spwf 2014

~The Cog Is Dead~ Live At the Steampunk World's Fair 2014

I filmed a little of the Cog is Dead at the Steampunk World’s Fair Saturday. And I filmed kind of alot of Steve Negrete setting up the show (can you really blame me?) Also you may be able to spot giraffesonparade, michael-fracture-that-benji, sinaloan, and horroria dancing in front at some parts.


Quite the weekend for spg cosplayers! There were a lot of people I didn’t catch. Some of these I don’t know what to tag you guys but if you let me know I’ll name ya! 

From top down as I know them. michael-fracture-that-benjicelosiajustcallmeinsanitywheelsandgearsteenyturtletheherosdamsel, zaphatter, madxmazz. Help me out with the others guys! Thanks!

Edit: iamnotcupid is Femme Rabbit and Pappy walter. carsonmouse is the walter worker.

cat kazoolander is caitlinmcreations their name is Shard!

Edit again:

The first gold bot is thestepsgrowheavyamoosedrawsnear


On the last day of Steampunk World’s Fair (Sunday, May 18, 2014), my beloved sister phantomcat94 and I dressed as two of Bunny Bennett’s original characters. I went as Monocle and Simi went as Lago the pink zombie rabbit. We thought it would be a great idea because we wanted to show Bunny how much we appreciate her.
So we got to the where the autograph session for Steam Powered Giraffe at least an hour and a half early which basically got us pretty darn close to first in line. I’d say we were about… 5th in line maybe…
Anyway, when it was time for the autographs, I was first and went to the table and there was Bunny first to sign. I got really excited and said when it was my turn, “Hi Bunny!” Bunny looked up and said, “Hi.” Then when she noticed my Monocle costume, she asked, “Are you dressed as anyone in particular?” I immediately replied, “Yes!” and grabbed Simi’s arm, – she was right behind me – pulled her next to me, and said, “So is she!!”
Bunny then got this grin on her face and asked us, “Do you mind if I take your picture?” Both Simi and I both probably died a little inside and we replied, “No of course not. Go right ahead!” So then next thing we know, Bunny pulls out her cellphone and takes our picture!
A few hours after the autograph session had ended, I went onto Instagram to see if anything new had been posted from the people I follow. The first thing that popped up was from Bunny Bennett and it was of Simi and I! She posted us! Turns out myrad even made the picture too!
I immediately went onto FaceBook to see if Bunny had posted it on her FaceBook too and she did! Not only did she post the picture on her Instagram and Facebook, the second full shot picture Bunny posted on her Twitter!! :D
I’d say this was the best way to end Steampunk World’s Fair. It seriously made both mine and Simi’s day.
So I want to give a huge thank you to, bunnybennett. Thank you so much, Miss Bunny, for taking our picture and then posting it. You have no idea how much it meant to us. I am forever happy about this. I love you, Miss Bunny. Don’t ever forget that you are loved. :)


I met Steam Powered Giraffe and Bunny is an Amazonian God Queen or something and her boobs were literally level with my face (she was leaning over a bit in the picture) we were just like “you’re so tall!!” and they just said “your so short!” and aauugghh David had to bend down so far to hug me he seemed to have trouble and Sam oh gosh I wish I said more to him he’s so fab and we almost got to play pool with Steve Negrete but the table took quarters and ugghhhh SPWF was wonderful. Yep. I’m done now. Sorry that’s an awful picture dear god but LOOK.


I look terrible in the last picture here too… Again because I wasn’t ready when the picture was taken… Anyway…
Giving Rabbit (Bunny Bennett) her Free Hug Pins — I made her 2 as well.
She first was like, “What are you supposed to do with these?” & clipped one of them to her finger, which you see her doing in the 1st picture despite the blurriness. She immediately said, “Ouch!”
I replied by telling her that you’re supposed to clip them to your clothing. So in the 2nd picture you see her clipping it to her dress.
She really liked the fact that my second Free Hug Pin I made her said “Stay Strong” on one side & “Beautiful” on other. She gave me a hug for them.

She & I also related on our feet hurting that night. She had said she would stand up to hug me but her feet were hurting & that caused me to agree with her about my feet hurting too. I think it made her happy that I related with her.

SPWF with the Shamhouse 2 - featuring boopish and friendlee and lucas auraelius!

complete with silhouettes of my face, unintentional audio distortion, subtitles, “and there’s lee,” Rocky Horror Picture Show Prom, David Michael Bennett from Steam Powered Giraffe, Jeff being a bad cameraman, and an abrupt ending.

I’ll be back. back again.