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You guys will have to let me know if I’ve done a good job here. I strayed from the request a lot and I always struggle with Male!Reader fics. Could do with some more practice really. Luckily Thor is a big beautiful puppy who loves everyone so that helps. If anyone wants a second part to this, I’d be more than happy to do one. Thank you to @spicyveganfun for the request. Hope you enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Could you write a Thor x male! Reader fix where the reader is a witch of earth and is interested in Thor and likewise in the case of Thor so he tries to woe the reader by taking him to Asgard to show him the mystic temples and feel free to add a little spiciness(ignore how corny I am) like you did the last Thor x male reader.

‘The Mystery of the Missing’

The newspaper hit the table with a smack. Thor raised an eyebrow at the face on the front cover, the sepia tones complimenting whoever it belonged to.
“He seems a fine gentleman,” Thor commented folding his arms. So much for a quiet, uneventful breakfast. He’d not intended to stay long at the Tower upon his decision to visit several months ago, but every time he thought about returning to Asgard, something had come up. No doubt this newspaper article would be another something.

“He’s missing,” Steve explained as he leaned back onto the edge of the table. He watched as Thor examined the newspaper more carefully.

A world-renowned doctor of ancient civilisations was reported missing yesterday by the group of locals he was travelling with. After having lost his footing and slipped into a previously unseen underground cavern, a rescue attempt was mounted. The cavern yielded several artefacts from what are thought to be ancient cults, but unfortunately, no sign of Dr (Y/l/n). After a spate of inexplicable natural disasters occurred around the same time in nearby towns, locals have begun to speculate that the missing doctor has been possessed by ‘El Diablo’, the Devil, which they believe also explains his disappearance. The US continue to work with local authorities in the hopes of finding out the archaeologist’s fate.

“Of what consequence is this?”
Inexplicable events?” Steve smirked, pointing to the respective paragraph. “Isn’t that sort of our MO?” Thor shrugged.
“It could be nothing more than legend, strung by the local peoples.”
“I’d be inclined to agree,” his companion smiled, “if I wasn’t sitting in front of one such legend myself. Suit up; we’re investigating it anyway.”

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