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i think i’m pretty proud of this one, and i hope you guys feel the same as well. i stayed up till 10 am writing this and now i can go to sleep in peace. Enjoy my lovely jimin stans, i feel for you poor bitches

Pairing: Jimin x reader
Genre: fluff, smut, angst( just a teeny tiny bit i guess)
Word count: 8,760

When your best friend of years confessed his love to you in a spur of the moment kind of thing, you had no idea how to react.

Those words that caused you to stare at him for almost a minute straight as your what felt like a million thoughts ran through your head. You were trying to process it. You two were laying in his bed, both on your sides and facing each other, talking quietly amongst yourselves.

His hand would raise every few minutes, tracing some part of your arm or pushing a strand of hair back. You would giggle a bit when his legs moved to tangle with yours, his toes intentionally seeking out your feet to tickle you, and you would smack his chest and tell him to stop.

Then you became quiet, and you thought that he was getting sleepy when he kept closing his eyes every few seconds. But there was something a bit off, his lips barely parting in what seemed as an attempt to say something, but then he would shut his mouth again and sigh softly. The smile that was on his face earlier was now gone, and a small furrow on his brow was beginning to grow. So you lifted your hand and cupped his cheek softly for him to open his eyes and look at you, and when he did, some of the worry in his eyes went away and he sent a small smile. It wasn’t completely genuine though, you’d know that.

“What is it?”

“What?” He feigned confusion, and you nearly chuckled at his attempt to hide whatever it was he was trying to say.

“You’re a shitty liar Jimin, I thought we’ve established that a long time ago.” You smacked his cheek softly and he chuckled this time. Then, again, his face became bare of that smile and he sighed, gulping nervously.

“I’m not gonna force it out of you if you don’t wanna talk about it right now,” you sent him a comforting smile. “But you know you don’t need to keep anything from me.”

It was quiet. Not a sound was heard in the room. And then he spoke.

“It’s just - God, it’s getting harder for me everyday,” his voice was strained, as if he were in pain. And what you didn’t know was that he actually was in pain, the worst kind actually. The one that you can’t really do anything about.

A frown took over your face as concern started to seep through your veins at seeing the guy you loved and cared for so dearly slowly revealing what was making him so upset. And, god , you felt terrible for not noticing it before. How could he hide something that’s been bothering him for a long time without you noticing, while he could find out what was upsetting you before you even did?

“Talk to me,” you urged. He suddenly sat up in bed, his back now to you, and you felt your heart break at the slump in his shoulders with his head now in his hands, clearly showing you that this seemed pretty serious. You sat up as well, your hand resting on his shoulder and squeezing softly to reassure him.

“I’m in love with you, __.”

It was so quiet in the room you could hear a pin drop, and you partly held your breath in fear of it being too loud. You were motionless, your hand frozen on his shoulder in pure shock. Then it hit you.

Park Jimin just confessed to you.

The guy you never thought of as more than the closest of friend, who’d been there with you for years. He was with you through it all, the ups and downs. God, you had many, many downs, but he never showed the slightest hint of being tired with you and your shit.

He was there for you when you had your first high school heartbreak. After your crush had shown interest in your and slowly started getting closer to you, he finally dropped the bomb and asked you out. You were thrilled, fucking ecstatic. But after one date, and one date only, a few days later, you managed to find out that he had only done it as a bet. You ran to Jimin, holding back sobs of sadness and anger and frustration all mixed in one, spilling everything in a matter of seconds. He was seething with anger, but he put that anger aside for the time being to hold you in his arms and whisper soothing words in your ear, squeezing you so tightly onto his chest all the while holding you gently as if you were the frailest of beings.

He was there when your parents were against you wanting to study a different major in college than the one they wanted for you. You had a huge fight with them and ran out of the house, quickly texting Jimin to meet you in your usual spot at the park, and he was there before you were. He let your rant away in anger, frustrated tears running down your cheeks at your parents’ way of thinking. When you were done talking, he wiped away your tears and cupped your cheeks. We’ll figure it out, he said to you, before he brought your face closer to press a kiss to your forehead and hugged you for an hour straight, right there in the middle of the park.

And then when one of your girlfriends who you’d been friends with for years, her name was Jess, turned out to be the definition of the word backstabber. You didn’t find out until you saw a conversation on her phone between her and a guy you’d mentioned to her before, who you thought you liked. Despite the obvious flirting that you might’ve let slide without too big of a problem, it was filled with demeaning lies she was telling him about you, some about you being a whore who slept with anything with two legs, some about you cheating on your ex-boyfriends, some about you being a mean bitch. And, as usual, you went to Jimin, and he was there with open arms and a shoulder waiting for you to use.

He was there when you got your first job because college payments were starting to weigh down on you. It was only a simple, part-time job but you were still thrilled with it, happy to be making your own pay, even if it was only minimum for the time being. You called him immediately, squealing over the phone that you got the job, and he chuckled softly before congratulating you. “I’ll take you out tonight to celebrate then.”

The list went on and on and it would never stop if you had to list off every single thing you two had been through together. But at the moment, you had no idea what to do, what to say, what to feel. You felt the pressure slowly weighing down on your heart because you truly didn’t know how to handle this. However, you couldn’t say it back, not now, not so carelessly when you knew you were even 50% sure it was true. You loved him too much to be so unfair to him and lie to him that way.

“I..” Your voice trailed off, and you winced at even opening your stupid mouth before you put together a decent sentence in your frazzled mind.

He turned to you anyways, a small smile on his lips, and it was so sad you literally felt as if your heart was being wrenched and squeezed to cause you pain. He lifted his hand and grabbed yours that was on his shoulder, enveloping it in both of his. He looked down at your joined hands for a few seconds, and you did so as well, feeling some of the pain you felt just seconds ago decrease at the comfort this simple act brought, and then he looked up at you again.

“It’s fine, __,” he said. “You don’t have to say it back, I don’t expect you to say anything like that unless you mean it. Take your time, clear your head and think about this as long as you need.”

You nodded.

“I just need to ask you for one favor.”

“Anything you want.” Your voice was as soft as ever.

“In the mean time, don’t treat me any differently. Don’t treat me like the guy who just confessed his love for you, treat me as your best friend, yeah?”

You couldn’t help the smile that slowly overtook your lips, and he smiled as well, this one seeming more genuine than the last.

“Of course, Jimin.”

After that night, you tried not to show it, but everything became as clear as daylight to you. You noticed every little thing you managed to be so blind to before, and you felt like you could throw yourself off a cliff at being so stupidly oblivious all those years. All the simple things you thought Jimin only did out of pure niceness or just simply for the fact that you were his best friend, weren’t  that simple.

Like when you first broke your phone and he took about half the money he’d been saving up for the last year to buy you a new one. Or when, in your first year in uni, managed to fix both your schedules so that you had about 90% of your classes together, only managing to miss a few. Or when you found out he’d asked his brother to pitch and help him with some money on your birthday because he knew you’d had your eye on that one necklace you showed him once when you were walking around downtown. Or when he made a copy of his apartment keys especially made for you, with your own key chain as well that had both your initials carved into it, even when you knew he loved his privacy and it was one of his top priorities. Or when he spent a whole week at your house when you had a simple cold, adamant to spend a whole week to make sure you were okay even though you’d started feeling better after only three days.

And now you noticed those loving looks and smile he kept reserved only for you, the ones you used to think he gave to everyone because he was just that much of a sweetheart. The hugs he gave you, and the kisses he planted to your head.

You were still confused and your mind was a mess, but you tried to make him feel like nothing was wrong and that you were taking it well. And you really were trying, you were thinking about it. Not a second passed by without you thinking about it, trying to decipher how exactly you felt about. 

You just needed some time, and as long as Jimin was more than willing to offer that to you for as long as you liked, you were going to take it.

“You’re coming tonight right?” He asked through the phone.

“Yeah, of course. I wouldn’t miss his birthday for anything.” It was Jin’s birthday, and the guys along with a lot of other people are planning on celebrating it with him to the max tonight in one of your favorite bars that you usually gathered in.

“Great, I’ll pick you up then. Be ready at 9, yeah? Love you.”

And he hung up. Your eyes widened at that last statement, at the way he said it so naturally as if he was used to it. And as he sat there in his room, his phone now locked as he started at it with wide eyes, realizing the words he’d just let slip out of his mouth unintentionally. He was starting to panic on the inside, fear building up inside of him at the thought of you being annoyed or repulsed with those two simple words, but what he didn’t know was that you sat there, phone held in hand as well, similar to him, except there was a small smile spreading on your lips because it actually sounded so nice to hear those words from him come so casually and naturally.

Later that night, you were dressed in one of your favorite dresses. It was maroon colored. tight on your torso but flowed at the wait. It went down to mid-thigh and had an open back. You wore heels to top it off, and your hair was down with a bit of makeup. You didn’t know what to think of the fact that you wore this dress because Jimin had once said how much he liked it on you, and that it was his favorite color. Or that you let your hair down even after you’d earlier decided that you wanted it up, because you remembered Jimin saying he loved it when you had your hair down, natural and without a thing done to it. And that you cut down on your makeup because he loved the way you looked with minimal makeup. He said he appreciated the small effort you put in while still being able to see some features that he didn’t like to be hidden under makeup.

And so when you saw him waiting for you in the car, his head down as he used his phone, probably playing that game he was currently hooked on, you felt your heart beat faster and your palms got slightly sweaty. But then it all went away when you got in the car and he looked up at you, his eyes almost disappearing at the wide smile he gave you, teeth on full show and cheeks squished up in the most adorable way,

“You look gorgeous.” It wasn’t the first time he’d complimented you that way, but it was the first time you felt your cheeks heat up slightly, but you couldn’t even bother to hide it.

“You look dashingly handsome as well,” you teased, and he chuckled as he tried to tone down the slight blush that was begging to show on his cheeks. And at that moment, you honestly couldn’t help but lean across the gear lever and smacked your lips against his cheek, giggling when you saw the smudge your lipstick left on his skin.

“W-what was that for?” He chuckled, but you didn’t miss the small stutter at the beginning of his sentence.

“Just felt like it,” you answered simply with a smile as you lifted a hand to wipe away the color from his cheek.

The smile he sent your way had your heart fluttering in a way it never did before.

“Happy birthday, Jinnie!” You pulled him into a bear hug and he squeezed back just as tightly. You pulled away and held him by the shoulders, smiling at him widely. “You’re one year older now, maybe this’ll make your lame dad jokes sound funnier now that you’re- ow! Okay, okay, I’m done.” You let him go with a laugh as he scowled at you playfully.

“Just take your friend away Jimin, I don’t need to hear this on my birthday.” He pushed you towards Jimin, and you stumbled and fell into his arms, grateful that he steadied you firmly. You turned to Jin and flipped him off, but Jimin kept his arms around you nonetheless.

“If I leave, my present’s going with me so..” You turned to Jimin once again and wrapped your arm around his to pull him elsewhere, looking for empty seats so you could settle down. You pretended you didn’t almost hear your heartbeat in your ears because your arm was wrapped tightly around his, and you could feel his muscles beneath the material of his shirt.

The tables were filled with people whom you know, and some you didn’t. You greeted all of them nonetheless, letting go of Jimin to give a few hugs around, and then you felt his arm around your waist instead.

You settled down next to each other, both of your seats unconsciously turning towards each other as you engaged in a conversation about who would wear something flashier tonight, Taehyung or Namjoon, each of you betting on one. The bet ended in laughter as soon as the pair showed up, with you winning because of Taehyung, tears of laughter gathering at the corners of your eyes, Jimin leaning his forehead against your shoulder in an attempt to hide his laughter as some of the eyes around you turned to you with amused looks.

“Fine, I’ll get the drinks, you earned it.” he sighed with a smile and stood up, and you nodded triumphantly. You watched as he talked to the bar, raising his hand to grab the attention of the bar tender. However, out of the corner of your eye, you saw someone get up, and when you looked their way, it was a girl. A very pretty one at that.

She was sat with a few of your friends, but her face wasn’t very familiar to you. That wasn’t your concern at the moment. Your concern was that you saw the look in her eyes, and it was fixed on Jimin. Her walk was determined as she made her way to the bar, and you suddenly felt queasy. The smile that was once on your lips was slowly fading away the more you took in her appearance. She looked damn near perfect. Hair long and wavy, a shine to it that made yours look dull. She had on a skin tight dress that showed off her gorgeous figure, and her legs seemed so long and toned in the heels she was wearing. Not only did she have the body, but her face was really cute as well.

The more you analyzed this girl who has now reached Jimin and tapped him on the shoulder shyly, the more you slumped in your seat and uneasy feeling in your stomach seemed to grow.

“You look like you want to jump off a cliff,” a voice suddenly sounded in your ear and you jumped in surprise. You looked to your left to see Jungkook next to you, smiling at you with a knowing look on his face. You quickly put a smile on your face and shook your head with a laugh.

“And why would I want to do that?” You teased, leaning back in your seat.

“Are you really trying to bullshit me right now?”

“Jungkook, what the hell are you-”

“You know,” he cut you off and leaned towards your seat to say something that only you would hear, and you felt your heart speed up for what had to be the third time so far this night at his words. “He only has eyes for you, so don’t stress it too much.”

