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pink starburst | shawn mendes

a/n: shawn was so hot in that Instagram video. like, really hot, with the hair and the chest and the jaw just - ugh, so just, you know, picture him looking like that, but with this, also, new content!!! also, low key/high key nsfw! 
synopsis: you’re some of the last people to leave the party, and shawn’s getting handsy - too handsy [masterlist]

There’s something haunting about being at a party once everybody’s gone. The music plays quieter than before, and people are either too drunk to leave or have already gone, leaving the night in tatters while people try and dance to the remaining tunes. 

You’re here with Shawn, doing exactly that; he’s wearing your favourite button down and you’d told him to loosen it, lose a few buttons at the top because it looks cuter that way. You didn’t think the pair of you would last until new year’s, Christmas, maybe, but you thought the days after would kill whatever it was you guys had, but here you are, jamming out at a house party of someone you hardly know. 

His hand is at your waist, got the other at your ass and you’d by lying if you said it wasn’t making you nervous. But the drink has coaxed you out of your state of anxiety. Now you’re feeling liquid calm, and it’s spurred on by the heat in his eyes and his teeth at his bottom lip, reminding you that you’re his and he’s yours and you’re going to be kissing on it later. 

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Woman kills boyfriend by forcing him to drink bleach, prosecutors say
Authorities say Yasmine Elder, 26, laughed when she was told her boyfriend might die from injuries. An autopsy revealed he suffered chemical burns to his esophagus and stomach.

“Yasmine Elder was charged with first-degree murder in the gruesome death of Darius Ellis, a killing prosecutors say was spurred by a heated argument that turned physical.

The two were sitting in a van shortly after Elder got off work early Monday from her job at an area bakery when the couple got into an argument. As the dispute turned physical, Elder — who authorities say weighed about 77 pounds more than her boyfriend — allegedly climbed on top of Ellis and grabbed him by his dreadlocks to gain control of him. Ellis, 26, was lying between the bucket seats at that time.

“The defendant placed her knee on the victim to hold him down,” Cook County assistant state’s attorney Joseph Carlson said during Elder’s bond hearing Thursday. “There was a bottle of bleach inside the van; the defendant and victim struggled with the bottle. The defendant then poured the bleach on the victim’s face, dousing him, and causing the bleach to go down his throat.”

Elder eventually got off Ellis and left the van. Ellis drove himself to the apartment of a friend, where he told multiple witnesses Elder poured bleach down his throat. Ellis collapsed on the landing of his friend’s apartment building and began to foam at the mouth.

He was rushed to the hospital, but died hours later from his injuries. An autopsy revealed Ellis had a bruise and abrasions to his left cheek and bruises to his head and back as well as chemical burns to his stomach and esophagus. Tests of the contents of the man’s stomach revealed his pH levels — the measure of concentration of hydrogen in the body — were between 12 and 13. Normal pH levels are 5 to 6.

Carlson said after the ambulance left, the witnesses walked to the victim’s family home to let them know what happened. One of the witnesses saw Elder walking near the home and confronted her about the injuries sustained by the victim.

The witness told investigators Elder admitted to pouring bleach on her boyfriend. She “then laughed at the witness when she was informed that the victim might die,” Carlson said.

Elder was arrested later Monday. At the time of her arrest, she had an injury to her hand consistent with a bleach burn.”

If she’s convicted I hope she gets life in a deep dark hole with no light

“When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before.”

By Jacob Riis, framed in the Spurs locker room

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Shallura sweet moments 30

*sweats* (#30: Sharing A Bath/Swim)

Allura is sure this moon has a name, but the Castle’s systems only identify it as a string of numbers. There are no native inhabitants around to ask. It is a shame. The moon in beautiful. The atmosphere is full of gases that react with the light of the system’s star, leading to constant swirls of blue and green color, which are especially evident in the moon’s night cycle.

