I love the Spurs (as much as a rival can), but there’s something to be said about defending a title, something Duncan-Pop’s Spurs have never done.

The 7 Back-to-Back teams in NBA History (pictures above):

  • 1949-50 Lakers
  • 1968-69 Celtics
  • 1987-88 Lakers
  • 1989-90 Pistons
  • 1994-95 Rockets
  • 2009-10 Lakers
  • 2012-13 Heat

Not to mention the far more exclusive club of 5 Threepeating teams (pictures below):

  • 1952-54 Lakers
  • 1959-66 Celtics (eight in a row)
  • 1991-93 Bulls
  • 1996-98 Bulls
  • 2000-02 Lakers

If you aren’t aware, the Spurs are done with their season tonight. 

To some, it’s just another typical NBA team and they won’t pay any amounts of attention. But I have seen the results of the Spurs on the San Antonio community and I firmly believe it’s unlike any in the nation. 

San Antonio isn’t all Riverwalk and Missions and amazing food (those certainly aren’t bad things as this blog proves to you), but we are also a primarily lower-middle class town. There’s some people who live in absolute poverty who are descendants of the town’s first founders. Some parts of the town look down and - to the outsider - hopeless. 

Yet when the Spurs are on, the community is united beyond measure. I’ve seen young boys and girls who are constantly told they are worthless find self pride and love for their city within the Spurs. All races, communities, parts of towns that are isolated from each other are suddenly together. Pride in a town and pride in oneself might be the most important things for a person. That’s what the Spurs give us.

Go Spurs Go. Until the end. 


Here’s a look back at those precious last seconds of the NBA Finals, from the past 15 years; goosebumps!