“What’re you talking about?” You tried to steady your voice and sound as confused as you could, but you had a feeling you knew what.

“You know what I’m talking about,” he repeated your thoughts aloud. You couldn’t handle looking at him anymore, knowing he had you figured out, and turned your gaze to the bar once again. Though you wish you hadn’t because the sight made you rage with jealousy. Yes, jealousy, that’s what it was. JImin was still waiting for the drinks to arrive and the girl was standing too close to him than what you thought was necessary, giving him those heart eyes and swooning up at him with a flirty gaze. You could almost hear her obnoxious giggle in your head.

You were so blinded by your jealousy that you didn’t even see the uncomfortable look on Jimin’s face at the moment, clearly trying to weasel his way out of the conversation that didn’t seem to end.

“If you can’t see it, I’ll tell you that Jimin is more than not interested in her because it looks like he’s being tortured right now,” Jungkook said, and you could hear the smile in his voice. And true to his words, you finally looked up at Jimin’s face, only to see the uncomfortable expression he adorned, a smile so fake on his lips you almost laughed right then and there.

You heard yourself sigh in relief, and Jungkook chuckled beside you. “Your his best friend, aren’t you supposed to help him out of this?”

You looked to him to see if he was serious, and he raised his eyebrows at you with a smile, as if challenging you to do it. You took a deep breath, put your clutch aside and got up from your seat. You would’ve been deaf not to hear the ‘yes’ that Jungkook said as you made your way to Jimin, and you could almost imagine him fist-bumping the air.

“Babe,” you put on your ‘girlfriend’ voice, wrapping your arms around Jimin in a back-hug. He jumped slightly at the sudden contact, turning his head to look at you with a surprised look but you only smiled at him, hoping he got the message. “What’s taking you so long?”

His surprised look was suddenly replaced with a smile of his own, and he grabbed your hand to pull you next to him, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and placing a kiss to the top of your head. You felt like you could melt right fucking there. God, you never wanted to leave his arms. He smelled so good, and he literally radiated warmth, tempting you to cling onto him like a damn koala.

“Sorry, baby,” he said, and if it weren’t for you supporting yourself on him, your knees would’ve wobbled at the pet name. “The drinks are taking a while.”

The girl awkwardly cleared her throat, and you almost scoffed at the sight of her still there. But you managed to put on a fake smile when you turned to her, greeting her nicely despite her eyeing you up as if you were trying to steal her man.

“Hi,” you said cheerfully. “Who are you?”

Jimin snorted lowly, but it was enough to be heard, so he quickly tried to cover it up with a cough. He tightened his arm around you, and you took it a step further by stepping in front of him. He was sat on one of the stools, so he parted his legs for you and you leaned back into his chest as he wrapped both arms around your waist and rested his chin casually on your shoulder.

You could practically hear her seething.

“I’m Jane,” she answered curtly with a smile so fake you almost vomited. Her eyes turned to Jimin once again and what she said next surprised you. “Is this your girlfriend or something? My friend told me you two were just friends so..” She trailed off as if awaiting for some type of explanation.

You couldn’t help the scoff that left your lips, but then Jimin squeezed your waist to calm you down, knowing you had a low tolerance level for rude people. “I don’t really care what your friend told you, but just to clear everything up here. Yes, we’re dating, and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop ogling my boyfriend,” your smile was sickeningly sweet in contrast to your words. It felt nice to say those words. Dating. Boyfriend. Jimin. They all seemed to sound nice coming together.

She scoffed and with a barely audible ‘whatever’, she turned away and went to the restrooms. You felt relief when she disappeared from your sight, relaxing against Jimin’s chest. Then you felt his chest rumble and you knew he was chuckling.

“Thanks for that, she wouldn’t take a hint.” His words were followed with a kiss that was pressed to your cheek. You turned to him, and was pleased when his arms didn’t loosen their grip from your waist, looking up at him with a smile.

“It was my pleasure really,” you chuckled. “She seemed like a bitch anyways.”

The smile he gave you told you he knew. He knew everything. But he kept his word and stayed quiet, not pressing the subject further and giving you the time you needed. But somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that it was working, and that you were starting to realize everything. He was willing to give you all the time in the world if it meant you would end up being his.

“Don’t get drunk, Jimin.”

“Don’t drink too much, Jimin.”

“Jimin, this is your fourth drink already.”

“I think you should cut down on the drinks, Jimin.”

Despite all your warnings throughout the night, he still ended up dunk. Drink after drink, he would promise it was his last one, but then he’d tilt his head and give you that look that made you think you were best friends with a damn puppy, and you would cave in. You thanked god that you had the self control to stop from consuming too much alcohol yourself, because if it wasn’t you that took care of drunk Jimin, then who would it be?

“I’m not drunk, __,” he whined, and you giggled when he attempted to rest his elbow on the table but only managed to slip and nearly bump his head on the wooden surface.

“Sure, sweetie, you’re not. But no more drinks for you anyways,” you tried to say as sternly as possible.

“Fine,” he huffed with a pout and rested his chin against his hand, gaze fixed on you. A lot of the people that were here had left since it was past 2 AM now, not more than ten people still sitting at the tables, most probably drunk as well, even Jin since he was the birthday boy.

Your eyes landed back on Jimin to see that he was still staring at you silently, and you shifted under his intense gaze.

“What’re you thinking about?” You asked quietly.

“You.” Your eyebrows raised.

“Me?” You leaned towards him and rested your head in the same position as his, now facing each other. “What about me, Jimin?”

“You’re gorgeous.” He blurted out, and you felt your face heat up. “You’re so, so gorgeous. I’ve thought so since we were kids, even in middle school when you got your braces,” he giggled and you smacked his arm but stayed quiet. “Even in high-school when you had that stupid hippie phase that lasted three months.” You groaned at that, but you couldn’t help but giggle as well. “Even when you’re crying and you feel like shit, you still manage to look so fucking beautiful. How is that possible?” You didn’t think you were supposed to reply to that, and he continued talking. “I know I said I’d give you as much time as you needed, and I’m still keeping that promise, but it’s honestly taking so much willpower for me not to kiss you right now..” His eyes were hazy as they stared at you, the look in his eyes holding so much love and want for you.

Your face was now beet red at his words, and you gulped nervously when you saw his eyes flicker down to your lips. But you couldn’t let this happen, not like this, when he was drunk and would most probably forget he even did it the following morning. So you smiled softly and got up from your seat, grabbing his arm to help him up.

“Let’s get you home, Jimin.”

When you were laying in bed one Friday night, scrolling through your Instagram feed, you really didn’t expect your thoughts to take a downhill turn he so quickly.

You saw a photo of Jimin. You smiled, double tapped and scrolled past it. But then after a few more photos, you quickly scrolled back up, looking at it for a few seconds before you clicked on his name. His account showed up on your screen, and that familiar warm feeling entered your tummy when you started to flick through his pictures, most of them being with you. Some were just downright silly with the ugliest faces, some with you two smiling like normal people, and some were of only you. Those photos were his favorites, he once said to you, because he took them without you noticing and you looked effortlessly beautiful. Which was frustrating and unfair, he’d add in the end with a laugh.

You paused on one photo in particular. It was an old one, years ago. You were on his back, gripping his shoulder and he was holding up your legs around his waist, and Jungkook had then managed to snap that photo seconds before the both of you went tumbling to the ground.

You loved this man so much it hurt. You weren’t hesitating it admitting to yourself that, yes, you felt the same way about him that he felt about you. But what ifs were starting to take their toll on you, and you knew you shouldn’t let that happen. You should just do what makes the both of you happy and end the wait, but then… what if?

What if you two broke up? What if it didn’t work out? What if, once you two started dating, he would quickly get tired after realizing you weren’t anything special? What if you two grew apart?

No. No. You couldn’t handle that, not ever. He was too important for you to lose. He was there with you your whole life and you weren’t about to make a mistake and even consider the idea of losing him along the way.

As much as you craved to tell him how you felt, to tell him everything, and have him wrap you in his arms and kiss you again and again, you couldn’t. You gulped down a heavy sigh, but the lump in your throat was stuck there as you felt tears pool up in your eyes.

You took your phone out, choosing that a text would be much easier to do this than over a phone call or in person.

i’ve thought about what you’ve told me a lot over the past few weeks.. you know i love you jimin, i love you to death, but i think it’s better if we stay friends. i’m sorry

Six days. Six days and he still hasn’t texted you, called you, seen you or made any type of contact. You didn’t know if you were angry or guilty, or maybe both at the same time.

You knew this would happen. You two weren’t even in a relationship and he wasn’t talking to you because you rejected his feelings. You couldn’t lie and say you expected this though, you were hurt to say the least. You didn’t think this would be enough to throw over a decade of friendship away, you thought you were more important to him and he loved you enough to try and move on.

But clearly you weren’t.

Currently on your living room couch, TV on but you weren’t really watching, lost in your thoughts as you thought about what you should do. Then the door of your apartment swung open and you jumped up from your couch, hand on your heart as you saw Jungkook march into the living room.

“What the fuck, Kook? You can’t just barge in like that, I could’ve -”

“What the hell did you tell, Jimin?” His voice wasn’t high but you could hear the anger in it. You froze in your spot, and the look he was giving you only made you shift your gaze to the ground for a few seconds before you looked back up.

“Did he tell you?” You asked.

“No, but I’m guessing it’s something really stupid considering the way he’s been acting the past few days,” he snapped.

“I’m trying to talk to him, but he won’t answer! I must’ve called a hundred times but he won’t even answer me,” you defended yourself. “I’m not gonna go and force him to talk to me, if he needs space for a little while, I’ll give it to him.”

“Oh yeah, well he sure is enjoying his space alright,” he sighed, uncrossing his arms and walked forward to sit down on the couch. He ran his hands down his face before he looked back up at you. “Do you know what he’s up to tonight?”

“I told you, Jungkook, he hasn’t been answering any of my calls. How the hell would I know?” You huffed, dropping down on the couch next to him. Then the words that left his lips hit you harder than a fucking truck.

“He’s going on a date.”

Your mouth dropped open and you looked at him in disbelief, trying to ignore the gut-wrenching feeling you suddenly felt, hoping what you just heard was just a figment of your sick imagination.

“Yeah, a date,” he confirmed. “He said it was too much for him and that he needed a distraction.”

“A distraction?” You said in disbelief, slowly feeling a small twinge of anger rising inside you.

“Yeah, and to make it even worse, it’s with that girl from the bar the other night,” he continued, fueling that growing anger. “The one from Jin’s birth-”

“Yeah, I fucking know her, Jungkook,” you snapped.

“Alright, jeez, don’t shoot the messenger,” he held his hands up. “I just thought you’d better know.”

How could he do this? Six straight days you’d been drowning yourself in guilt, crying yourself to sleep at the thought of losing your best friend. He was your everything and you lost him. You hoped and prayed he would at least take some pity on you and talk to you face to face one last time to tell you he couldn’t be your friend anymore, so that you could see him one last time and be in his presence. 

But a date?  A distraction? Is this what he called being in love?

It was like someone had stabbed you in the back, and the last person you imagined would’ve made you feel this way was Park Jimin. Yet again, you were wrong.

You forced your anger to overpower your sadness, managing to hold back the tears to ask Jungkook the question that was nagging you. “Where is he?”

If you thought his answer before had destroyed you, the answer he gave you next sent you six feet under.

“At the diner you two go to.”

Angry tears that you couldn’t stop were streaming down your face as you got out of the cab, practically jogging up to the door of the diner. You looked through the glass windows to find him sitting alone at one of the tables, and it seemed as if you were getting all sorts of hits today when you realized he was sat at your usual table.

You swung the door open, not caring about the few heads that turned towards you as you stomped your way over to him, noticing that the seat across from him was empty.

Good, she must be in the bathroom or something.

You stood in front of him and wiped away your tears, but it was useless because a fresh wave escaped your eyes as soon as you did.

He looked up at you as soon as he felt your presence, and his eyes widened at the sight of you in tears. He quickly sprung up from his seat and took a step closer to you, lifting his hand in an attempt to wipe your tears but you took a step back quickly.

“__, baby, what’s wrong?” His voice was so good to hear after so many days, but it still hurt to hear it.

“You brought her here?” You whimpered out. “You brought her to our fucking place, Park Jimin? Is this what you call a distraction?” You tried to control your voice but it was shaky through the tears and half sobs you were letting out. “Football is a distraction. Golf is a distraction. Drinking is a distraction. Hell, even go to a fucking strip club for all I car, Jimin. But bringing someone you barely know to this place, and having the nerve to bring her to our table? Wow,” you chuckled bitterly, and you almost scoffed at the confused look on his face.

“__, what are you talking-”

“Six days, Jimin! No calling or texting or anything, and I was okay with that because you need your space, I know that,” your voice was desperate now. “But why would you do this? I thought you loved me.”

“I do,” he said in a heartbeat, and he took a step closer and held your hand before you could step back. “I do. I love you so fucking much, but what the hell are you talking about right now? Who did I bring here? __, I’m so confused, just please talk to me.”

“Jungkook told me you were here on a date, Jimin,” you sniffled, using your free hand to wipe some tears away as you took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down.

