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Them Not Wanting Her to Leave After Finding Out They’re in Mafia: VIXX


Now… HakYeon here, is a natural born leader, so he’d always want to be on top pf things, commanding your every action, and when he sees you trying to disobey his order that clearly stated for you to stay in your room and wait until he came back home, he was raging mad. He had already began to plan how he’d get you back, dragging you by your collar and locking you up inside of his house.


Leo had always been a quiet man, so therefore you never really communicated between each other, which allowed him the opportunity to analyse your personality so that he wouldn’t need to hear anything from you but he’d already know what’s up. That night he had locked everything up with his private key, taking your phone away from you and going to bed just as usual. He promised himself that you won’t escape from him, even if you’ll be unhappy.


As you informed him of you leaving his house, he had accepted everything with a calm smile, nodding his head patiently at you, saying that it was okay and that he understood, allowing you to leave with nothing but a goodbye. As ecstatic as you could get, you prayed that your life would continue having the lucky streak, however, that did not happen. You were not accepted to any jobs, your credit cards were blocked and you were soon kicked out of your small rented house, unable to pay for the bills. You only had one person to blame. You knew you had to return.


You always knew that Ravi was a crazy man, whether he used alcohol or he didn’t. The difference about him after he uses alcohol, his tongue becomes loose, as well, so on that evening, you’d heard things that weren’t particularly nice to know. Just as soon as the man blacked out from the alcohol you had packed everything up and ran away from his house. Everything was nice and rainbows for a couple of weeks, until you received a letter with familiar writing, threatening to slowly take out your loved ones if you wouldn’t return home.


You had thrown a tantrum right in HongBin’s face, crying over the fact that you had loved a murderer, appaled at his nerve t lie to you; the woman he had claimed to love. He followed you around his house, listening quietly to your cries and frowning to himself, after all, he did nothing wrong, so why were you crying so much? As he saw you packing your bags, he had speed-walked into your room, snatching the bags away from your hands and setting a glare on your face.

“If you hoped to leave, then tough luck, Love. You’re staying.”


In the spurt of the moment and all of the anger thrown between you two, he had a short blackout and hit your neck with the side of his hand, making you loose consciousness. At a loss for words at his own actions he simply stood erect in the middle of the room, you laying by his feet. Soon regaining his senses he bent down and took you into his arms, taking you to a small basement and locking you up, there. As much as he felt guilty towards doing this- he would simply go insane if you’d ever leave him.


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The REAL sequel to Anti’s Antics:

All was quiet when Dark began his late afternoon meditations. He sat upright in his chair tucked behind his desk, hands flat on his thighs. He was letting go of his thoughts one by one as he slowly relaxed. All he focused on was his own needless breathing, in and out; his diaphragm contracting and relaxing. He was nearly total Zen when he was rudely interrupted, by loud incoherent Irish screaming- very close by. Dark’s eyes cracked open quick as a whip, and he lowered his eyes to the source of the screaming.

               There on his desk was a bouncing, vibrating alarm-clock, emanating the sound of Jack’s voice yelling. On the face of the clock it had a small Anti; arms depicted as the long and short hand. It displayed ten-fifty p.m.; the arms were placed in a perfect dab. It took only a second for Dark’s fingers to close over the object and crush it in his grasp. The loud screaming cut out- bolts and screws rolling all over the desk as he crumpled the clock to bits. His hand then opened, letting the broken pieces roll away. His teeth ground together audibly, jaw clicking with the force.

               “ANti!” Dark bellowed, standing up from his desk, his form snapping and blurring at the edges. His eyes burned with endless rage. Then suddenly something fell from the blackness of above, landing on his desk with a loud slam. It was a gift box, wrapped with bright green cellophane. Dark squinted, preparing to set it aflame. But before he could will it to happen, the boxes lid suddenly opened on its own. In an unexplainable burst, much like an explosion, thousands of third dimensional pennies and pieces of confetti spurted into Dark’s face. Dark was still for a moment; eyes closed as he waited patiently for the pennies to stop hammering against his face. He was only patient for one reason, the thought of what he would do to Anti for it.

               The pennies finally ceased after a moment or two, the small cuts in Dark’s face closed over and he glanced down at the box. Within it was a small piece of white paper, with a crudely drawn picture of Anti dabbing. With a messily written ‘gottee’ above the picture. Suddenly Dark’s hand whipped through the air, slapping the box off of his desk in fury with the back of his hand. He seethed and muttered curses as his eyes darted around, searching for Anti.

               His gaze fell to the floor again, and he noticed a trail of pennies leading into the darkness. His eyes narrowed in slits. “You know how this will end.” He said clearly, knowing perfectly well that Anti could hear him. Once he received no response he decided to follow the path, head downcast in focus. He would humor whatever Anti was playing at, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enlighten him on the consequences. “The more you add to this childish game you’re playing, the more limbs I will remove from your senseless body.”

               There was still no response, which pleased and annoyed Dark at the same time. On one hand it meant that Dark could persuade Anti for longer of a time, on another it meant Anti wasn’t ready to end the foolish pranks he set out for him. Dark finally reached the end of the trail, his jaw dropping at what he saw in front of him. “What the fu-u…”

Placed on a pile of pennies was a body pillow of himself, depicting an expression of lust, blushing with his mouth open. Dark was silent, right before his form began to flicker and grow in terrifying proportions, fingers clenching into shuddering fists. “You… You… you moronic…imbecilic little-“

               Hours later, irish screaming was still heard from a different place. A place behind concrete walls.

               Dark would finish his task with Anti to discover his desk drawers filled with pennies, the pillow of him sitting atop the chair. It was no use.

               This was his life now.

joshlerenna: ch. 1

“would you like a threesome, josh?” mwahaha 

ch. 2 will actually involve jenna and more smut 


“hey um, josh?” tyler mewled, sounding like he wanted something. josh has known tyler long enough to know what he sounded like when he wanted a favor. 

“what would you like, tyler?” josh asked, thinking it would be another idea for the live show. he loved pushing josh’s comfort zone, and this is exactly how he sounded when he asked josh to play the trumpet. and to do the drum line. yeah, it was nothing like that. 

“i want you to bang my wife. in front of me.” tyler came right out with it like it was the most casual thing in the world. like ripping off a band-aid. josh stared at him dumbly, thinking he was playing some cruel joke. maybe jenna was hiding somewhere, or he was recording it on his phone to let her listen. 

“you…you want me to have sex with jenna?” josh stuttered, clearly taken aback. he started bouncing his knee, a telltale sign that he wasn’t too sure how to respond. 

“come on man, chill. it’s no big deal. so are you in?” tyler shrugged, grinning like a kid. tyler had an idea josh would react like this at first, but also knew he was lowkey down with it. if josh had a super active sex life, he wasn’t showing it. tyler knew that for a man like him in his twenties with that body and face, it was a sin to not be having tons of hot, sweaty sex. he just wanted to include josh in that part of his life. 

“so, will it be a threesome, or are you just going to watch? also, does jenna even know about this?” josh began questioning, still wary. he didn’t know why he was feeling this way. tyler’s pranked him before, but never with something so big. tyler smiled happily once he seen josh warming up to the idea. 

“it’s my wife, she does as i say.” tyler spat. josh gave him an appalled look, and tyler literally cackled. “i’m kidding josh, please, relax. of course she knows, and she said as long as you’re cool with it, she is. and it’s my fantasy, so you don’t even have to worry about me. as far as the threesome, i want the first time to mainly be you and her with me watching. then if you want to try some stuff, we can make out and go from there. what would you like the threesome to be like?” tyler asked, wanting some of josh’s input. he was really curious how far josh was willing to go. 

