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Severin Jonassen and Richard Whipple, Predicta Television, 1959. Made by Philco, USA. Via Cooper Hewitt. Concept sketch: Robert E. Doyle.

The Predicta’s modern casing was an intentional departure from the traditional stationary designs. The futuristic aesthetic was influenced by an interest in space age technology, prompted by Russia’s Sputnik launch in 1957.

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Helllllloooo beautiful 🙋🏻 I was wondering do you think the brainwashing and electric shocks Bucky's brain been through effected his life like seizure forgetting things even after remembering everything ?

Hi beautiful anon!

First, I’m sorry it took me so long to answer you. I think your message has been rotting in my inbox for 3 weeks now. :/

Second, I’m gonna be frank, what I’m gonna say is 100% headcanon, it’s not based on any experience or any medical fact, and not even on the way Bucky is portrayed in the comic. It’s just fanon. So let’s go:

Do you think the brainwashing and electric shocks Bucky’s brain been through effected his life like seizure forgetting things even after remembering everything  ?

I can picture something like that, yes. Moments of disorientation. Flashbacks triggered by tiny things. Noises, smells, even a particular type of light.  I can see him being particularly shaken when he hears the word “sputnik” on TV  (when there’s a documentary about space for instance). If you don’t know why this word is so important check out this page (it can spoilery for Civil War, though. I don’t know what they are gonna do with this particular plot point or even if it’s gonna be in the movie. It’s just in case!)

So yes, I can imagine Bucky staring blankly at one point on a wall during long minutes then going back to what he was doing without paying attention and not being aware that 5-10 minutes (if not longer) have passed. I can picture him forgetting things, even obvious stuff like eating or a thing Steve had just said to him. Seizures happen too, from time to time, but nobody knows what trigger them (too much effort, fatigue, not enough food, light, temperature?) . Steve tries to figure this thing out, ask some help to doctors and friends but the only answer he receive is “We are sorry, we…don’t know. It just happens…But you know Rogers, his brain has been damaged pretty badly with these years of cryo and brainwashing. It’s already a miracle if he’s standing and talking. Let alone remembering who he is. We understand that you are worried when it happens but honestly, there’s nothing that can be done. For the moment. But we are TRYING to find something, Rogers. Ok? ”

Last silly headcanon: Bucky speaks in Russian without realizing it. He speaks English with Steve, everything is normal and then, boom, suddenly, with no apparent reason, he switches from English to Russian until he realizes there’s something wrong. Steve doesn’t say anything to him, of course. He just let him speak in Russian until Bucky figures out by himself there’s a problem because Steve is smiling.

Voilà! I hope I answered your question! ^^

Let’s finish with a gif of The Winter Soldier who looks like me, in the morning, when I realized I forgot to buy tea.

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“Il n’y a plus de thé, c’te misère….”



APM? - Sputnik TV:

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