Most of the moon is ocean, calm and huge. The water is warm, bordering on hot. It feels magnificent when Allura drags her fingers through it during the day cycle they spend upon the moon, conducting urgent repairs on the Castle.

In the night, the ocean glows, the surface covered in bright blue light.

Allura should be back in the Castle, sleeping. But she had wanted to visit the beach one last time before they left with the coming of the day-cycle, and she does not regret her choice. The sky is alive with color and the ocean is alight. It is one of the few purely beautiful things she has seen, of late.

She toes off her boots, staring at the water. The others had swam, earlier, while she worked on the Castle. They’d said the water was amazing. She yearns to try out for herself, loosening the clasps at the back of her suit and peeling it off of her arms, down her body, kicking it off of her legs.

The sand is still warm from the star’s heat. She wiggles her toes through it, tilting her face up to the swirling colors of the sky and closing her eyes, just for a moment, soaking the light into her skin, feeling the markings on her flesh brighten in response.

And then she laughs and runs for the water.

It is warm. Wonderful. It is like bathing in pure light. She dips a hand into the water and flicks it out, the bioluminescent organisms in the droplets hanging in the air for a moment before they splash back to the ocean. She laughs again, delighted.

And it is then that a voice calls, “Princess?”

Allura kicks backwards into the deeper water immediately, her heart racing as the water laps at her chin. She knows that voice. She knows the silhouette running down from the Castle. The lights from the sky glint off of his metal arm. She calls back, “Shiro, I’m here. Is something the matter?”

Her voice draws Shiro’s gaze out into the water. He freezes as he spots her. She is too far away to see his expression. He says, “Uh, no. No, nothing is—what are you doing?”

“Swimming,” she says, shrugging. “I did not get the chance to try the water earlier.”

“Oh,” he says, drawing to a stop by her folded suit. She can see him staring at it. “Oh. Right. Well, I’m—I didn’t mean to disturb you. I just—”

“You should join me,” she says, made bold by the water’s warmth, by the lights in the sky, and by all the want she’s carried for so long. His head snaps up, towards her. She imagines that he holds his breath. Her heart beats a tattoo against her ribs. She licks her lips. “The water is nice. You did not swim earlier, either.”

“I…” he starts, glancing down again at her suit. “I don’t know if I—”

“Please,” she says, treading water and watching him.

She can see his hands flex at his sides. And then he nods, seemingly to himself, and says, “Yes. Okay. Okay.” He reaches for the clasps at the front of his shirt and hesitates.

“Take your time,” she says, and ducks beneath the water, because she understand the need for privacy. She does not want him to go back to the Castle because he is uncomfortable. She does not want to be alone out here, not really. She adjust her respiratory system, to give him time, breathing in the warm, almost sweet water and staring up at the surface, enjoying the heat and—

And Shiro grabs her, roughly, hauling her up through the surface. For a moment she is stuck with gills that do not function properly out of the water, and she flails, not sure what is happening or even why. He is dragging her back towards the shore, horror in his voice as he yells, “What happened? What happened? Are you alright? Is there something out—”

“I’m fine,” she interrupts, her lungs configured to breathe air once more. “Shiro, I’m fine! Stop!”

He stops. They are already… much closer to shore. The water comes up to the bottom of Allura’s ribs. Her hair hangs heavy against her skin. His arm is around her, holding her close. He is breathing hard, and the water runs in glowing rivulets down his skin, following a path made by muscles and scars. He says, “You didn’t come back up. You didn’t—I thought—”

“I’m fine,” she says, again, touching his arm in an attempt to offer comfort, regret twisting in her gut. She’d intended this to be a relaxing experience, not another reason for him to worry. “I’m sorry, I should have told you I would be fine.”

He takes another gulping breath and lets it out slowly, some of the tension draining out of his frame. He asks, “You can breathe underwater?”

She smiles up at him, sheepish and increasingly aware of the way he is holding her. “I can breathe underwater.”