“jenna’s cool with me banging her? wow, i had no idea. i always got the vibe she just liked me as a friend. and yeah, making out with you sounds awesome. i would be more comfortable if jenna was in control and directing the whole thing. i’d probably rather her be on top.” josh explained. his face heated up at the images of threesomes in his mind. he tried to turn a little because his cock was already swelling and he didn’t want tyler to see how eager he was for all this to happen. his and tyler’s relationship has always been platonic, with little spices of flirting and touching here and there. there was actually lots of sexual tension, just never crossing any boundaries that would lead to something. he felt both liberated, and relieved he’d no longer be the 3rd wheel. 

“of course she is, jeez! have you not seen her checking you out, especially when you’re all shirtless with those shorts riding so dangerously low on your hips? even i can’t ignore that. you’ll be a fucking hot addition to our marriage. we’ll talk with jenna tomorrow. also, i can see you trying to hide that boner, josh. you’re not fooling me. would you like to practice the making out now, maybe?” tyler asked a really antsy looking josh. 

“you guys talked about this a lot, huh?” josh asked, grinning. the fact that his hot friends were checking him out and talking about getting him in bed, probably while post-coitus, turned him on more than it should. “yes, tyler. let’s make out! can you imagine how crazy our fans would go if they knew this? with the fan fic…” josh joked as tyler scooted right up to him on the couch and wrapped his arm around him. tyler didn’t say anything, just stared at josh and brought his face closer while closing his eyes and puckering his lips. josh melted at the sight and closed the distance, kissing his closed lips slowly and softly. josh felt tyler exhale through his nose and kept still, lips parting a little, and josh parted his lips and pressed them to his. his cock literally twitched when when tyler sucked his bottom lip and slid his tongue over it, and he let a moan slip. his eyes shot open to see tyler smiling lazily at him. 

“fuck, tyler. you’re a good kisser. your lips are amazing.” josh confessed, and tyler giggled softly. 

“thanks, you too. c’mere” tyler said before attacking josh’s lips again, pulling him closer by his neck and really leaning into it. josh loved feeling tyler’s wet lips on his, his tongue pushing into his mouth, and his warm body crowding him. as they passionately made out while holding each other close. it was only serving to exacerbate josh’s problem. he didn’t try to check, but from tyler’s whimpers and how desperate he was sounding, he knew tyler had a problem as well. 

“do you, want to uh maybe, dryhumpmetilwebothcum?” tyler asked quietly, trying not to push josh too much. 

“i’m sorry ty, what did you say?” josh asked, smirking at tyler’s sudden bashfulness.  

“we can grind on each other. that’s part of making out, right?” tyler asked, fingers toying with the curly hairs on the nape of josh’s neck. 

“it’s a little more second base i think, but yeah” josh answered, pushing tyler onto his back. josh rubbed himself through his shorts, adjusting his erection before rubbing tyler through his skinny jeans. “are these gonna get in the way?” josh asked, unbuttoning tyler’s jeans. tyler just nodded, too breathless and shaky from how aroused he was. josh pulled them down his thighs, and tyler lifted his hips, then feet so josh could get them all the way off. he settled between tyler’s thighs, finally letting his bulge touch tyler’s. a jolt of pleasure shot through both of them, causing tyler to buck his hips and josh to grind down on him. they moaned together, and josh dipped in to lick and suck the hot, tanned skin on tyler’s throat as his head tilted back. 

“feels so good, josh” tyler moaned as josh continued marking up his neck. tyler bucked his hips up towards the friction while running his hands up and down josh’s back under his hoodie to feel bare skin and muscles. josh started out grinding on tyler fairly slow, but picked up the pace as tyler’s sounds got more desperate. he was back to kissing tyler’s lips again, tongues sliding together once again. 

“you c-close, ty? i’m close” josh mumbled into the crook of tyler’s neck. 

“yessss josh, oh my god. just don’t stop” tyler whined, meeting josh’s aggressive thrusting and relishing in his sex noises. he focused on the pressure of josh’s cock pressed against his, josh’s weight on top of  him, and how josh nipped at his tongue with a particularly good thrust. tyler moaned loudly as his body threatened to give in. the only thing he could say exuberantly was joshjoshjoshjosh while tapping josh’s back. 

“go ahead tyler, we’ll go together. i’m ready” josh cooed, thrusting harder in anticipation. tyler held is hips up, letting josh continue grinding him until his cock started spurting and wetting the front of his briefs. josh released at the same moment, cumming hard while rolling his hips slower and giving little panting moans. tyler watched josh’s face as he came as his cock gave another spurt. 

“oh my godddd aaaahh” tyler groaned embarrassingly loud. josh collapsed on top of him for a moment, and tyler kissed josh’s neck while rubbing his back. 

“you’re incredibly seductive, you know that, tyler?” josh asked, shifting to an upward position to peel off his clothes. 

“well you’re incredibly good with your hips” tyler retorted, knowing it had to do with his rhythm and drumming abilities. it was actually pornographic, the way he naturally knew how to add just the right amount of pressure and speed. 

“i guess because i’m a drummer? and drummers know how to bang things with sticks.” josh joked, knowing it sounded beyond nerdy. 

“we should change our clothes though, and hide these at the bottom of the laundry. we don’t need the others seeing our cum stains” tyler said, adding his clothes to josh’s pile and rooting through his bag for fresh clothes. seeing each other naked and getting dressed was nothing new. but it’s safe to say they have officially crossed out of the friendzone by making each other cum. 

Ghost - Part 6 - Jungkook angst

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This part has been uploaded way faster than usual because I felt so awful for making you all wait so long for each update D: Please forgive me

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Final Part

Jungkook was pacing up and down in front of your hospital room that he was borderline sick of.

“Are you family?” The nurse asked him, eyes full of sympathy for the clearly distressed man who was nearing tearing his hair out in panic.

“Yes! I am! What’s going on?” He was desperate for information, not being polite to the nurse.

“It seems Y/N has gone into cardiac arrest due to a sudden increase in heart impulses- I’m sorry, but you can’t go in there sir!”

Jungkook had dodged around the nurse, heading towards your door with his hand outstretched when one of the hospital personnel stopped him, placing a hand on his upper arm and pulling him to a stop.

“Sir, please stay out here whilst the doctors do their job.”

Now Jungkook was still pacing, long after he had arrived here, and his members were all sitting in the waiting room in various states of unrest too. He had no idea the exact amount of time he had been here, but he had been pacing the entire time, fingernails raking against his scalp harshly to try and find something to grip onto.

What was going on in there? What was taking so damn long? Were you going to be okay?

The same questions had been fired at every single staff member who walked past, even those that had no idea what he was talking about, but Jungkook was relentless. If nobody was going to tell him what was going on in there, he had to find some other way.

“That’s my daughter! My youngest child in there! Fighting for her life! Who are you to tell me what to do!?” A carnal scream echoed down the hallway, startling the members and causing all heads to turn in that direction. Dread washed over Jungkook, although he didn’t know why. He didn’t know the person that was screaming-

“Jungkook! I see you! Come here and tell this infernal guard who I am!”

Jungkook’s stomach dropped to his knees and he could have fainted with the sudden lightheadedness he felt. He locked eyes onto the woman that he used to know all those years ago, the years he had of scraped knees and sticky fingers. Those years of tears caused by accidents and hushed whispers. Of comforting his sobbing best friend and treating her bruises, inflicted by the one woman who was meant to protect her. Those years of visiting the park and pushing her on the swings. Those moments of awkward phases and growth spurts, of failed exams and secret sleepovers.

He knew your mother all those years ago, but he never expected to see her again. Not like this.

“Jeon Jungkook, what are you waiting for! Tell him!”

He slowly walked towards her, holding a hand out to the older of the members who stood up at Jungkook’s movement, aiming to hold him back from the potentially dangerous woman.

He remained a small distance from her, eyeing her warily and noting that her age had caught up with her. He did not tell the guard to let go of her and let her pass, but stood behind the guard, much to your mother’s displeasure.

“Listen here, you-”

“What are you doing here?” Jungkook had no time for formalities or politeness, elder or not, and made his distaste at the sight of her clear in the curl of his lip and furrow of his brow. “You have no right to be here.”