“He did what?” His tone was shocked, and you almost believed.

“Come on, Jimin. Cut the crap, why would he-”

“Oh, hey, __. I didn’t know you were coming.” You heard a familiar voice come from your left, and your head snapped to see Taehyung making his way over. “Sorry, I was in the restr- woah, are you okay? What’s wrong?” His smile was wiped off and his voice filled with concern at the sight of you in tears.

Your eyes quickly went back to Jimin and he was already looking at you, eyebrows raised as if to tell you, see?

“Oh, erm, hi Tae..” You said awkwardly, letting go of Jimin’s hand and wiping at your tears hastily, attempting to fix your distressed state as you felt your face become red. “Yeah, I just needed to talk to Jimin real quick.”

“__, come on. I need to talk to you,” Jimin grabbed your hand. “I’ll catch up with you later Tae.”

Tae smiled understandingly and waved the both of you off as Jimin pulled you by the hand outside of the diner, and even in a time like this, you cherished the warmth of his hand enveloping yours.

He kept walking until he reached his car, and he wordlessly held the door open for you after he unlocked it before making his way to the driver’s seat. He got in but didn’t put the keys in the ignition, sitting quietly for about a minute straight before he spoke up.

“So you came here because Jungkook told you I brought some girl here on a date?” He asked.

“Kind of..”

“That little shit,” he growled. “He always has to stick his nose in other people’s shit and-”

“I’m glad he did, Jimin,” you cut him off. You knew he turned his head to look at you but you kept staring ahead, eyes fixed on a flickering street lamp in the nearly empty parking lot. “If it weren’t for him, who knows how long it would’ve taken me to talk to you.”

“I’m sorry. I was gonna call you soon, I just..” He trailed off, guilt evident in his voice, and you felt the same exact feeling because he didn’t do anything wrong, nothing.

“Don’t apologize, you had every right not to answer,” your voice sounded choked and you felt like the tears were coming back any second now. “I mean, what kind of best friend am I? I couldn’t even tell you in person, when you deserved an actual conversation and a full explanation about it, I texted you a short meaningless text like I was ordering a fucking pizza or something,” you sniffled when you felt a tear slowly slide down your cheek.

You felt his hand on your cheek, his thumb softly stopping the tear on its path, and you turned your head to look at him, eyes filled with sorrow and regret.

“I’m so sorry, Jimin.”

“Don’t apologize, __. You can’t help your feelings. It’s not your fault that you don’t love-”

“But I do!” You blurted out desperately, not standing the thought of him thinking you didn’t. “I do, I love you so fucking much, Jimin. I’m so in love with you.” Your hand came up and grabbed his that was on your cheek, holding it tightly in both hands, your body shifting slightly so you could face him properly. “I just don’t want to lose you. You mean the world to me and just the thought of something going wrong and then us drifting apart makes me go crazy. I just -” You took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down. “I can’t live without you.”

“You won’t have to. You won’t ever have to do that, __.” His tone was so soft and reassuring, you found yourself leaning over the console and throwing your arms around his neg in a tight hug. You buried your head in his neck, your tears wetting his neck but he didn’t seem to care as he buried his face in your hair. His arms tightened around your waist and he helped you lift yourself and maneuver your way into his lap. “No matter what, I’ll never leave you. I thought you’d know that by now considering the way I’ve been stuck by your ass for the past decade or something.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle despite your tears and he chuckled as well, and you tightened your arms around his neck, digging your face deeper into his neck to inhale his scent, something that always managed to calm you down.

You stayed that way for who knows how long, wrapped in each other’s arms, unable to pull away. But then a knock on the car window caused you two to jump apart in surprise, and you looked to see two smiling faces. Jimin hissed in displeasure but rolled his window down nonetheless.

“The hell are you doing here?” His question was most probably pointed at Jungkook.

“Just checking up on you two since you can’t seem to take care of yourselves like fucking grownups,” he scoffed but he had a smile on his face, earning a chuckle from Taehyung.

“Get out of here before I kick both your asses,” Jimin threatened in a serious tone. “And don’t even get me started on what I’m gonna do with you later, you little -” You cut off his threat to Jungkook by giggling and leaning against his chest.

“You should let him off the hook this one time, babe,” you let the pet name slip and you saw his lips curl up slightly. “At least it worked.”

“Yeah, Jimin, it worked,” Jungkook said smugly. And this time you flipped him off before rolling up the window yourself, quite pleased with the black tinted glass.

“Hey! We need a ride!”

“I suggest you two leave before you hear anything you don’t wanna hear,” you yelled, giggling when they groaned, muttering ‘ew’ and ‘gross’ simultaneously before it was silent once again.

You looked back to Jimin to find him looking at you with a large grin on his face, and this time you were the first one to say it.

“I’m in love with you , Park Jimin.”

“__, fuck. Baby,” his head dropped back against the pillow as your kisses traveled down his bare chest, already slightly damp with sweat. You didn’t waste a single second and quickly unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down with his help. You bit your lip when your eyes landed on the bulge in his boxers, showing clearly through the dark tight material.

His chest heaved up and down when you grabbed the hem with your teeth, your pinkies hooking on both ends on his hips to help you pull it down, his eyes glazed with burning lust that had your body scorching hot. As soon as you got them all the way down, your lips quickly found his length, mouthing up and down at the hardness. You pressed sloppy kisses to it before your tongue slipped out for a taste, and his groan only spurred you on.

Your hand grabbed the base of it to angle him properly to your mouth, and you licked your lips at the sight of him so hard and ready for you. He stared down at you, eyes wide with anticipation as he waited for your next move, but they quickly slid shut once again when took his head in your mouth.

“Fuck,” he groaned out, his voice sounding much deeper than usual, and you felt yourself fucking soaking through your panties. Thankfully, your panties were the only piece of clothing you had on, making the steps you had to take later on much easier.

You slowly started bobbing your head to take more of him in your mouth, absolutely loving the way he tasted in your mouth. You weren’t usually one to enjoy doing stuff like this, but something about giving Jimin pleasure and making him feel good was better than receiving pleasure yourself. And you showed it to him by trying to take as much of him into your mouth as you couch until he hit the back of your throat.

“__, shit -” You gagged against his length and pulled your mouth away to cough slightly, regaining your breath but making up for it by stroking him with your hand, your spit making it easy for you to move your hand up and down. You leaned down and enveloped him once again in the warmth of your mouth, earning a long moan from him.

You didn’t know for how long you did that, bobbing your head slowly before increasing your pace every once in a while, then slowing down once again. Nothing but the sound of your mouth working on him, lewd sucking noises filling the room, as well as his pants and groans with your occasional hums were heard.

“Baby, baby stop.” He gripped your hair and softly tugged in an effort to pull your mouth away from him, and you obliged. “Come’ere,” he panted and you immediately clambered on top of his body, desperate to reach his mouth and kiss those swollen lips that you never knew would feel so amazing on yours, so right.

His hands touched every inch of your skin, fingers groping tightly onto every curve with neediness, and your hands did the same. Your nails grazed his skin, unable to control yourself, occasionally tugging on his soft hair when he squeezed your ass tightly in both hands.

Your hips moved and ground down onto his, your clothed crotch making contact with his bare length, but fuck it felt so good. Your panties were so thin and soaked through, you could practically feel every ridge and vein along his cock, and the pace of your hips immediately increased in desperation as sparks of euphoria tingled throughout your body.

“Fuck, that feels so good,” his head dropped back against the pillow beneath his head, eyes fluttering shut and exposing his throat to your lips. Your mouth landed on his Adam’s apple, your teeth grazing it softly and he reciprocated by splaying both hands on your ass and squeezing harshly, pushing you down harder against him and thrusting his hips up at the same time, putting just the right amount of pressure on your clit.

“Jimin,” you whimpered out. “Please, let me ride you.”

“Anything you want, baby. I’m all yours.” His words were breathy, lost in the pleasure of having you so willing in pliant in his arms, wanting this just as badly as he did. He was ready to give you everything, his whole world on a golden platter if you so much as thought about asking for it. His love for you was overflowing and he couldn’t believe he was finally able to share it with you.

“__, ah - fuck, yeah.” His groans were sexier than you could ever imagine, doubling the pleasure that was already running through your body. “God, you ride me so fucking good.”

You whimpered at his words, your nails digging into his sweaty chest as you bounced on top of him. He filled you up so nicely, nothing like you’d ever felt before. You were both drenched in sweat by now, your heart stuck to the back of your neck, and his matted down to his forehead, beads of sweat on his temples. He looked like a god, skin shiny with sweat, face blissed out, eyes fluttering shut every few seconds but fighting their way back open, swollen lips parted to let out pants and groans, cheeks flushed red in the most fucked out way.

“Fuck, fuck,” you whimpered, bouncing faster on him, the sound of skin smacking against skin filling the room as your ass met his thick thighs with each movement you made. “Jimin, I love you so much, baby..

The loudest moan yet left his lips at your words, and he immediately sprang up from the mattress and sat up, his torso now flush against yours. He grabbed your hips and continued to bounce you on his cock.

“I love you, baby. I fucking love you,” he practically growled out the words before wrapping his arms tightly around your waist to flip you over. Your hands wrapped around him and gripped frantically onto his back when he immediately started pounding into you, crying out in immense pleasure at having the man you loved so much fuck you so good.

Your moans turned to scream, the bed squeaking in protest at the harsh movements Jimin made, your bodies moving desperately on the bed as you fucked like it was the last time, when it was actually only the first time of many, and the thought of that alone had you moaning louder.

“Jimin - fuck!” You squealed out, your head dropping back against the mattress when his mouth enveloped your nipple hungrily, sucking harshly at the sensitive bud as he continued his assault on your pussy. You could almost hear the sound of him moving inside you with how wet you were, but it was drowned out by louder much more prominent noises.

“Mine. You’re mine, baby,” he grunted, his hands slipping slightly on your thighs before he gripped them tightly and positioned them properly around his waist. His mouth found yours and he stuck his tongue in your mouth, giving extremely harsh thrusts and swallowing your desperate cries in return, You could do nothing but run your nails down his back, the sensations running through your body becoming too much for you.

His hands slid down from your thighs to your ass, gripping harshly before landing a smack there, and you couldn’t even cry out properly anymore, barely a whimper slipping out.

Jimin fucked you through your first orgasm, staring at you with glazed eyes as you writhed beneath him in sensitivity, eyes eating you up with insatiable hunger that had been pent up through years.

He turned you on your hands and knees and fucked you hard and fast, before your hands gave out and you dropped your face into the mattress. But he couldn’t even bother to stop, fucking you with your cries muffled into the sheets as you gripped them so tight, you were pretty sure they ripped.

He then flipped you once again on your back and leaned down so his body was completely stuck to yours before fucking you slow and deep, building up your orgasm in the best way possible, agonizingly yet beautifully slowly, and it was so intense you had tears of pleasure running down your cheeks by the end of it.

He fucked you through the night, taking you in every way he imagined possible, pleasuring your body like never before, all the while releasing all the pent up frustration he had on your body and making it his once and for all.

You woke up and turned to find him already staring at you with a smile so full of love and adoration, you were bashful. You smiled back and he leaned in to peck your lips.

“I love you,” you whispered against his lips, and he whispered it back in a heartbeat. You moved closer to hug him, your head resting on his chest. You’ve never felt safer than in his arms right now, legs tangled, bodies bare and stuck together as if they were one beneath the warm sheets.

I really hate it when people try to plant doubt into trans folks’ minds (especially young trans folks) for stuff like surgery and hrt by saying things like “you need to be 100% sure here, NO hesitation” and “this is too sudden a decision, you need to think it over more." 

Because like, 1) duh. But 2) these are never spur of the moment decisions. Trans people DO think this over. A LOT. And I guarantee we have thought about this way more and know way more about this stuff than any intrusive cis person who thinks they get an opinion on trans bodies. 

 Plus, I feel like the only reason anyone says things like that is to make sure the trans person DOES feel doubtful of their decisions. But hey, guess what, trans bodies are not public property!! You don’t get any say in what we do with our bodies!!! Stop trying to lowkey have control over trans folks. Stop making people feel uncomfortable about their own decisions. 

 Trans folks are already accustomed to feeling self doubt about our identities, so I promise that you really, truly do not have to worry about us being hesitant, especially for these big decisions. You’re not helping by offering unwarranted opinions.