He laughs, then, rubbing a hand over his face and sagging. He is still… holding her quite close. Close enough that she can tell he managed to remove most of his clothing before his worry drove him out into the waves.

He is warmer than the water.

She clears her throat, willing the heat in her face to diminish. “Well, I appreciate your rescue, nonetheless.” She cannot think of a way to bring up his arm around her. She shifts a little, and feels him startle in response, the way his arm tightens while he at the same time tries to move away.

“Sorry,” he says, managing to jerk his arm back, “sorry, I was—sorry.” He pushes backwards into the deeper water. His face is so red. He looks at her, his gaze slip-sliding downward and then jerking away hurriedly. Allura watches him, cocking her head to the side.

“It’s alright,” she says, biting her bottom lip, regretful that he felt the need to put so much space between them, but respectful of the decision. She slides back into deeper water. “It is beautiful out here,” she says, trying to find a subject to reduce the tension she feels between them.

“Yes,” he agrees, and when she glances at him, he glances away, quickly. And something in the dark of his eyes makes her heart flutter, filling her stomach with heat. It spurs her into action, into swimming out to him.

He is out beyond her ability to touch the bottom, and she could change her shape enough to find the sand. She could. If she wanted to. Instead, she braces her hands on his shoulders, feeling the way he draws in a quick breath and holds it. He stares at her, eyes wide, the glow from the water and the sky lighting up his eyes and his skin.

“Shiro,” she says, not sure where to go beyond that, unable to put the entirety of her heart into words.

Perhaps she does not have to.

“Yes,” he says, quiet and rough, covering one of her hands with his. Her heart trips. She forgets how to breathe. When she pulls herself closer, he does not pull back. When she curls an arm around his neck, brushing against him, his eyes go darker.

“Yes,” he says, again, in response, perhaps, to the question in her veins. And she closes the last of the distance between them.

Little Omega {Alpha!Castiel x Omega!Reader}

Summary: Just… just smut. Alpha/Omega smut. That’s really all my Castiel fics ever turn into 

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Warnings: Smut (duh)

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Hello, (^.^) I have to say your imagines make my day honestly!!(especially the Dabi ones 😍) And if it isn't too much trouble can you write a scenario for Dabi, his crush needs to shower but their shower is broken so they use his aaaand things escalate to something... you know what I mean ;)))

Oooo fun~ shower sex is always a fiasco to write out. Mod Pasta slip slides one of their kinks into this one, muahahahahahaha! (It’s only mentioned once). Btw, I think I went a bit overboard 😂😅

-Mod Pasta🍜🍝

You turned the knob once, then twice, then groan-yelled in absolute rage.

“The plumber said he would come today!” You exclaimed, banging your head against the shower wall. You yelped at the pain, your feet slipping and causing you to plop onto your butt on the cold floor of the bathroom, absolutely naked. You grumbled in distain as you got up and exited the bathroom, grabbing your phone and texting your boyfriend. You’d only been dating a few weeks, but the relationship is calm and quite enjoyable to be entirely honest.


“I love the towel, did you choose it yourself?”

“Snarky ass bitch,” you mumbled, hugging your pink ice cream themed towel to yourself, “yes, I did.”

“I don’t have to let you use my shower, you know?” He cautioned, and you sighed and nodded. Grabbed the knob of his bathroom, you glanced back at him and then at the wooden door.

“True. Thank you for letting me use it, I’m going to chew out that Plumber as to why he didn’t fix the shower yet,” You then turned the knob, slipping into the bathroom and then closing the door behind you.

The first thing you realized was that he doesn’t have a lock on his bathroom door. It made sense; he lived alone, right? You sighed, crossing your arms and looking at the clean shower pane; he would be able to see you stark naked if he even just creaked the door open. You would just have to take that risk, though, right?

Right? Well, as you washed the conditioner out of your hair, eyes closed, you heard a sudden voice in the bathroom that caused you to splutter and flip your hair back from your leaned forward position.