“What are you saying? She’s my daughter!”

“You lost the right to call her that when you kicked her to the streets when she was sixteen.” Jungkook said in a stern voice. The woman’s hair was falling out of the sloppy bun, grey wisps curling around her lined and thin face.

“What rubbish are you speaking? I never kicked her out! She made the decision to leave herself!”

“No, actually, I distinctly remember you telling her to ‘get out of your house’ and threatening to ‘give her something proper to cry about’.” She opened her mouth to retort, but Jungkook left no room for argument. “You don’t deserve to see her. You don’t have any rights to be here, and nobody wants you here. You can claim to be her mother all you want, but you’re less of a mother to her than those doctors in there now, fighting to save her life.”

“How dare you talk to me like this?”

“I don’t care what you think. I don’t care how you react to this, and as far as I’m concerned, you’re not setting your sights on Y/N for the rest of your life. You’re a bitter, shrivelled up embarrassment of a person. Get out of my sight.”

“You little-”

“Can you see to it that this woman is escorted off the premises, please, Jaehyuk? And make sure she can’t come back in.” Jungkook said to the burly guard who was holding the woman back. He nodded once, beginning to roughly maneuver the shrieking woman back down the hallway.

Jungkook returned to his position outside your door, resuming his pacing. The other members could do nothing but ogle at the youngest and the appearance of a side of him none of them had ever seen before. Even the oldest of the seven boys were shellshocked, none of them sure what to do or how to react. Until;

“That was so cool!” Taehyung burst, unable to control his excitement.

“Look at you, defending your woman’s honour!” Hoseok chirped.

“I’m a proud father,” Namjoon joked. “You dealt with her admirably, Kook.”

Jungkook said nothing for a few moments. “I never liked that woman. Her cookies were dreadful, and that was before she turned out to be a shitty person.”

It was silent for a while after that, the excitement dying down again and leaving behind only the sombre and tense atmosphere that it had been before the aggressive interruption. Now, all they could do was twiddle their thumbs and avoid looking at each other for too long.


He ignored the voice, assuming it to be one of the members, until it clocked in his head that the voice was somewhat feminine.

He whirled, expecting to see a nurse or a doctor, but was surprised to see it was the girl he had met before, laden with assorted gifts again.

The members all raised their heads to watch the exchange carefully, but Jungkook was too far gone to care.

“What?” He snapped. Admittedly, he could have been more polite (after all, the girl had no idea what was going on) but he couldn’t bring himself to care. His best friend, the closest person he had ever had in his entire life, was fighting for his life in the room that he couldn’t even go inside.

On top of that, your voice had disappeared and he was left completely and utterly alone. It was almost an agony to admit to himself that he had wasted so long ignoring that weird ghost voice and hadn’t taken advantage of that tie to you. He was almost liable to kick himself, but there were more pressing matters on hand.

“Wow, okay, sorry- I’m just wondering, are you okay? I think you’re about to pull all of your hair out and it’d be a shame to lose something so pretty.”

Jungkook could do nothing but blink at her, her words almost not registering in his brain, but the other members were much quicker to catch on. Yoongi raised an eyebrow at her shameless flirting but Jimin and Taehyung were quick to cover their smirks, finding them inappropriate in the current situation.

“What?” Jungkook barked at her, watching her flinch at his harsh tone. A slight smile lifted up her mouth, though, and Jungkook was clueless.

“I’m just saying. What’s going on?”

“Who the fu-”

“I’m very sorry,” Jin was quick to say, standing up to be next to Jungkook and placing a heavy hand on his shoulder, perhaps digging in harder than he should have. “Jungkook’s having a bad time right now, perhaps it would be better to come back later? His girlfriend is in there, you see…”

The girl’s eyes slowly drifted from Jungkook’s face to Jin’s, then to the door, and her eyes widened in recognition.

“Oh God, I did it again- I’m so sorry, Jungkook, I swear I’m not doing this on purpose, I had no idea…” Her voice trailed off. “Is she going to be okay?”

“I have no clue.” Jungkook growled, shrugging off Jin’s grip and beginning his pace.

His girlfriend? His girlfriend? Had Jin really just said, knowing full well the feelings that Jungkook somewhat harboured for the comatose girl? Had Jin really just reminded him of that, causing another wave of confusing and irritating emotions to tide over him?

He could have screamed, he honestly could have.

Maybe he should scream anyway, just to see how people would react.

“You’re welcome to wait, if you’d like, but…” Jin trailed off, subtly hinting that the girl should probably leave, and thankfully she caught on.

“Oh, no, that’s okay! My Mom is probably waiting for me, actually, I’m always late. Here-” She shifted awkwardly, too many little bears and boxes of chocolates to move smoothly. She thrust one of her many stuffed bear toys into Jin’s surprised hands, grinning up at the older man brightly. “Have this for her! I really hope everything goes okay, Jungkook. Good luck, and I’ll be off now!”

Jin bowed to show his gratitude but Jungkook only nodded, changing his action to leaning against the wall and glaring at the door as if it would suddenly burst to flames under his gaze and reveal your happy and healthy form behind it.

He could only hope.

“She was nice.” Hoseok commented offhandedly, watching the girl disappear into the room next to yours, quietly shutting the door behind her. Jin nodded, setting the bear on it’s own seat next to Taehyung who immediately picked it up and started playing with it’s hands and cooing as if it was a child.

“What do you think is taking so long?” Yoongi commented quietly to Namjoon who was sitting next him, legs crossed and beanie shoved onto his unwashed hair that was in desperate need of a cut. Namjoon shrugged, sighing helplessly.

“It shouldn’t be taking this long, hyung,” Namjoon said. “I have no idea what could be going on in there.”

“Poor kid must be going insane.” Yoongi said, turning his gaze to Jungkook’s obviously defeated form.

“I know I would be. Did you hear what Jin said?”

“About Y/N being his girlfriend? I did. Did you see Jungkook’s face?”

“I didn’t, I was focusing on that girl,” Namjoon said, locking his phone and turning to face Yoongi who was still staring at Jungkook. “What did he look like?”

“Like he’d been both shot and given a new pair of Timberlands at the same time. There’s no way to describe that juxtaposition of those emotions on his face.” Yoongi said, and Namjoon said nothing in return, merely nodding slightly.

Yoongi knew that Jungkook had some kind of feelings towards you, but the younger had never really mentioned them to the rapper and Yoongi wasn’t sure that Jungkook even knew what it was that caused him to care so much for you. It was painfully obvious, however, in the way that Jungkook’s features would soften immeasurably when speaking about you and his eyes took on a glint that had never been seen before. It was obvious in the way that he would look at you when you weren’t already watching him, and the way he would rush out to meet you whenever you asked to hang out. It was obvious in the way that Jungkook simply stood next to you; he didn’t have to even look in your direction, but his body was subconsciously angled towards you as if he was constantly giving you attention even when he wasn’t.

It was obvious to everybody apart from Jungkook and Yoongi found himself wanting to smack him as hard as he possibly could to make him realise.

Even if you didn’t make it.

Suddenly gripped with emotion, Yoongi quietly excused himself to the bathroom and walked away from the group of people sitting in silence.

Sometimes, that much silence was too loud. It was slightly suffocating and Yoongi hated the constant reminder that something awful was currently happening.

It should not be taking that long.


“Mr Jeon Jungkook?” It was the same nurse that called him, and despite his grogginess, his head snapped up and he all but jumped to his feet at the sight of her.

“Any news?”

“Yes, I’m happy to say that it’s good news for once!” she said, smiling at the shock that dawned over his face. In the background, the members all gaped at each other. “Y/N is awake, and she’s asking for you.”

Jungkook all but smashed himself through the door in his eagerness to see you, tears of happiness welling up in his eyes immediately at the sight of you sitting up.

