a dent in my wallet id rather avoid….so you know drop me a line if you to are going and need a place to stay

Still looking for Hotel mate for SPWF 2014

The last request fell through, so Im still looking for a hotel mate. Lets review the rules shal we

Must be

1. Femail

2. over 18

3. All ready has a hotel booked so if someone dies or somthing you can still go with out my payment.

2 & 3 can be negotiated contact me ASAP so I can budget accordingly.

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Someone going to SPWF Need a Roommate? I need a roommate!

SO NJ is not far from NYC but the tragic, makes the trip crazy long. Last year was crazy and my mother refuses to drive me back and forth. I was thinking to getting a hotel room for the weekend, but their expensive, and I cant even get the rooms for my birthday :/.

SOOOOOO If anyone wouldnt mind sharing a room with me and splitting the price (or a few people and breaking down the price even more) that would be greaaaaate.