“I’m joining you,” You saw Dabi standing with his hand on the marble of the sink, leaning against it without his telltale jacket on. You covered your chest, gaping in shock.

“D-Dabi! What the Hell?” Your shout caused him to chuckle as he removed the think tank top, “Wait, no!”

“Mmm, yes,” he shrugged, undoing his buckle and sliding his belt off. You swallowed hard, face burning with a blush, “what, are you embarrassed?”

“Yes, Dabi, I am! I’m naked!” You exclaimed, and you quickly looked away when he slid his pants and boxers down all at once. You gaped, eyes squinted shut.

“Well, now we’re both naked. How quaint,” he mocked, and you whined in absolute indecency.

“Dabi, can’t you wait? I’m not decent!” You yelped when he opened the door, and you backed against the wall, “Dabi!!”

“You’re so weak that it’s cute,” he muttered, and you gaped and uncovered your eyes, avoiding looking at his not so little issue.

“Ass…” You whispered sighing. His chest and face was all you saw, and his hair was flatter due to the steady stream of warm water. Your eyes traced the bulge of his muscles, the curve of his biceps, and up his strong neck to his- oh shit he’s smirking.

“You’re drooling,” he cooed, and you quickly broke your eyes away from his tantalizing body to look at his rack of shower things. One specific one caught your eye. It read ‘Lubrication, waterproof.’

“A-Alright, I need to wash off Dabi, so… stay far enough away to where I can,” you warned him, and he shrugged and stepped out of the way. You grabbed the soap, eyes flickering to the lube before quickly looking away as starting to wash your chest.

“So how was work, (F/N)?” He questioned, and you glanced back at him to see his arms crossed and back against the wall.

“Alright, I guess. Nothing special happened, just some breach covers for Sir N-“

“Yep,” he cut you off, and you looked back at the stream of water; he never was one to talk much about Heroes. You’d have to ask him why some day. You wondered what brand Dabi likes to buy from, since he hated buying things that didn’t work, so you glanced one more time down at the lube. The logo was a little blurry, so you had to look at it one too many seconds. Then, Dabi suddenly pushed off the wall and leaned down, grabbing it before walking in front of the stream, his arms wrapping around your waist.

“Distracted by it?” His voice seemed to drop in pitch, and your yes snapped up to look at him like a deer in the headlights. Your cheeks burned with a blush, and you covered your chest with one hand and cupped your cheek with the other.

“Of course I would be-it’s just sitting there, Dabi,” You squeaked, and he suddenly turned his body. Since you didn’t want to trip, you turned with him, “Dabi, what are you-?”

“Maybe you should see why I left it there before you came over,” he muttered, his eyes becoming hazy with what you could now identify as lust. This situation was alarmingly sexually tense, and your arm slowly dropped from your chest, allowing him to see your breasts.

“Yeah… maybe I do,” you whispered back, then got on your toes and gently pressed your lips to his. As if you had poked a sleeping bear, he leaned down and forward into your lips, pushed you back into the wall where the water was still misting you with warmth. You yelped in surprise at his roughness, and his free hand went to your waist and began to travel upwards.

You closed your eyes, one of your hands going to the back of his neck whilst the other took liberty in feeling his abdominal muscles. As your lips danced heartedly against each other and his hand reached your breasts, you felt a small pressure on your hip. Since Dabi was taller than you, this could one mean one thing-

“P-Please-“ You groaned in between kisses, and you shivered when you heard the cap of the lube open. He then half hazardously placed it on the ground, and you felt two fingers on your heat that were considerably bigger than your own.

“I’m surprised that you would beg, (F/N),” he pulled back to jab, and you scowled and opened your eyes to playfully smirk at him.

“I’m surprised that I could surprise you,” you didn’t consider how childish that sounded, and rather played the same game as him. You grabbed his length, not moving just yet. It was thick in your hands, and you glanced down finally to see i-

“Even there?” You gaped, and he snicker softly before catching your lips again and forcing you to look up to him.