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You guys give me a headache

Okay, so most people know what’s going on, right? About this video right here? Now most of the Supergirl fandom are mad at Jeremy for yelling out “They’re only friends!!!” with Melissa also singing it. Now, I, and other people, could plainly see that it was a joke, however the fandom doesn’t think so. You guys decided to attack Jeremy by calling him a homophobe and trying to make him sound like this monster who doesn’t give a shit about the LGBT community and that, instead of apologizing, he victimized his “straight white privileged” ass. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you but his apology letter looks genuine to me. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Now, I’ve seen people get angry because of how he started of with “Hey kids.” Let me tell you that his intention of using kids was not to belittle anyone who was offended by his comment, it was merely his little thing (seriously I cannot believe you guys got mad at that). Anyways, I can’t see how he was victimizing himself because he apologized for his comment and how he defended himself from the comments that called him homophobic by telling us that he has always supported the LGBT community. If defending yourself from hateful comments count as victimizing then most people are victimizing themselves. Sounds stupid, no? He even tells us that it was a silly joke that was supposed to recap season 2 in a nutshell, it was never his purpose to hurt or invalidate our feelings. “That being said, I know now that I made some of you feel pretty shitty, and I’m really sorry for that. I think you can guess you’ve succeeded in making e me feel the same. The difference, however, is mine was unintentional” With this little excerpt, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone said “See?! He is victimizing himself!!1!!” No, you stale bread, he isn’t victimizing himself or defending what he did, he’s saying that you guys intentionally spewed so much hate in the comments that it made him feel shitty over his joke that was made in the spur of the moment. Hell, he even told you guys to stop analyzing every little thing in life because (in my opinion) you guys seem to want to fight everything or anyone that looks like they look at the LGBT (or any community) in the wrong way. Usually, I’m all for protecting everyone but not at the cost of lashing out at everything that may or may not be an actual harmful thing. It was a joke that had no undertones of homophobia. I cannot believe you guys were so quick to throw Jeremy under a bus and accusing him of homophobia when anyone with half a brain knows that he isn’t homophobic at all. 

If that wasn’t enough for you jerks, he posted another part of his apology. He’s human, we’re all human. We are bound to make mistake, no matter how big or small. He didn’t even need to apologize because a handful of us knew that it was a joke, the rest of you shouldn’t have made it into a bigger thing than it was. If it hurt you, you guys should’ve been civil and told him nicely of the mistake that he made, not completely going off the rails and accusing him of homophobia. 

Now with mi amor Melissa Benoist, she too was joking around with Jeremy. Has she shown any disgust at the ship? or really any indication that she basically wanted to tore down Supercorp? I can’t believe that her singing along with Jeremy instantly made you guys dislike her. I saw this meme (the “thanks for making this… picture meme thing) that had the picture of Mehcad say “You can choke” on it. I’m sorry but all i saw him do was dance along to the silly ass song. There was no need in bringing hate to him either.

Here’s a little screenshot of where Jeremy tells us “they’re only friends.” Everyone here is laughing (Well, red shirt guy is surprised with the yelling), no one looks uncomfortable or embarrassed. (okay but look at mi corazon, mi alma Katie has my heart forever) The people there knew that it was a joke. It wasn’t supposed to bring anyone down.

Anyways, I ship Supercorp because have you seen them??? I know that there is a slim to none chance of it actually being canon but I don’t mind, the fandom provides with enough awesome things to fill my canon-less heart. Even though the fandom right now is all about no hate, however that same fandom also spews hate toward the Karamel part of the fandom. Think I’m lying? The other day on Instagram, an entitled idiot posted a picture saying to only watch the episodes that didn’t have Mon-el on it and to not watch when he appears to be petty. That same fandom spews hate towards Chris Wood only because that character he plays gets in the way of their beloved ship. 

I will not stand for a fandom that spews hate towards a ship and then act hurt when someone slightly disses their ship. That’s not how it works at all. If you actively go out and look for an reason to lash out, I am sorry for that life you live. I am ashamed of you guys and i cannot believe I ever thought this fandom was ever going to be different from other fandoms.

P.S. I’m not afraid of useless threats or hate. Care to comment on my post? Cool, shoot me an ask ;)

If I Could Tell Him...

I’m alive! Here’s a oneshot inspired by the song “If I Could Tell Her” from Dear Evan Hansen. I highly encourage you to listen to the song. Please enjoy!

“Girl, you’ve got to try to pull yourself together,” Alya frowned from the other side of Marinette’s phone screen. “Adrien’s your friend. It shouldn’t have been that hard to ask him to go to the movies with you. He definitely would’ve said yes if you asked, but instead…”

“But instead, I panicked and ended up tripping down the stairs,” Marinette sighed. She blew a stray piece of hair out her face, but it fell right back into place. Marinette decided to let it stay there. The day left her too exhausted to bother with anything else. Not only did she fall down the stairs before asking Adrien to the movies, but she also knocked Chloe over and took them both for a tumble. She wasted the next hour of her life listening to Chloe rant while accompanying her to the nurse to make sure neither of them were injured. In short, it had been a terrible day.

Marinette sighed again. “Alya, I thought I was gonna be able to do it this time. I spent almost three hours practicing last night, but when I faced the real thing… I just seized up.”

“But you’ve been doing so well lately. I’ve caught you two having normal conversations between class.”

“It’s fine when we’re talking about schoolwork, but when I try to act on my feelings, my mind turns to mush. I get so nervous. There are so many things I want to tell him, but they all jumble together and I can hardly muster a coherent sentence. My heart starts beating so fast that my body can’t keep up. Everything goes weak and suddenly, I’m unable to act normal anymore.”

Alya laughed, wishing she was with Marinette in person so she could give the poor girl a hug. “You’ve got the love bug bad!” Alya smiled. “And that’s not a bad thing, but if you want to have a chance with Adrien, you’ve got to overcome it. Don’t be nervous around him. He’s just Adrien after all.”

“Just Adrien?” Marinette sputtered, nearly dropping her phone. “Adrien Agreste, the kindest, smartest, and most handsome boy Paris has ever known? How is a klutz like me supposed to act around that?”

“He’s not some superhero or demigod. He’s a normal guy so there’s nothing to be nervous about. You’re not a klutz either. You’re just Marinette! And if Adrien doesn’t love that then maybe he isn’t the right guy for you.”

“I hope you’re wrong otherwise I’ll have to rework my entire life plan,” Marinette giggled. Her smile then turned to a slight frown as a different thought crossed her mind. “But I’ll never know if he’s the right one or not if I never tell him how I feel.”

“Good thing you’ve still got plenty of time to tell him.” Alya gave Marinette a hopeful grin. The school year wasn’t over yet. Each day was a new opportunity to make some progress with Adrien. “Remember what we talked about before?” Alya continued. “Baby steps. And speaking of babies, I’ve got to get back to babysitting. The twins are shouting for dinner so I should get cooking. Catch you later!”

“Bye!” Marinette said as the call ended. She dropped her phone onto her desk and groaned. “I’m a mess…” she mumbled under her breath.

“No, you’re not!” Tikki shouted as she emerged from behind Marinette’s chair. “Everything Alya said is right! You need to figure out how to tell Adrien how you feel! There’s no need to be nervous!”

“Funny how everyone’s an expert in love tonight,” Marinette said as she got out of her chair. She grabbed a blanket off her bed and slung it over her shoulders. “I’m going out to the balcony for a bit,” she told Tikki. “Wanna join me?”

Tikki let out a huge yawn. “No thanks,” the kwami replied tiredly. “I’m exhausted after the day we had today.”

“Tell me about it. I don’t want to hear Chloe’s voice for at least another year. Get some rest then. I need some fresh air to clear my head. I’ll come back inside soon.”

As Tikki headed to bed, Marinette went up to the balcony. The air outside was slightly cold, but it felt refreshing. The sun set an hour or so ago so the sky was dark and dotted with stars. The streets below still bustled, but above everything felt quiet. Marinette leaned against the metal railing as she watched Paris’s nightlife spring alive. Moments like this made all her worries feel small. Even at night, Paris kept moving and when seeing it action, how could Marinette think about anything else?

Out of the corner of her eye, Marinette spotted a shadow dart across the buildings across the street. She squinted her eyes, trying to get a closer look. “Could that be…?” she wondered as leaned over the railing. “There’s only one person who could be out roaming the skyline at this time of night.”

The shadow disappeared, leaving Marinette puzzled. “Where did he go?” she thought, craning her neck to peer across the street. “He was there just a second ago.”

“Surprise, Princess!” a voice shouted from behind her.

Marinette jumped as the blanket fell off her shoulders. She swiveled around to find Chat Noir standing behind her, hands proudly on his hips and tail whisking back and forth. “You scared me!” Marinette yelled, putting her hand over her beating heart. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Chat Noir grinned cheekily. “I saw you outside and thought it would be rude not to drop by and say hello. Besides, who doesn’t like a special visit from their favorite superhero?”

“That’s quite an assumption you’re making,” Marinette smiled, now matching Chat Noir’s pose. “Who says you’re my favorite?”

“I’m not?”

“I’m only joking. Of course, you’re my favorite, but don’t tell Ladybug I said that.”

“Your secret’s safe with me!”

There was a brief moment of silence before Chat Noir spoke again. “Are you doing alright?” he asked, almost in a whisper. Marinette met his eyes which to her surprise were filled with concern. She was slightly taken aback. Chat Noir didn’t often act seriously like this. It was different. What spurred the sudden worry?

“I’m fine…” Marinette answered. Her gaze drifted to the floor. “Well,” she began again. “I guess today wasn’t the best day I’ve ever had, but there isn’t much I can do about that.”

Chat Noir took a seat on the balcony’s railing. “Tell me about,” he said. “I’ve got time to listen.” With a carefree and kind smile like his, Marinette couldn’t refuse. Besides, she had time to burn too.

Marinette let her back hit the railing and then sank down to her knees. She tossed the blanket over them before starting her story. “I tried to invite the boy I like to the movies today, but it didn’t go so well,” she explained. “I got nervous again and ended up falling down the stairs. To make matters worse, I knocked into Chloe which sent her into a frenzy. I ended up looking like an idiot again. At this rate, I don’t think he’ll ever talk to me again, let alone go to the movies with me.”

“You have someone you like?” Chat Noir asked, his ears perking up.

Marinette raised an eyebrow. “Out of everything in my story, that’s what you picked up on?” she said, pretending to be sarcastic while holding back giggles. “Why? Are you jealous?”

Chat Noir shook his head. “No… I just didn’t know. If you don’t mind me asking, who is he?”

“Adrien Agreste.”

For reasons Marinette didn’t know, Chat Noir visibly stiffened. There was something in his eyes that Marinette couldn’t discern. Surprise, anxiety, and a spark of something else. She tapped his knee, bringing him back to life like a wind-up toy newly wound. He ran his hand through his hair before looking at her. Chat Noir softly smiled as he asked, “Is that so?”

Marinette rolled her eyes. “Hard to believe, I know. We’re not exactly a perfect match. He’s a popular, perfect model while I’m clumsy Marinette. One might say we’re polar opposites.”

“But they also say opposites attract,” Chat Noir added, proud of his joke. “I don’t think you two sound that different. Maybe he’s not as perfect as you think…”

“Well, of course, he’s not perfect perfect, but he’s perfect to me.” Marinette’s cheeks glowed pink which was hardly noticeable against the dark backdrop of night. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach at the thought of him.

“Why do you think he’s perfect?” Chat Noir pressed further. “I mean, nobody’s perfect and perfection isn’t a reason to fall in love with someone.” Marinette detected bitterness in his words as if he had this conversation with others before. His blonde locks covered his eyes so Marinette couldn’t read his expression. Yet, Marinette could read his body language and it was obvious something she said struck a chord with him.

“He’s perfect because of all the reasons I love him,” Marinette smiled. She leaned over and rested her head against Chat Noir’s dangling leg. “I always have trouble finding the words when I with him, but if I could tell him… I’d have so much to say. I keep them all locked inside, unsaid, but someday I’ll tell him how I feel. I’d tell him all the reasons I love him.”

“You could tell me.”

Marinette and Chat Noir turned to each other, both stunned. Chat Noir waved his arms, panicking. “Y-you could tell me as practice!” he stammered. “It might be good to get it all out with someone else first! That way it’s easier to tell him later! That’s what I meant!” His tail waved fervently, not hiding his anxiousness. A nervous Chat Noir was a new picture for Marinette, but she liked it. It was oddly adorable.

“I don’t mind,” Marinette shrugged. “I’ve never had the chance to talk about it with anyone but Alya. It’s kinda embarrassing though so you can’t tell anyone else.”

“You have this cat’s word.”

“Alright…” Marinette took a deep breath as she gathered her thoughts. Reasons she loved Adrien? There were so many. It would be best to start at the beginning. “There’s his smile which feels so kind and real. His face lights up when he truly smiles. Not the forced smiles he gives the teachers or Chloe… his real smile is amazing.”

“And there’s the way he tries to stand up for his friends even when he knows the consequences. To be someone of his social standing and talk back to others is dangerous, but he does it anyway. Sometimes it’s in quiet ways. He’ll whisper to Chloe and ask her to knock it off. Sometimes he’ll sneak away and tell a teacher. Sometimes he’ll face others head on. I’ll never forget the time he defended my uncle in front of Chloe. They’re friends so I didn’t think he’d tell her off, but he did. His sense of justice matches even yours, Chat Noir. Adrien will always help a friend in need.”

“Then there’s the way he sneaks silly puns and jokes into conversations. They’re almost too subtle to notice. Whenever he tells a joke, the corners of his mouth turn up slightly as if he’s trying to disguise his pride. They’re always corny, but somehow they warm my heart. Adrien’s puns are few and far between, but each one feels special. They’re a sneak peek into his sense of humor.”

“And his laugh… he has the most wonderful laugh. It’s lighthearted and carefree. When he lets himself laugh, he laughs like nobody’s watching. His cheeks turn red as he throws his head back and laughs. When he’s finished, he smiles again. A rare happiness fills his emerald eyes. Whenever I watch him laugh, I feel one step closer to him. I feel like I’ve been allowed to witness something magical.”

