spurred tortoise


This Sulcata Tortoise at the reptile rescue I volunteer at loves dandelions! (The grass and such on the lawn does not have any chemicals sprayed on it)


Here are my reptile multimedia pieces that I started doing a couple of years ago… crested gecko, green tree python, leopard gecko, ball python, sulcata tortoise (commission), and panther chameleon.  These all look much better in person and can be seen at my booth at whatever reptile show I happen to be doing locally.  They are also for sale except the sulcata.

I will eventually branch out into doing other animals, but I just looove reptile art.

The crestie was my first, the panther cham my latest … you can see the improvement in the technique.

This is Timothy the tortoise in the garden of Powderham Castle in 1993. Despite the name, Timothy was actually a lady - and a rather special one. Her little tag reads: ‘My name is Timothy. I am very old – please do not pick me up.’ She was indeed very old, in fact a veteran of the Crimean War where she found herself the mascot of HMS Queen during the first bombardment of Sevastopol in 1854. She had been found aboard a Portuguese privateer the same year by Captain John Courtenay Everard, of the Royal Navy. Later she sailed aboard HMS Princess Charlotte and HMS Nankin, exploring the East Indies and China from 1857-60.

She retired from naval service in 1892 and found herself in the care of the Courtenay family, taken in by the Earl of Devon. From then until her death in April 2004, she lived at Powderham Castle. On her underside was etched the family motto, ‘Where have I fallen? What have I done?’ This little veteran was approximately 165 years old at the time of her death. She was the last survivor of the Crimean War.

Endangered Ugly Things at the Cleveland Aquarium

The Blanding’s and Spotted Turltes (Endangered) would not stop moving for me to get a clear photo.

Like all Sturgeons, the Shovelnosed Sturgeon (Vulnerable) looks like something from the Devonian.

The Aquarium has about 12 African Spurred Tortoises (Vulnerable), all from a shelter that takes them in when people don’t realize how big they get. Know what your pet will turn into before you buy, people!

The Goliath Grouper (Critically Endangered) is a slow growing fish that is still recovering from overfishing. As their name suggests, they are an impressive size.


My baby angus :)