fic: like pretty lights

author: wildestdreams

rating: explicit

chapter three: nineteen and twenty-one

Louis had hoped that even if they never got back together as a couple, they could at least be friends. But maybe there was too much history and too many memories for them to move past it all. Perhaps it was naive of Louis to think that. It was also naive of him to think Harry wouldn’t ever change, or that the things he was most afraid of were actually happening, and not just exaggerated in his head. But he didn’t expect this much of a difference.

Harry seemed like a completely new person. When Louis looked at him, he felt like he barely recognized the boy looking back at him. There were the obvious, physical changes – growth spurt, long hair, and tattoos. But the coldness in his eyes couldn’t have been due to growing up. Harry’s lovely green eyes used to shine bright, like pretty lights, yet when Louis looked in them tonight it looked like someone had burned that light out.


Louis and Harry reunite for the first time during spring break at Panama City Beach since their breakup two years ago.

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On scars and tattoos Draco has scars on his face, where are those from?

Sectumsempra :) When Harry was casting the curse, it hit Draco on his face and chest: “Blood spurted from Malfoy’s face and chest as though he had been slashed with an invisible sword.”

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How would Yuri P act with an s/o that's much taller than him? Like 5'8-6''. Thank you so much!!!

-Is jealous

-Is very jealous

-If he ever gets a growth spurt causing him to grow taller than s/o, there’ll be no end to his teasing. 

-Lowkey likes being hugged because of where his face ends up (I have this headcanon that he’s just slightly perverted)

-Get’s embarrassed when he has to ask s/o to get him something from a higher shelf.

-Blushes when s/o teases him about his height.

-He will get his revenge!

-He’s tried wearing his hair in a spiky hairstyle to appear taller

-It looked horrible

-He’s been forbidden to touch hair gel ever since

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Can you jack off with me in your slit daddy? Then when you finish I can blast off as if I was shot out of a cannon! I wanna feel how tight it would be around me, as I nearly drown in your cum.

THIS anon knows just what to say to get a beast throbbing! haha I bet you could FEEL that throb from deep inside that cock can’t you? so small as your daddy beast swells bigger and THICKER with every stroke of that monster cock! you’d have to press yourself against the walls to not get shot out with the thick heavy spurts of precum alone!

What I learned about Haikyuu!! ch. 200

Kuroo’s preferences:

- Fish
- Long-haired girls
- Sweet curry
- Going to the sea during summer
- His favorite Perfume member is Kashiyuka

- Mikasa volleyballs
- DOGS?!?!?!?!?

Yaku’s preferences:

- Meat
- Short-haired girls
- Spicy curry
- Going to the mountains for summer
- Perfume’s Nocchi

- Molten volleyballs
- Cats
- Western-style

Kuroo and Yaku didn’t get along during their first year, but one thing they have in common is their goal for volleyball! 「全国制覇っス」! Nation-wide domination!