Marinette tilted her head up toward the stars. She closed her eyes and smiled. “But the thing I love about him most,” she said, reminiscing the moment when the fire of her love began to first burn. “Is his heart.”

Chat Noir cocked his head, confused. “His heart?” he asked.

Marinette nodded. “He has a good heart. He helps others whenever he can. He’s kind beyond belief. He can remain level-headed when times get tough, but also knows how to makes others feel better. His words encourage others to keep moving forward. His father, though he’s my hero, can be harsh and cold sometimes. Yet, Adrien always manages to stay kind and positive. I know there are moments when he’s feeling down, but he tries to smile for everyone else’s sake. His heart is almost too big for him to bear.

“And the moment I fell in love with him, I couldn’t believe it. It was so sudden and new. I didn’t think it was possible, but somehow his heart reached mine. With only an umbrella and a simple laugh, he captured my heart. It sounds silly to say it out loud. It’s like something out of a movie… ”

“It’s not silly!’ Chat Noir shouted, nearly falling off the railing. His cheeks were just as red as Marinette’s now. The only reason she didn’t notice was because of the darkness and his mask. Chat Noir cleared his throat and swallowed the nerves that were quickly creeping through his entire body. "It’s cute,” Chat Noir smiled. It was a more heartfelt smile, the kind Marinette only saw when he was talking to her as Ladybug.

“Thanks,” Marinette blushed. “But does it all really matter if I don’t tell him? I want to say something, but I can’t do it! I feel so far from him even though he sits right in front of me every day. He’s everything to me, but he has no idea and it’s my fault. If only I could tell him…”

Chat Noir jumped off the railing onto the balcony. He sat down next to Marinette and pulled part of her blanket onto him. She looked surprised but didn’t say anything. “I think…” Chat Noir started as he bit his lip. “Adrien probably has things he wants to tell you too.”

“I doubt it. There’s not really anything that impressive about me. He thinks I’m a good designer but that’s about it,” Marinette pouted. “We’ve never talked about me either. I don’t know how much he could want to say.”

“That’s not true. I think Adrien would say a lot of things,” Chat Noir smiled. “I think he would tell you how he admires the way you stand up to Chloe. You don’t let her push you or anyone else around. Without hesitation, you rise up and take her head on. You’ll defend any friend or stranger because you know it’s the right thing to do.”

“How would you know he’d say something like that?” Marinette asked, one eyebrow raised. “That’s awfully specific…”

“…Adrien and I have… talked before,” Chat Noir said, thinking carefully about his words. “He’s been at the site of quite a few akuma attacks so we’ve had time to chat. He’s mentioned things about you a few times too.”

“He has?!” Marinette’s face lit up like the Eiffel Tower at night. She grabbed Chat Noir’s arm, shaking it eagerly. “Please tell me what he said! Chat Noir, I have to know!”

“Alright!” Chat Noir laughed as Marinette began to calm down. “It’ll have to stay a secret between us though.”


“Okay. Well, he said… he also likes the way you get nervous sometimes, but persevere. He likes the way you trip, stumble, and yes, even fall down the stairs because you always get right back up and keep going. When you make mistakes, it doesn’t paralyze you. You try again. It may take a while, but you always bounce back.”

“Did he say anything else?” Marinette clutched her cheeks, nearly squealing with glee. Her heart was beating so fast, it might pop out of her chest. The thing about herself she often hated Adrien liked? It had to be a miracle. “A-Actually, no nevermind…” she backtracked. She pulled on her hair nervously. “I probably shouldn’t be hearing this since Adrien told you, not me.”

“N-no, no! I’m sure Adrien would be fine with it,” Chat Noir replied, almost as nervous as Marinette. “And he said so many things, I’m trying to pick out the best ones to tell you.” Chat Noir felt himself begin to ramble. Something stirred in his chest. It was similar to how he felt about Ladybug. Usually, he would have stopped to question the feeling. After all, Ladybug was his one true love. But right now, he was so caught up in Marinette he didn’t have time to stop and think.

“Go on then…” Marinette urged him. “What else did Adrien say?”

“He said he likes the way you tie your hair with ribbon into little ponytails. And the way you always match your clothes like an expert designer would. It makes you look even prettier than you normally do.”

“Adrien thinks I’m pretty?”

“Definitely! He also told me he likes the way you’re courageous in the face of danger. You’re a civilian, but you’ve got enough bravery to be a hero all on your own. You want to protect everyone. When an akuma appears, you’re never afraid. You remain calm and think rationally. You always seem to have a plan. It’s incredible. You could rival Ladybug. All in all, he thinks you’re amazing!”

Marinette laughed to herself. “Oh the irony,” she smiled. “I can’t believe Adrien said all those things,” Marinette said aloud. “He’s never mentioned anything before, but I guess I don’t do a great job keeping up conversations with him. I didn’t know he thought about me that way.”

“Maybe he didn’t know how to tell you?” Chat Noir shrugged. “Or maybe he never knew how badly he wanted to tell you,” he thought, his pulse racing.

Marinette hugged her knees to her chest. “Adrien doesn’t seem that far away now. Maybe I’ll try asking him to the movies again tomorrow. Hopefully, he won’t mind if I have another clumsy moment again. But even if I fall down the stairs, I want to get back up and try again.”

“That’s the spirit!” Chat Noir nudged her arm playfully. “You’ve got nothing to worry about, Princess. Once you ask, I’m 100% positive he’ll say yes. And I think I overheard that he might be free this Friday afternoon.”

“Thank you, Chat Noir.” Marinette let her head fall onto his shoulder. Chat Noir froze for a moment before slowly running his hand through her hair. It was soft like he expected and smelled like vanilla. He tried to speak, but the words were caught in his throat. Instead, he tried something simpler.

“You’re welcome…”

Marinette sat up, making Chat Noir feel a little sad. With a bright smile, Marinette promised, “I’ll put in a good word for you with Ladybug as thanks for tonight. She’s got a great kitty at her side although I don’t think she’s ever doubted that.”

She winked at Chat Noir and rush a familiarity overcame him. It felt too familiar, but Marinette had never shown him that expression as either Adrien or Chat Noir. Where had he seen it before then? Before he could ask her, Marinette stood up and wrapped the blanket in her arms.

“I should probably head inside. It’s getting late and I promised Tikk- I mean my MOM, that I wouldn’t stay out too long.” Marinette coughed, praying Chat Noir hadn’t noticed her slip up.

Chat Noir nodded. “I understand.” He bowed and took Marinette’s hand. Gently, he held it up to his lips, giving it a delicate kiss. “Until next time, princess.” Marinette rolled her eyes with a smile, not surprised by Chat Noir’s suave nature.

He unhooked his baton from his waist and extended it. Chat Noir gave her his signature two-finger salute before bounding into the darkness. Marinette watched his figure disappear behind the buildings. Once he was gone, she headed towards the trapdoor to go back to her bedroom.

But then she stopped. “I wonder who told him I was having a bad day…” Marinette thought. “Maybe it was Adrien… Someone must have asked him to check on me. I’ll have to ask the next time I see that silly cat though. Even without the mask, he can always see right through me.”

With a final look at the night sky, Marinette whispered to herself, “Good night, Chat Noir.” And then she disappeared back into her bedroom, hopeful for tomorrow.

How Far

A little something for @alphacrone​ who wanted to read some Friendship!Jack and Bitty.  A restless night at the Haus leads to an impromptu visit to the local bowling alley.

“Just trust me on this one, Jack,” Bitty said out of the side of his mouth as he reached for a bowling ball.

Jack nodded, then turned toward Shitty.

“Yeah, sure.  I’m in,” Jack said as he handed Shitty a twenty dollar bill. 

“Lord, that’s kind of steep for me right now,” Bitty said hemming and hawing. “Well, at least it’ll be fun.”

“I feel bad taking your money, Bitty,” Shitty said as he took two crumpled tens. “But not too bad!”

Bitty looked at the balls, and decided on a neon green 12 pound ball.  

“How hard can it be?” he asked Shitty as he lifted the ball and held it to his chest.

Jack smirked, and sat down as he entered everyone’s name into the automatic scorer.  

Lardo and Shitty had been restless at the Haus that evening, and their restlessness began to spread to the rest of the team.  Even with midterms quickly approaching, no one else had any real inclination of actually doing work.

“It’s Friday night.  We’re young and alive… let’s do something. Anything for fuck’s sake,” Shitty moaned as he dramatically spread himself across the kitchen table and sighed.  

Lardo sat on the counter looking through her Instagram feed while Bitty frosted some cupcakes, and frowned upon seeing Shitty plastered on the table.

“Can you please get your stank ass head off my kitchen table?  We eat there, you know.”

“Stank ass head.  Good one, Bittle,” Jack snorted as he also sat at the table, doodling some hockey plays in the margin of his history book.

Lardo jumped off the counter and shoved her phone in front of Shitty’s face.  

“Look!  An online coupon for free pizza with a paid game at Strikers.  Get up, peeps.  We’re going bowling.”

Shitty immediately sat up and threw his fist into the air.

“Yes! A little ten pin, m’lady and gents?”

“Bowling?” Bitty said with a slight moue.

Jack stood up and said, “I could bowl.  You don’t bowl, Bittle?”

Bitty shrugged and put down the last cupcake.  “Fine… let’s go bowling, I guess.”

“Thank god, I was just about to pass out of boredom,” Lardo said as she grabbed the Haus keys from the glass bowl on the kitchen counter.

“Let’s go, kiddles.  And bring those cupcakes,” Shitty said as he followed Lardo outside.

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anonymous asked:

Mulder and Scully make dinner together and mess it up

Things That Happen in the Kitchen
by mldrgrl
Rated PG13

“Scully, can I ask you a personal question?” Mulder asked.  He’d been twirling a pencil between his fingers and watching her type up a report on her computer for the better part of fifteen minutes, and she knew from experience that his silence wouldn’t last long.

“No,” she answered, taking only a brief pause before she began typing again, trying to ignore his gaze, which she could feel boring holes into the back of her head.  Her neck tingled and she flicked her head back to shake the feeling away

“Can you cook?”

“Of course I can cook.”

“Why, ‘of course?’  I’m supposed to believe you can do everything perfectly?”

Scully smiled in spite of herself, but her back was to Mulder so she knew he wouldn’t see her amusement.  “Seven years later, you’ve finally caught on.”

“You know what I’ve also learned in seven years, Scully?”


“I need proof.”

Scully smiled again, but kept typing.  “What about you?”

“Does soup count?”



“Not quite.”

“I guess not.”

Scully nodded once and put her attention back into her report.  She’d lost her place in the moment she let her mind wander to engage in conversation with Mulder and she had to backtrack to find her train of thought again.

“So, what about Friday night?” Mulder asked.

“What about it?” she murmured, re-reading her last paragraph.

“You coming over and teaching me how to cook.”

Scully finally turned in her chair to face Mulder and he stopped twirling his pencil, though the grin on his face remained.  She lifted her brow as if to question his sanity.

“It’ll be fun,” he said.  

“Basically, you just want me to feed you.  What do I get out of it?”

“You get to put your money where your mouth is.  Try to prove to me you know what you’re doing.  I know how much you enjoy that.”

“I don’t enjoy proving you wrong, it’s just so easy to do.”

“I said try, Scully.  I still contend you have yet to actually prove me wrong.”

Scully raised her brow again, definitely questioning his sanity this time.  She turned back around and put her hands on her keyboard, but didn’t type.

“How’s seven?” she asked.

“Works for me,” he answered, twirling his pencil again.  She could see him grinning in the reflection of her computer screen.


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After The Fact

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou

Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Fat Gum (Brief)

Other Tags: Set immediately after the current arc, Hurt Kirishima (Physical and Emotional), Bakugou Doesn’t Know How To Handle Emotions, Hurt/Comfort

(A note: You know, the adults in this world are incredibly irresponsible. Letting fifteen year old newbie heroes-in-training participate in this kind of rescue, resulting in at least one of them getting beaten within an inch of his life…)

Read on Ao3 here

— — — —

They come back late at night. 

Two days. They’d been gone for two days: Uraraka, Tsuyu, Deku. A couple of upper classmen, too. Aizawa-sensei. 


The class did not know the details beyond this: their classmates were helping the pro heroes. They would not be updated any further. It was a murmur of excitement, some jealousy — “Man,” Kaminari laments, “Kirishima’s been getting all the fame, huh?” So much for having a weak, style-less quirk. Kirishima didn’t need flashy: he was strong as hell on his own. 

So was, apparently, Deku. Enough that they, fucking freshmen heroes in training, were chosen to go on a mission with pros. That should have been Bakugou. The upperclassmen make sense. Aizawa, too, and hell he can even respect Uraraka and Kirishima and Tsuyu being there cause, yeah, they’re pretty damn good at what they do.

But Deku. 

He doesn’t know what to think about Deku any longer. There’s this knee-jerk disgust and need to snarl and bite and tear into him and reduce him to bloody shreds because how the fuck is Deku there but not Bakugou. 

But that’s not what matters right now. 