You looked awful. You looked like you had died a thousand deaths and come back each time, but you were smiling at him, your own tears in your eyes and Jungkook could have sworn that he had never seen anybody so beautiful in his entire life.

“Oh God,” he whispered, standing frozen in the doorway until Hoseok physically pushed him in and shut the door behind him, claiming that they were going to wait outside to give them some alone time. “It’s you. You’re awake.”

“I’m awake.”

You throat was unbearably throaty, and seemed to be causing you some pain as you swallowed awkwardly with a grimace across your face. He basically tripped forwards in his rush to pour you a glass of water from the side table and he stepped forwards cautiously, careful not to touch you in case he was dreaming and the sight of you burst into nothing at the slightest physical contact.

It had happened before, anyway.

You drank deeply, eyes fluttering shut, and Jungkook could do nothing but revel.

You had been in a coma for the better part of a year and you still managed to knock the breath straight out of his lungs.

It had taken him the worst parts of a year to realise, but he was absolutely besotted with you, and he could have thrown himself from your window as punishment for his ignorance.

How could he had been so foolish? How could he have gone on so long, bereft of your love and affection, and not realise his feelings for you?

He was so unbearably in love with you that it almost hurt him to look at you staring up at him.

“Why are you crying, dumbass?” you coughed and the sound of your voice, the insult, the croakiness, was too much for him and he was reduced to sobs and he placed the cup back down, falling to his knees next to you and grasping onto your hand.

You returned the grip with equal vigour, interlocking your fingers, and he almost gasped in relief at the feeling. It had been too long since he had touched you and finally, to grasp onto you like this, was like pure heroine flowing through his veins.

Already he was completely addicted to you.

“I’m not,” he said, sniffing slightly. “It’s raining outside, my face is just wet.”

“Of course. Is that why your eyes are all red and your face is puffy?”

“It’s acid rain. Don’t go outside today.”

Laughing gently at his comments, you turned to face the ceiling again and leant further into your pillow.

“My head fucking hurts.”

“I bet it does.”

Sure, your hair was shorter than his. Yes, you had a thick scar that curved over your scalp and came down slightly over your forehead. Yeah, you hadn’t showered for a long, long time, and indeed, you were looking a little worse for wear, but Jungkook had never felt so much happiness condensed into such a short moment in his entire existence.


“So,” he commented, sitting cross-legged at the end of your bed, using his chopsticks to pick up some noodles out of the pot he had purchased from the convenience store on his way here. You did the same, though you were still half lying down, finding sitting up drained your energy incredibly quick. “Was that actually you? The voice, I mean. Do you remember?”

You nodded and his heart came up to rest in his throat.

“I remember,” you said, putting some noodles in your mouth and closing your eyes to revel in the taste. He had never seen someone eat instant noodles with so much adoration on their face. “You were so annoying in the beginning, ignoring me and whatnot.”

“What was I supposed to think! My best friend, who was in a coma, was communicating with me?”

“I just can’t believe you’d ignore me like that. I thought I meant more to you.”

He laughed, but his heartstring were being pulled painfully. You were joking, but he took that to heart; you meant more to him than either of you could have imagined and the suggestion that you didn’t wanted him to cry again.

Of course, he wouldn’t cry again after the blubbering mess he was the week before when you had woken, but he certainly felt like it sometimes.

This had been the most stressful experience of his entire life, and he was an internationally famous kpop idol.

“How are the boys doing?” you asked, changing the subject. “I didn’t get to say thank you to them for all the flowers before they were shooting off to practise.”

“Ah, yeah,” he scratched the back of his head, glancing at what looked like a pop-up florist on the table at the back of the room.

The members didn’t know what your favourite kind of flower was, and Jungkook was completely useless in that area, so they had come together and gotten you a bouquet of flowers of every type from the florist down the road from BigHit.

“About that…”

“It’s fine! I love them so much, my room smells amazing and it makes a nice difference from the dull whites and greys.”

“Right. Well, they’re okay. We skipped a lot of practise to come and visit you when you were sleeping, so now Bang PD is working all of us into skeletons for our next comeback.”

“Oh God, you shouldn’t have, seriously! I wasn’t going to go anywhere. Now you all have to suffer because of me.”

“Y/N, even if you had a papercut or you tripped over something, or- or you stubbed your toe, I’d drop everything and rush to you immediately.”

It was a deep and dull ache, a consistent longing. Jungkook wanted nothing more than to confess, to tell you exactly how he felt for you and what the past few months have been like for him. He wanted to tell you what it felt like to hold your hand, touch your skin, even be near you. He wanted to tell you what your presence did to his heartbeat and what it did to his mood. He wanted to tell you all of these things but-

But he couldn’t.

“Jungkook-ah.” The maknaes head snapped up, meeting the gaze of Bang PD and halting his steps, letting the others complete the choreography around him as he dodged out the way and walked towards the door where the older man was.

“Yes?” Jungkook said, tone as light and friendly as possible. Jungkook knew that he was in trouble for his behaviour over the last few months, but he didn’t want to make it easy for the older man to scold him.

“It’s… Come to my attention the feelings you harbour for Y/N,” All of the blood drained out of Jungkook’s face. How had he found out? Had one of the members told him? No, they wouldn’t do that, knowing the risk. Had Jungkook really been that obvious? Was it clear to everybody except himself? “Usually, I would just leave it, but your performance recently…”

Jungkook gulped.

“Well, some of my bosses aren’t particularly impressed. Especially your scandal with that woman in the hallway of the hospital,” Jungkook could curse your mother’s name for being such an infuriating woman and immediately rushing to whatever lowly news outlet that would listen and telling them what he had done to her, the majority of which were tall tales. Honestly, who would actually report that Jungkook had shoved the woman and gotten physically aggressive without any kind of evidence or proof? “And we’ve all come to the agreement that you dating anybody, in particular Y/N, wouldn’t be a good idea.”

Jungkook closed his eyes, refusing to face the reality.

“I’m sorry, kiddo. I know how much you like her, but you know how serious these kinds of scandals are. Having a dating scandal on top of that? People would find out about Y/N, and her accident and the nature behind it, and then you’d be in even more hot water because of your involvement.”

Jungkook wasn’t listening.

“You know I don’t make the rules, Kook, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices in this line of work.”

Jungkook was well aware of this. He had already sacrificed most of his life for this; his health, his sleep, his education, his family, all of his friends, even his home. He just didn’t think he’d ever have to sacrifice his feelings for you too, as if he wasn’t human. As if he was some kind of robot that could let go of such a magnitude of affection and adoration. It wasn’t fair, and Bang PD seemed to be aware of that with the gentle squeeze of Jungkook’s shoulder.

“I’m really sorry, kiddo.”

Jungkook smiled sadly at his noodles, stabbing back into the pot with perhaps too much vigour. He was completely content, listening to you jabber on excitedly, asking him thousands of questions about the kinds of things you had missed over the time.

There was a bit of emotion in the middle of your gushing as you learnt that you had lost your job and quite possibly your friends, who hadn’t visited you even once in hospital, but your mood quickly picked up as you listed all of the bakeries and café’s you wanted to go to again, and the phone calls you needed to make to your brother who lived overseas.

Yes, he was completely content. He was okay with only being a passive part of your life. He was happy with watching you grow into a beautiful woman, and he was alright with watching you instead of loving you like he wanted to.

Indeed. He was okay with watching over you like he was some kind of a ghost.

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Fate - Mark (Day 71/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Fate
Member: Mark x Reader
AU: Soulmate!AU - Everyone is born with a timer on their left wrist that tells them how much time their soulmate has left to live and a compass on their right wrist that tells them the direction their soulmate is currently in and how many miles away they are

Word Count: 3,903

. This one is rather angsty and it got crazy long crazy fast~

How had this happened?

You stared down at the clock tattooed on your wrist in disbelief. Your chest tightened and you suddenly felt the air in the room leave completely.


