spwf 2014

After a tune-up from the Walter Girls
  • The Spine: Thank you Walter Girls, Carolina and Chelsea. We are uh. We are tighter now.
  • Rabbit: I feel much better.
  • Hatchworth: I'm screwed… *pause* You set me up for that one, right?
  • The Spine: I… I don't think you're talking to the right robot.
  • Rabbit: *waves* Over here. Hi. *pause* Zip.

I had been debating about uploading this for awhile (the internet can give you a lot of backlash when you’re a thicker gal, even if you are working on it) but recently thought, ‘You know what? What the heck. It was a great memory and one I want to share.’ It was really awesome getting to meet these peeps (even if I was a nervous wreck, haha). 

Soooo you might be wondering what The Spine is holding…heeheehee. 
For that tidbit, check out the conversation that happened after we walked in (because it was PRICELESS).

Hatchworth: Oh, she brought you a bottle of pepto.
Me: It’s Pepto BismOIL - get it? 
The Spine: Haha. Were you wanting this in the picture?
Me: If you want…?
The Spine: Oh, it’s a gift!
Me: *laughing* Yep! I heard “Go Spine Go” and couldn’t resist. 
The Spine: I’m going to write a song for the next album called “Stop Hatchworth Stop”…
Hatchworth: I don’t know the meaning of the word!
Around this time, the picture is taken and just as we’re about to leave the room, Hatchworth asked something that still makes me laugh. 
Hatchworth: (as we’re leaving the room) Is it a suppository??? 

Needless to say, we left the room DYING of LAUGHTER. 

As far as the “pepto bismoil” bottle goes, I made it look like a potion bottle since I know he’s a gamer. I put labels on it with a product design and everything. XD It looked home-made because I’m not the best artist but it’s the thought that counts…I hope. ^^;

Thank you to davidmichaelbennett for being so cool about the gift and to bunnybennett and samhears for being amazing and awesome. It was SO GREAT to meet you guys!!! :) And my profuse thanks to geekshot for taking the picture! You two were so cute and amazing. :)


Quite the weekend for spg cosplayers! There were a lot of people I didn’t catch. Some of these I don’t know what to tag you guys but if you let me know I’ll name ya! 

From top down as I know them. michael-fracture-that-benjicelosiajustcallmeinsanitywheelsandgearsteenyturtletheherosdamsel, zaphatter, madxmazz. Help me out with the others guys! Thanks!

Edit: iamnotcupid is Femme Rabbit and Pappy walter. carsonmouse is the walter worker.

cat kazoolander is caitlinmcreations their name is Shard!

Edit again:

The first gold bot is thestepsgrowheavyamoosedrawsnear

so in regards to SPWF '14...

i am still looking for someone to split a hotel room with the price isn’t ball breaking but it puts a dent in my wallet id rather avoid….so you know drop me a line if you to are going and need a place to stay

Still looking for Hotel mate for SPWF 2014

The last request fell through, so Im still looking for a hotel mate. Lets review the rules shal we

Must be

1. Femail

2. over 18

3. All ready has a hotel booked so if someone dies or somthing you can still go with out my payment.

2 & 3 can be negotiated contact me ASAP so I can budget accordingly.

Compilation of SPG’s SPWF Shows 2014

Attempting to make a list of all of the awesome SPWF videos out there! To be updated as new videos pop up!

Intro: Video 1

Hatch Fever: Intro

Ghost Grinder: Video 1

Fancy Shoes: Intro

Go Spine Go: Video 1 / Video 2

AEH: Video 1

Honeybee: Video 1

Random Bits: Walter Girl Skit 1

Full show: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

Meet & Greet: Video 1

Also check the SPG PERFORMANCE VIDEO LIST tag to see other lists like this from all previous shows and conventions, dating as far back as to Youmacon ‘12.

Someone going to SPWF Need a Roommate? I need a roommate!

SO NJ is not far from NYC but the tragic, makes the trip crazy long. Last year was crazy and my mother refuses to drive me back and forth. I was thinking to getting a hotel room for the weekend, but their expensive, and I cant even get the rooms for my birthday :/.

SOOOOOO If anyone wouldnt mind sharing a room with me and splitting the price (or a few people and breaking down the price even more) that would be greaaaaate.


I framed my two Photo Ops and my two prints from Steampunk World’s Fair. :3 Now all I have to do is figure out where on my wall I want to put them. Thanks again Beth (trekkiebeth) and James (danregal) (geekshot) for these awesome Photo Ops and prints! I can’t wait to hang these up on my wall! :3


Yay video of the Steam Powered Giraffe Meet & Greet from SPWF 2014

Lots of laughs and jokes,

Hope you Enjoy!~