“Shh, don’t question my scars,” his order kept you silent, and you mumbled an agreement before you felt his fingers slide into your vagina. You gasped, and he continued the heated kiss, spurred on from the arousing noise. Your hand began to pump his dick, readying him just like he was readying you. His fingers pulled forward, penetrating your G-Spot like he knew exactly what he was doing. You whimpered into the kiss, feeling your knees almost give way as he relentlessly pumped into you. The lubricant gave a seamless feel to his fingers, and you wondered how wonderfully his dick would feel as it seamlessly pounded you into this wall.

“Jump,” he ordered hurriedly, and you nodded and jumped slightly. He pressed you against the wall, and your legs wrapped against his hips as your hand went to his chest. He pulled back from the kiss, and you opened your eyes to see his own light blue ones that seemed to be darkened with a sort of animalistic need. His fingers still pumped, causing you to breath irregularly as desire began to pool in your stomach.

“Go, please,” You whispered, and he finally stopped his ministrations to pull his fingers out and coat his dick in your juices and the lubricant. He then dropped you to where he was probing your entrance, and he took a quick breath before dropping you entirely onto it. You took a sharp breath, feeling a bit of discomfort from the stretching, but an immense satisfaction from the fulfillment.

“I’m going to love pounding you, (F/N),” his breath tickled your neck, and you moaned softly before he pushed you against the wall and then pulled back, starting to slowly thrust. You weren’t entirely stretched to him yet, but you knew he wouldn’t want to wait. You felt one hand go to your ass to keep you up, and his other when to your chest to continue his earlier actions of rolling your nipple around with his palm and then groping you. Pleasure shocked you from the feeling, and his constant thrusts kept you feeling absolute bliss. You felt every tug and prod inside of your, moaning and whimpering in pleasure as he ravished you. Your hands went to his chest and shoulders to hold on for dear life.

His thrusts didn’t stay consistent forever, though, and as a growing heat returned to your stomach, pushing and pulling inside of you, you gasped as his hand went to your clit and starts to press and rub it, your back arching at the feeling. His thrusts were getting quicker and more imprecise, and you knew what was coming. Or, what was cumming. Haha.

“D-Dabi…” you breathed his name, and he suddenly stopped entirely, sheathed inside of you but not yet cumming.

“Scream it,” he ordered, and you fumbled around before he started to slowly thrust. You glared at the ceiling.

“Fine… make me.”

Oh, you would come to regret that. You gaped in shock when his thrusts suddenly became twice as fast as before, his dick so deep and so satisfying that you couldn’t help but begin to moan his name.

Finally, he pressed you hard against the wall, your legs slacking as he held you up and came inside of you. You felt his fingers continue to roll your clit, and soon your own orgasm followed him, your insides tensing and pushing on his dick, causing him to sigh in pleasure. You panted with filled desire, and once you two had rode out your orgasms, you dropped your legs and let him slide out of you. You felt the aftermath begin to slide down your legs as you stood on them, still a bit shaky. Dabi had a sort of scary smile upon his face, and you shied away from him slightly.

“I get it, we fucked…. what’s that face for, though?”

“You’re going to regret telling me to make it scream.” And regret you did, all night and morning long.

NBA Class ‘17

Break Me Down Then Build Me Up- Sidlink

Tags/Triggers- slow burn (maybe?), alpha/Omega/beta, hurt/comfort, heat cycles, poor Link what am I gonna do to this kid, mute Link, mentions of child abuse/rape for later chapters (memory stuff, I haven’t written any form of smut before idk how in detail I’ll go but I will mark where these scenes will be for those that want to skip it), yiga clan, happy ending

So yeah those those triggers appear in this chapter…I’m not sure how I’m gonna mark where they are so they can be skipped…I may just not go into detail with them. This is gonna be a royal mess. Anyway…Here ya go.


