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Day 21: Headcanon on any character you want

Sirius complained to everyone about Remus’s growth spurt, one moment Sirius was like an inch taller than him and then boom Remus’s was tall as fuck and Sirius hated it because now Remus always teased him. Sirius always had to look up at Remus and he thought it was annoying, except now that he had to really look at Remus he noticed that Remus was a lot more attractive than he thought. So Sirius ended up loving Remus’s tallness in the end of it all. 

30 day challenge 

Ubomb is a passionate love, the kind of relationship that feels like an affair. They dont live together, but they like to meet up like its a secret. Physically attracted to the point were they undress the other just to look at them. They cant kiss without making out, so they avoid kissing in public altogether.  Lots of whispered dirty talking, they dont need words to understand each other, so they dont talk much, a more physical relationship, things get so intense they can go by without seing each other for weeks at a time. Lots of sexting and sudden love confessions.

Zikyung is a casual, teenaged boy kind of relationship with sudden spurts of cheesy romantic moments. They see each other everyday and have been friends for ages before getting together, so its hard to draw the line between best friend and boyfriend, which results in lots of video game dates, late texting, pranks and inner jokes only they understand and make them look weird in public. There´s no definite “top” and “bottom”, a role that changes as they feel like. The kind that fuck like teenagers but then stare each other when they sleep. Lots of teasing, joking and making out in public bathrooms and friends couches.

Taepyo is a romantic, very innocent love. They still get flustered and nervous around the other. Both have insecure personalities that sticks them like glue, they need to constantly hear that the other loves them too, but are too shy to say it themselves, which ends up in many awkward “you say it first” phone conversations. The type to blush while holding hands in public and constantly plan dates that mostly consist in watching tv. Lots of innocent pecks on the lips, sleeping on each other´s arms, cute conversations and awkward giggling

@terniox​ –– DANIEL

Being in industry, there were a lot of chances of him meeting beautiful ladies, but not many was interested him enough. But she was different even though he couldn’t really pin point. Or it could be just a spurt of moment.

The day before there was a fashion shows, and being a public figures they have met a couple of times. But last night was sure different, they kind of hit it off at the after party and she ended up spending the night at his place, of course after some intimate session that they both agreed on at some point.

Both of them were still tangled under the cover, like any other morning Mango ( his golden retriever ) would jumped on the bed, licking her master’s face to woke him up. WIth her size there was no chance of she wouldn’t woke up because of it.

A hand come up from under the cover to pat his dog’s head, “Morning Manggo…” he said in a sleepy tone, still not fully aware of his surrounding.

They’ve encountered each other more than enough times and given many opportunities to speak that were never taken––on many red carpets and fashion shows––but she had never officially met the model-actor; mere eye contact was the only interaction they’ve gotten from each other. The designer had ENOUGH of it. 

Elaine had never been like the models and actresses who always played coy, who told her to played games. The woman didn’t have time to play games; games were over-rated and she was too BUSY for it.

So, she finally introduced herself to him at the after-party of Tommy Hilfiger’s Seoul show. It was a hush event and they were even more quiet, sitting too close and talking so low, no one else could hear their conversations. When asked her to come home with him, she couldn’t find it in herself to refuse. He was charming and sweet, unlike so many celebrities she met.

The night became a BLUR of sensual passion that her head could barely wrap around. Her peaceful slumber is awoken by a sudden weight pressed against her backside as she lays away from the male. Her fingers push back her tousled bangs as sleepy eyes blink blearily. 

She looks back over her bare shoulder to see a giant and too adorable golden retriever greeting its master, bringing a soft smile to her lips.  She’s cute… Elaine mumbles in a groggy voice, the tone lower than her normal resonance.

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Mental illness. A realization. Lessons learned.

People who have mental illness, like myself. We can say we are having a bad mental health day. We can try our best to describe to people what’s going on with us and why were acting a certain way, even though we ourselves are struggling and unable to barely comprehend what’s going on with us. If we do something that is considered to be inappropriate or wrong, whatever mishap you can think of. Like say acting out in uncontrolled anger and spurting out some mean verbal stuff in the moment because we’re upset, over whelmed, angry or feeling really hyper sensitive and people can still be like “it doesn’t matter, your actions were wrong and inappropriate and you are thus hence forth labelled a bad person. An unbalanced person. An insane person. A person who isn’t worthy of forgiveness or being understood because you use your illness as a crutch to do bad things and get away with it” that’s the attitude I’ve come across numerous times in my life. The lesson I’ve come to learn is that no matter how hard we, the people who have mental illness try to get the world to understand us and what’s going on with us and why were acting out or doing things that are considered inappropriate. We will never truly be accepted by society completely. As far as most people are concerned. Or so I’ve learned from my own experience. we are the outcasts. We are the screwed up ones who will never fully be understood because people either A: don’t care enough to want to understand or B: they cannot relate or have been raised to think of mental illness as a weakness, something to be ashamed of and kept hidden. I will always be judged for my mistakes, the bad moments in my life where I succumbed to my mental illness, had a moment of weakness and ended up doing something or saying something stupid out of anger and confusion. When I am unfortunately over taken by my pain and internal demons I can and have acted in a less than pleasant manner which I am regretful for and I wish I could take back the mistakes and harm I’ve caused but I can’t. I can only strive to better myself and not repeat the same mistakes again. I’ve learned that one bad moment can define us forever in the eyes of others. It just makes me so sad you guys. To be thought of as a lesser being for something we are born with or something that developed due to traumas and abuses, or  both. Something that is literally out of our control. It hurts me. It hurts others. I was born screwed up from the start and the horrible things/traumas and abuses I went through didn’t make it any better or easier for me. I’m proud to say I’m a survivor and still fighting but it’s a hard battle. If only the world could see a persons soul. If only we could see each other deeply in a way where we could be like “awe, this person is over come with so much sadness, hurt and suffering. I want to help this person. How can I hep.” I wish I could be there for others who have suffered and are suffering and help them heal but the healing is for us to do. Support is what we need. A compassionate ear. A shoulder to lean on. Some understanding. I am here for anyone who needs a compassionate ear. I always will  be. You are not alone. Stay strong dear ones. Take it a day at a time and know that even though it may seem like a dark time for you, it will eventually lighten up. I am always grateful for the good moments in life and i’m also grateful to still be here, alive and fighting to live the kind of life I deserve. I know I am worthy even though some days I don’t think I am. I know we are all worthy of happiness. 