A quarter before one in the morning, Bakugou gets out of bed. He knows that the teachers are alerted when the doors open past curfew, but hell if he’s going to let that stop him. Those fuckers are back — he knows because he saw them clambering out of a truck together, and he can recognize Deku’s obnoxious fucking hair from a mile away. 

No one comes to stop him, anyway. They must be too damn busy giving a hero’s welcome to bother with some kid sneaking out late at night. Bakugou sneers. He’d going to find out what’s going on if he has to beat it out of Kirishima. The asshole had his lips sealed tight up until he fucked off for the last two days. Didn’t even say a god damn word. 

Outside, it’s cold. The air is still. He should have brought a jacket, but it’s too late now, so Bakugou trudges onwards in nothing but his shoes and pajamas towards the front of the school. There are voices, low, impossible to make out their words, but enough to tell him the majority of the faculty is up. Something big had happened. 

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anonymous asked:

what do you think attitudes of elves who stayed in middle-earth during the 2nd/3rd ages were like towards elves who sailed west, especially ones who sailed west to 'escape' during difficult times? do you think some thought of them as quitters?

PROBABLY, anon, I expect any possible opinion was held by some elf somewhere! Uh, going West for healing is clearly a thing, and psychological and physical problems seem to be intertwined for Elves, so I expect the general standard would be more compassionate and less judgemental than that – but I can easily imagine, e.g. a sort of low-key superiority among some of the Elves who stayed, like, “it would be wrong to blame them for being too weak to stick it out”…

slightly off-topic, I kind of wonder to what degree the Avari were still a thing in the Third Age? In the sense that obviously they still exist, but the whole way the Elves relate to the Valar has to be super different by that point – so of course loving Middle-earth is still a motive, but I feel like distrust/fear of the Valar would have to have died down somewhat by that point, possibly in some mild embarrassment. You know. “It’s been like ten thousand years and Oromë still hasn’t been proven to eat anyone’s soul, maybe it’s time to give it up a bit”?

anyway. “For it is not the land of Manwë that makes its people deathless, but the Deathless that dwell therein have hallowed the land” – like, the whole point of the Great Journey was to bring the Elves somewhere safe, and look how that worked out, I’m wondering how far that sort of viewpoint would have survived? Up until the end of the Second Age Valinor is very definitely still part of Arda, and even afterwards, it’s not completely disconnected from the world. So I’m wondering how far some of the Elves might have been sceptical about the degree to which sailing West was “escaping” at all, especially the Avari, or the ex-Noldor and their descendants? It’s not like it was a demonstrably flawless method in the past, after all. But I can’t see that being a common attitude.

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Because I'm in the mood for some ooey gooey fluff, how about Bellarke getting engaged?

Ooey gooey fluff, coming right up!

Bellamy’s eyes were closed, his head her in lap, but Clarke knew he was awake.  His breathing got heavier when he was asleep, and every so often when she’d brush a curl back from his forehead a tiny smile would flit across his face.  A few tourists trickled past but with the museum closed for the day, most of the inhabitants of the park were Romans enjoying the early evening sun.  Clarke loved this time of day and she and Bellamy had taken to spending it in the park now that it was warm out. She would sketch and he would work out a plan for the dig the next day, trading kisses whenever they felt like it.  Sometimes they just laid together, watching the sun turn everything golden.

Clarke trailed her finger across his cheekbone and Bellamy’s eyes opened.  They were so dark she could get lost in them, warm and deep and shining with love.  A chance meeting at the Piazza Navona nine months ago had turned into the best relationship of her life. Sometimes she woke up beside him and wanted to pinch herself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.  Bellamy lifted his head to press a kiss to her lips. The angle was awkward, but it felt so natural it took her breath away.  He laid his head back down and furrowed his brow.  “What is it?” he asked.  He was fiddling with the ends of her hair like he always did, unconsciously but gently.

“Marry me.”

Bellamy half sat up and looked around, like he expected to see a judge and an altar waiting nearby, or like he thought cameras from a prank show would suddenly emerge.  “What?”

“Marry me,” Clarke repeated, and it was insane but it also felt right. And Clarke didn’t second guess her instincts.

“Like right now?” he asked, but he was smiling.

“If you want.  Or we could wait until we’re back in the states; I assume you want Octavia around and I should probably invite my mom.  But I want to marry you.”

“You’re serious,” he said with wonder.  He sat up fully and cupped her cheek in his hand, his thumb caressing her jaw.

“I always am,” she said, and Bellamy chuckled.

“Do you have a ring?  Or is this as spur of the moment as I think it is?”

“A ring is your job,” she teased.

“If we’re going to be that heteronormative then I should be the one asking,” he threw back.

“You still haven’t answered me,” she pointed out, and he swooped in to kiss her like they were in her tiny studio near Termini and not in the Borghese gardens, surrounded by dozens of people.

“Of course I’ll fucking marry you,” he said and then it was her turn to kiss him back.

Not a game anymore

After 10 years of being in the dark, memories of a tragedy rise to the surface of the reader’s mind and she is consumed with grief, anger and vengeance. But why is the monstrous clown awake 17 years before it should be? Questions are in need of answering and the lives of many other children and adults alike are in need of saving. It’s only a matter of time before the reader loses another close friend or worse. But does the reader have the willpower to confront the clown, or will her mind cripple under pressure?

Y o o o here we are everyone, the sequel to Just A Game! I was gonna leave this for at least another week but my fingers itched to get started right away. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me!

If you ain’t a clownfucker then w h a t you doing here? For real. I’m not even in the main It movie tags so…



There was a total of 10 boxes of forgotten clothes, possessions and other miscellaneous things that you couldn’t even remember about and in the space of two hours you were working on box number 7. Inside were simple clothes that you must have had when you were last in Derry. Every time you grabbed a shirt or a pair of trousers you would unfold I and hold them up to see if they would fit, keeping the clothes that did in one pile and those that didn’t in another. You grabbed a woolen jumper and shook it open and were surprised to hear a tinker of a small piece of metal fall onto the floor. You frowned and discarded the jumper to the side and searched the floor for the unknown object. You stared for a moment when you finally found it.

Attached to a piece of velvety string tied into a choker was a peculiar bell striped white and black. It was worn and slightly battered, showing it’s age. You grabbed it and froze. You remembered something. Pain. Heartbreak. A friend. You shuddered and dropped the bell again.

“No…” You whispered. It was impossible. You stepped away from the damned bell when everything came back to you. The dare, the dead friend. The pain you had felt 10 years ago flooded your senses and tears had begun to threaten to fall because you had never truly mourned when you’d forgotten. One name now settled in your mind and you hated to think of it. Pennywise. The creature that had both frightened you and fueled your sexual desires but was also the murderer of your friend. Just the thought made you feel warm and angry inside. But no matter how you felt about Pennywise the dancing clown, you’d sworn to never return to Derry, Maine.




And yet it wasn’t long before you found yourself stood in the centre of a very familiar town. Your rational part of your brain wondered why you would ever want to return here after what you had been through but a larger, more hurtful part of your brain gave reason; you needed answers. Why was the clown active so early? Why did he do what he did? And importantly, was there a way to save innocent lives from him? You didn’t want to confront him, to ever see his nasty painted face again but being in the town meant there was a possibility of running into him again.

You had decided to stay with the friend who still lived in Derry just a precaution of the safety of you both. They were confused at first when you contacted them, telling them about your plans to visit and they agreed to let you stay, even if they were a little unsure. Now you were sat in a booth opposite them sipping on coffee and avoiding eye contact with the friend sat opposite you. He eventually reached out and placed his hand upon yours and your eyes flicked up to his face in surprise. He seemed so concerned, his brow furrowed and his eyes wide.

“Hey, are you alright?” He asked softly, causing a shy smile to occupy your lips.

“I’ve had better times.” You admitted. Since you had left Derry, (mf/n) had been the one to keep contact with you after all these years whilst the others had faded away, annoyed with the way you were so distant in opening up to them throughout the ten years. He had now become the one you turned to about everything, no matter the physical distance between you both.

He brushed his thumb over your knuckles comfortingly.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I wanna help you if I can.” He said. You curled your hand round to squeeze his in appreciation.

“You can probably guess that my visit here isn’t just a random spur of the moment.”

Your eyes drifted to the two of yours hands as you spoke.

“I know it isn’t. It’s something to do with the disappearances, isn’t it? They’ve started early.” (Mf/n) pointed out and you nodded, using your other hand to bring your drink to your mouth to sip.

“I don’t know how to explain what’s happening without sounding insane. It’s why the others don’t talk to me anymore.” You muttered quietly.

“You can tell me, whatever it is.” He urged gently. You shifted in your seat again.

“Promise you won’t shut me out and call me crazy?” You asked meekly. He nodded seriously. You sighed gently in defeat. “Alright, I’ll tell you. Just hear me out, no matter what.”

And then you told him about the balloon the first time you arrived back ten years ago, the incident in the sewers, you talked about the times the clown appeared to you in various locations, missing out the details of you sexual activities.

“And then, the final night before I was meant to leave, It came again….(b-bf/n) woke up whilst It was…talking to me and he didn’t like that. It-It grabbed her by the neck and it’s jaw- it dislocated so far his whole face peeled back! And then It-It engulfed her entire head.” Tears had begun to roll down your cheeks as you relived the moment vividly. (Mf/n) stayed silent but he squeezed your hand comfortingly. “I watched her as she thrashed, listened to her muffled screams until she fell silent and her body slumped. And then it took her away.” You finished and sniffled. You friend said nothing but he stood up from the booth and pulled you up for a hug. You sobbed quietly and he rubbed circles across your back, no doubt drawing attention to you both in the diner. It took a long time for you to calm down and by that point a stranger had come over offering a tissue which you took to dab your tearful eyes.

“I believe you. There’s so many bad things happening here that it can’t be coincidence.” (Mf/n) said after you both sat down again. You offered a wobbly smile in appreciation.

“Thank you for believing in me despite it sounding so strange.”

“So…why have you returned here?” He asked cautiously. You breathed a sigh.

“It’s back, earlier than he should be. I wanna be able to help people from going missing, to stop the clown once and for all. Or at least, try to.” You replied firmly and he nodded.

“I will try helping you if I can, even if I can’t remember the clown.”

You smiled and finished your coffee off in large gulps. When both of you were ready to leave, you paid the bill and exited the diner, strolling off down the street. You didn’t notice the red balloon floating nearby as you walked away. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Over the next few hours, you and (mf/n) researched all about the history of Derry on the internet, a better alternative to the library that you had refused to go near, even with your friend with you. It was easier to use the internet anyway to research. It hadn’t taken even a few clicks and a couple letters being pressed on the keyboard to find useful sources of information going along the timeline of Derry and explaining in full detail about what had happened through history.

However, as you searched in more depth on the subject, you came across a disturbing site known as clown sightings. It was a mixture of videos and photos of different people dressed up as clowns across the country chasing and scaring people everywhere they went; especially at night. It was also known as the “clown epidemic” and for some reason you had missed it being reported on the news the whole time. It was tradition, starting 10 years ago and now every year around Halloween clowns would appear everywhere to terrorise the country.

But as you searched through the sightings in Derry, you made the worst discovery yet; the clown in the silver suit. You knew it was Pennywise right away when the first image showed. He was unsightly tall, his hair a flaming orange and his make up so familiar to you that a shiver crawled down your spine. He had been discovered but it didnt appear as though he cared, even waving at the camera in some of the photos. (Mf/n) noticed your discomfort as you tensed beside him on the sofa where you were sat with your laptop.

“What’s wrong? Do you wanna stop looking at this?” His voice startled you, having you shake your head quickly in response.

“No. I’ll be fine, it’s just…this is him; Pennywise the dancing clown. (Bf/n)’s killer.” You murmured a reply. You watched as your friend’s face turned sour as his eyes cast back to the screen where Pennywise smirked back.

“Fucking dick. I would punch those fucking stupid rabbit teeth down his throat if I ever-” he began to rant but you pressed your finger to his rapidly moving lips to silence him.

“Hush, you know that would never do anything to him. He’s not human.” You reminded him. He sighed quietly, the annoyance burning in his eyes.

“I know. But he’s got the sort of face you wanna punch.”

Despite your everlasting ache within your body, you laughed at his comment and your attention left the laptop completely.

“You’re so weird.” You giggled and (mf/n) smiled goofily. It felt good to be in such company again, you thought. However, as the two of you laughed and joked with each other, your attention away from the laptop, you both missed the way the photo of Pennywise smiling transformed, his smile forming into a frown and his grip on the balloon string tightening. He was watching, always.


Here we go fam we got the first chapter of my sequel to Just A Game! Hope you all like this haha as always let me know if you wanna be tagged.

Tags: @kurai-ai @perfect-ginger-maniac @kaylees1414 @cupcakeatl @deaths-maiden @knaivity @littleroserh @oh-my-gerd @bgt1387 @kiss-my-assbut @negan1993 @iheartpennywise88 @yummypennywise @forever-a-starlight-mar-mar @rosesnpixies @super-nerd-autral @montseskellington @pattusca @penny-trash @geekguy1819 @pppennywise @hoe-for-daddywise @cyberkoalakitty @peardream72


So for you guys unaware; @smartphonehour and some of their friends made a mermaid AU for Be More Chill, and they made Jeremy into a rare barracuda mermaid that most people either fear or just find weird. And since Jeremy is the precious boy, I just had to draw him.