Chapter 5

Sidon was disturbed by the increased amount of guards patrolling the Domain as they left the infirmary, the healer quickly making her way to his chambers to keep an eye on Link. He hadn’t ordered for the increase, nor did he recall anything happening to cause such action. Glancing at the princess walking with him to the dining hall he noticed her entire being was tense, eyes hard and still showing signs of anger mixing with raw emotion. This caused more worry to bloom in Sidon’s chest.

As they entered the hall, Zelda took a seat at the far corner and requested the strongest drink the Zora’s had. Sidon blinked before taking a seat next to her, requesting something light to drink, as well as a simple dish for them both. The drinks arrived first. Zelda knocked her drink back in one gulp and requested another. The Zora serving them quickly fetched another, this one Zelda simply sipped, her body slowly relaxing.

“I must apologise for my behavior Prince Sidon…It wasn’t my intention to come across as cold.” She ran a hand over face, sighing deeply.

“You must have your reasons to act that way Princess. I’m only alarmed as to why everyone seems to on edge. What happened while Link and I were at the Reservoir?” Sidon took a slow drink, eyes on Zelda.

She sighed again, staring into her glass and swirling the liquid. “Have you heard of the Yiga Clan, prince?”

“Link told me that he helped the Gerudo retrieve an item from them, and that he’s encountered them across Hyrule. They seem intent on killing him actually…” Sidon frowned.

“They want more from him than his death. Those bastards want to use him to breed…”

Sidon stilled, holding back a snarl that was forming in his chest. “I won’t let them touch my pearl.”

Zelda smiled at him. “I’m glad to hear that…. Hopefully we can stop the attack before you two get married.” She giggled softly at the surprised look on the Prince’s face.

“You mean you approve?”

“Of course I do. I’m giving him away myself.” She took another drink. Sidon tilted his head.

“I don’t mean to be rude Princess but, why are you so willing to let him go? I was certain a battle of dominance was to happen.” Which Sidon was already prepared to win, but he wasn’t going to tell her that.

Zelda’s expression fell, a deep sadness replacing the exhaustion and anger. “Because…I was the reason he lost his voice…”


^“You little bastard! Get back here!” Link tried to hide, but a rough hand grabbed him by the hair and tossed him into the wall. He felt his ribs cracking, a wheezing sob escaping his lips. The blows on him continued to rain, he blocked his face with his arms.

“Worthless! You tainted my bloodline! To think an omega was born out of a strong line of alphas!” Link felt spit hit his face. “I should kill you like I did your whore of a mother!”

Tears fell. Link has dealt with this since his mother died. He couldn’t escape. He prayed for death…^

A broken whine left his chapped lips. He could hear a soft voice next to him and something cool places on his forehead. Link felt too hot, he wanted Sidon. He didn’t have the energy to open his eyes, he couldn’t speak, couldn’t sign. What was happening to him? He fell back into the spiral of hell he was trying to free himself of as the voice next to him tried their best to sooth his panic.


“What do you mean by that Princess?” Sidon was very confused. How was it her fault that Link couldn’t speak?

Zelda took a long draught of her drink, leaning back in her chair. “When…When my father was alive, he was set on creating the strongest army possible. Only the strongest alphas were allowed to breed, and only the strongest omegas were allowed to bear those children…“ She gave a half-hearted laugh. “To think that’s how he thought was the only solution to making a strong race. Hylians can be so selfish…All of us use to be that way. The weak ones were used as slaves, either for work or…Pleasure.” Zelda bit out that last part. Sidon’s eyes going wide as he listened.

“After I came of age for my first heat, my father sent his soldiers out to find only the best omega they could find. I’m not sure how they found him, but they brought Link to my chamber. H-he was so skinny, Sidon. Covered in bruises and cuts. I actually laughed at him…” She downed the rest of her drink, when she asked for another she gave a lopsided smile to the server when the Zora asked if she was sure. “I’m sure dear, my mate used to be the Champion of the Gerudo. I had to learn to hold my liquor with that one.” The Zora nodded and refilled the glass.