Two months, twenty-one days, seventeen hours, forty-nine minutes, and twelve seconds. That’s how long your soulmate had to live.

You paced around the living room, trying to decide what to do. The compass on your other wrist still pointed southeast and was shining the number 2,076. He hadn’t moved, so what had happened? Was he in an accident? Did he have an illness? He had 62 years just yesterday, so why was it suddenly so low?

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Heart stops

(A/N): I remember writing one like this for Bucky and I loved both of the requests so much! 

Request: Um… I was wondering if you could write a Nat x fem!reader where the reader is having a surgery at the hospital because she got severely injured during a mission and Nat freaked out when the reader’s heart stopped one time during surgery, so while the doctors tries to revive her Nat tearfully screams (Y/N’s) name until the reader’s heart start beating again? And it ends with Natasha kissing the reader before hugging her?

Warnings: swearing, almost death

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @sxph-t

Originally posted by ladiesnetwork

   Nat pants as she follows alongside the stretcher, unable to stop her eyes form wandering over (Y/N)’s beaten and severely bleeding body. Blood spurted from a wound in their chest and Nat watched fearfully as the color and life drained from their face. Their breath was shallow, their hand weakly squeezing Nat’s as they attempted to splutter something but the never ending flow of blood across their throat and chest made it nearly impossible to breathe, much less talk. 

   (Y/N)’s hand was slowly loosing it’s grip, each second it grew weaker and weaker until (Y/N)’s hand slipped from Nat’s, falling onto the bloodied table with a thump. 

   “Miss Romanoff- Miss Romanoff!” A doctor jogged beside her, attempting to catch her attention. “I’m sorry but you can’t be in this part of the hospital, it’s restricted-” 

   “If you think I’m going to leave (Y/N) like that, laying on some stretcher all alone then you’re fucking crazy,” Nat growls, jogging to catch up with the stretcher, now turning into an operating room. 

   “You can’t go inside the room at least,’ The doctor states, placing a hand on Nat’s shoulder. “You can watch from outside but you’re not allowed in, is that okay?” Nat gulps, watching as tubes and wires are attached to (Y/N), an oxygen mask placed on their face, and the doctors surrounding them begin to wash up while others run around grabbing supplies. Honestly it wasn’t okay, Nat wanted- needed- to be in there with (Y/N) but if she had to wait outside while they operated then so be it. 

   “Yeah,” Nat breathes out, nodding. “Yeah, that sounds good,” 

    This mission was supposed to be simply, a merely exchange of Intel and Nat and (Y/N) would be done but what had started as mere deception quickly turned into something larger. One minute it was Nat and (Y/N) and two other guys, working out a negotiation on some info when one of them slipped up, making it obvious that they weren’t who they really said they were, that they weren’t really there to exchange the information these people had wanted. It could have been so easy, so damn easy, Nat and (Y/N) could have easily taken the two men down but it happened in a flash- a quick glimpse of light across a blade and suddenly (Y/N)’s chest and throat had been sliced, spurting blood immediately. Needless to say Nat took care of the men and rushed (Y/N) here were she was now waiting outside the operating room, watching as the doctors tried miserably to save (Y/N)’s life. 

    The doctors were trying their best to stop the blood, to keep (Y/N) alive, to keep that heart of their pumping but despite their best efforts it was seemingly failing. The blood continued in heavy spurts and their heart levels were depleting rapidly, going from normal one second to nearly 10 beats the next. Nat rose fearfully from her seat, pressing a hand to the glass before her as the doctors hurriedly rushed around, grabbing gauze, tape, anything to stop the blood, but it simply wasn’t working. Before Nat could even comprehend what had happened (Y/N)’s heart dropped, the line attached to the heart monitor going completely still. 

   “(Y/N),” Nat whispers as the doctors move around, all yelling medical terms at each other. “(Y/N),” Nat repeats, this time louder. Her eyes were glued to (Y/N)’s open chest, the blood having stopped spurting, rather a light trickle now. The doctors had succeeded a moment to late. “(Y/N),” Nat’s voice quakes, her eyes blurring with tears. God no, no, this couldn’t be happening, they had to revive (Y/N), oh god, what would she do without them? With a heart wrenching sob Nat fell to her knees, her hands remaining on the window as she sobbed, her whole chest heaving with the effort. “(Y/N)!” She wailed, her voice hurting from the restraint of trying not to scream in pain. 

   “Miss Romanoff if you’d kindly follow me-” 

   “No!” Nat screamed, wrenching her hand away from a nurse who’d attempted to grab it. “No! I’m not leaving this spot, I-I’m not-” 

   “Miss Romanoff, please follow me,” The nurse tugs on her arm once again, urging Nat to follow along. 

   “No! Let go of me!” She screams, the whole hall seeming to shake with the intensity of it. “I’m not leaving them!” Nat could vaguely hear the sounds of triumphant yells from some other room, actually rather close if she thought about it. 

   “We did it!” A muffled voice cried. 

   “We’re not done yet,” Another piped up. “We still have to stop the blood,” Nat scrunched her brow, biting her lip as she hoped- prayed- that the doctors were talking about (Y/N), that her (Y/N) was still alive, that they’d been able to bring them back. With shaky legs Nat stands, almost crying once again when she saw the steady up and down of the line, their heart rate nearly normal once again. The blood had stopped to almost a trickle as the doctors worked quickly and thoroughly, saving (Y/N)’s life. 

   Nat jolted up in her seat, a cold sweat across her skin as she recalled the nightmare she had just had. It was (Y/N), their heart had stopped, but rather than coming back to life they had died on that table with Nat standing outside their room, unable to do anything to stop it. Nat looked to her left, her heart only calming slightly as (Y/N) laid in bed, their chest rising and falling, shakily, but still rising and falling. Bandages covered their neck and chest, keeping their wound safe from the hospital air, bits of blood still coated their skin, and they did have a few bruises here and there but they were alive and that’s all that mattered to Nat. 

   “Nightmare?” (Y/N) rasps, their voice…different than the last time Nat had heard it. 

   “(Y/N)?” Nat questions, her voice soft as thought saying anything louder would disturb the silence. 

   “In the flesh,” (Y/N) cocked their lips up, a smile overtaking their features. 

   “Oh god (Y/N),” Nat murmured as she reached out to hold (Y/N)’s hand, her thumb gently running along the bruised and bloodied knuckles. “I- I thought- “ Her words get caught in her throat, freezing as she tries to articulate them. “Your heart stopped and-” 

   “Please,” (Y/N) smirks, using their little strength to give Nat’s hand a small squeeze. “You can’t get rid of me that easily, plus, I’d miss you if I died,” (Y/N) gives Nat a sleepy smile, their eyes twinkling almost fondly. “Will a kiss compensate for all that?” (Y/N) asks, their sleepy smile turning into a sleepy albeit mischievous smirk. 

   “(Y/N), you just died on the operating table, I’m not gonna kiss you when you’ve just gotten out of surgery-” 

   “Please? It’ll make me feel better,” (Y/N) mutters, hoping Nat would give into their pained and sleepy puppy dog eyes. “It’ll make both of us feel better,” (Y/N) continues on, tracing their thumb over Nat’s own. 

   “Fine,” Nat mutters as she leans over, being careful of (Y/N)’s wounds. “But just one,” (Y/N) smirks as their lips press to Nat’s, damn near perfect if they said so themself. Nat doesn’t kiss them for long, scared of hurting them more than they already were. Nat pulls away after the momentary kiss, much to (Y/N)’s dismay, 

   “One more?” (Y/N) asks in that sweet sleepy tone again. “Please?” And Nat can’t help but to oblige, the thought of (Y/N)’s heart stopping spurring her into the kiss further. Well, if there was one perk to this it was going to be the constant need for affection that both (Y/N) and Nat had. 

Holy fuck this is so bad, I’m so sorry! 

anonymous asked:

May I request for Dazai,Nakahara and Akutagawa confessing to their crush hcs?Thank you :)

Yup! I decided to before confessing hcs too! I hope that you don’t mind.