The real guy’s name was Chuck Wepner. In 1975 he was a liquor salesman in New Jersey by day, boxer by night. And he got the same deal as Rocky. A lottery ticket of a fight that, if he won, would make him the champion of the world. It was considered such a big deal at the time that Wepner made the cover of Sports Illustrated, despite the fact that he looked like this.

Remember how by the end of his climactic fights, Rocky’s face always looked like an animal you’ve never seen before had been run over by a truck? And the unrealistic amounts of blood leaping off of Rocky’s face in slow motion every time he got punched? Wepner’s boxing nickname was “The Bayonne Bleeder” because his face would spurt blood pretty much the moment a boxing glove touched it (Wepner had more than 300 stitches in his face – he was apparently not the most elusive boxer of his era).

Instead of Apollo Creed, Wepner simply had to face one of the best boxers in the history of human civilization - Muhammad Ali. The champ wanted an easy fight as a warm-up to a real match later, so we’re guessing he was looking at a list and picking between “The Bayonne Bleeder” and a guy named “Brittle Ribs Ranalli.” Ali and Wepner would split the purse 94% to 6% in Ali’s favor.

Just as in Rocky, Ali toyed with Wepner early on and just as in the film, Wepner knocked Ali down, shocking the boxing world.

9 Absurd Movie Premises That Actually Happened

New Shirts

This gifset by out-in-the-open prompted me to write this little ficlet in homage to Sam’s new shirts.

Jess was the first and only person who had ever told him that his eyes changed color depending on what color shirt he wore. Sam never put much thought into his clothing other than whether or not his jeans reached below his ankles at any given moment during his massive growth spurts and whether or not his shirts where wide enough for his shoulders yet still long enough for his torso. And whether the blood came out enough to be able to wear again.

So here he was in a legitimate clothing store for the first time since Jess took him shopping that last birthday together. Thrift stores and Army surplus was their usual thing these days. Sam wasn’t really sure why he decided to come into one of these places other than the fact that he’d come out of the coffee shop next store and seen the “50% off” sign in the window and realized that it had been a while since he’d bought any new shirts. The rack near the window had caught his eye, and he’d found himself walking in to look and memories of Jess had suddenly come out of nowhere.

She’d bought him a soft, cotton button down that felt like “rough silk” and didn’t hang on him “like a sack.”

“It reminds me of you.” Jess smiled a secret smile before leaning up to kiss him and to his embarrassment, teased him that he liked to hide his glory under loose clothing so the female population of Stanford wouldn’t lose their collective minds. “And some of the guys with them,” she said with a laugh.

“Can I help you sir?”

Sam turned to find a young sales person looking up at him with slight smile of inquiry.

“Um…no…..yes….I was um….”

“Did you have a question about these shirts?” The young woman gestured to the rack he was standing by. “Do you know what size you usually wear?”

“I…..don’t….I usually just…..”

“Not used to shopping for yourself?” She laughed a little. “That’s not really unusual. I can help if you want.”

Sam finally got his thoughts back together and smiled back. “Thanks. I could use the help.”

“Okay, well I think….this,” the girl whose name tag read “Kelly”, pulled out a soft red shirt with black stripes, “is your size.” She held the shirt up to his torso with a hum of approval. “Do you want to see if it fits and then we can look at others or…..?”

“Um…sure,” Sam answered and allowed Kelly to lead him to the dressing room.

“Here you go,” she said opening the door for him. “Try this one and then we can pick out more if you like it.”

Kelly shut the door. Shrugging out of his jacket, Sam felt a little foolish undressing in this tiny pink room with its full length mirror and he warily looked around for cameras before pulling off his over shirt. A moment later, he had the new shirt on.

Rough silk.

Sam looked at himself in the mirror and saw the way the shirt clung to his shoulders, tapering over his chest and stomach to end right below his belt.

There was a knock on the door. “How did we do? Does it fit?” Kelly’s voice came through the door and Sam opened it. One side of his mouth curled as he saw the way her eyes ran over him.

“Do you have this in any more colors?”