Chapter Fourteen: Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback 24/06/17

If you want to participate in #hogwartsreread the rules can be found here. Here’s my thoughts on the chapter:

  • I feel like I need hermione in my life to keep me motivated girl is so dedicated
  • Goddammit Ron blurting out secrets in the middle of the library people can hear you y’know
  • I love the fact that Ron can just spurt out facts like ‘Dragon breeding was outlawed by the warlocks convention of 1709’. See Ron you are smart and you could be good at History of Magic if you just gave a shit
  • Damn some Slytherin moves from Hermione there that was some skilful manipulation
  • 'Hagrid you live in a wooden house’ hahahahaha
  • I love Charlie so much he’s just like ‘yo mates my eleven year old brother needs to smuggle an illegal dragon out of the country who’s down?’
  • “Hermione did a sort of jig” why is this so hilarious to imagine
  • What idiots leaving the cloak at the top of the tower you don’t deserve an invisibility cloak if you’re going to pull that kind of crap

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Dean enthusiastically giving Cas head, all sloppy and wet. Cas coming all over Dean's face, painting his pretty lips and immediately (angel stamina) getting hard again, just from looking at his ridiculously hot boyfriend happily licking his lips and gathering all his come.


I am sobbing with joy honestly.

Dean loves dick in his mouth and he loves hot spurts splashing against his tongue and filling his mouth, and he loves swallowing BUT he loves when Cas comes on his face and smears it around with his still hard dick and makes him lick it clean. Watching Dean gets him hard again and he shoves back into Dean’s mouth, soothing his aching jaw with angelic mojo, thrusting in deep and slow, admiring the shine of come across his cheekbones.

Cas coming endlessly into and onto Dean is. My favourite thing. My absolute favourite thing.


I was talking about SWOL deku with @ravefirell and yea this happened lol XDD and thank you anon, sry for the unexpected answer pffft


Chanhun in VLive Broadcasts 2015 vs. 2017 (っ˘ω˘ς )


Koffing are strange airborne chordates with a highly variable appearance. Body cavity is mostly hollow, occupied primarily by a large botryoidal mass of hydrogen-filled gas bladders and a cavernous pharynx densely latticed with mucous webbing for collecting atmospheric particulates. Feed exclusively on pollutants, only existing in the most crowded population centers where the air is foul enough to sustain them. They’d be valuable as natural filtration systems if the gaseous waste they produce constantly in massive quantities wasn’t as/even more toxic than the material they consume.

Cellulose exoskeleton like cartilage in flexibility & strength. Tumorous cellular composition, despite being a naturally brainless meat balloon it’s extremely common for their epidermal layer to grow hair, teeth, even functional mammalian eyes, though they are incapable of interpreting the visual data gathered. The unblinking, glassy gaze and impression of a readable facial expression created by the various surface lumps has led to the common misconception that they’re aware of their piteous existence and suffering. More than a few people have lost limbs or even died in blasts caused by deliberately puncturing koffing and weezing as to ‘put them out of their misery’. In reality it’s unsure whether or not they are even truly sentient. Those who don’t heavily anthropomorphize them usually see them as little more than very dangerous plastic bags.

Rarely a koffing may develop brain tissue within it’s visceral mass. Such individuals, while being more likely to develop into weezing, are no less prone to suddenly and violently exploding at the slightest stress.

Weezing are much more stable than their smaller juvenile form, but also much, much rarer. Weezing may form as the end result of the fusion of several koffing, or of a spontaneous growth spurt in older koffing. As the pokémon ages it’s genetic structure becomes increasingly unstable and more likely to ‘evolve’ into it’s adult form.

Reproduction is spore/pollen based.

The cancerous nature of their tissue, its constant growth and self-mending, means they’re capable of living indefinitely, given they avoid spontaneous combustion. A complete enough fragment of an exploded specimen (whether koff or weez) has the potential to develop into a clone koffing of it’s ‘parent’.

Pigmented dull shades of gray, purple, blue, or, in exceptionally rare instances, green. Eyes can be any color, but are usually brown.