Dazai Osamu 

  • The moment he stopped asking them to double-suicide together meant everything: It is a way to show that he cared about them
  • Dazai would think of a way to confess that could make a strong impact
  • Maybe when they’ve been cornered in an important mission and he just hides his crush,kisses their forehead softly and say:
  • I’ve never tell you this but…*nervous sweating* since I’ve just realized it..I don’t know when It happened but you’ve become someone so important to me,I love you’
  • This dork is rarely overwhelmed by his feelings but he felt like it was now or never.
  • ‘I don’t want to die anymore,I want to live and love you today and forever’ Wait is that a proposal?

Nakahara Chuuya

  • Chuuya tries to give subtle hints about his feelings for them
  • He would be a little bit nervous since he didn’t know whether his message was conveyed or not.
  • Are you dumb or what? How can you not realize that I like you?
  • After that, on the spurt of the moment he might also say his thoughts out loud without knowing it:’Why am I so infatuated with you,GOSH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ‘ TILL THE POINT THAT IT’S CREEPS ME OUT’
  • Or maybe when you they hang out and he is drunk.So Chuuya suddently blurts out his love and doesn’t remember it
  • then his crush recorded it and shows it to him,Chuuya blushes a lot
  • After that he’d regain his composure and say:’Man that was so lame and I’ve planned an romantic confession and drunk me ruined everything’

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

  •  Poor Akutagawa, for weeks he was trying to figure out what this feeling was.He was just irritated about everything that has his crush in it
  • Why was him craving for them to death? He didn’t know what to do so Akutagawa decided to confront them.Tons of thoughts were on his mind.
  • Well, he didn’t even know that it was a confession and that he just blurted out something very bold
  • Be mine!’ Nope that’s definitely not me fangirling in the corner
  • Don’t ever look at any other men!Just look at me dammit!!
  • He then realize his bold statement and blushes furiously 
  • but he’s not taking back his words 
  • He will either wait for your response or just slowly walk away
Wet Myself Outside of the Bathroom!

A tale that happened to me that I put into text form and posted on omorashi.org a few years ago. Hope you all in this neck of the woods as much as they did! :)

Anyone who’s seen me post knows I love those Milovana pee holding interactive challenges. I have a huge imagination and get really into it, I don’t think I’ve done a hold without one since I discovered them. Its been awhile since anyone made a new one, so I got into the habit of doing multiple in a single hold, or even two at once, which was the case today.

And so there I was, in my room. I drank a few mugs of water and tea and waited for things to move along by watching Scrubs. I don’t know what it was about today, whether it was 3 cups of tea’s worth of caffiene or the tight jeans I had put on in advance, or just some other random thing, but it moved along REALLY fast. An hour and a half after I started drinking, I was at the fidgeting stage. I couldn’t stand still, and sitting had become a real burden. It took me really off guard. I started my challenges and for the first time ever, started posting in the live action thread. It’s really unlike me to do that, I don’t know why I did. Maybe I wanted some company for once. Alas, nobody showed up during my hold.

Appearance wise, I was wearing red panties (nothing fancy) and a tight pair of blue jeans. Didn’t bother with a shirt, as it was fairly warm today. For you people who are a fan of picturing things, I’m pretty tiny. Short, tiny frame, skinny, pale, long and obviously-not-well-taken-care-of hair. Pretty much the definition of “Get off your computer and go outside.”

So at this point I had started doing the challenges and tasks, pretty confident that I would do fine, as per usual. I was shaking, and twitching, etc but I felt I could hold on despite the huge pressure in my bladder. But then 10 minutes went by….20 minutes…and before I knew it not only had the pressure nearly doubled, but the challenges were also taking their toll. I could barely believe it. It had all happened so fast. It was to the point I was constantly shaking and had a hand between my legs any time the challenge wasn’t preventing me from doing so. It was getting pretty unbearable but I convinced myself there’s no way its this bad already, its just your psyche getting out of turn. I wish I was right.

Time went on. I dribbled a few times but I felt it was nothing I couldnt handle. I had a grip on this. Until at one point I stopped to type in the live action thread again. Typing of course, requiring both hands. I wasn’t too concerned, just crossed my legs as I bent over to type. But mid sentence, I don’t know what it was, it must have been the way I moved, but I felt a sudden violent dampness as a huge leak shot down my leg. Before I knew it, my inner leg on my jeans had a wet patch from my crotch to my knee. All I could think was, where the hell did that come from? Keep it together.

I probably should have ran to the bathroom right then. You see, I wasn’t home alone. and a full blown wetting and its cleanup would be hard to hide/explain to my brother if he just decided to waltz in during those crucial moments. My main plan if he walked in during the hold itself was to quickly pull a blanket over my chest and yell that I wasn’t wearing a shirt, which would cause him to scurry off somewhere. Thus, I had planned to use the bathroom before it was too late.

Issue was, I’m stubborn. As is usually the objective with holding, I decided since I had regained control after my big spurt, I would wait until the last possible second, not for a moment having the foresight to even think there might be obstacles. It was also that this point I received another huge warning I ignored. You know when your bladder muscles start to fluctuate? Waver? That wobbley feeling, like when you’re carrying something heavy in your arms and they start to go all wobbley under the strain against your will? I got that feeling. And I ignored it, because I’m me.

Time went by, as did a few more dribbles. But I kept telling myself that it wasn’t over yet, that I could go longer. The fresh dampness in my crotch, and the now semi dried patch down my leg would suggest otherwise, but again, stubborn. Then one of the challenges told me the start of my undoing. Every 30 seconds, I had to push on my bladder hard for 5 seconds. And of course, I thought I could do it. Thing is, when I’m pressing on my bladder I don’t use my hands. I don’t find I can push with the right pressure in the right way to ever make it a feasible threat. So what I do is, I tip my chair back so that its on its back legs, and push my lower abdomen into the top of it.

Huge mistake, obviously. The first 5 seconds, I felt my crotch go damp again. A few small spurts. I can do it, I told myself. In the 30 second break between I told myself I had only spurted because I didn’t brace properly, and I just had to go into the next push prepared. So 30 seconds passed. And again I tipped my chair back, closed my eyes, braced myself, and leaned into it. With a bit more weight than I intended.

A leak. A big leak. The biggest so far. My hand shot down as it left my body, but it was a little too late for that. In that moment I felt the wetness gather in my hand,  fall down my leg again, down to my ankle. Some got on the floor. A little spread behind my ass too. I regained control in that split second, but it was also the second that I wasn’t going to maintain the control. I couldn’t. This was it. But I couldn’t risk it, I had already gone too far as it was. My brother could walk in any second, see my wet leg, and ask what the fuck was going on.

And so came the moment. The hail mary. I didn’t have time to throw on a shirt let alone a bra, so I just had to hope he wasn’t in the hallway between my room and the bathroom. There was no time, it was now or never, I could FEEL my control slipping and about to give. I dashed out of my room, one hand between my legs holding on for dear life and one trying to preemptively undo the button of my jeans (And failed, little bugger wouldn’t give)

And I encountered every holders nightmare. The bathroom door was shut. And locked. I could hear the shower going inside. That son of a bitch. I leaned against the door, my forehead and chest pressing into the wood, my fingernails digging into either side of the door and my back slightly arched, pushing my ass out as my legs slammed together, my knees knocking together over and over. I yelled at him to get out. I yelled that I needed to get in right that second. My fingernails dug deep into the door, scratching as my control slipped, a muffled “Sorry, no can do!” coming from inside the bathroom.

I felt it coming. My left hand then alternated between banging on the door, gripping at my crotch, and clawing into the door once more. My chest was heaving against the door, I couldn’t bear to open my eyes and look as it started.

