spumoni ice cream


Triple Scoop Sucrosian Beast:
Sof Serverus


I’ve been keeping this one tight-lipped for a while, but I felt compelled to share it and let it be known before @shenanimation​ beats me to another pun-punch.

In Knick’s world, there’s sugarmancy - the art of creating confectionery treats with sugar-based magic - and then there’s dark chocomancy, which dabbles in the forbidden art forms of sugarmancy, using dark chocolate. One of the primary forms of dark chocomancy deals with summoning beasts of intense flavor and power to wreak destruction on the wielder’s enemies, known as the Sucrosian Beasts.

Sof Serverus summons forth the elemental powers of Strawberry, Vanilla, and Pistachio to rain heavy firepower on his victims. The cherries grown from its forhead cause hallucinations, making the affected see everything around them as edible treats – even their friends.

This little puppy is already planned to appear somewhere in the Knick series.

You’re jealous, aren’t you? [Riley & Lucas]

Author’s note: you can say this is a continuation of “Give me cake or give me death”. Requested by @drizzyyjayy  I hope you like it :) Thank you for requesting!

The Friar family, who had just spent a beautiful night of Thanksgiving with their families and friends at the Hunter’s house they had moved into a few years after Katy married Shawn on the roof of the Matthews’ apartment building, were walking down the streets of New York city as the sun was setting down. A young family was the first one of the group to leave because Mrs. Friar, who was now almost seven months pregnant, was exhausted after the eventful night, full of sharing memories from middle school to college, celebrating Maya and Zay’s engagement, Farkle and Smackle’s, better known as The Smarkle Corporation first anniversary as husband and wife, and so much more.

Saying that Riley was exhausted would have been an understatement. She could barely stand on her own two feet. But the always stubborn brunette insisted to walk home and not to take the cab. 

And Lucas just couldn’t say no to his beautiful wife.

The two of them had just passed John Quincy Adams Middle School when a beautiful melody reached brunette’s ears. Riley’s eyes held so much love, so much adoration ever since she found out she would be a mother to Lucas’ child. She was so full of hope and joy, honesty and trust. 

Lucas stopped and glanced at his wife smiling at her with so much admiration in his eyes, knowing all too well what was about to happen.

“I thought you were full?” Lucas asked chuckling as Riley pulled him closer to her and smiled sweetly.

“I love you,” she whispered batting her eyelashes.

“And I love you, sweetheart,” the blond said before pecking her lips. 

“So…” Riley trailed off, hoping he would understand what she wanted.

“So?” Lucas asked wrapping his arms around her waist, her belly pressing to his torso.”You want something, don’t ya?”

Riley nodded her head excited and pecked his nose giggling like a little girl.

“We want ice cream,” the brunette announced. She knew Lucas could say no to her wishes, especially when she asked for can or all sorts of cakes, and ice cream. Especially ice cream. 

But she also knew that he couldn’t say no when she pulled the “we” card. 

“We?” he whispered softly as he placed his hands on her belly.

“Yes, we,” Riley reassured beaming at him. As if on cue, their little joy started kicking Riley’s ribs and Riley immediately closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip while she tried to hold back the smile. “See?”

That beautiful smile of his Riley had fallen in love with all those years ago adorned his features as he knelt down, not even caring about other pedestrians. 

“Looks like we’re getting ice cream, little bean.”

“How many times do I have to tell you our baby will be a bear?” Riley questioned when stood up and laced their fingers before going to the ice cream truck that was parked on the other side of the street.

“Probably until the baby is born and you see it’s a girl.”

“I am telling you, it’s a boy!”

“Why are you so sure?” the blond questioned.

“I call it Mother’s intuition,” Riley answered.

“Remind me again why did I agree to not find out the gender?”

“Because I asked you to?”

“Oh yeah! Let it be a surprise, she said,” Lucas chuckled.

“Well you’re the one who married me!” Riley laughed playfully slapping his chest when they stood in the line of customers who were waiting for their turn.

“And I wouldn’t want it any other way,” he stated wrapping his arms around her belly from behind, pressing a gentle kiss on her scalp.

Riley fell into his embrace and turned her head just enough to look him in the eyes. 

“I love you,” she whispered before pressing her lips to his.

“I love you,” he said smiling against her lips.

“Riley! Lucas! How are you two on this beautiful Thursday evening?”

“Good evening, Laura!” Riley said smiling widely while Lucas just smiled at his wife lovingly and mouthed “good evening” to the older  woman. “We’re great, thank you for asking! We were just coming from Thanksgiving dinner with our friends and our families and we thought we would stop by. How are you?”

