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Tiny Armitage accidentally calls Sloane "Mom" once. Everyone involved is mortified.

He’s too young to drink caf, but he looks like he could kill for some. There are dark half-rings under those light eyes, and his natural pallor seems to have heightened. The blue holoscreen casts a net over his face; he’s looking at star charts again, studying them. 

Sloane clears her throat. “Armitage. I shall require that terminal.”

Just a faint grunt in response at first, and she realizes he’s not just sleepy, he’s half-asleep. Before she can speak again, he seems to jolt awake, posture straightening. But she’s not sure if he heard her the first time. 

“Go on to bed,” she tells him, charitably. 

A faint mumble in response as he slides from the chair. “Night, Mum.”

Sloane feels a chill, blood draining from her cheeks. The boy jerks as well, eyes widening, and he stares at her as a cornered animal might. His lower lip trembles, twisting. Is he angry? Distraught? His eyes glisten brighter. Then he drops his gaze to the floor and hurries past, arms straight at his sides, like a proper soldier. 


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GENRE: Demon!Au

Why do I need to posses her?”

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HCs for RFA + Saeran's wedding day with MC. Like what sort of theme/colours? Is it fancy and planned down to the last detail or spur of the moment sort of thing? (Btw I loooove this blog~)


  • They want something modest, but not “little,” ya feel?
  • Something cute that everyone will remember forever, but nothing over the top.
  • Of course with their income, they’re a little scared of spending too much money, but they make it work.
  • They have their wedding in a big garden. Flowers, outdoors, sunshine, good stuff.
  • Just enough room for the RFA and some other close friends to move about and have fun and enjoy the scenery.
  • Colors are white and gold, and there’s lanterns everywhere.
  • Of course Zen is extra and wears a white tux w some sort of gold embroidery. If MC wears a suit, it’s white too, just toned down a bit. If MC wears a dress, it’s fluffy with some gold designs on the bodice and dripping a bit into the skirt.
  • They’d have the reception at sunset so that afterwards, the only light is coming from the sky, the fairy lights strung around the bush walls, and lanterns hung everywhere.
  • There’s a DJ and everyone’s having a good time,,,,, You just cant go wrong with the cha cha slide
  • Cake made out of cupcakes!


  • MC’s and Jaehee’s wedding is pretty small.
  • It’s them, the RFA, and a priest all gathered together in a church.
  • Although they were engaged for a few years and figured they’d just plan a wedding eventually, that didn’t happen.
  • They have nice wedding rings though.
  • Even though there’s not anything fancy, they both wear “proper” attire.
  • Jaehee’s dress barely reaches the floor and she has a pink ribbon around the waist. If MC wears a dress, it goes to just past her knees and has a yellow ribbon around the waist. MC’s suit is the same concept, except obviously, pants.
  • After the reception, they go out to a hella fancy lunch because Jumin everyone chipped in.
  • Because they spent so little money on the wedding itself, they had one hell of a honeymoon.


  • Their ideal wedding was something fun with both their close friends and family. 
  • Originally, there were like 50 people invited. At the actual wedding, there’s about 100 people.
  • Yoosung’s parents kept inviting family that Yoosung hadn’t seen in 20+ years and when there was the complaint that they’d have to switch to a bigger venue and buy more food, his parents offered to pay for the change in price. With that, they decided to just keep inviting more people.
  • It’s not the only choice available, but adults are offered chicken nuggets and french fries as their meal.
  • The wedding’s a good balance of traditional and fun. They may or may not have gotten the theme idea at the renaissance faire.
  • They never actually named the theme, but it’s a sort of medieval fantasy, knight and prince/ss thing.
  • The cake is white and “elegant,” but there’s some dragons scattered throughout, looking like they’re climbing up to the top of the cake. At the top, there’s a mini Yoosung with a sword and MC with a bow and arrows, ready to fight the dragons.
  • Yoosung’s tux is grey and white. If MC wears a suit, it’s grey and navy blue. If MC wears a dress, it’s very renaissance-princess-esque. 
  • Little fairies scattered around the venue are mostly there for shits and giggles, but since there’s so many kids there, its turned into a game. Whoever can collect the most by the end of the night gets a three foot stuffed dragon as a prize.


  • Honestly, neither of them know half of the guests. They were just names that were important for some reason and they got an invitation. 
  • This is like, one of those dream weddings you see on the covers of bridal magazines.
  • Jumin’s suit is grey/black and his tie is a really, really light pink color. If MC wears a dress, its long and white, with a significant amount of train + the bodice and sleeves are lace. If MC wears a tux, it’s a light grey/beige color with a pastel purple tie. Either way, its a yin/yang thing.
  • Color theme is mostly cream-ish colors.
  • Cake is obviously huge and fancy. They have left overs for a week.
  • “Jesus, Jumin, how much was all of this wine and why is everyone you know always drunk?”
    • Hell if he knows,,,,,, He’s gonna get drunk too and so is MC, nobody can stop him.
  • Indoor wedding, candles at every table, no actual lights, but lanterns are all over the place too.


  • Okay, so they couldn’t actually get married in the space station, so they have to settle.
  • Wedding in the observatory, hell y e.
  • It’s a small thing. Just the two of them, the RFA, Vanderwood, and the guy (who may or may not be a priest?????? Nobody checked oops) who makes it official.
  • Saeyoung’s suit is black, but has some little embroidery constellations. MC’s dress is white and goes to about mid calf, but there’s a layer of sparkly tulle on top. If MC wears a suit, they match with Saeyoung.
  • They get married on the night of a meteor shower so that they can go have a picnic outside and watch afterwards.
  • Apparently you can get super fancy food delivered to an observatory.
  • They borrow a huuuuuge trampoline and everyone brings blankets so they can lay out on it and watch the sky. Everyone ends up leaving at some point during the night, but Saeyoung and MC wake up cuddled together on the trampoline when the sun comes up.