My crotch grew damp. A spurt, and another, and another. The crotch gripping, the clawing, nothing helped. Squeezed my legs together tighter, still nothing. It was coming out, slowly but steadily. I gripped my left thigh as I felt my pee seep out and crawl down the back of my leg. I tried so hard. Knocking my knees, gripping at everything I could, frantically trying to stop it or slow it down. Shaking, writhing, I felt it continue to pour out and reach the back of my knee. I heard drops hit the floor. This couldn’t be happening. Wetting myself after a good hold was one thing, not being able to stop it when it mattered most was another thing entirely. My control was still sort of there, but not nearly enough to stop the flow completely. I felt it spread across my lower ass and inner thigh. The other leg now too, I could feel it running down. Something in that made me lurch, pressing my chest into the door harder. Something about that movement hit my bladder, and suddenly whatever slight control I still had was gone. I gasped loudly as my crotch suddenly grew a lot warmer, as did my inner legs, I could feel the flow go from a creeping dribble into a stream. Of course I grabbed my crotch, but my hand was soaked almost instantly. I let out a cry as I started soaking myself, trying anything and everything. Thigh gripping, moving my legs, crossing them, frantically hopping slightly just trying to get it to stop but the more I tried the harder it all came out. I felt my ass, my legs, everything become completely soaked and warm. A stream was gently but firmly pitter pattering onto the floor, my jeans on my right leg having become far too saturated for it to just climb down my leg itself anymore at this intensity. I fought and cried and yelled and moaned, fighting until the bitter end. But there was no way around it…I was completely and thoroughly wetting my pants, right outside the bathroom against my will like a little girl. As I stopped shaking and bouncing and switching my legs all over the place, my fingers tired from violently gripping at every part of my thighs and crotch I could get ahold of, I just became exhausted. Soaked and defeated, I turned around and slowly slumped to the ground against the door, wetting myself all the way. My bladder had NO control anymore, and I was still going. My mind just blanked out as I sat on the ground, watching my already massive puddle continually expand due to the now very audiable hissing in my jeans. It was by far the greatest wetting I had ever had, and the scary circumstances made it incredibly exciting and erotic. My chest heaved, my breathing heavy as my bladder finished emptying itself. All my mind could process now was the near orgasmic relief and the “Holy shit, that just happened, and it was incredible” type thought.

Until my brain finally re-clicked into the sound of the shower going, and realized that the moment my brother opened the door, he’d find me sitting there, naked from the lower waist up, having lost control and peed in my pants in the hallway, everything I was wearing having been completely drenched, with a puddle leading from under me in all directions, and almost to the door opposite me. My stomach dropped so fast. My mind went in all directions, and suddenly I was up, running through the house in my soaking wet jeans, trying to manage to somehow clean this up before my brother got out of the shower. I ran downstairs, grabbed two towels from the laundry, ran back up, and cleaned it up and cleaned it good. Both towels ended up completely soaked. I heard the shower stop. I ran into my room and got my jeans off as fast as I could, and threw them and the towels under my bed as soon as I could. I heard him coming and I was just standing there in my wet panties, all I had time to do was throw on a T-shirt. The big kind I wear to bed. And sit down at my computer desk. He just walked in without knocking, as he does, and asked what all my insane fuss at the door was about. I told him I thought I was late for a get-together and needed my makeup that second, but then realized it was tomorrow and not today. I sat almost frozen, hoping he wouldn’t notice my wet legs glistening. I felt the lower black of my shirt get wet as I sat on it in my wet panties, and reaaaally tried not to think about it. Just sat and smiled and blinked and waited for him to accept it and leave, which he did, shaking his head and calling me a nutjob.

Then I just sat there in silence and waited for the telltale shut of his bedroom door, meaning he was going in to play COD or something. Once I was sure he was in, I switched out of my wet undies and now slightly damp shirt into jammies, and fished out everything from under my bed and snuck to the laundry room with it. I thought I was scot free until he questioned the wet footprints downstairs. I went beet red and just told him that I had spilt some water earlier and must have stepped in it. He gave me a really questioning gaze and I turned redder, but for a non-omo enthusiast he obviously didn’t come to the conclusion any of you would have, and just accepted it and moved on.

Anywho, that was my day today. I hope you enjoy! Please leave feedback, as writing this stuff out isn’t something I do often and I’d love to know what people think. If this is good and I’m good at telling it, I might write about my future experiences as well. Please let me know anything and everything you think! I think I drank too much, I had to go to the bathroom again in the middle of writing this.

Ubomb is a passionate love, the kind of relationship that feels like an affair. They dont live together, but they like to meet up like its a secret. Physically attracted to the point were they undress the other just to look at them. They cant kiss without making out, so they avoid kissing in public altogether.  Lots of whispered dirty talking, they dont need words to understand each other, so they dont talk much, a more physical relationship, things get so intense they can go by without seing each other for weeks at a time. Lots of sexting and sudden love confessions.

Zikyung is a casual, teenaged boy kind of relationship with sudden spurts of cheesy romantic moments. They see each other everyday and have been friends for ages before getting together, so its hard to draw the line between best friend and boyfriend, which results in lots of video game dates, late texting, pranks and inner jokes only they understand and make them look weird in public. There´s no definite “top” and “bottom”, a role that changes as they feel like. The kind that fuck like teenagers but then stare each other when they sleep. Lots of teasing, joking and making out in public bathrooms and friends couches.

Taepyo is a romantic, very innocent love. They still get flustered and nervous around the other. Both have insecure personalities that sticks them like glue, they need to constantly hear that the other loves them too, but are too shy to say it themselves, which ends up in many awkward “you say it first” phone conversations. The type to blush while holding hands in public and constantly plan dates that mostly consist in watching tv. Lots of innocent pecks on the lips, sleeping on each other´s arms, cute conversations and awkward giggling

Quiet (Calum smut) Day 9!

Summary: Calum’s forced to keep you quiet as you spend the night at his house with his parents

Warnings: This is smut!

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: Dedicated to my homie @swooncalumswoon. Find Smutty September here!

Originally posted by legomuke

“Are you sure your parents are cool with me staying over?” You ask, a little nervous at the concept of staying the night at your boyfriend’s house for the first time.

Calum nods his head, collecting your bags from the boot of the car before walking up beside you and taking your hand. “They love you, Y/N! I triple-checked with them and they’re completely cool with it. Relax,” He squeezes your hand and you find yourself melting into his soft, warm grip.

“Okay, I just don’t want to do something stupid to make them hate me,” You admit with a small laugh. As you both begin to walk up his driveway, Calum presses a soft kiss to your temple, his plump lips seeming to lift a weight off your shoulders.

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Pairing: Oliver Wood x Reader

Time: Any time Post-Deathly Hallows really

A/N: It’s been snowing quite a bit over the past week and this plot bunny popped into my head. There is quite a bit of fluff and lots of kisses.

Summary/Preview: Reader is the seeker for Puddlemere United and it is Oliver’s first season as captain- the two are friends.

“Oliver,” you scream, “we won!!” 

“You were brilliant, ____” he tells you, speaking only just loud enough to ensure that you can hear him through the clamour. The blush that begins to rise in your cheeks at his words is covered almost immediately by his hands as he cups your face. He looks into your eyes as if willing you to see yourself as he sees you- the intensity of his gaze has your heart skipping a beat or two and then he is kissing you, open-mouthed and fierce. 


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A Night In

Author’s Note: This is my entry for @kittenofdoomage Kitten’s Classic Movie Quotes Challenge!! I hope you guys like it!! It was actually pretty damn fun to write. *nervous giggle*

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2028

Warnings: Light Fluff, Smut (unprotected sex- wrap it up, kiddos), Cursing.

Quote Used: “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me, aren’t you?” - The Graduate, 1967

“It’s pouring, Dean.”

“Thank you, Captain Obvious.”

I scoffed lightly, a tiny smile on my lips. We had been on the road for almost a day and a half. My legs and bottom were sore and I needed to get out of this car before I drove myself crazy. This hunt had been a simple salt and burn, a two-man job. While Sam stayed back at the Bunker, Dean and I drove out to put to rest the ghost that was terrorizing a woman and her child.