“I’m great darling,” Laura said, sending a wink to Lucas who was trying to stop himself from chuckling at his wife childish excitement. Some people couldn’t believe she was going to be a mother, but neither one of those people knew how different Riley was at home.

Lucas was 120% sure Riley would be the best mother a child could ask for.

“We haven’t seen you since Monday! Is everything alright? How’s the baby?” th older woman asked curious.

“Oh yes, everything is just perfect. Only a bit more than two months until our baby meets the world,” Riley said lovingly as her she glanced at Lucas who was drawing various figure on her stomach. She felt their little angel move around at the touch of his fingers dancing on her baby bump and her heart filled with so much love for this man. “We were a bit busy with our work, but now we’re officially on vacation.”

“You’re still working, darling?”

“I’m just editing pictures at the office since I can barely stand on my feet for five minutes,” Riley stated chuckling before in the corner of her eye she saw something she hadn’t see in a really long time. “Oh my god, you’re selling spumoni again?! Lucas, honey, can i have spumoni? I really want spumoni,” Riley said bouncing on her feet.

When they first came across Laura’s ice cream truck, Riley wanted to try something she had never tried before, and that’s when Laura suggested her to taste spumoni - a model Italian ice cream made with layers of different colors and flavors, usually containing candied fruits and nuts. His lovely wife had fallen in love with the flavor after the first bite. But, unfortunately, die to someone being allergic to the nuts, Laura had to replace it. Until now.

“Yes we are! I consulted my family friend about the allergens before bringing it back to the market,” Laura said smiling sweetly.

“Lucas, can I have it? Pretty please?”

“Of course you can,” Lucas said before pulling out his wallet from the back of his jeans pocket. “But I thought you wanted mint chocolate chip?”

“I can get both!” Riley exclaimed clapping her hands when she saw Laura scooping Spumoni ice cream.

“Riley, we’ve talked about this,” Lucas sighed.

“Don’t worry honey, spumoni scoop is on the house,” Laura said winking at Lucas once again. “Would you like me to add a scoop, too?”

Lucas thought for a while and seeing Riley’s eyes lit up like that, he just couldn’t help it.

“Yes please, i would like that very much,” Lucas said as Riley grabbed his face with her tiny hands and placed little kisses all over his face.

“Here you go,” Laura said placing two ice cream cones in Riley’s hands. Riley said her goodbyes to Laura and slowly stepped out of the line while Lucas paid for their treats.

But when he reached her and took his ice cream out of her hand (half of his chocolate scoop was already gone), he was frowning. Riley looked at him worriedly before lacing their fingers together as they walked towards their apartment.

“What’s the matter, honey?” Riley asked sweetly.

“Nothing,” Lucas scoffed.

“Lucas, we don’t lie to each other,” the brunette reminded him before taking a bite of her mint chocolate chip ice cream.

“You know how Laura said that your second scoop was on the house?” the blond questioned her and waited for her nod. “So, I saw that my second scoop would be on the house, too. But apparently it wasn’t.”

Riley stopped in the middle of the side walk and covered her mouth.

“You think it’s funny?” Lucas asked raising his eyebrows.

“You don’t think it is?” Riley asked giggling.

“Oh of course, laugh at your husband,” he said pouting. “Very nice of you, Mrs. Friar.”

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?” 

“Pff, what? Why would I be jealous?” Lucas asked when they started walking again.

“Because Laura gave a free scoop of ice cream to our unborn child?”

“What?” Lucas asked confused.

“She does this all the time, Lucas,” Riley said unlocking the door of their apartment. “She’s just being sweet.”

“How long has she been doing it?” he asked while helping Riley take her coat off.

“Ever since we first came there, darling.”


“But I still can’t believe you’re jealous because you had to pay for your second scoop,” the brunette laughed into his shoulder when he wrapped his arms around her waist after turning on the radio they had in the kitchen.

Lucas sighed in defeat and kissed her forehead.

“You’re never letting go of it, are you?”

“Nope,” Riley answered honestly, popping the “p”.

“Good, i wouldn’t want it any other way,” the husband said twirling her around while she giggled.

“We love you,” she whispered pressing her forehead against his.

“And I love you, princesses,” Lucas said before pressing his lips on hers for a sweet kiss.



“Wanna bet, Mr. Friar?” Riley asked offering her hand for him to shake.

“Bring it on. Mrs. Friar.”