This was originally a cute picture though, I swear. But then it suddenly turned into young Jeremy being mocked by some other fish ehhhhh. I’m sorry I didn’t want to make him sad but it just happened!!!

The first pic is the original sketch that I did in pen (while I was meant to be doing my maths work I should mention XD), the second pic is the finished image, and the final image is a transparent version of the precious boy himself. All together, I think it took me over 2 ½ hours to draw this! This was honestly a spur of the moment drawing I did today, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Now, if you don’t mind excusing me; I believe I sadly have school tomorrow and it’s… *looks at clock* 12:40am, so I guess that means it’s sleepy time no- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Stuck: Part 2 -- Bughead Au

Word Count: 2,483

Rated: R

A/N: Click here for Part 1. The widely anticipated part 2! Betty and Jughead are out of the elevator, but is the spark still there? Sorry it came out a bit later than expected, but I think the extra time was worth it. Enjoy!

“Hey, kid.” Jughead felt a nudge on his shoulder. “Wake up. I think it’s about time you head home.”

Jughead eyes fluttered open, finding a man in grey coveralls kneeling beside him, looking at him quizzically. Where the hell-? Something moved against his leg and he glanced down. A sheet of blonde hair fanned across his thigh and a name popped into his head. Betty. Jughead smiled at the beautiful girl and remembered the night before; the strawberry daiquiri taste of her lips on his, her nimble fingers pulling at the short hair on the back of his neck.

“Are you okay?” The man said, pulling Jughead out of his daydream. “When did you get stuck in here?”

The dark haired boy stretched his arms, trying to push the sleepy fuzz out of his head. A pink cardigan fell into his lap. “We uh- it stopped around nine-thirty last night.”

“Really? And nobody found you?”

Jughead shrugged. “Apparently not. And nobody answered the call button.”

“Well, you better wake up your girl and head home.”

“Oh, she’s not-” As Jughead spoke Betty rolled onto her back, long eyelashes fluttering as she woke. She looked up at Jughead and pulled his jacket up to her chin. Betty smiled at the boy who’s lap she’d fallen asleep on. While she was acutely aware that she was laying on the dirty floor of her apartment’s elevator, she couldn’t stop thinking about Jughead’s hands running across her naked back, his lips traveling down her body.  She just wanted to get out of this elevator so they could finish what they’d started and fulfill the promise Jughead had given her. Betty’s hand slid along the seam of the boy’s black jeans until her hand reached his.

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assorted fic/msa asks

Anonymous said: msa izuku while an Official Of The Law tries to stop him from doing his usual cryptic stunts: hey where can i go to file a complaint? its not formal. fuck you.

this is just the right level of irritation, sarcasm, and wit to come straight from msa izuku’s mouth. i love that

Anonymous said: someone asks msa izuku what he wants to be when he grows up. he stares at the floor angrily. “a concept. if even that,” he says. no one knows how to respond. the silence stretches.

god this is PRISTINE. the silence stretches. im laughing you’ve captured the quintessential msa izuku experience!!!

Anonymous said: msa izuku’s saving grace yet achille’s attention-pulling heel is his ability to circumvent the powers people use to attack him, linear narratives, and any expectations placed on him

nfljsdfjsd yeah. his greatest strength and greatest weakness… it’s so funny to write. i love it

Anonymous said: 
kirishima: deku we actually dont want to screw you over
msa izuku: that sounds fake but ok

YEP! thats pretty much it

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To This Day, 1.

Pairing: Park Jimin / Reader

Genre: Fluff + Angst

Rating: PG-15

Warnings: None

Summary: Are you still waiting? Please don’t wait.

Words: 1597

Note: This series is inspired by epistolary novels. So, it may still be different from ‘main style’, but it’s something I’m giving a go at nonetheless.


July 12

Dear Y/N,

Never, in a million years, did I imagine that I would run into you at Eurwangni Beach. I mean, what are the chance of that? I was speechless for a long while until Taehyung poured water over my head to snap me out of it. Yet, even as I write this, I am still surprised, dumbfounded—whatever adjective you want to use.

It’s been five years since we last spoke, since our last good-bye. I never thought I would see you again and I know I keep saying that, but it’s true. However, seeing you unexpectedly like that: a smile on your face like always whilst you mingled with your friends, the look in your eyes… You haven’t changed at all. Not one bit. Feel free to laugh at me at how creepy I’m sounding, by the way.

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I was casting a spur-of-the-moment spell when all of the sudden...

a red tailed hawk landed on my kitchen widow seal. I hadn’t bothered to cast a protective circle before hand, and I guess someone got curious. The bird surprised me, I’ll admit. I wasn’t expecting a bird of prey to pop in and be like “Hi! Whatcha casting’?” I squeaked out a small hello and she flew off. I finished my spell and wondered if it would work since I was so distracted. I did. Now I wonder if the hawk helped out…I just don’t know. Probably never will. 


I am very much a fan of hand-holding among friends and the people one cares about - I was thinking about hand holding earlier and thought about Harry and then this happened. Enjoy

After the bodies had been buried, after the rocks had been moved from the path, broken glass cleared, Harry didn’t know what to do with his hands. After using magic – using his wand – to survive and defend himself after all these long months, he was grateful to have his old wand back, but he wanted to put it down. He was tired. He was weary. He wanted to use his hands.

Directly after the battle, people gave him peace. Rest. Everyone took a moment of silence for those they had lost. Took a moment so the names and faces and voices could be etched into their minds. Took a moment to promise they wouldn’t be forgotten.

But after that moment was over, they came to Harry for solace.
He didn’t mind. There were times when he wished he had just one person to confide in, so he didn’t mind being that one person for so many. He didn’t mind. 

But he didn’t know what to do with his hands.

A hand on the shoulder while someone was talking, it just didn’t feel right. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He wanted to reach out, but most of the people he talked to he didn’t know – hugs didn’t even feel right. He tried keeping his hands to himself: folded between his knees when sitting, in his pockets or behind his back when standing.

It felt impersonal. He wanted to use his hands.

It was only after Fred’s funeral that he knew what to do.

All of the Weasley children plus Harry and Hermione had taken over the Burrow kitchen. This was a special meal. They all wanted to help, they all didn’t want Mrs. Weasley to raise a finger. She had been grieving – they all had – but it was hard to comfort her. 

Ginny placed a small cake on a saucer in Harry’s hands and asked him to take it to her; she hadn’t eaten breakfast, she hadn’t eaten dinner.

When he wandered to the sitting room, he found her in her favorite chair staring out the window ripping up a scarf, unravelling the whole unfinished item. He approached her cautiously – like everyone had lately – but when he reached her, he placed a hand on hers and she stilled her frantic movements and started weeping.

Harry placed down the cake and took Mrs. Weasley’s hands in his, just holding them, as she sobbed. It wasn’t much, but it was the most emotion she had shown all week. The hands between his were full of love – they had shown him a mother’s love for seven years – maybe, just maybe, this touch was what was needed to help the world heal.

Jealousy Part 7

Word Count: 1595

   A/N: Ahhhh here’s the 7th part of Jealousy! Sorry it took forever I’m packing to move and still sick! A lot of you are asking for me to make this into a separate boon and I just might! But enjoy this, much love ️

    “I’m aware.” Y/N snapped, and Archie threw his hands up in surrender. “Archie you helped Jughead and I realize we were in love with eachother, now it’s our turn to repay the favor.” Jughead and Y/N stood from the bed, and stared Archie down.

    “Andrews, are you in love with Betty?” Jughead asked.

                                • • •

    “Thank you for meeting me at Pops, Betty!” Y/N beamed, standing from her booth and embracing the blonde.

    “Absolutely!” Betty smiled. “I wouldn’t of missed it for the world.” The two girls sat down and ordered milkshakes and fries, starting up small talk, but Y/N had a different, more pressing conversation in mind.

    “How’s Polly doing?” Y/N asked, and Betty gave a forced smile.

    “She’s… holding up. Veronica has been taking good care of her, but she’s still pretty heartbroken over Jason.” Betty confessed, fidgeting with her hands. Y/N didn’t mean to make the poor girl uncomfortable, but she needed a way to start up the conversation she wanted to have.

    “I don’t blame her, poor girl. She’s been through a lot. I’m really glad Veronica is being helpful, though. The more hands on deck, the better we can protect her and the baby.” Y/N said. She reached over, and grabbed Betty’s hands, and Betty looked up at her.

    “I want to help too, whatever i can do to lend a hand. You name it, I’ve got it, okay?” Y/N offered, and Betty smiled.

    “Thank you, Y/N. I don’t know what I’d do without you, you really are one of my best friends.” Betty said, and Y/N returned the smile.

    “Betty, can we talk about Jughead and Archie?” Y/N asked. Betty visibly tensed, and Y/N watched as she realized she knew about her texts to Jughead.

    “You saw?” Betty asked quietly, and Y/N nodded her head, giving a small smile but Betty could see the hurt behind it.

    “Y/N, I’m so so sorry! We’ve been spending so much time together lately, Jughead and I, and I guess I just started to develop a little crush! And when he kissed me in the spur of the moment, for a second I finally felt like I was wanted! But I immediately felt bad for it, so did Juggie! We both agreed it was a mistake but I guess I couldn’t get over it. I didn’t mean to betray you I just-”

    “Woah, woah hold up!” Y/N interrupted Betty’s fast rambling. “Betray me? You didn’t betray me Betty, I get it.” Betty looked at her confused, and squinted her eyes.

    “You’re not mad?” she asked in disbelief. Y/N gave a small laugh, and shook her head.

    “No, I’m not mad. Not even disappointed.” She joked, and Betty gave a breathy laugh.

    “I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for your surprising kindness and understanding, but why aren’t you mad?” she asked. The waiter brought their milkshakes and fries over, and Y/N popped a few in her mouth and sipped on her milkshake before answering Betty.

    “I’m not mad because I get it. I don’t mean to bring up sore subjects, but after Archie rejected you, I feel like you wanted to feel wanted by someone, I mean you said it yourself. Jughead was convenient, he was also having love trouble and was spending a lot of time around you-”  Betty stood up and collected her things.

    “I’ve heard enough.” she mumbled, walking out the door of Pops. Y/N got up and chased after her, stopping her in the parking lot.

    “Betty, what’s wrong?” Y/N asked. Betty turned around and sighed.

    “I don’t need your pity forgiveness because you think I’m still hung up on Archie. He doesn’t love me, I get it! I’ve gotten over it and we are just friends now. Did you ever stop to think that maybe I wanted to be with Jughead not as a rebound but because I actually liked him?” she asked. Y/N shifted on her feet, and her hands fell over her face.

    “Betty, it’s okay if your still into Archie, nobody is judging you.” she sighed, even though it was dark, Y/N could see she rolled her eyes.

    “I’m not into Archie!” she yelled. “Just drop it!” Betty started to storm off, and Y/N had to make a quick decision.

    “What if I told you Archie was in love with you?” Betty stopped in her tracks and turned around.

    “I’d call you a liar.” Betty snapped. Y/N ran up to Betty, and grabbed her arm.

    “I wouldn’t lie to you, Betty. He told me and Jughead he was. He panicked that night after the dance, and when you slammed the door in his face, he debated knocking on the door to tell you. He didn’t do it though because he was afraid you wouldn’t believe him, and he thought he had already did enough damage.” Betty stared at Y/N in shock, wracking her brain for the right words to say but nothing came to mind.

    “How do I know you aren’t just telling me this to make me feel better about Jughead choosing you?” she questioned lightly, and Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “What did I just tell you, I would never lie to you!” Y/N exclaimed and Betty looked down at the ground.

    “Why would he tell you this?” she asked.

    “He came to my house right as Jughead and I became, official I guess, and he tries to win me over. We were talking to him and he finally spilled.” Betty shook her head slowly, trying her best not to get excited over what she was hearing but Y/N could see her poker face fading.

    “Betty look at me, please.” Betty looked up at Y/N, and tried her hardest to look for any signs she was lying. She searched her eyes for deceitfulness but saw none, and a small smile crossed her face.

    “So Archie does like me, huh?” she said softly, and Y/N chuckled.

    “It seems that way.” Y/N said, and Betty hugged her. “Now can we go back inside, I invited you to Pops for a reason, and it was so I could eat while talking to you.” Betty laughed.

    “I swear to god you’re just like Jughead sometimes.” she joked and Y/N giggled,  following the newly Happy blonde into the diner.

    “I am not!” she called. The two took their seats once again, sipping on their milkshakes and Y/N called the waiter over to order a burger.

    “So,” Y/N said, turning her attention over to Betty. “How about we invite Archie and Jughead to meet us here?” she asked. Betty smiled down at the table, and nodded her head.

    “Let’s do it. But you have to text him, I have a feeling he’ll come for sure if you do it.” Betty said, eating the fries. Y/N pulled out her phone and sent a group text to both Archie and Jughead.

Me: Bets and I are at Pops, you two should come join us. My treat!

    Y/N looked up from her phone and set it down on the table, smiling at the bubbly blonde in front of her. “It’s done, I texted them.”