Now we were heading back, but the rain had gotten worse and by the time nightfall had settled, Dean could barely see through the windshield.

“Let’s book a room for the night. Get out of the rain,” I suggested, looking over at the green eyed Winchester.

Dean slowly shifted his eyes from the road to me, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Sure,” he replied after a moment’s silence. He gave me a wink and pushed the pedal further down, making Baby haul ass down the dark highway.

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v-komova  asked:

Kyla Ross, Victoria Nguyen, and... not a gymnast, but, Rudy.

Kyla Ross

First impression: Well around London time I was only following big international competitions, so when I saw her in London I didn’t know much about her and I was like wow this kid is so young, how did she make such an important team? And then I saw how clean and pretty all her movements were and I was sold.

Impression now: I’m so proud of her achievements and how she overcame her blocks and her growth spurt challenges to shine in NCAA.

Fave moment: I could pick many, but probably when she made her NCAA debut and you could see she was happy again.

Unpopular opinion: She’s my favorite of the Fierce Five

Victoria Nguyen


Impression now: …maybe not? Jk, I still love her but I probably had unrealistic expectations about her transition to the senior category. I found her a bit sloppy and un-Chow-like in Jesolo and London, but hopefully she just needs experience and confidence.

Fave moment: Probably her beam routine at 2014 US nats (her bhs loso looked SO much better than now sigh)

Unpopular opinion: Don’t kill me but I find it unlikely that she’ll get to 2020 in one piece/in a competitive shape :(

Rudy (he’s my cat FYI)



Fave moment: When he headbutts me and then purrs super loud in my ear or when he wants me to watch over him while he eats and he looks up at me from time to time to make sure I’m still there :’)

Unpopular opinion: He really should calm down with the shedding (this is a very popular opinion actually but he doesn’t agree)

So This Is How It Happens

Fandom: JJBA 

Pairing: Caejose

Warning: NSFW, lazy editing

Summary: A physical fight between roommates leads to an interesting development.

A/N: This didn’t exactly happen the way I wanted or expected it to, but whatever. I’m not going to fight it. 

So this is how it happens…

It wasn’t mint condition, nor was it a rarity as far as comic books went. Hell, it wasn’t even a popular series, and he didn’t like the storyline all that much. But that wasn’t the point. The point was it was his.

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  “What do you call…a man who think’s he’s a horse?” Dualscar looked up and frowned at the Grand Highblood. 
  “What are ya on about now, clown?” He snapped. They were sitting in an office, awaiting the appearance of their lovely empress. Dualscar was attempting to file some paper work he’d been putting off, but the Grand Highblood had no such chores. He slouched in his seat, dangling a club from his hand. 
  “I said, What do you call a man who thinks he’s a horse?” The Highblood repeated. Dualscar rolled his eyes. 
  “I don’t know, Makara, what do you call a man who thinks he’s a horse?” Dualscar indulged. He reached for his coffee, and sipped it. 
  The coffee was spurted over the papers and up the Orphaner’s nose. He tried for several moments to muffle his laughter. The Highblood chuckled deeply, and Dualscar quieted himself down and snorted. 
  “That’s rude, Makara.” He said. 
  “Don’t I know it.” The clown said. “Now, what do you call a fish who can’t swim?”
  The coffee was spilled on the clown this time. 

Studying Hard.

“… H-Hydrogen, Lithium, Berium and Sodi-ah!”

Dean’s fingers worked Sam’s nice, thick cock, twisting a bit as he was just planning to take his cock in his mouth. He chuckled. "Come on, Sammy. That’s not how you pronounce it,” he said, looking into his eyes teasingly. He rubbed over his hardness, looking at him. Sam was in so much pleasure, so much pain. “Come on, you know I will not let you cum into you tell me all twenty five of the ones you need to know for your test tomorrow.”

Sam groaned as Dean’s head bobbed down on his cock now. Sam was helpless, gripping the sheet, the blankets already spewed all over the floor. Sam bit his lip as he looked down at Dean. Dean’s eyes were focused on Sam, turning him on even more. “U-Uh.. Magnesium! Potassium.. fuck,” he moaned even louder, wanting to grab Dean’s hair. “P-Please Dean, just let me.. ah,” he moaned a girlish moan, the sheets almost ripping in his hand, his head going back.

“Nineteen more,” Dean ordered, his head coming back up. Sam was so hard, and he wanted to come so bad. Dean promised himself he wouldn’t let Sam cum until he remembered all twenty five of them.

“Calcium.. S-Scandium!” That was all Sam managed to get out before Dean’s mouth was bobbing down on his cock again. He moaned loudly. “Dean! C-Come on!” he yelled, his hand going into Dean’s hair. Dean shook his head, coming back up.

He laughed. “Seventeen more. Come on Sammy, you can do it.” He began stroking his wet cock, looking into his eyes. He knew that drove Sam mad. “My smart little boy. Come on,” he said, beginning to kiss him roughly and then pulling back so he could talk. It looked like Sam was in a daze, so he started stroking slowly, teasing him.

“Fuck! Ah, Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, V-Vanadium.. Christ, Dean.” he groaned, looking at him pleading. Dean knew he wanted to cum so bad. Dean’s own cock was on display as he pumped him through his hand. Sam didn’t even know where to look, his eyes or Dean’s cock. They both turned him on more than anything in the world.

“Only thirteen more. You’re doing so good, baby boy. Come on, try for three more,” he encouraged him, pumping faster, and then going down on him once again, his cock a slobbery mess. Dean knew he loved his blowjobs messy and wet. Sam was the one that usually gave the blowjobs, so naturally Sam was turned on as ever by this.

Sam gulped. C-Chromium, Manganese.. Iron!“ he emitted a girlish moan from his throat, the moan itself telling Dean how good it felt. How he wanted to cum in his mouth so bad. "Colbalt, Nickel.. shit!” he moaned again, his head tossing back.

Dean came back up, kissing him passionately on his lips. “Such a good boy. Mm, give me eight more. Only eight more, baby.” As soon as Sam starting speaking, he lifted his back up a bit with his arm, suddenly a lubricated finger rubbing his asshole. Sam yelped in pleasure.

“Dean, oh god!” he yelled, his eyes closing, shut tight. He breathed quickly, trying to muster up the elements in his mind. “Copper, Zinc, Ga-Gal..” he started speaking but he couldn’t finish, his teasing finger probing his asshole. “Please, Dean! I’ll do anything!”

“Six more. Come on,” he said, his mouth going down again as he sucked him off, while fingering him. Sam breathed in pleasure, trying to think once again.

“Gallium, Germ-Germanium!” he yelled, the sheets growing smaller in his hands. He knew he only had four more to go, but his head was somewhere else. He needed to cum in his mouth so bad, something he has only done a few times, compared to the times Dean has cum in his.

“Mmhmmm,” Dean said, while he was still in his mouth. The vibration made Sam get chills. He cried out.

“Arsenic a-and… and…” he began, but his words caught in his throat. “Selenium!” he moaned out, running fingers through Dean’s hair. He had to put his hands somewhere.

Two more, he thought while Dean was pushing his finger into his tight ass. He cried out, trying to remember the last two. “Dean, please!” he cried out, tightening his hold on his hair, but it didn’t phase Dean. He still had a stronger hold on him that he did Dean. “Fuck, Bromine!” he moaned loudly, and Dean started deep-throating him.

“Fuck, I- Krypton!” he yelled, as Dean’s finger hit his prostate in that exact moment, his cock fucking his throat. Huge spurts of cum came out of Sam’s cock, into Dean’s throat. He started screaming Dean’s name, his nerves and senses going wild. After he was done, he hung over Dean, holding onto his large frame. He sighed, exhausted from cumming so hard.

Dean laughed. “Good job, Sammy.”