spurs champions

Epic Destines 5e: Fatesinger

“The Song of Heroes resonates in your soul. Until you can join the chorus, you share the wonder of its music with the world.”

Prerequisite: 21st-level, Bard

In the darkest days of the divine war against the primordials, when those agents of oblivion seemed fated to tear down the divine works and unravel creation itself, the gods’ heralds joined voices and spurred mortal champions to fight back. 

Their song made heroes of common folk, giving them the resolve to stand fast against the tide of enemies around them. 

These early heralds live on still in the legends and tales of their descendants, and without their emboldening song, the world might have come to an end.

You have studied the Song of Heroes, and you know that all great champions still hear its melody. 

They might not be aware of it, but at some point they, like you, caught a faint note of it. 

The distant strains of this ancient song—hidden in an uplifting tune, perhaps, or half-remembered in a stirring call to action—provide the inspiration that mortals need to rise above the mundane and become legends.

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