    “Knowing them, you should get a text any-” Betty was cut off my the vibrating phone on the table, and Y/N picked it up to see it was from Jughead. Y/N frowned at the phone, noticing it wasn’t a text from the group chat, meaning he had something to say and didn’t want Archie to see.

Juggie <3: We have a little bit of a problem… Archie’s phone is here at his house but I don’t know where he is. He’s not here.

    Y/N frantically texted back, worry starting to set it. Betty noticed that her demeanor changed from happy to something not so good, and started to question her.

    “What’s wrong? Can they not make it?” she asked.

Me: Should we call someone? I’m worried now because there’s a killer on the loose and I don’t want anything happening to him…

Juggie <3: let’s first check all the places we’d think he could be. If he doesn’t turn up, we call someone.

Me: does Fred know?

Juggie <3: no, he doesn’t need to either, he’ll just want to call the sheriff.

Me: Juggie, that’s his dad, he needs to know. Tell him please, just let him know of the plan. I’ll get Betty and we’ll go check our houses first and then the school. Maybe he went looking for us, or he’s blowing off steam on the football field, I don’t know…

    “Bets, we need to go.” Y/N said shoving her phone in her pocket. She pulled out some cash from her wallet and threw it on the table and rushed over to Pops. “Hey, can you just put my burger in a to-go container, I’m gonna come get it later, I’ve got to go do something.” She smiled and Pops nodded his head. Y/N dragged Betty out of the diner and Betty stopped in front of the door.

    “Y/N! What’s going on, what’s wrong?” Y/Ns phone buzzed again, and she looked at the message.

Juggie <3: I’ve already messaged Veronica and even Kevin to come help us. Fred knows too. Message me if you get anything. I love you.

    “Y/N! Tell me what’s going on now!” Betty yelled.

    “We don’t know where Archie is, he’s disappeared.”

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Someone Jealous?

Word Count: 635

Fandom: Sherlock

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Request: None

(A/N): This was kind of a spur of the moment idea and I wanted to post it. So sit back and please enjoy my first Sherlock drabble and my first one-shot on Tumblr. (It’s short, I apologise.)

Originally posted by letsdiscussaboutsherlock

“(Y/N), is that really you?” A voice called out. The girl turned to look for the speaker. Her eyes landed on a blond haired man with a tan complexion. Guessing by his accent, he was very clearly American.

“Jacob? What are you doing at a crime scene?” She asked, walking over to him.

“I was a witness, but that isn’t important. How are you? It’s been so long since we last spoke,” he said.

“I’m wonderful. What are you doing in London?” She said.

“I moved here for my job,” he explained.

“Oh, that’s good. How about Matthew? You two still going strong?” She asked.

“Oh, yeah. That weirdo is still with me. He moved here with me. Surprising, I know. Honestly, I don’t understand how he puts up with me. I’m insane,” Jacob jested.

“Brilliant, you two are cute,” she said.

“What about you? Any new relationships?” Jacob asked. She blushed and nodded.

“Yeah, actually. I guess I finally found my fish,” she said, twisting the ring on her finger.

“Oh, my goodness! You’re engaged, how adorable is that! Is he a good guy?” Jacob asked.

“Yes, he’s great,” she said, looking down, embarrassed.

Sherlock watched from afar as (Y/N) talked to the blond man. His heart clenched in his chest as she blushed when he spoke. He could hear someone talking to him, probably Lestrade, but it was a dull background noise that he paid no mind to. He’d had enough of this man talking to his girl, so he walked over to them.

“Oh, Sherlock! Hello,” (Y/N) said when he came over to her. He placed his arm around her small shoulders.

“Who is this?” He asked.

“This is Jacob! I met him a few years ago while working on a case in the US,” she exclaimed.

“Pleasure,” Sherlock said, nodding. On the outside, he looked collected, but (Y/N) could tell from one glance he was reluctant to be polite to the blond man in front of him.

“The pleasure is all mine,” he said, flirtatiously. “This is the man you were talking about, (Y/N)? He is hot.”

“Yeah, I guess,” she blushed again. Sherlock smiled down at her. He was a good ten centimetres taller.

“You better treat her well, Mister. Or else you’ll have to answer to me,” Jacob joked.

“I doubt there will be a problem,” Sherlock smirked and (Y/N) laughed.

“Well, it was fantastic catching up with you, (Y/N). We should talk more. I’ll see you around,” Jacob said before walking off.

“Bye Jake,” she called after him, waving.

“Jake?” Sherlock asked once he was gone.

“It’s just a nickname, Sherlock,” she explained. He hummed in response. 

He took his arm off her shoulders and leant down to plant a kiss upon her lips.

“What was that for?” She asked. He had never been one for public displays of affection, but she wasn’t complaining.

“Just claiming what’s mine,” he said softly. She laughed.

“Someone jealous?” She teased.

He sure was. I think Jason liked you,” he explained.

“Jacob,” (Y/N) corrected.

“Whatever,” Sherlock shrugged.

“Sherlock, Jake is gay,” she laughed as her lovers face contorted into one of confusion. He had been so busy being protective that he missed all the signs that he usually would have picked up on. The way Jacob spoke, the way he dressed, the way he walked, were all clear indicators. 

“Oh Sher, you can be so oblivious sometimes,” (Y/N) smiled.

“Shut up,” he muttered.

“C’mon Mister Holmes. Let’s focus on the case. You need a distraction, you jealous goof,” (Y/N) quipped. He nodded, placing another kiss on her cheek.

“Yes, ma’am,” he spoke, grasping her hand.

honestly im sad we didn’t get to see the wedding itself but honestly this is also the most Vox Machina™ wedding ever

like, they said ‘eloped’ and i’m kind of assuming it was a spur-of-the-moment ‘fuck it let’s just go do it’ thing while nobody happened to be around and then some time later vex went ‘fuck we didn’t think this through how do we fix this’ and then… they just went ‘if we ignore it maybe everything will get better’, i guess? until, of course, that ultimately failed horribly at the worst possible time and now they have to deal with the consequences.

and damn if that sequence of events doesn’t fit perfectly into every known precedent set by both VM as a whole and Percy and Vex as individuals. this crowd was never set up for the big, meticulously-planned ceremony. it was never gonna happen.

BTS Reaction to Them Saying “I’ll Love You Forever” But You Don’t Believe Them

A/N: Gifs are not mine and all credit goes to the original owners!

Jin: You and Jin would be in the kitchen, just idly chatting as the two of you cooked together, enjoying the smells of the food and the presence of each other. Jin would hug you from behind as the two of you waited for the food to finish cooking, kissing the nape of your neck gently.

“Jagiya, I’ll love you forever.” he’d say airily. Jin would feel you stiffen in his arms at those words and he’d suddenly become nervous; did he say something wrong?

“Jin, don’t make promises you can’t keep.” you’d say jokingly, trying to alleviate the tense atmosphere you knew you created. Jin would pause for a moment before tightening his hold on you.

“Whoever ruined those words for you should be ashamed of themselves. I know it may seem impossible now, but in my heart I know that you’re the only one I want to love. I promise, jagiya, I’ll love you forever even after the day I die. And that’s a promise that will never be broken.”

Suga: It would just be one of those days. One of those dark, rainy days where the two of you would waste the day away sleeping and cuddling together in bed. He’d run his fingers through your hair delicately, repeatedly placing soft kisses on your cheeks and forehead when the words came tumbling from his lips in a soft mumble.

“Babe, I love you. I want to love you like this forever.” he’d hear you sigh and he’d slowly open his eyes to see your saddened expression.

“That’s what they all say.” you’d mumble back to him, causing his hold on you to tighten.

“Are you doubting my love for you, Y/N?” his voice was laced with pain and vulnerability, afraid you didn’t want to have the relationship he wanted.

“No! No, Yoongi of course not.” you said hurriedly, trying to get him to understand, “I know you love me and I love you so so much. I guess…the melancholy day had me kinda down and that’s why I said that.” Yoongi would sigh in relief and place a teasing kiss on your lips.

“Don’t scare me like that babe, otherwise I’ll just have to show you with my body how much I love you.”

J-Hope: J-Hope would be the one to tell you that he’ll love you forever in the spur of the moment. He’d probably say it during a tickle fight or when he’s spinning you around in circles like the goof he is.

“Y/N, promise me you’ll always love me forever? I’ll love you forever in return~” he’d offer, a cheesy grin on his face.

“That’s a hefty deal Hobi, are you sure you could handle it?” you’d tease him. He would pout and pucker his lips mockingly at you.

“With you by my side, of course I would. Now come here and give me a kiss baby~”

Rap Monster: Namjoon was frustrated, and you both knew it. As you watched him crumple paper after paper of lyrics and beats into the trash, you became distracted from your reading and instead chose to watch him at the desk on the other side of your room. When he slammed his hands on the desk out of frustration, you jumped out of shock from your place on the bed. You watched him run his hands through his hair and place his head in his hands, and you knew the stress and frustration was eating at him. You carefully untangled yourself from the blankets and walked towards him. You’d hug him, resting your cheek against the broad expanse of his shoulder as your arms wrapped themselves around his torso. He’d physically relax at your touch, sighing and releasing the tension in his muscles.

“Y/N, thank you,” he’d turn around to face you, removing your arms from around him only to pull you into his lap. “I love you Y/N, my precious girl. I’m gonna love you forever, y'know that? You’re the only one that can make me relax so easily, and you’re the only one that I’ve ever loved this much before.”

You’d stare at him at a loss for words, having a hard time comprehending where all this was coming from.

“But Namjoon-.”

“No ‘buts’ Y/N, I love you. And nothing is going to change that.”

Jimin: Jimin, this cheesy, romantic fucker. He’d confess his undying love to you in such a corny way. It’d be late at night and he would be guiding you through a secluded park, giggling occasionally out of excitement and nerves.

“Jiminie, as much as I love your surprises, can’t you just tell me what’s going on?” Jimin would 'tsk’ at you and ruffle your hair with his free hand.

“C'mon Y/N, we’re almost there.” he’d smile, ignoring your question.

You’d sigh and smile slightly anyways at his cuteness. When you both finally walked through a hidden stone archway covered in vines, you gasped. Thousands upon thousands of candles were laid out on the ground of this hidden meadow. They formed the shape of a heart and in the middle of the heart was a picnic set up for two. Jimin hugged you from behind and he felt pride swell up in his chest at his work.

“So?” he questioned.

“Jimin, it’s beautiful. But, why?” you’d ask him as you turned around in his arms to face him. Jimin pouted.

“What? Can’t I do something special for the one person I’m going to love forever?” you’d blank at his words, making Jimin suddenly panic.

“Y-Y/N?” he’d ask if you were okay, gently running his cute little hands over your cheeks.

“Forever Jimin? Don’t you think that’s a bit much?” you’d finally speak, making Jimin halt his actions.

“What? No? I-I don’t think so, because I-I don’t want to love anyone else. Do you not b-believe me?” he’d stutter.

“It’s just so serious to say Jimin.” you’d try and explain.

“But I know what my heart says is true Y/N, I will love you for as long as the Sun burns in the sky. Please know that is the truth.”

V: Tae would be humming softly to himself as he scrolled aimlessly through his phone, waiting for you to come home from work. When he heard the door open and close he hopped up from his seat on the couch and practically ran to great you with a large smile on his face. He missed you so much today and he really just wanted to cuddle and talk with you.

“Jagi!!!” he’d yell, wrapping his arms around you tightly, not even waiting for you to kick off your shoes.

“Taehyung, please, let go.” Taehyung would be taken aback at your depressed tone and would let go of you instantly. His heart would break when he saw how tired you looked, how your makeup was smudged and how the life was drained out of you.

“Jagiya, are you okay? What happened?” Taehyung asked as you took off your coat and kicked off your shoes.

You just shook your head and walked to your room, going to change out of your work clothes. Taehyung trailed behind you like a curious puppy, wondering what was up with you. He heard you sigh as you unbuttoned your shirt; he looked away as you changed into a t-shirt and sweatpants.

“Tae.” you mumbled. He looked up at you instantly at the sound of his name.

Tears welled up in your eyes and Taehyung instantly was beside you. He took you into his arms and sat you both down on the bed, rubbing your back and humming to you softly as you cried it out.
“Shh shh, Y/N. It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here. I’m here jagi, and I love you so much, I’ll always be here for you. I promise, I’ll love you forever.” Taehyung whispered, tightening his hold on you.

“Y-You really mean it Tae?” you asked, and Taehyung placed a chaste kiss on your lips that made any doubts you had slip away.

“Of course Y/N, I love you so much. It’ll take a lot for you to get rid of me.”

Jungkook: Jungkook would be really hurt when you would question his statement of loving you forever.

“Y/N, why don’t you believe me?! Is it because I’m so young? Is that it? Do you think I don’t know what true love is? Well I do jagiya, and I feel it everyday when I wake up and see you laying next to me, when I hug you and when I kiss your lips, I feel true love with you everyday. And for you to question that love I feel for you…it hurts so much Y/N you don’t understand. You have to believe me and you have to trust me when I say that I’ll love you forever, because I don’t think I’ll ever feel like this with any other girl. I don’t want to think about losing you because of this, so please, baby, please believe me. I love you so much.”