“I couldn’t smell fear on him. In fact, looking back on it I don’t know how I didn’t sense the goddess power flowing in his veins. But his smell is so…Sweet. Intoxicating. It spurred my heat on, and I…” She took a shuddering breath. “I had him pinned, I managed to take his trousers off even with his struggling. I almost…I almost took him. Until he started -screaming-, and his fear was so strong it snapped me out of my heat. I saw the bruises on his thighs….That -look- on his face…That sheer terror…” Tears were forming in her eyes as she downed half her drink again. “It caught me off guard, and even in his weakened state he had a powerful right hook.” A weak chuckle left her lips. “He pulled his clothes back on and ran off. I’m not sure where he went, or if my father caught him…But…”

Zelda choked on a sob as she continued. “It was about a week after that, the other champions and I were going to the Spring of Courage. When we got there, Farosh was curled around the goddess statue. It scared us. Mipha had smelled the blood….and-and I could hear a voice, begging me to help him.” Her tears were falling faster now. “Link was at the base of the statue, naked, bloodied, so -broken-….That..That gurgling noise he was making. Someone slit his throat. I’m not sure how he was still alive. None of us were sure. When Mipha began healing him, I heard Farosh speaking. Telling me to right my wrong. To take him to the Great Deku Tree, never fail the Hero Of Time again…”

She turned her teary eyes to the prince, only crying more at the look of horror and anger etched in his features. “I promised Farosh. I know I had been harsh on Link, to keep him safe from my father I had to treat him how I did when I knighted him. I know I failed him again when the Calamity came. I won’t fail him again Sidon. I can’t let him look like that again. I won’t allow that terror taint him. I won’t let it taint you.”


Link sobbed weakly as memories assaulted him, beatings, being violated, over and over again. It made his fever climb, until it suddenly broke, and Link screamed.


……This is a train wreak. But hey, at least I gave it the old college try. It only gets worse from here. But I promise the ending is happy. Kiba out.


BREAKING: Kyrie Irving have officially asked the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade him! Kyrie no longer wants to play with LeBron James and would like to be the focal point elsewhere. James is ‘blindsided and disappointed’ (via ESPN)

Per Adrian Wojnarowski & Chris B. Haynes, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, New York Knicks & Minnesota Timberwolves are among the teams Irving would like to be traded to.

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Do you have any rut HC?

I’m so sorry this took so long QnQ

Ruts usually last about a week, and happen every few months or when the alpha’s mate is in heat because the omega’s heat can spur on an alpha’s rut

When alphas are in rut, they tend to barricade themselves in their room. Especially if they live with an omega. Some alphas can get a bit feral ((read: extremely feral)) when they’re in rut, so barricading themselves and surrounding themselves in only their own scent can help them stay under control.

If they have an omega, oh boy. That omega is going to have a clingy alpha following them around whenever they’re home. And depending on the personality, the alpha might not let them leave the home.

mythic midnight

pairing: polyam!tomdaya x you

fandom: polyam!tomdaya fandom oka its Legit now pls

prompt: three mythical creatures falling in love at midnight

author’s note: this is a halloween special where tom’s a vampire, zendaya’s a werewolf and you’re a warlock, it’s mostly just fluffy/angsty couple-y things between you three, but in a mythic world, just imagine supernatural creatures living in a modern like world, it has many parts btw, sorta slow burn? idk i hope you like it! racking #mythic midnight

{ pt. 1 }

He looked grave under the blueish glow of the ashen night. The chilly air cut through his black shirt, yet he felt nothing. The breeze left a ghostly kiss on his pale skin, recalling what could not be remembered, for the sensation of cold has left his memories. Nevertheless, a cup of tea wouldn’t hurt.

