Yoga Goals

A couple few glasses of scotch last night and 5 hours of sleep and I still woke up and went to yoga. During my practice today, I set three realizable goals for myself in 2012.

1. Arm Balances. I am fairly confident in crow. I held it today for about a minute or so. It’s the side arm balances that I need to work on.

2. Inversions. I am slowly getting over my fear. I did a headstand and a handstand today, but I needed the wall for support. Also, I didn’t hold it as long as I would like to.

3. My oms. I do this weird thing in the middle of my om where I change the pitch and tone, super weird. Okay, maybe this isn’t a real goal, just something I noticed.

I know the picture has nothing to do with yoga, but in this scene Spottswoode says, “You are dedicated!” And I am dedicated! Random.