  • Technically they get married in one of those drive-thru wedding things, in a spur of the moment situation, but one day Saeran wants a ceremony.
  • It’s simple and really small. Outdoors in the sun, surrounded by sky and nature.
  • It’s the two of them + someone to read from a book and make it feel official.
  • Saeran’s suit would be a creamy color with a pastel pink tie and MC’s would match, but they have a pastel yellow tie. MC’s dress barely reaches the floor and is very simple, but she has a yellow ribbon around the waist.

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dan said in his liveshow that he had started to make another video but stopped halfway through and resorted to making the one he posted (isg) because he didnt feel like the time was right... i wonder...

dan really isn’t a spur of the moment kind of person and only does things when he feels the time is right, so whatever happened in this past week definitely threw off his filming/uploading schedule and for whatever reason persuaded him to postpone his original video idea. it really gives him saying “i did it for myself, as a distraction” more clarity and explains why things didn’t quite add up because he was in fact talking about a separate video idea as opposed to the one some people were expecting. i just hope dan is able to figure things out and that all goes well for him

Negan Appreciation Week

Hello, everyone! Our fellow JDM fan and Squad member @negantrashlucille23 had an amazing a idea. She is tired of all the salty Negan haters so she came up with the idea of a Negan Appreciation Week. this is a spur of the moment kind of thing but I believe we can pull it off. Everything pro-Negan is welcome. Fanfics, edits, gifs, metas, question, videos, etc. We could tag everything we post about Negan #Negan Appreciation Week.

What do you guys think?! It could do it this week or the next :P

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Every now and then I think about my oldest oc, and try and redesign her. She was basically a self insert, so she doesn’t have much of a story for her own, but sometimes I try and come up with some ideas for her. These are my favorite designs so far.

iirc i once read on here that if an introvert is looping, they would also be in the grip because they’re only using introverted functions when they loop. how does an introvert’s looping look different from their extrovert counterpart’s? i.e. ISFP vs ESFP (wouldn’t both take rash action?) thanks a lot.

Grip is different from loop, since it uses a different function.

Looping extroverts do stupid things in the spur of the moment they wish they hadn’t when they actually stop to consider the fact that all this running around will get them nothing that they want in the long term. (ESFP loop is Se/Te, which means they’re acting on every impulsive thought, in an attempt to get themselves “fame” or “riches” or “do something with their life,” but because there’s no heart or passion behind any of it, none of it is satisfying and most of it is probably doomed to fail in the way they want it to succeed.)

Looping introverts sit around at home and mope, since they’re locked in their head and will only get up and do something about their life once they’ve accessed their extroverted functions again. (ISFPs loop with Fi/Ni, so they sit on their couch certain their life is going to be a never-ending trajectory of doom, foreseeing an inevitable future in which they cannot succeed at anything they put their mind to, and how their life will probably never get better than this.)

Rash action from a looping introvert? Eh, not likely.

Rash action from a looping extrovert? Hell yes.

- ENFP Mod

Comms and Discernment

Decided to try a new way of communication today as a spur of the moment thing.

Instead of talking out loud, or thinking -really- hard, I tried transmitting feelings instead. Feelings of the warmth of the sun, and the comfort of hot chocolate.. both to Set. Imagine my surprise when I get a vocal response back, almost immediately.

It was very subtle, a lingering thought while I was in the midst of thinking of something else entirely. My first clue.

It was not my ‘inner voice’. It was closer to a whisper, or a hushed voice. Male. Second clue.

“I will be coming for you shortly [my name].” Is what I heard, in almost an.. amused tone? I don’t refer to myself with my name in my thoughts. Third clue.

I also heard a wind-chime very soon after, with nothing nearby that would cause such a sound.

Set. Please. Stop being so cryptic.

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If you're still taking prompts... Fitzsimmons + 56) things you said in the spur of the moment please! :-)

‘Maybe we should just run away!’

It is a throw away remark, said in the heat of the moment. Fitz is pacing at the foot of the bed, his hands on his hips and his chin tipped forward as he says it, his frustration palpable. It is a throw away remark, but it makes Jemma pause even so.

She stops, putting down her pen and staring down. She is sitting on their bed, surrounded by wedding plans, venue bookings and all the relevant paperwork SHIELD requires its employees to fill in when they get married.

Jemma had never realised planning a wedding could be so much like…well, work.

Pursing her lips together, she shuffles some of the papers that they have been pouring over for hours aside and crawls forward so that she can catch his arm as he walks by her.

Fitz stops pacing instantly, and turns to face her with a look of surprise. Giving him a soft smile, Jemma tilts her head to one side.

‘Maybe,’ she says quietly, ‘we should.’

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hey! so I had the (amazing) idea to make this blog after I started doing something called sapphic sleepovers on my main, and I finally made a blog specifically for it! we’ll do lots of activities, including selfie saturday, arts and crafts (aka art submission sunday), truth or dare (but gay), never-have-I-ever, fanfiction friday, and more! 

I've had a rougH WEEK OKAY

I just cried for like 30 minutes over the game grumps playing the game everything

Seeing the deer flip literally pushed me past my breaking point and I cried it was laugh crying at first then iwas actually crying I tried to hide that fact but i don’t think I did too well

and,,, I don’t like to cry, it.. it makes me feel weak like I tbh have nothing to cry about my supposed mental issues are probably just me being over dramatic but I almost had a breakdown… I haven’t cry cried in almost 2 years because im so used to bottlinh it up and fkc im crying agajn

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Seventeen (세븐틴)
Woozi Moans

This was a spur of the moment thing. I cannot deal.

Have fun.

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