He strode along the dark sidewalk, behind both of you. He watched as Zendaya and you linked arms, giggling and blushing. Old-fashioned lampposts lit the way with dots of white light, like little stars trapped inside crystal cages. Each time they illuminated the both of you, it looked like the trapped stars tasted a bit of freedom. He grinned at the sight. He used to wonder about the feeling of warmth, long gone from his memories, every time he stepped underneath the caged stars. Now, gazing at her and at you, he could finally understand the warmth of the sun. A feeling that has been numbed for decades, under the work of specialized sunscreen and brewed potions. The sight of you both spurred the heat that should have made his still heart beat. 

You glanced at him, with furrowed brows. “Tom!” You called, a wide smile curling your lips.

He saw the little flick of your hand, and caught up to the both of you.

“Sleepy?” Zendaya said, her red lips grinning, locking her gaze with his.

He swallowed, because her brown hair has fallen in an ocean of waves, gracing her shoulders. He itched to run a hand through it. Instead, he rolled his eyes. “Nope! But, I do have a craving for a cup of tea.”

You linked your left arm with his, drawing him close. The cool of his pale skin is familiar to you. Your hand tangled itself with his chilled one.

“I’d like some hot chocolate.” You piped in, leaning your head against his shoulder. “But I have no money.” You shot her a glance. “Daya?”

“Oh? Is that all I am to you?” She replied with mocked shock. “A walking wallet?” The burning of her hand locked with yours contrasted against the freezing of his.

“Nah, you’re the love of my life, alongside Tommy boy here.” You thumped your head lightly against his shoulder. You could feel him laugh lightly.

The three of you walked silently. The only sounds are the clicking of Zendaya’s heels against the pavement, the rustling of leaves blown by the wind, the purring of engines inside cars that drive past slowly, and the chirping of grasshoppers hidden in the night. 

“Do you remember how we met, (y/n)?” Tom broke the silence. He faced you.

You blushed, embarrassed by the memories. “Like…how you and I first saw each other or…how we met-met…?”

“Met-met,” said Tom.

“It…was weird…” Zendaya admitted, yet a wide smile adorned her lips. “And amazing.”

“Really?“ You said. "I thought I made a horrible impression on you.” Your eyes flicked to Tom’s face.

He shook his head and regarded you with unwavering love. Leaning into you, he spoke with a low voice. “You looked like a fallen angel, smudged by the pouring of the rain, but bright against the darkness of the night.”

Heat crept to your cheeks. His words left you speechless, stuttering for a response. “Ummm…w-wow, poetic much?”

“Always for you, darling,” he murmured and pressed his cold lips against yours. Your eyes fluttered closed. The kiss was gentle and sweet. You concentrated on his mouth sliding against yours, his humane teeth nibbling at your bruised lips, eliciting small moans and gasps, his hand disentangling from yours to wander over your hidden skin. You barely noticed Zendaya dropping her hand, allowing you to clutch at his shirt. Your other hand tugged at his thick curly hair. He moaned, pressing harder. He left you breathless. And he recoiled, sensing your lack of breath.

There was a pause, tense with unsaid love and lust, and Zendaya interjected. 

“I would’ve thought she looked like a hobo but…”–Tom and you laughed hard–“A cute hobo, of course,”

“Of course.” Tom said.

The three of you kept walking in the night, holding hands once more, sharing kisses here and there, recalling what one could not help to forget. 

Need You

Prompt: @ncisficexchange/shnuffeluv’s NCIS Fandom Fic Exchange with @irishavengersassemble
After getting some drinks with the team, you and Pride go to your place for some coffee. But things don’t go as innocently as you wanted.

Words: 2,071

Warnings: Smut, drunken sex

Notes: YES I WROTE THIS IN ONE NIGHT i dont even know how fuck but yeah this is probably one of the fav smut fics I’ve ever written hm enjoy

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